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self@mastodon.linuxlusers.comAdam Gaskins
self@mastodon.linuxlusers.com  [follow]
I am a defective Earthling clone currently residing in North America.I'm in the awkward space between loving technology but hating capitalism. I'm mostly copyleft and despise all manner of closed / proprietary systems (not limited to software). I'm always trying to find adequate software/hardware replacements that respect ethics, freedom and privacy. I support the #ethicalsource movement.Also an out of practice slacker musician. Down for low pressure music collab if anyone’s interested! My (Free) Music=https://audio.linuxlusers.com/channels/plutopotamus/ Email/XMPP=self@adamgaskins.com Matrix=@agaskins:matrix.linuxlusers.com Diaspora=self@diaspora.linuxlusers.com
gulielmus@weirder.earthWill Barton
Website, Flickr, Glass
gulielmus@weirder.earth  [follow]
#ethicalsource advocate, #opensource software developer, public servant.I also dabble with #photography, #astrophotography, #coffee, #hiking, and things.My alter ego was a graduate student in critical political theory. I'm all about the radical politics.Love is, was, and will be the answer to nihilism in every possible universe. Pronouns=he/him
don@goodman-wilson.comFLOSS Will Eat Itself
Photography, Blog, Consulting, Instagram
don@goodman-wilson.com  [follow]
DevRel, philosophy, photography, ethical tech activism.#opensource #ethics #ethicalsource #devrel #developerrelations #photography #fedi22 Pronouns=he/him