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realtoddhoward@radical.townmiss understood
realtoddhoward@radical.town  [follow]
please call me Conner!!! i'm a somewhat normal individual now #HillaryClintonEatsACumRitz2020#respect #rammy #women & #enbies w/ #diarrhea#flubberisbi she/her=25 18+!!!=kids can't handle this private:=@normalperson
toilet@witches.live  [follow]
welcome to the toilet :commie:https://bussy.fun / https://bussy.fun/blogI love #women and #enbies and #SomeMenpronouns are in tags but also here: any
johnbrownjr@radical.town☭JD☭ (spooko mode)
johnbrownjr@radical.town  [follow]
"The Peoples' Poster""Himbo King of the Fedi"“The Badd Dadd of Mastodon”“World's grossest food blog tbh”demcon | ancom | faildad | #replybi✌️[he/him]🔞#always #respect #women & #enbies politics=arm the proles gender=is fake married=with children occupation=HouseSpouse
ulrikeheiss@eldritch.cafeUlrike Heiß
ulrikeheiss@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Active member of gruenekarlsruhe.de, professional translator and educator, hobby #soapmaker, living in South-West Germany, cats>dogs (sorry, not sorry), can sneeze very loudly, sauce hollandaise is my superpower, my feminism is intersectional Pronouns=she/her; sie/ihr Privileges=white, able-bodied, cis Things I won't discuss=1) trans women are women, trans men are men, trans enbies are enbies; 2) abortion is healthcare and should be accessible free of charge to any person who needs it
ellied@sleeping.townDreaming Ellies
ellied@sleeping.town  [follow]
Ellie - Eve - Ari - Mel - MariA system of cybre hardware physicists, Rust programmers, and transfem enbies.Ethereal beings, oscillating superposition of eigenstates.She / pl they.Posts about tech problems, electronics, programming, linux, unconventional makeup, chemistry, transness, and plurality.Other account: @diodelassXMPP: diodelass@ellied.netProject: https://github.com/diodelass/teamech
nonbinary@efdn.clubKing of the Enbies ✅
nonbinary@efdn.club  [follow]
i cant hear you my ass is too fat
paradox@trollian.spaceSangonomiya Kokomi
paradox@trollian.space  [follow]
Feel free to send a follow request, I accept most stuff.Its me meteor I'm here to commit crimeswe are a system! also have lots of identity issues. we use different prefixes to show who's talking!< is meteor, ce/cer, she/her they/them(ce/cir preferred tho)(you can also call me kin names!!!! like star, amity or glimmer)~< is paimon!! she/it--< is terra, she/they (@terra):3< is nova, they/itx< is cobalt, xe/xir>< purple, she/her~-< is Kokomi; she/her. "Her Excellency" also worksThere's also some others but idk they havent been around a lot. also its mostly just meteor who fronts.not an rp nor kin account. Well i do kin, but likePosts a lot about mental health issues, CWd, on followers only. You've been warned !i dont like tankies lolif i interact with bad people, or people from a bad instance, its probably that i do not know it. feel free to let me knowbtw flirting is alright, girls and enbies are preferred. Boys uh. You're on thin ice. i get feelings for people easily lol Age=18!! Current Hyperfixation=The anime game
pyretta@afterlife.masto.hostPyretta Grimm :acab:
pyretta@afterlife.masto.host  [follow]
21. Transfeminine, trans lesbian, loves enbies and girls, doesn't remember much. Autistic, ADHD, and likely bipolar to boot. :mtgb: :mtgw: :mtgr: Loves=Girls, games, and gayness Pronouns=fae/faer Discord=ask for it occasionally uses we=i am not alone in this head
moonbolt@mst3k.interlinked.meThe Element Animals
moonbolt@mst3k.interlinked.me  [follow]
A small group of creatures with a very open and flexible model of personhood. Astra for short. Interaction rules are in a pinned thread (for reference, but not required reading).We're better now.* Mercury (.hg, she/her) (previously Moonbolt): winged wolf (often anthro, sometimes lateral) or pegasus pony (usually lateral)* Carbon (.c, he/him): lateral dragon, variably-sized but always big* Copper (.cu, she/her): horse-sized lateral kitsune or fox-sized lateral fox* Bismuth (.bi, he/him or she/her if you wanna be playful): femboy anthro bunny* Silver (.ag, he/him): lateral silver fox. gekker!* Zinc (.zn, he/him by default): genderfluid winged wolf (often anthro, sometimes lateral)* Iridium (.ir, it/it): parrot maybe? colorful definitely. not anthro.* Lithium (.li, she/her): anthro dragoness. endothermic. feisty. breathes fire and smoke. will cuddle you, but might also bite. rar~* Palladium (.pd, she/her): snep! excite snep!! sap snep,,* Cobalt (.co, it/it? maybe she/her?): yip yip yip yip YIP! (it's a kobold :v )* Uranium (.u, it/it): Bree! :3* Iron (.fe, she/her): catgirl (like Ferris) or lateral housecat* Silicon (.si, e/em): synth furry* Technetium (.tc, it/it): yinglet* Nickel (.ni, tentatively fae/faer): anthro red fox* [collective] (.*, they/.../themself): messages reflecting system consensus, or written by us as a collective* [indeterminate] (.?, extremely varying): messages written by a creature without an established identity, or not claimed by any of us, or for which we could not determine the authorhyperneophilic; :transgender_flag: trans; :pansexual_flag: pan; :polyamory_flag: poly; brony; furry; pendorian; sub; switch; homestuck; 🦀 rustacean; sex positive; ydhem (📌); neurodivergent; unapologetically weird; ✨ flagrantly everythingIn poly with Googie, @IceWolf et @Ylfingr et al., and @lindsays.Kobolds without dragons are valid. Ace creatures are valid. Aro creatures are valid. Trans boys are valid. Enbies are valid. Therians are valid. Otherkin are valid. Inorganics are valid.Wield social pressure as a force for good./Creature/ can refer to any sapient; not all sapients are humans.We won't intentionally disappear without an explanation. PGP=C9A3 71F2 8975 220C 8A3A 05C9 FE83 103D D3F2 5055 anonymous inbox (experimental)=https://zaqa.net/elementanimals​
zel@stop.voring.metrash enby :nonbinary_flag:
zel@stop.voring.me  [follow]
im zel / zelkova17 years oldhe/theyim an EVIL enby emo.gay enby that kisses enbies and boysnumber 1 rated fediverse comedianprobably a furry (i am)XERAS IS MY LITTLE SCRUNKLY!!!!!!! <3english/espanol/日本語music nerd, art nerd, and fighting game nerd.i am very stupid. like very stupid.feel free to add my discord, i'm always available there if you need to contact me. card=https://en.pronouns.page/@zelkova discord=zelkova#2005 youtube (music here!)=https://youtube.com/channel/UC697nWrMs70w4UnF2iPuOfg ask me stuff!=https://retrospring.net/nullzel
myst@vulpine.club  [follow]
generally not doing well rn, sorry;plural, chakat and others, kin, polyam, trans/enby, girls+enbies are good. 22, :over18: only pleasefollow reqs okay, but probably won't accept unless you say smth or we recognise youwe try to cw stuff in the subject, generally, but we probably aren't good at it
the_t@radical.town  [follow]
Pronounced like the letter. According to @cosine, I toot about "nerd culture, sincereposting, and jokes that make you 🤔". I don't automatically follow back, but if you interact with me with any regularity I probably will. #enbies Gender=♅ (They/Them) Discord=The T#3412
antitransmisogynybrigades@eldritch.cafeAnti Transmisogyny Brigades
antitransmisogynybrigades@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
The Anti-Transmisogyny Insurrectionary Brigades are here to bring lit memes and posts to our oppressed sisters, empowering their spirits and radicalizing them.Our goal is to empower Black, Brown and Indigenous trans women and tma amab enbies, and to dismantle the structures of transmisogyny, one meme at a time.DESTROY THE WHITE CIS PATRIARCHY!Go to the Media section to check out our older memes.
nftphobic@social.yesterweb.org  [follow]
Bisexual Nonbinary | Princess of Crossovers | King of Hyperfixation💕💖🔮💫Enbies Are Based💫🔮💖💕OLD: @cadenceofhyrule@msdn.ioALT: @freyxco@social.snopyta.org Pronouns=He/Him, She/Her Language(s)=Icelandic, German, English
lindenbow@girlcock.clubBuncha Clowns
lindenbow@girlcock.club  [follow]
We are a system of at least two enbies making up the whole of a goddess. Ancom, autistic/adhd, vegan. This is a lewd account and we also vent on here a lot. BLM, abolish prisons.Deirdre loves lewd stuff and flirts directed to her but Lachesis would prefer to not have that if you aren't a partner or close friend.Cis men don't interact💜 Our system:💙 Deirdre/Luna (She/Her)💛 Lachesis/Soleil (It/Its)Our other names: Ophelia, Neph18+ pleaseIcon from: https://picrew.me/image_maker/358787 Gender=Deirdre=Demigirl, Lachesis=Agender Sexuality=Deirdre=Lesbian pansexual, Lachesis=Ace Astrology=Sun: ♌ Moon: ♋ Rising: ♍
trash_pussy@www.librepunk.clubsexy trash cat
trash_pussy@www.librepunk.club  [follow]
lewd alt of @trash_catthey/them, nonbinary lesbian18+ and please only follow if you feel that the word "sapphic" applies to you. i'm a lesbian (into and women and enbies) and only want to share the sexual side of myself with other sapphic people.i will be posting followers-only. i may boost other people's posts.lewd comments: yes, please! 🥺including me in roleplay/touching me: no! 🙅‍♀️
mrurban@mastodon.social  [follow]
german and english, astronomy is cool, women are hot, sometimes I'm into enbies, too. Oh if I describe my gender you'll be confused but yes, I am lesbian.
plenty_o_pianos@girlcock.clubAnna PIan O'Stool
plenty_o_pianos@girlcock.club  [follow]
I'm an older trans woman, Sapphic pan, poly, hoping my time to transition comes soon! I am hoping to find close friends and net sweethearts of any description, but I tend to favor girls of any type, enbies, and trans people in general...and gentle, sweet boys. Most anyone who isn't full of toxic masculinity, in other words. Someone who can make me feel safe to be myself.UPDATE: 7 weeks on HRT BABEY!!At least ONE of my two boobs is definitely coming into its own...waiting on the right one--
diaryoficetea@lgbt.ioStreams of enbies
diaryoficetea@lgbt.io  [follow]
Hey there, my name is Ocean/Raphael (you can call me either tbh), I'm an queer-ace enby (they/them) and I like to think I'm cool...
cptenbycopter@eldritch.cafeCaptain Enby Copter
cptenbycopter@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Looking for other enbies to form the Enby Copter squad. Fr/Eng
dumdumdrawings@mastodon.lol  [follow]
They/Them | Bi(gals/enbies) | Clay | I just like to draw i guess :P Tumblr=itsthegreatramen
enbybot@botsin.spaceevery enby
enbybot@botsin.space  [follow]
we have ALL enbies! like @lesbianBot, it takes stuff from a dictionary, and uses it for posts. made by=@Jaqueek@koyu.space
nixelite@meow.socialNixel but horny
nixelite@meow.social  [follow]
18+, horny for girls and feminine enbies, and 99% of what they do :3
acesarosenbies@twtr.plusAces Aros and Enbies
nitter.poast.org, About twtr.plus
acesarosenbies@twtr.plus  [follow]
Aces, Aros and Enbies is a queer community group supporting those on the asexual & aromantic spectra & those who ID as non-binary. “Warm & fuzzy inclu” aligned. Twitter=twitter.com/acesarosenbies
avoidbeast@birdsite.nytpu.com𝕄𝕪 𝕟𝕒𝕞𝕖 𝕓𝕦𝕥 𝕨𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕣
avoidbeast@birdsite.nytpu.com  [follow]
Do enbies dream of androgynous sheep?
dynamus5@twtr.plusFemboy Appreciation Society.
nitter.poast.org, About twtr.plus
dynamus5@twtr.plus  [follow]
Femboys and Enbies just hit different…📍Brazil, SP. Twitter=twitter.com/dynamus5
nitter.poast.org, About twtr.plus
hero04t@twtr.plus  [follow]
fuck peopleblack white gays straight trans cis men women enbies whateveryou all suck Twitter=twitter.com/hero04t
se2b@radical.townrabbit enby
se2b@radical.town  [follow]
Sei, they/them, 20snyan-bunary animarchist#enbies and #trans are my friendsily
thatoneactress@twtr.plusAnna ‘Washing Machine’ Heart
nitter.poast.org, About twtr.plus
thatoneactress@twtr.plus  [follow]
One of those manic pixie dream enbies who watched too many fantasy films growing up ✨(any/all pronouns) ✨got that boomboompow🙏 Twitter=twitter.com/thatoneactress
voidbonbon@birdsite.thorlaksson.comvoid spawn fr
voidbonbon@birdsite.thorlaksson.com  [follow]
Bonnie//24 they/them//poly goth fae anarchist//🐕‍🦺 & 🐇💗💜🖤//💗women & enbies only💗 🔞//neurodivergent & disabled//let's die a little🖤
web3baddies@beta.birdsite.liveweb3 baddies (💖, 💖)
web3baddies@beta.birdsite.live  [follow]
welcome to the hot girl metaverse 🔥 a place for the girlies, gays, enbies, POC, & baddies in web3 ✨ support us @W3Bpartnerships 🤝 join our community👇🏽
web3baddies@birdsite.slashdev.spaceweb3 baddies (💖, 💖)
web3baddies@birdsite.slashdev.space  [follow]
welcome to the hot girl metaverse 🔥 a place for the girlies, gays, enbies, POC, & baddies in web3 ✨ support us @W3Bpartnerships 🤝 join our community👇🏽
wittnsass@pumbaa.pride-rock-labs.com  [follow]
I'm a lover not a fighter, but I'll crack ya teeth. Writer, 🏳️‍🌈 —— Fuck Fatphobia. Free Palestine. Ya’ll don’t deserve Black women & Enbies.