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eff@mastodon.socialElectronic Frontier Foundation
eff@mastodon.social  [follow]
Unofficial EFF tootbridge, done unofficially by danny@spesh.com
noracodes@weirder.earthnora 👻 cgnat 🎃 tindall
noracodes@weirder.earth  [follow]
nora / born under the Great Comet of the Millennium / rustacean, filker, nixian, electronic musician / outskirts of chicagoco-author of "Programming Rust" from O'Reilly, with Jim Blandy and Jason Orendorffwe only in creation / (how much luckier the bridge and rail) / abide the twin damnation / to fail and know we failed pronouns=she/her locale=en_US.utf-8
therealyez@quey.org  [follow]
From Denmark. Software Developer (Level Designer), Rust Map Maker, Electronic Music Composer, Hobby Photographer, Political Observant and much more...*Quey Moderator*
aleums@radical.townCooler Aleums
Music every wednesday night
aleums@radical.town  [follow]
Hello friend, and welcome to my humble page. Please be nice.I make electronic music sometimes:https://soundcloud.com/user-183032850https://samaleums.bandcamp.com/Follow my private alt over at @hmmm for Private ThingsMainly at @Aleums Pronouns=he/him, they/them I am=25 KNZK=Forever
tauas@mastodon.socialŽygimantas "RGB" Tauras
tauas@mastodon.social  [follow]
Just a 38 years old guy loving electronic music, photography, information freedom. Worked as a stagehand for years, now retired#Lithuania #Vilnius #privacy #music #programming #artist #photography Code=Has no meaning (AI will never beat Us) Area=EU -> Lithuania -> Vilnius Užduotis (task)=Beat the machine that works in your head Revolution=Will not be televised
enkiv2@eldritch.cafeTsundoku Psychohazard
enkiv2@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
A pig in a cage on antibiotics. Ex-Xanadu, resident hypertext crank. "Under electronic conditions, there is no escape" -McLuhanElsewhere:@enkiv2@niu.moe @enkiv2@a.weirder.earth @enkiv2 @nkiv2
tq@weirder.earthTQ 🎹
Art page, Electronic music
tq@weirder.earth  [follow]
Jackfruit of all trades. Old as in Walkman.Spacewave nostalgia in E minor.Too many French horns, too many vocal tracks, too much reverb.Feminist, parent of monsters, #creator of things, wearer of #makeup. #art­ist, #musician, occasional #writer. Love #startrek, #ttrpg, #activism. Recovering from consumerism.White, able-bodied, probably adhd. Almost cis.Always too many ideas and too much energy. Pronouns=she/her | they/them Art acc=https://mastodon.art/@TQ
tq@octodon.socialTQ 🎹
Art page, Electronic music
tq@octodon.social  [follow]
Jackfruit of all trades. Old as in Walkman.Spacewave nostalgia in E minor.Too many French horns, too many vocal tracks, too much reverb.Feminist, parent of monsters, #creator of things, wearer of #makeup. #art­ist, #musician, occasional #writer. Love #startrek, #ttrpg, #activism, #rollerskating. Recovering from consumerism.White, able-bodied, probably adhd. Almost cis.Always too many ideas and too much energy. Pronouns=she/her | they/them Art acc=https://mastodon.art/@TQ
jcbrand@mastodon.xyzJC Brand
jcbrand@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Software development and electronic music.Works mainly with XMPP. If you're looking for an XMPP job, check out https://xmpp.workCreator of https://conversejs.orgMusic: http://dustandhofmann.com
blackholerec@mastodon.socialBlackHoleRecordings ✅
blackholerec@mastodon.social  [follow]
Dutch Record label, releasing high quality electronic dance music.
nickchicane@mastodon.socialChicane // Nick B ✅
nickchicane@mastodon.social  [follow]
Electronic music producer and performer. My new single 'Gorecki' is out on all streaming platforms, listen to it today!
fuchsiashock@radical.town  [follow]
mixed race transbian who's anarchist and ex-sw and 'high functioning' autistic (though functioning is highly debatable) and who loves videogames (especially ones with cars in) and synthy electronic music.if i forget to cw or caption images i don't mind being reminded.occasionally rude but mostly wholesome, but definitely not suitable for minors.formerly @thatsabinegirl on birdsite
yiffpolice@cybre.spacemayor nicky flowers
yiffpolice@cybre.space  [follow]
electronic musician, video synthesist, self-proclaimed mayor of chicago, so non-binary it hurts
electronicopus@mastodon.socialElectronic Opus
electronicopus@mastodon.social  [follow]
Electronic Opus is a unique and immersive symphonic/electronic concert event ft. world renowned multiple platinum artist, film composer and technologist 3T.
ratttz@mastodon.socialRatttz (RABiD)
ratttz@mastodon.social  [follow]
Intermittently grouchy transfeminine leftist. Electronic musician. I have multiple albums coming out soon. Plural, but a little too quiet about it.
olimex@fosstodon.orgOLIMEX Ltd Bulgaria
olimex@fosstodon.org  [follow]
OLIMEX (www.olimex.com) is company dealing with electronic design and production. We have many products with open source hardware and software.
adafruit@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
Limor Ladyada Fried - Teaching, sharing, engineering, DIY electronic kits, open source hardware, arduino, raspberry pi, art, hacking...
talon@dragonscave.space  [follow]
Hi! I'm Talon.I post little, lurk often.I make music sometimes. Mostly electronic. I also work on audio games in my free time. I'm fascinated by 3D sound and accessibility.I also read occasionally. Mostly fantasy-related genres. The real world is bad enough.Say hi! I don't bite. Pronouns=He/Him Matrix=talon:matrix.iamtalon.me Discord=Talon#4851
webzone, keyoxide
nytpu@tilde.zone  [follow]
A wyvern that does the code and maybe even other things. Patented procrastinating on my own projects. I guess I'm also a notable geminaut?Expect: Furry crap, retro computer & gaming crap, and programming crap. Also some shitposts. Also angry rants.Featured projects: https://sr.ht/~nytpu/All code: https://git.sr.ht/~nytpu/#nobotAvatar by @Roxy gemini=gemini://nytpu.com electronic post=alex@nytpu.com
liquidcrystal@cybre.space  [follow]
⚡️ ☠ cyberpunk robot girl ☠ ⚡️ jess from online. jewish lesbian. leftist. dev. electronic musician. synthwave producer. agitprop writer ☭ !קער אַ וועלט היינט
rick@fedi.n0id.space  [follow]
Linux Engineer and Weeb Loves to tinker around with Linux/Electronic stuff since 1995Languages: German / EnglishWebsite/More Links: https://n0id.space
eric@mastodon.ericlathrop.comEric Lathrop
eric@mastodon.ericlathrop.com  [follow]
I love birds and birding. I post a lot of bird photos, and some other nature/animal/plant photos.I'm learning how to make electronic music.I live in Louisville, Kentucky. I make video games at Two Scoop Games, volunteer at Louisville Makes Games, and help organize the local tech scene at LouisvilleTech.org.
kd4wov@staging-do.brighteon.socialTom KD4WOV
kd4wov@staging-do.brighteon.social  [follow]
Ham Radio op, Electronic Engineer,Dems and repubs make me sick. No Party Affiliation!http://gab.com/kd4wov
hkz@mastodon.social  [follow]
- #developer 💻- #book collector 📖- #fleamarket enthusiast 🕰️- #electronic #retro junk hoarder 🕹️- lazy #hamradio operator 🎙️- #hotpeppers lover 🌶- Part-time #farmer 👨🏻‍🌾In no particular order. Location=#Italy Passions=#retrocomputing #books #tech #programming #peppers #linux Job=#developer
hkz@mastodon.technology  [follow]
- #developer 💻- #book collector 📖- #fleamarket enthusiast 🕰️- #electronic #retro junk hoarder 🕹️- lazy #hamradio operator 🎙️- #hotpeppers lover 🌶- Part-time #farmer 👨🏻‍🌾In no particular order. Location=#Italy Passions=#retrocomputing #books #tech #programming #peppers #linux Job=#developer
kd4wov@staging.brighteon.socialTom KD4WOV
kd4wov@staging.brighteon.social  [follow]
Ham Radio op, Electronic Engineer,Dems and repubs make me sick. No Party Affiliation!http://gab.com/kd4wov
hkz@social.chinwag.org  [follow]
- #developer 💻- #book collector 📖- #fleamarket enthusiast 🕰️- #electronic #retro junk hoarder 🕹️- lazy #hamradio operator 🎙️- #hotpeppers lover 🌶- Part-time #farmer 👨🏻‍🌾In no particular order.
kd4wov@dev.brighteon.socialTom KD4WOV
kd4wov@dev.brighteon.social  [follow]
Ham Radio op, Electronic Engineer,Dems and repubs make me sick. No Party Affiliation!http://gab.com/kd4wov
alfred@libranet.deSteffen K9 🐰
alfred@libranet.de  [follow]
Operator of LIBRANET.de, venera.social and misskey.de, #Fediverse enthusiast, #Coffee addict. I like #Music #Cycling #Relaxing #ScienceFiction #Linux #Nextcloud #Friendica #Misskey and you! 😀 About=Operator of LIBRANET.de, venera.social and misskey.de, #Fediverse enthusiast, #Coffee addict. I like #Music #Cycling #Relaxing #ScienceFiction #Linux #Nextcloud #Friendica and you! 😀 Likes=You! Dislikes=🤔 Hobbies/Interests=Music, Cycling, Relaxing, Linux, Nextcloud, Friendica, Reading, ... Music=Depeche Mode and other electronic stuff. Indie and classic rock. I like vinyl! Books, literature, poetry=IT books, manpages ;) and SF especially Philip K. Dick. Questionable Content. Television=Science Film, dance, culture, entertainment=Fiction Love/Romance=Science Fiction Work/Employment=Yes. School/Education=Yes, but I have no memory about it. Contact information and other social networks=E-Mail: alfred[at]libranet[dot]deJabber/XMPP: alfred[at]libranet[dot]deFriendica: https://libranet.de/~alfredFriendica: https://venera.social/~steffenMisskey: https://misskey.de/@steffenHubzilla: https://hub.libranet.de/~steffenTwitter: https://twitter.com/alfred_skNextcloud-ID: alfred[at]oc.libranet[dot]deLiberapay: https://liberapay.com/SteffenK9
littlewaldo81@abdl.linkLittle waldo
littlewaldo81@abdl.link  [follow]
I like electronic music and I am a DL/ABDL I live in Dublin Ireland ☘️🇮🇪☘️ Little Waldo@tumblr.com=ABDL 🌈👶☘️ Irish guy in Dublin 🇮🇪=☘️☘️☘️☘️ Places I have lived=🇮🇪🇨🇦🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ABDL.link=👶🐨🍼🤗
mastodon@koyu.spacee 🇺🇦
mastodon@koyu.space  [follow]
your mom’s favorite fediverse poster and mentally stable genius70% sad, 10% angry, always tired, usually trying to be nice and supportive, extremely funnydiscussion very welcome, if common ground is in sight and honesty and good faith can be assumed.if i sent you a follow request and you deny it i may make sense to tell me so i don't send one again. pronouns=he/him, they/them Time Zone=UTC +1 (central europe) location=ruhrgebiet, europe music taste=diverse but mostly electronic age=early twenties favorite beverage=water label=content label=content
rick@pl.n0id.space  [follow]
Instance/Linux Admin and Anime Nerd | Loves to tinker around with Linux/Electronic stuff |xmpp: rick@jabber.absturztau.be | anime/manga: https://anilist.co/user/rickkun | git: https://git.z-iq.de/rick | wiki: https://wiki.n0id.space
sonywalkman@mastodon.socialnicky flowers
sonywalkman@mastodon.social  [follow]
electronic musician | synthesizer enthusiast | cassette tape advocate | nonbinary lady (she/they pronouns) | nervous wreck | nickyflowers.bandcamp.com
palomakop@autonomous.zone((( PK )))
palomakop@autonomous.zone  [follow]
electronic media artist. spotting ufos (unidentified flying oscillators) since 1991. 🌎=http://palomakop.tv 👤=she/they
shitpisscum@shitpisscum.mooo.comshitpisscum :verified:
shitpisscum@shitpisscum.mooo.com  [follow]
Admin of https://shitpisscum.mooo.comProud owner of @pigpoopballsbotTech, electronic music and general purpose shitposting. Posts are often NSFW, this is not a family friendly instance lol.Backup alts:@shitpisscum@freecumextremist.com@shitpisscum@paypig.org@shitpisscum@poa.stFeel free to DM me or email me at shitpisscum@cock.li or shitpisscum@goatse.email if you have any questions or suggestions or whatever.Gimme some fake internet money pls :shyflushe:monero:43xTi1m33drNbX3VFQJR5hXgeH1F2TZ2zhdsPzyHqXxdNd25ChJNscjJu9XYcLXdh9ASuJa9ECkdjf5TEACruYh6FmAxwa6ubiq:0x86A70ec0176e03c5c2a9Be8a6faA0d381661FF70bitcoin:bc1q6dmxkzwgfunpcxsrkp2j3m5em3ksfrnq2a6xux
tubetime@mastodon.socialTube Time
tubetime@mastodon.social  [follow]
vintage computers, tubes, the MOnSter6502, cross-sectioned electronic parts, capacitors, and other detritus. coauthor of http://nostarch.com/open-circuits
megabyteghost@merveilles.town  [follow]
electronic drummer but I dabble in sample based production, too. Learning python and getting more into tech. Coding/learning blog=https://garrett.life free cc music=megabyteghost.bandcamp.com
servisoficial@social.linux.pizza  [follow]
#GNU / #Linux enthusiast, #electronic hobbyst, #Privacy, #Piracy, #Nihilism.----Entusiasta de #GNU / #Linux, hoobista #electronico, #privacidad, #Pirateria, #Nihilismo.
l4rt1st_1nc0nnu@framapiaf.orgHallucinations de Lilian RM
l4rt1st_1nc0nnu@framapiaf.org  [follow]
Étudiant à Bdx; electronic engineering student.Linux lover, petit rêveur, dormeur (mais je me soigne ^^)Musique et folie, explosion d'énergie.Steampunk! Chaîne Youtube=https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCscX2SZtmfW_oP5F4UKOkSQ FunkWhale admin (thx Gled)=https://funkwhale.mastodon.host
orbital@infosec.exchange  [follow]
Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking, Digital Art, Electronic Music, SciFi & Fantasy, Anime, Gaming, Linux, Meditation, Online Privacy, Combatting Disinformation, 日本, etc. 🇺🇸♂️
kusuriya@bsd.networkJason B.
Pronoun, Wish List
kusuriya@bsd.network  [follow]
Abuser of systems, lover of computers, breaker of all things electronic.I need more BSD stickers...The views here are my own and do not reflect my employer. Class=Technomancer Level=36
emma@raru.re  [follow]
Probably trans here, just a hunch though.My interests lie in:- learning languages (🇯🇵 🇷🇺 🇪🇸 🇫🇷)- programming (Java, Web, Python, C)- drawing and music (I'm so bad tho)- manga and anime (slice of life / romance)What I actually spend my time on:- listening to music (cyber-synth-electronic stuff)- staying afloat in cs classes (math doe)- watching meaningless videos (nlss, anyone)Avatar by @ramskulls languages=🇩🇪 🇬🇧 ♀️ pronouns=she/her
beatport@mastodon.socialBeatport ✅
beatport@mastodon.social  [follow]
The Home of Electronic Music
eri@plush.cityeri ♡
eri@plush.city  [follow]
erika 🏳️‍⚧️(she/her)29, twin cities, mnis... trans, pansexual, polyamorous, neurodivergent, plural, a trauma survivor, an empath, an infj, a leo sun, a cancer moon, an aspiring buddhist, a friend to allenjoys... pixel art, sketching, photography, game dev, electronic music, retro video games and computing, wellness and healing, yoga, anime, caring for her turtles and kitty, time with her chosen family, learning people's stories, being gay lolalt - @somecutie reply, fav, 🔁=please do! :-) dm, flirt=yes! but be respectful discord / alt=dm me and ask life partners=@lily & @JM_ratface
hallbin@mstdn.jpJackson Tan | クルネ(567プロ)💤
hallbin@mstdn.jp  [follow]
新感覚マストドンアプリ Avalanche の開発者日本語向けのアカウントですPawoo: @HallbiniOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/2Cv2j78KAndroid: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avalanche.avalancheアイマス・PS4・Switch・アメリカ、シアトル在住・音ゲー・ゲーム会社の仕事・英語でおk Google+=https://plus.google.com/+JacksonTan Lives in=Seattle, WA Works at=Electronic Arts Pawoo=@Hallbin
inversephase@hackers.townInverse Phase
inversephase@hackers.town  [follow]
I ran MAGFest for a decade. Now I live in a van down by the river, write chiptunes and run an electronic entertainment museum.I enjoy anything that provides a sensory experience, you can sometimes find me attempting to participate in the demoscene and hack together a synthesizer (see header image) and music software from scratch.I subsist on pizza and instant noodles, occasionally delicious proteins. Expect lots of posts with retro technology, strange beverages, and ponderances.
sdiywiki@mastodon.technologySynth DIY wiki
sdiywiki@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Wiki for DIY electronic music instruments, (needs your writing & images).
web, git
adb@social.cybre.town  [follow]
export default { pronouns: ['he/him', 'they/them'], languages: ['german', 'english'], music: ['electronic', 'progressive', 'techno'], interests: ['programming', 'linux', 'electronics', 'music', 'photography'], bitcoin: 'BC1QGP24D6GKPM4TEZ4ZRT3KZGKHYUJQUV68PTAXKQ', liberapay: 'https://liberapay.com/adb.sh' pgp: 'https://adb.sh/0x1E3AD6D7.asc', adminOf: ['@DeveloperMemes'], workingAt: 'https://54gradsoftware.de'}; matrix=@adb:adb.sh email=info@adb.sh
netzzz@post.lurk.org  [follow]
#art #artist #research #curator #digital #hacking #noise #electronic #music #art #science #technology #cyberpunk
About Me
mnw@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
Pronouns: He/Him/His I have a GPG key at https://pgp.key-server.io/0x4DE0A288F8AA0A61Weekly #CreativeCommons electronic music show on #tilderadio 00:00 UTC Sundays
linda@slime.globalLinda’s Electronic Posts
linda@slime.global  [follow]
"temporary secretary is just the 1979 equivalent of a 100 gecs song"Hi I'm Linda and I'm big gay. :trans_flag: :lesbian_flag:I like devo and ymo and star trek and steely dan[22]Icon is meTo follow me you need to have a profile image and or a bio, otherwise you get blocked
quincunx@mastodon.social‮xnucniuq ‭
quincunx@mastodon.social  [follow]
トゥートゥー!electronic irritantpronoun: any#nobot
complications@weirder.earthComplications 📲
complications@weirder.earth  [follow]
Dedicated to tactile and aesthetic electronic experiences. Made by @dzuk and @tom.
greenjon@hub.spaz.org  [follow]
Pronouns: he/him. Left wing Gen X. No kids; no pets.I live in the middle of a multi-million acre forest in extremely northern California. I make beer, wine, soda and bread. It's very remote and a little boring, especially in the winter, but it's so beautiful here. I run a fully automated pirate radio station using an Ubuntu server running Libretime. After using Windows from 3.11 to 8.1, I switched to Linux in early 2019. I'm probably kind of an Android nerd. I mostly suck at (and don't care about) computer stuff. I'm crazy about music and I love most genres, except most electronic music and new country music. I'm a big fan of old (pre-1986) Mercedes diesel vehicles and a proud owner of a W123 300TDT. I'm an Atheist/Cthulhuian Minister so keep me in mind for weddings and baptisms (no funerals or circumcisions, sorry).I'm down with the Autonomous Mutant Festival. http://www.mutantfest.orgAnd SPAZ Radio. http://spaz.radioI'm mostly a shit poster, to be honest. I post about alcohol, weed, politics, irrelevant and irreverent opinions, country living, nerd life, etc. I generally delete my posts after 1-5 days, so if I post something that you want to access in the future, you'll have to archive it yourself.Feel free to follow me. I tend to just skim Main so I don't follow a lot of folks so don't be offended if I don't follow back. I probably see you anyway. 😀I use Content Warnings *only* for nudes and gore, except I never actually post those.
thuslyandfurthermore@anarchism.space⚪ thusly and furthermore
music, i will probably use this for food
thuslyandfurthermore@anarchism.space  [follow]
electronic musician. cowardly revolutionary.likes cats, space, sol yuri trash. hates fences, cops, responsibilities. too self aware. soon to be no longer homeless. 23 pronouns=she/her daw=caustic 3: www.singlecellsoftware.com
kd4wov@brighteon.socialTom KD4WOV
kd4wov@brighteon.social  [follow]
Ham Radio op, Electronic Engineer,Dems and repubs make me sick. No Party Affiliation!
toni@pancake.placeToni Lampela 🇫🇮🇺🇦
toni@pancake.place  [follow]
EN/FI Tooting from Helsinki, Finland. (semi-dead) Blog at kutomo.com. macOS & occasional linux user. Likes ebikes, asian food and electronic music. He/him.
grey@merveilles.town  [follow]
I make stuff sometimes. Most notably board games, but I've worked on digital games too. I also spend a lot of time on improvisational modular synthesis.Currently a 3D artist for a tech company. Engaging in a healing process. Working on next steps.I'm a good follow for electronic music, board games, or climate collapse. And now bread too, I guess.
glowcoil@post.lurk.orgmicah johnston
glowcoil@post.lurk.org  [follow]
software engineer and electronic musician. interested in dsp, graphics, and rust. he/him
evaskeeva@queer.partyRainbow Unicorn Floatie 🦄 🌈
evaskeeva@queer.party  [follow]
50 something trans woman, DBA, novelist, skier, sailor, electronic musician on occasion. Tooting quality shitposts since 1962.
jimdonegan@mastodon.scotJim Donegan
SoundCloud, Twitter
jimdonegan@mastodon.scot  [follow]
Independent computing/technology specialist & programmer in Erskine Scotland. Sceptic, empiricist, lover of electronic music, science, all things philosophical.
kd4wov@mastodon.radioKD4WOV Tom
kd4wov@mastodon.radio  [follow]
commercial 2 way radio tech, electronic engineer.
web, git
adb@cybre.town  [follow]
export default { pronouns: ['he/him', 'they/them'], languages: ['german', 'english'], music: ['electronic', 'progressive', 'techno'], interests: ['programming', 'linux', 'electronics', 'music', 'photography'], bitcoin: 'BC1QGP24D6GKPM4TEZ4ZRT3KZGKHYUJQUV68PTAXKQ', liberapay: 'https://liberapay.com/adb.sh' pgp: 'https://adb.sh/0x1E3AD6D7.asc', adminOf: ['@DeveloperMemes'], workingAt: 'https://54gradsoftware.de'}; matrix=@adb:adb.sh email=info@adb.sh
oleksiy@social.pinkduck.xyzOleksiy 🇺🇦
oleksiy@social.pinkduck.xyz  [follow]
I make (electronic) music, I design user interfaces, sometimes I make weird DIY gear, sometimes I play guitarhe/him or they/them#nobot
antot@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Technohippie & hardware hacker#DIY #electronic music & gadgetsPsychonaughty#hardware #hacking #biohacking #cookingShower me with your nerdy stuff!
kitbash@mastodon.social  [follow]
friend of fauna & floramoon: libra/sun: virgo/infj/gryffindordark folk-pop/electronic/indie avi by @milkgrrl https://multipassxoxox.bandcamp.com/
cardassianvole@mastodon.socialAmber Gregory Shrewsbury
cardassianvole@mastodon.social  [follow]
Ravenclaw with a Dark Mark.PhotographerRunnerGothic / Industrial / Futurepop / DarkwaveOld school electronic music (NO EDM)Tattoo enthusiast
qtd3n@kawen.space  [follow]
a literal communist, 0x16 years young, freedom friend, 2 irony levels deep spinozist, electronic engineering student, music afficionado, interested in marxian economics.
curufuin@metalhead.club🏴FIMBULVE⸸R 🏴🌱
curufuin@metalhead.club  [follow]
I am a non-binary, vegan, eco-ancom, amatuer mycologist, with Major Depression. I like to build weird synths, and amps and other electronic mutants. I'm interested in food forests, squatting, nomadicism, mutual aid networks, mushrooms, metal/punk/noise etc.
ics@sonomu.club  [follow]
Exploring the spectrum from electronic music to jazz using modular synths and guitar. Location=Tokyo
andreasguest@mamot.frAndreas Guest ♥️🏴‍☠️☯️
andreasguest@mamot.fr  [follow]
#julianassangeforeverEx-ENS, ex-teacher, ex-barman, ex-nightwatch, ex-organic farm worker, ex-homeless.Non binary writer.Working on a post-faulknerian and crypto-joycian trilogy à la John Lecarré about surveillance, AI, (historical sea & fictional electronic) pirates, go game, avalanches, cryptology, redwoods, TAZ, equal sex & (mostly meteorological) violence.Lives in Paris & ______.(Mostly) using ⭐️ as bookmarks.
robkam@mastodon.technologyRob Kam
robkam@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Interests mainly: electronic innards, wiki tweaking, history of technology, flea markets ...
takemi@mstdn.jp  [follow]
銀座で会社してます。好きなものはデザイン家具(Vitra、USM、OFFECT、Blå Station)、音楽(jazz、dance、electronic)、NHK、映画、サッカー、チョコレート。辛い物とコーヒーが苦手。手フェチ。ハロウィン生まれ
Web Site
alx@hackers.town  [follow]
👾ex 3D Game Dev | IT & SysAdmin | night party & concert photographer for fun | Electronic, Linux & BSD | Cyberpunk ☠️
full_marx@qoto.org_the mind virus_
full_marx@qoto.org  [follow]
Artwork Credits Header : Angelina BambinaAvatar : Adolfo Arranzhe/himI wish to build something that can be of good use to as many people as possible.Social Sciences: Propaganda Science, Social Engineering, Behavioural Science, AdvertisingSTEM: Human-Computer Interaction Design and Web DevMultimedia: Motion Graphics, Video Production, Electronic Music Production, Abstract Film, WritingPolitics: Liberal but conservative economic
gib_gab@mastodon.socialAaronn O)))
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Something something electronic music something politics
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Linux Engineer and WeebLoves to tinker around with Linux/Electronic stuff since 1995
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Linux Engineer and WeebLoves to tinker around with Linux/Electronic stuff since 1995Languages: German / EnglishWebsite/more contact info: https://n0id.space
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Budding software developer, hacker and fan of all things electronic. Currently interested in and pursuing photorealistic CGI.White Australian on Kaurna land, asexual, aromantic and socially anxious.He/him/his or they/them/their.https://keyoxide.org/21aa4ea8068574ebef50022eb4c65a212a16df3b OpenPGP=21aa4ea8068574ebef50022eb4c65a212a16df3b Blog (currently empty)=https://pensinspace.net/neoninteger E-mail=neoninteger@protonmail.com
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Just your quiet neighbourhood lizard who makes GBA games and electronic music.(banner by everydaylouie)
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Plucks a single guitar note, letting it ring out without interference.Sews an internal combustion engine, with a leather cased electronic ignition module.
theresatagonmyshirt@cybre.spaceA N D I T S I T C H Y
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electronic musician kodambakkam Q = 五成几率 #probability #illusion #queer #incomplete #cashews #bats #mangroves #newyorkcity
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i'm 23, male, i like bara, furry, kemoshota, kemobarai also like experimental electronic music, ambient music, synthpop/electropop, sometimes ballads, sometimes downtempo, sometimes classical but not necessarily the popular composers. album artwork gives me life.i also enjoy using my Arch Linux PC but have yet to start learning to code (edit: i did start the book now but i have barely touched it after the first time so I still know next to nothing)do you have any willpower to spare? i'm all out…
pikselfest@mastodon.socialPiksel - floss + art festival
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Piksel is an international network and annual event for electronic art and technological freedom. Part workshop, part festival, it is organised in Bergen, Norway, and involves participants from more than a dozen countries exchanging ideas, coding, presenting art and software projects, doing workshops, performances and discussions on the aesthetics and politics of free technologies.http://piksel.no
andrewrk@mastodon.socialAndrew Kelley
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Open-source software, electronic music production, video game development
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31 yo, Queer(they/them or he/him), composer, neurodivergent (anxiété social, probablement TDA), living, Tiohti:áke (Montréal), Québec, Canada.Compose classical and electronic (synthwave) music.#music #art #videogames #politics #queer #book Bienvenu sur mon micro-blog perso ~
breebump@mastodon.artbreebump treetrunk
website, bandcamp, soundcloud
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currently learning bassand a pianist not all that bad.Hip Hop and Electronic.English and German
studiodessai@framapiaf.orgstudio d'essai
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Community #radio show | #electronic + #experimental music | interest in the #Commons.On Global Digital, Thursdays 22:00 AESThttps://studio-dessai.github.io/
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I'm a 31 y/o nudist, therian, Whovian, video game collector, electronic repair wolf.I'm usually very quiet until I get into a project of some kind, then there's a chance I'll flood your timeline about it.Posts can be NSFW sometimes, but CWs are a thing.If you wanna talk about something, hit me up on Telegram @ nallwolf! Species=Wolf Gender=Enby Pronouns=He/His, They/Them Sexuality=Demi/gray-ace
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Compositeur de musique électronique, entre #psytrance, #drumandbass et #hardcore.Electronic music writer. Somewhere between #psytrance, #drumandbass and #hardcoreTous les sons postés ici sont sous CC BY-SA 3.0 FRSite officiel - https://www.psylodrumean.fr/Funkwhale - https://music.scriptfanix.fr/channels/psylodrumean/Liberapay - https://donate.psylodrumean.frPrécédemment inconu sous le pseudoyme DJ Black Red.Logo par @darkmagou@hostux.social#Slam: @PlumeNoire@news.psylodrumean.fr[pour mon quotidien, voir @ScriptFanix@pouet.chapril.org]
not_found_error404@mstdn.jpOll Korrect
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From mstdn.jp#Steam#electronic#techno#jazz
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El primer diari electrònic en català, des del 1995 - Dirigit per @vpartal - Edició global en anglès a https://vilaweb.cat/english
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artist/geek#SpaceshipsForEverybody ( rly: https://joindiaspora.com/posts/a485c9b045b6013788840218b787507b )Namaste“We should do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living. It is a fact today that one in ten thousand of us can make a technological breakthrough capable of supporting all the rest. The youth of today are absolutely right in recognizing this nonsense of earning a living. We keep inventing jobs because of this false idea that everybody has to be employed at some kind of drudgery because, according to Malthusian Darwinian theory he must justify his right to exist. So we have inspectors of inspectors and people making instruments for inspectors to inspect inspectors. The true business of people should be to go back to school and think about whatever it was they were thinking about before somebody came along and told them they had to earn a living.” ~ Buckminster FullerIn a Sea of MisinformationEverybody is a Shill.we're all just blind men who've got hold of different parts of an elephant#pedagogy#DigitsPoemsDigit's Poemscurrent most pertinent powerful educational video to absorb and share:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bZb10ZxpBkas i posted with #cbd at:https://joindiaspora.com/posts/11155299still important to not forget this too:https://www.youtube.com/embed/0aXVzLMVdWMas i posted with #hear at:https://joindiaspora.com/posts/12805470and still remember https://www.youtube.com/embed/0aXVzLMVdWMand we have the ability, we have a way: https://joindiaspora.com/posts/14691135some people dont even know this yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaaupH6ZgUU#cannabis saves my life.#thankyoucannabis#cannabissavesmylife#cannabisisfood #cannabisismedicine#foodfuelfibermedicine #lettherebeherb#mansbestfriend #cannabisneverbitanyonesfaceoff#endocannabinoids #phytocannabinoids#cecd #ceds #cb2 #cb1 #trpa #trpv #gpr#hemp#hempcansavetheworld...a #pick-me-up and #bigSmiles by, #againAndAgain , #asNeeded , #rewatching:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iD9VI2rnc4g - “black the ripper” taking his plants for a walk. 😁#blacktheripper #cannabis #cannabiswalk(as posted at https://joindiaspora.com/posts/13509236 )do you know where your political philosophy is now?https://www.politicalcompass.org/testhttps://www.theadvocates.org/quizhow nice would that be if our political systems let us have that much input, and that much fine-grain say? lots nicer than if in a typical "representative" democracy, less nice than if in a genuine direct democracy with full configuration freedom. lots and lots nicer than if living under a tyranny with no say at all.I advocate a form of direct democracy i've started calling #configdemocracywhether or not that includes all of my prior advocacy of a #freesoftware #open-source #radically-transparent direct e-democracy (electronic #direcdemocracy), it is at least certainly less of a mouthful, and points more loudly to the pertinence of needing a better vessel for the will of the people, capable of handling each our nuanced input. better than the single mark on a scrap of paper every few years, for the most important decisions to be made by. we can stop squandering our ideas.tis another form of #hybriddemocracya fully informed public#AFullyInformedPublic#TricordersForEverybody#ConsumerEmpoweredTesting#Reikijust for today, i will not anger.just for today, i will not worry.just for today, i will be grateful for all my blessings.just for today, i will be honest in my work.just for today, i will be kind to all beings.In 1983, the free software movement was born with the announcement of the GNU Project. FSF founder Richard Stallman saw the dangers of proprietary code from the beginning: when code was kept secret from users, they would be controlled by the technology they used, instead of vice versa.( quote from https://libreplanet.org/2019/ )#emancipationsimplehttps://joindiaspora.com/posts/f977e07008bf013631930242ac110003http://fsf.org/jfbhttps://static.fsf.org/nosvn/join.en.pngadded via either:[<img src="https://static.fsf.org/nosvn/join.en.png">](http://fsf.org/jfb)[\![Join FSF](https://static.fsf.org/nosvn/join.en.png)](http://fsf.org/jfb)inspired to add this by https://joindiaspora.com/posts/8df3af50d30201364ac329d5f9fe4526#good #cannabis #hemp #talksdr andrew katelarishttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov8XgF_jU9shttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfRqgOND_7Uother posts of interest:https://joindiaspora.com/posts/0dc02cf070c3013683fd4061862b8e7bhttps://joindiaspora.com/posts/75a44e206af8013535f50242ac110007https://joindiaspora.com/posts/6169ce30711a013537910242ac110007https://joindiaspora.com/posts/11072309https://joindiaspora.com/posts/11155299https://joindiaspora.com/posts/10942545https://joindiaspora.com/posts/11434841https://joindiaspora.com/posts/592b93b0a6c16bc1 look up, look around.https://diasp.org/posts/7cff7b605eb4013604ed4061862b8e7b meditation & meditation-technology grouphttps://joindiaspora.com/posts/14777646 anyone else think it's stupid? [varieties increase/decrease]https://joindiaspora.com/posts/ee367df053f0013723b1005056264835 we're in a lot of troublehttps://joindiaspora.com/posts/f8b76a0057870137c46e0218b787507b hemp comments. 😀posts of horror:dear everyone, how much of a shit am i?(i ask, because allegedly everyone can see how much of a shit i am)dear everyone, was this really offensive of me to have offered what i did, how i did? 2nd opinions appreciated.(i ask, because it appears perhaps i have some aspergery blind-spot)this one highlights a different kind of horrificnessyou really probably should know this stuffhilarious newspeak "feminism" (genuinely got sore sides from laughing too hard) and paste on my alt account just in case this one ever disappearsweird hostility and (apparently obliviously(?)) contradictory statements, looks like trolling and/or maybe brain damage? or cultural differences? shant continue to feed. lowering expectations arising with each comment of theirs. maybe someone will be able to explain to me how their hostile nationalist defensiveness is (as they claim) not such defensiveness.https://joindiaspora.com/posts/14512605 consider what you will what n how much horror there is in this post and comments, for each the different reasons. milder than other posts of horror here, but still adding it here before its forgotten. still lessons to learn from the horrors here.... temporarily posting this one here too... it's gonna become a post of horror with those two characters now isnt it... https://joindiaspora.com/posts/1c5563b0554301378438047d7b62795eposts of still working it out:https://joindiaspora.com/posts/59a349d0ca210136d0000218b70db60dand did you know: https://donttrack.us/other points tags of importance or interest:for your freedom#deletegithub use #notabug or a #gogs, #gitea or #gitlab instance for #git hosting.... and in the making, #vervis is becoming #forgefed, for federated git hosting! 😁 joyous! overdue emancipation.oh, and #fuckthetoriesbecause:#averybritishgenocide (oops i often misspelled: #averybrittishgenocide )#nomoredeathsfrombenefitscutsack, joindiaspora removed my description tags. oh well. changed to #entheogenicist #pedagogy #emancipationforgetting what i had there previously. i think i had #wastedartist and #scottishgreens and #freesoftware and... i forget.oh, and internal server error 500 when i tried add this note...... several days of that ...but, it's also given me time to reconsider what 5 tags i'd have there. just now, thinking i'll add #aptitudetestadvocate 😀 ... once it lets me again.as seen in a limited post of mine:y’know when y’havta explain things to those who are both unbehoved of thinking things through and misaligned from caring for the wellbeing of others… #freesoftware #legalisecannabis #universalbasicincome #spaceshipsforeverybody #exhasperatedsighmight use those, once joindiaspora lets me have tags again. :/
bennodegoeij@mastodon.socialBenno De Goeij
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Producer of Electronic Dance Music. Addicted to sound design, obscure analog gear, extreme digital plugins
arnyblackhole@mastodon.socialArny Bink
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Owner of Black Hole Recordings, trying to service the world with fresh and exciting electronic dance music.
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Electronic ambient drone artist... with occasional excursions into polyrhythmic acid techno.He/him or they/them.
ahrima@natter.wtf❣ Ahrima ❣
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im ronnie I'm 19 and I'm secretly a spider trained in using electronic deviceshe/him | they/them
Cryonid.fr, Twitter
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FR/EN/IT - Software (C#) and web (PHP) developer, also an electronic and orchestral music maker.
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electronic musician • bad dj • studying graphic design • y2k aesthetic and rhythm games enthusiast • used to make 音MADs
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Things I love: making music, reading, fitness training, my family. Never far from something electronic. Areas for improvement: sleep, avoiding distraction. pronoun=he / him nutrition=don't get me started #lchf