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mike@fosstodon.orgMike Stone :zorin: :manjaro:
Blog, PixelFed, Patreon, PayPal
mike@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Husband, father, nerd. Half human, half Fosstodon Admin. Tends to tell Dad Jokes.
hawaii@mastodon.socialRyan Ozawa
Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn
hawaii@mastodon.social  [follow]
Geek dad in paradise.
editor@masthead.socialRyan Ozawa
Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit
editor@masthead.social  [follow]
Geek dad in paradise. Into #science, #technology, #startups, and everything about #hawaii.
silverspookgames@octodon.social  [follow]
Creator of Neofeud, a dystopic cyberpunk adventure game. https://bit.ly/2OrX9ib Also a Native Hawaiian, social worker, dad, and STEM robotics teacher. He/Him They/Them
Blog, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram
isablog@toot.wales  [follow]
I'm a 27 year old married father of one - soon to be two! I started blogging after suffering with postnatal depression when Isabelle was born. These days I just talk about my life as a dad! I also occasionally do weird stuff. (This is a courtesy account reserved for verified owner, contact @tooter to claim)
silverspookgames@mastodon.socialSilver Spook Games
silverspookgames@mastodon.social  [follow]
Creator of Neofeud, a dystopic cyberpunk adventure game. https://bit.ly/2OrX9ib Also a Native Hawaiian, social worker, dad, and STEM robotics teacher. He/Him They/Them
noyoushutthefuckupdad@shitposter.club  [follow]
Come join us for Shitposter.Club Movie Night every Sunday at 5:30pm US Mountain Time (UTC-6) at https://tube.seriousposter.club/r/seriouspostersI have an animu podcast: https://anchor.fm/dad-spc
pomological@botsin.spacefruit toots
pomological@botsin.space  [follow]
i'm a bot tweeting random images from the pomological watercolor collection in the usda's national agricultural library. unofficial. my dad is @xor
hund@fosstodon.org  [follow]
I’m a Swedish {minimalist,slow-tech} philosopher, proud dad, creative person, mountainbiker and a {Gentoo,Alpine} Linux user.(I get easily overstimulated, especially with floods of information. If I don't follow you back, it's nothing personal) Website (En):=https://hund.tty1.se Website (Sv):=https://hund.linuxkompis.se My company:=https://fosstodon.org/@iokeyboards
interneteh@mastodon.social  [follow]
Hi I'm a bisexual dad from Oregon (not Portland). I mostly talk about gardening, nature, leftism, food and different projects I'm working on. I will not debate you. I know .social is a trash heap, but I promise I'm actually fine. (he/him)
mmpadellan@counter.socialBrooklyn Dad_Defiant!
mmpadellan@counter.social  [follow]
Dipping my toes in the social waters here, since someone just took a shit in the pool at the bird site.
benhamill@eldritch.cafeLocal Dad, Ben Hamill
Pronouns, Website
benhamill@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Among the oldest of millennials.Social justice, software, parenting, games (video, roleplaying, board), books, comics, linguistics, argyleSaid to be, "like the least lewd person I have encountered on this social network" Location=Austin, TX
interneteh@sunbeam.city  [follow]
stay at home dad, painter by commission, sidewalk farmer, editor, socialist organizer, home chef, anxiety ridden, he/him
aravosis@mstdn.socialJohn Aravosis
aravosis@mstdn.social  [follow]
Longtime DC political guy. TikTok Ukraine news, AMERICAblog, CyberDisobedience. Georgetown JD/MSFS. Past: UN, The Economist, US Senate, World Bank, CDF. Dog dad. Called wacko by Limbaugh. SP/FR/IT/GR #WeAreNAFO #Fella
clacke@libranet.dea Claes unto himself 🇸🇪🇭🇰💙💛
clacke@libranet.de  [follow]
Gender=Male About=Flawesome. Linux native since 1995. On Fedi since 2008. Working in Racket, Tcl, Python, whatever gets the page up. Solving yesterday's problems tomorrow. A dad. Freddiemercurykin.Every post of mine is an open invitation to advice or information or critique or disagreement. Fire away. If I don't appreciate your contribution, I'll let you know.http://pronoun.is/heMy soundcloud is http://hackerpublicradio.org/correspondents.php?hostid=311 and my patreon is https://sfconservancy.org/donate/ .I don't represent Software Freedom Conservancy in any way, I just like what they do with my money.
kel@counter.social  [follow]
Dad, husband, Instructional Designer and occasional Graphic Artist.
comrade_hilton@mastodon.socialBadd Dadd Energy 💜🍆
comrade_hilton@mastodon.social  [follow]
bi/pan dad|i pop off to boost my self-esteem|Boosts+OK|Having Fun On Linehornt/shitposting/lewds🚩🥖🌹🏴(he/him)!!! 18+ !!!
1of2dads@mastodon.socialDaddy One
1of2dads@mastodon.social  [follow]
A Gay Dad with three straight sons and former Tumblr with over 338 THOUSAND fucking awesome followers. twitter=@1of2dads Gay Porn=NSFW Gay Art=NSFW https://1of2dads.bdsmlr.com/=NSFW
danarel@fosstodon.orgDan Arel :archlinux:
Website, Writing, Twitter, LinkedIn
danarel@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Labor communications, youth hockey coach, coaching education, writer, author, Linux and privacy nerd, husband, dad, and coffee drinker.
dthompson@toot.catpit dad
dthompson@toot.cat  [follow]
he/him. mostly post about gardening, permaculture, and free software development.
datenteiler@fosstodon.orgChristian Imhorst :opensuse:
datenteiler@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Infra Power Ranger at tib.eu 📚🌍I toot also as @lughannover (de) 🐧: Member of @leinelab 👩‍🔬 & @opensuse :opensuse: & supporter of @fsfe :fsfe: #Fairphone 👼Cis, nerdy dad & husband.🏴✌Find me at #openSUSE #FOSS #Linux #Bash #BeersOfMastodon
rad_grand_dad@noagendasocial.comRad_Grand_Dad :verified:
SoundCloud, Twitter
rad_grand_dad@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
Pronouns=Dude/The Dude Unicorns=Exist
interneteh@dads.coolSid, average tea enjoyer
interneteh@dads.cool  [follow]
Feel free not to respond to my follow request. It's totally fine! I'm an old millennial married dad who cooks & writes. I post about food, politics, nature, art, parenting, gardening. he/him. bi/pan/taken. the chillhop raccoon toon is by Jeoffrey Magellan
david@photog.socialDavid de Groot 📸
david@photog.social  [follow]
Photographer, foodie, Dad Joke aficionado from Cedar Creek, Qld, Australia. Mostly a Canon EOS system shooter with some fairly decent lenses.
map@xoxo.zone  [follow]
Helped developing Carcassonne for iOS and SubEthaEdit. Volunteers for Desert Bus. Passionate cat dad. Iaidoka.
jeroensmeets@mastodon.socialjeroen smeets
jeroensmeets@mastodon.social  [follow]
leader of the "humans before bots" movementwas built in the 60sis crazy 'bout Marie, dad for Madelief † and Maud
thatlarryshow@noagendasocial.comThat LARRY SHOW
thatlarryshow@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
ThatLARRYSHOW.com -- where truth & LUTFAs live! World's greatest Commie-fightin' podcast + advice dad never gave, but should have. Join the TAKE NO SHIT Dojo https://noagendasocial.com/@ThatLARRYSHOW">Mastodon</a> Listen=www.thatlarryshow.com Subscribe=patreon.com/thatlarryshow PayPal/Donate=thatlarryshow@gmail.com Contact=thatlarryshow@gmail.com
histoftech@mastodon.socialMar Hicks
histoftech@mastodon.social  [follow]
Historian of technology, professor, former sysadmin, current rabbit owner. I write books about labor and technology. I also tell dad jokes.
alex@bigshoulders.citysoon-to-be defunct account
alex@bigshoulders.city  [follow]
a dad who postI am the admin of this instance but this is primarily an account for "jokes" dad alt=https://dads.cool/@alex pronouns=he/him or they/them
steppinrazor@counter.social  [follow]
Enthusiast, meteorologist, veteran, cat dad. Originally from Illinois, but now living in the Seattle area.
interneteh@weirder.earth(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ sid ♥
interneteh@weirder.earth  [follow]
Feel free not to respond to my follow request. It's totally fine! I'm a leftist millennial dad raising 2 kids in Kalapuya land in Oregon. Writer and editor. Posts about nature, food, gardening, politics. Not a bot. bi/pan, he/him. the chillhop raccoon toon is by Jeoffrey Magellan
esdin@mastodon.social  [follow]
Developer Relations Engineer at OculusBuilt Read Only Memories, cat and dog dad, singer, piano player, and married to @jennatar
steko@octodon.socialSTOP WAR (Stefano Costa)
ORCID, Website
steko@octodon.social  [follow]
Dad of 2, husband. PhD in Byzantine Archaeology. I work for the Ministry of Culture, and develop small open source tools as a hobby, mostly in Python and R. Anti-fascist. He/him. Vegetarian.Don't be afraid to request to follow. It's mostly to scare off the bots.Vivo a #Genova. Faccio l'archeologo. Lavoro al Ministero della Cultura #Archaeology #Italy #Italia #BeforeModernTimes #Liguria Gemini capsule=gemini://gemini.iosa.it/ Briar=briar://acienwkczwuvetb6xqjob2d5nofkd7wobflxuohzfq3yx6bfnu3x6
jb55@bitcoinhackers.orgWilliam Casarin :bitcoin:🇨🇦
jb55@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
:bitcoin: & lightning dev, nix, linux, rust, c, gamedev, protocols, physics, dad Gemlog=gemini://jb55.com Lightning=lno1pg8x5c34x5nhxgr5d9czq6npwg2qs6nzx56jucm0d50zpu7pprxd2d4c2f5yru99ckpp9wu7vkz2r66fxzqw0swvxnuzmtt37pqdn6fg97hl5h6tm70qh9t8lenrlq2quw3c4zqn6wh03p7pzpsdq7lcndedhdw2t46j9xwcf992ldtk6p3tsnu2rljffwj20eqpzrf60g
riedl@fediscience.orgMark Riedl
Personal Website, Github
riedl@fediscience.org  [follow]
AI for storytelling, games, explainability, safety, ethics. Professor at Georgia Tech. Associate Director Machine Learning Center at GT. Time travel expert. Geek. Dad. he/him
rienlen@mastodon.art  [follow]
he him wine dad; bird enthusiast
daddag@abdl.link  [follow]
I am an experienced Dad and I also switch to DL and I have an AB https://abdl.link/@DaddaGside as well. I have a family of beautiful boys that I enjoy.
beccahallstedt@mastodon.artbecca hallstedt art stuff!
beccahallstedt@mastodon.art  [follow]
freelance concept artist in chicago. aspiring master. your #2 dad. worked on WoW/dauntless/Injustice2/etc. NB and queer as shit 🗡️ all art posts will be here.
tulipan81@bitcoinhackers.orgMalwario ⚡️ Valerio Vaccaro
tulipan81@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
Engineer, Bitcoiner, Data Scientist, IoT Expert and Tech Enthusiast. Co-founder of @scamcoinbot, dad of @otsproofbot and friend of @SatoshiSaysBot
davidlowry@ecoevo.socialDavid Lowry
davidlowry@ecoevo.social  [follow]
Associate Professor at Michigan State University. Currently on sabbatical at the University of Queensland. Plant evolutionary genetics/genomics, physiology, development, climate change, adaptation, & speciation. Dad. he/him. Location=Woolloongabba, QLD
paul13@counter.socialNorCal Paul 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇺🇦☮️
paul13@counter.social  [follow]
Dad, motorcyclist & mountain biker. At home in the mountains! Cloud guy...#Antifascist #Hiker #skier #CoSoMoto #Sierra #MotoGPAll photos are mine.
linnie@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
My dad was a WW II vet who instilled in me an absolute love for this country. Fight for FREEDOM!Escaped CA- moved to freedom in Montana, where 2a is king!
pawdraig@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
He/him/they - Hey ima queer cat Dad - Furryish, leftish, and way too online at the moment. 18+ I love=#fungi amateur mycology, food, agriculture Other Weird Animals=Gosh, they're neat Warning:=Plenty of shitposting
ben_c@mastodon.socialBen C 🏴
ben_c@mastodon.social  [follow]
tech flunky, anarcho-communist dad, part of a cybernetic system that wants to destroy me pronouns=he/him permacomputing=gang
fobo@octodon.social  [follow]
Bassist + noisehead, dad in bands.
clayton@social.coop  [follow]
socialist #UX Designer and goofy dad Pronouns=he/him
logophobe@mastodon.sociallogo, special export dad
logophobe@mastodon.social  [follow]
bird site refugee, ecosocialist, foodist, computerer, extrembley stupid, also dumb
process@counter.social🌍 🇪🇺
process@counter.social  [follow]
Web working dad.#cosomusic #climatecrisis #cosoenvironmentWalk on air against your better judgement.Seamus Heaney
adamparkhomenko@counter.socialAdam Parkhomenko
adamparkhomenko@counter.social  [follow]
Democratic Strategist, Consultant, Political Adviser. Dad. Ukrainian-American. Whatever order, son Cameron's my life.
jgoerzen@floss.socialJohn Goerzen
Blog, Homepage
jgoerzen@floss.social  [follow]
Hacker, dad, pilot, amateur radio operator, activist, guy that is susceptible to new hobbies. Former president of Software in the Public Interest. Staff Software Engineer at a machine learning company.I live miles from the nearest paved road in #Kansas.Interests: #rust #debian #linux #pilot #flying #hamradio #emacs #orgmode #kansas #floss #kansas #raspberrypi #programming #parenting #retrocomputing
capn_b@fosstodon.orgthe end's not near :manjaro: 🏴
capn_b@fosstodon.org  [follow]
dad, code smasher, part of the cybernetic system of capitalism that wants to destroy me pronouns=he, him permacomputing=gang pfp=a picture of a packet of "dude wipes" modified to read "dune wipes"
jgnwyrk@counter.socialJ. G.🇺🇸✅🙄
jgnwyrk@counter.social  [follow]
Husband, Dad, & aspiring Agilist. I like to make problems fade into oblivion. Looking 4 CoSo Help? https://counter.social/userguide.pdf Stupidity hurts. He/him
redoak@social.coopRed Oak
My website
redoak@social.coop  [follow]
i'm a dad. #DSA🌹, #UU🕯️, parenting, running, web-dev, gardening, social anxiety, etc.18-in-1 Pure-Castile shitpostshe/himTrans rightsLand BackFree PalestineACAB
pho4cexa@tiny.tilde.website  [follow]
I make software.AGPL3+ whenever I can.I love my craft; I hate my industry.40, cis, married, leftish, atheist, dad. he/him.
notniceracist@poa.stMy Whore Mom Keeps Throwing Away The Cereal Prizes :verified:
notniceracist@poa.st  [follow]
My dad fucking hates me. I'm really sexy and smart. Btw I'm 6'2
Blog, Twitter
monkeydom@mastodon.social  [follow]
Makes SubEthaEdit, Kaleidoscope. Helped make Carcassonne and Lost Cities for iOS. CEO TheCodingMonkeys. Dad. Ex-UIKit. Ex-Apple. de=@monkeydom_de@chaos.social
stevemotley@staging-do.brighteon.socialRetired Marine Sounds Off
stevemotley@staging-do.brighteon.social  [follow]
Dad, Grandpa, Retired Marine, Writer Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Animal Lover, Vegan, Truth Seeker, Freedom Fighter!
stevemotley@staging.brighteon.socialRetired Marine Sounds Off
stevemotley@staging.brighteon.social  [follow]
Dad, Grandpa, Retired Marine, Writer Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Animal Lover, Vegan, Truth Seeker, Freedom Fighter!
jk@social.nipponalba.scotJ K 🇯🇵🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
jk@social.nipponalba.scot  [follow]
Quintessentially Celtic, vehemently Viking, passionately European, unashamedly, proudly Scottish, craft beer and single malt whisky lover, enthusiastic cook, vegan, perpetually exhausted dad.https://jk.nipponalba.scotBlack Lives Matter!Trans Lives Matter!Minorities, Diversity and Preservation of Cultural Uniqueness Matter!Post syndicated from my website expire after 90 days, all other non-favourited posts are deleted after 90 days by https://forget.codl.frThis is an OpenPGP proof that connects my OpenPGP key to this Pleroma account. For details check out https://keyoxide.org/guides/openpgp-proofs[Verifying my OpenPGP key: openpgp4fpr:2E75C7E36FBB86739ED00942CAD4E9F955614D3B]#nobot homepage=jk.nipponalba.scot pixelfed=jk@px.nipponalba.scot pronouns=he/him
cathal@octodon.socialCathal Garvey ✅
Long-Form Thoughts, Ko-Fi
cathal@octodon.social  [follow]
Omnihaxor, Dad, Husband. I like to make stuff and help people. Highly prone to distraction. Into: #FLOSS #PostScarcity #DIYbio #MachineLearning #Python #Rust #Permaculture #Science #Environmentalism #Nuclear #Genetics #GoGoGMO Location=Cork, Ireland Pronouns=He/Him
riedl@sigmoid.socialMark Riedl
Lab website, Github
riedl@sigmoid.social  [follow]
AI for storytelling, games, explainability, safety, ethics. Professor at Georgia Tech. Associate Director of the Machine Learning Center at GT. Time travel expert. Geek. Dad. he/him
danielmrose@masthead.socialDaniel Rose
danielmrose@masthead.social  [follow]
Husband, Dad, Chief Troublemaker of the Acts 13 Network, Writer, Podcaster.
messy@yiff.lifeying witch
messy@yiff.life  [follow]
Trans non binaryHaven't been 18 in a long time.Mostly forest creature. Into permaculture and being environmentally sound. Gardening is awesome.FUCK a gender. FUCK social norms.capitalism is a fuck. A*C-A#B.Diogenes is my dad nowPassionate about rust. Writing embedded device drivers for fun. 80's core electronics are the bestCan be found writing programs, building useless things, taking film photos, and having existential crises.YES all my posts are private.
stevemotley@brighteon.socialRetired Marine Sounds Off
stevemotley@brighteon.social  [follow]
Dad, Grandpa, Retired Marine, Writer Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Animal Lover, Vegan, Truth Seeker, Freedom Fighter!
bort@comrades.abortu.comSleepy Josh 🏳️‍🌈🍀 ⏳ ✊
bort@comrades.abortu.com  [follow]
38 * He/Him * Dad * Software Dev * Pan Guy *Anarchist, anti-war. Fuck capitalism. 1's & 2's for Slow News Day & Action4Assange #FreeAssangeVigil#FreeChelsea #FreeAssange #FreeJeremyHammond #FreeRealityWinner #FreePalestine
erre@mstdn.social  [follow]
Escribí para mi, escribí para otros, escribí por otros, escribí por dinero…Internationalist (#Law, #WTO, #Trade, #ESG) • Dataist • Multipotentialite • Minimalist • Nihilist • Humanist • Futurist • Part-time Professor • Dad @ESG
werethrope@meow.socialBoofdad Werethrope 💪🏼🐺💖
werethrope@meow.social  [follow]
🔞 NO MINORS, NSFW 2D & 3D Artist • Malaysian Dad, PoC 💪🏼 • He/Him 🏳️‍🌈 • In love with Vaisz_ThePurple 💜 • Wholesome vibes 🌸 • Film & Games Art Lead • @BoofVR Creator
lmorchard@hackers.townLes Orchard
lmorchard@hackers.town  [follow]
he / him; tinkerer; old adhd cat dad; serial enthusiast; mozillian; editor-at-large for http://lmorchard.com
zw748vsjsiwwmnbxyz@neckbeard.xyzThe Only Disabled :cursed_verified:
zw748vsjsiwwmnbxyz@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
Hey how's it going. My name is Daniel.@CreamSeparatist is my dad.I believe privacy and free speech are a universal rightYou'll get a little bit of everything with me, juicy memes, hentai, shitposts, casual posts. I'm just chill and post whatever I feel like posting really. :renge_shrug: Sharing ideas is what makes the world go round. We can't progress in a good direction unless we listen to what everyone has to say.LIST OF ALTS IN ORDER OF ACTIVITYMain You are hereSecondary: blob.cat/ZW748VSJSiwWMBLBct
jbthinkin@counter.social  [follow]
No Rest Until Arrests. Charge Trump! 🌊 RESIST, ✊🏿BLM, 🌈 Ally. Love Who You Love. Proud Dad of Author @Jillboor. Vaxed Leo ♌️. MN raised. #resistersconnect
dad@trollian.space  [follow]
I may be a man of few words, but I'm still your dad. Please feel free to message me if you ever need advice. I love you.[Trollian.space Mod.]
mhamzahkhan@intahnet.co.ukM. Hamzah Khan
Personal Blog
mhamzahkhan@intahnet.co.uk  [follow]
Self-proclaimed genius, and ruler of the Internet. System admin the rest of the time.#parent | #dad | #sysadmin | #devops | #linux | #geek | #fedora | #london | #followme | #gme | #ape | #diamondhands Matrix=@mhamzahkhan:intahnet.co.uk
incontrl@staging-do.brighteon.social  [follow]
Webmaster, Legal Advocate, Champion Of Common Sense, Dad, Grand Father,
noyoushutthefuckupdad@poa.st  [follow]
Alt of noyoushutthefuckupdad@shitposter.clubCome join us for Shitposter.Club Movie Night every Sunday at 5:30pm US Mountain Time (UTC-6) at tube.seriousposter.club/r/seriouspostersI have an animu podcast: anchor.fm/dad-spcPodcast download: mega.nz/folder/qTZhmIxJ#HWaY1qIn369eAd-BLqTvog
datenteiler@mastodon.socialChristian Imhorst
Datenteiler, LUG Hannover
datenteiler@mastodon.social  [follow]
Team Free Software! #FSFE supporter, #Fairphone Angel & #openSUSE member at #Linux User Group #Hannover. Nerdy dad & husband.🏴✌ #FOSS Pronouns=he/him/his Gender=cis male
fairmont@counter.socialMike Fairbanks
fairmont@counter.social  [follow]
Hi, I'm Mike Fairbanks (Fairmont) in Atlanta• Dad, husband, teacher, nerd • I'm into CAD, 3D printing, ebikes, guitars, & photography. I believe in equality!
jaredsinclair@mastodon.socialJared Sinclair
jaredsinclair@mastodon.social  [follow]
Me and my dad make models of clipper ships. Clipper ships sail on the ocean. Clipper ships never sail on rivers or lakes. I like clipper ships because they are…
incontrl@staging.brighteon.social  [follow]
Webmaster, Legal Advocate, Champion Of Common Sense, Dad, Grand Father,
website, hear me play accordion at, currently volunteering for
nindokag@introverts.social  [follow]
Software developer for the solar power industry. I like comics, role-playing games, sci-fi, and music. Dad to a 4-year-old, gardener, sometimes activist prounouns=he/him
ptfen@mastodon.social  [follow]
your white cishet socialist dad
andrioid@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Geek, Dad, Professional Coffee Drinker.From Iceland. Living in Denmark.#react, #reactnative, #golang, #devops, #kubernetes, #docker, #linux, #ux, #agile
incontrl@brighteon.social  [follow]
Webmaster, Legal Advocate, Champion Of Common Sense, Dad, Grand Father,
Personal Blog, Hobby Blog
sundancer@metalhead.club  [follow]
Ich kam, aß, lachte.https://blog.der-boese-metaller.de/#metal #rock #tabletop #miniatures #painting #dad WARNING!=Dark black humor! Very black! Gender=male.
14point88niggawatts@poa.st14.88:hacker_n: :hacker_i: :hacker_g: :hacker_g: :hacker_a: :hacker_w: :hacker_a: :hacker_t: :hacker_t: :hacker_s:
14point88niggawatts@poa.st  [follow]
poast.tv/c/niggawatts_archive/Deep South Catholic, Husband, Girl dad, Pro White, Third PositionFuck niggers and Jews. I'm training to be Hitler's number one guy.Japs, Palestinians and Persians are cool, I guess.
evilchili@linernotes.club  [follow]
He/Him. Listener of music, master of dungeons, principal of engineers, foolerer of toms.Hey. I'm a guy in his 40s doing resilience engineering at AWS (sorry). I'm married to the best person I know. We're raising twin boys to be empathetic, careful and considered members of society, I hope. It's hard.I dig #music. I drink #coffee. I run a homebrew #DnD game; our campaign is half as old as our kids. I post about all this and greyhound pictures.⚠️ Prepare for Extreme Dad Energy ⚠️
marcoslopez@mastodon.socialbela lugosi's dad
marcoslopez@mastodon.social  [follow]
brianyourbro@social.quodverum.comBrian O'Kelly
brianyourbro@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
I Host a webshow/podcast. Army Dad. Author. Media and marketing guy. I share stuff I don’t agree with. Bilingual (Español) http://patreon.com/republickeeper
ty1028@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Miserable sinner, proud dad, faithful husband, old hippy, curmudgeon and crank, just tell the truth dammit.
bill@bsd.network💀Undead Bill💀
bill@bsd.network  [follow]
Former distance skateboarder and part time poet. Currently a working dad balancing a job vs making tacos and keeping family happy. latest thing="Stress monkey", but sung to "Rock Lobster" summoning=tacos sesos, within a ring of dark chocolate death=She can have me when I say yes. Consent is an important part of our relationship.
crowlad@beach.city  [follow]
crow lad whomst also a cat dad. likes animals (particularly birds), nature, drawing, taking photos, video games and a handful of other things.:heart_pride: living in Norrland with heartfriend @owl and a sweet elderly cat.avatar: drawing of a crow with outlines in various shades of blue and red, on a red and black background.header: altered close-up photo of thick moss with star-shaped strands, mostly green with some strands being bright cyan and blue
derwinmcgeary@octodon.socialсерафими многоꙮчитїи
derwinmcgeary@octodon.social  [follow]
/se-ra-FEE-mi mnoh-guh-AW-chi-ti/Trans rights are human rights! Obviously! Support your transgender and non-binary friends and comrades.Lad o' pairts. Big Data geek/consultant. Free Software literally lets me make a living, so obviously a fan. Not a fan of elitists, gatekeepers, and reactionaries. #mefite 🦬 :bisexual_flag:I always feel weird about liking selfies as I am a wife guy and dad, but you're all *gorgeous*. Especially you.
courtney@friend.campCongus 🐓
courtney@friend.camp  [follow]
Jock Dad of Friend Camp.
silverwizard@convenient.email  [follow]
A nerd yelling about sysadminning, role playing, social justice, and terrible ideas. Somehow a dad. Opinions obviously belong to an undisclosed third party He/Him Marital Status=Married Political Views=Leftist Religious Views=Christian
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"If you want your kids to be intelligent, read them fairy-tales. If you want the to be even more intelligent, read them even more fairy-tales." - Albert Einstein.
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Website, Ko-fi, Librepay
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Just a truck driving, podcasting, guitar playing dad that loves indie music and FOSS. I'm not a coder or a hacker. Nor do I know enough of any one thing to be an expert in. But I can "sudo apt-get" anything! Im prolly the only Linux user that uses it daily because I belive in the philosphy and I dont have to know how to code to use it. I am your end user! Pronouns=He/him
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- i was made in a workshop, 1997 (he/him) -my name is Flat Eric.. but my dad calls me FlericI love music and dancing and making people happy and eating sausages 💛
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web designer/developer | synesthete | dad | #garbagetwitter journeyman | socialism, webdev, & high-brow dick jokes | IGNORE ME!!!
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Dad a WW2 KoreanWar veteran mom a mayor I’m an ER RN MAGA RollTide Clinger 2A1A BorderWall SaveTheUnborn InGodWeTrust GodBlessAmerica & TRUMP WON‼️🙋🏼‍♀️⚖️🇺🇸
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I'm interested in being just not civil, but excellent in interacting with others of different viewpoints in an online world where we can so viciously defend our echo chambers and be so dismissive of other perspectives. I rarely log onto the bird site of FB anymore because the interactions are unproductive about anything meaningful.I'm a #Dad, #Husband, #Christian, #Anglican, Unaffiliated #conservatarian, Software #Developer, #Coloradan, Reader of paper #books, Card and BoardGamer, #tea drinker, solving problems for co-workers and partners primarily with and integrating with the #Salesforce/SFDC platform. Current Life Chapter Title=Something Smells Terrible More Seriously=Fighting the long defeat
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33, he/him, dad of two