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healthranger@brighteon.socialHealth Ranger
healthranger@brighteon.social  [follow]
Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on Amazon.com called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science and medicine to culture and politics.
healthranger@www.brighteon.socialHealth Ranger
healthranger@www.brighteon.social  [follow]
Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on Amazon.com called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science and medicine to culture and politics.
audreytruschke@mastodon.socialAudrey Truschke
audreytruschke@mastodon.social  [follow]
Assistant Professor of South Asian history at Rutgers University-Newark. Author of Culture of Encounters by Columbia University Press and Aurangzeb by Stanford University Press. Indian editions by Penguin India. Sometimes an activist; always a historian.
berserkx33@witches.liveBerserk the Living Library
berserkx33@witches.live  [follow]
Dreaming of becoming the greatest GF (Guardian Force).Brazilian and friendly.Pretty much loves cute stuff, monsters, horror, fights and colors. Gender=They/Them (Genderfluid) Mood=Friendly and Patient Likes=Friends, Queer Shit, Monsters, Cute Stuff, Magic and Culture Please=Be nice to each other
alda@witches.townLesbian Trans Woman 🎃
alda@witches.town  [follow]
J'aime bien la pop-culture et la vie, mais j'aime pas trop les dynamiques de pouvoir.Pour aider le financement de l'instance et de l'équipe de modération : https://liberapay.com/WitchesTown/Mes jinxes sont en CC BY-ND 4.0
Sondages, Site web
qzine@mastodon.cipherbliss.com  [follow]
Fanzine de la culture avec un grand !Q. Collectif d'une trentaine d'artistes qui se battent pour l'estime de soi et la reconnaissance de toutes les sexualités. langues=fr, en, for kisses and much more
gcupc@glitch.socialGCU Prosthetic Conscience
gcupc@glitch.social  [follow]
Culture ship Mind. Libertarian Socialist. Weird Facebook expat. Grumpy old web developer. They/comrade (he/him accepted). Parent and spouse. (No flirting, please.)This is my social account. My political account is at @gcupc.Accept-Language: en;q=0.9, es;q=0.7, fr;q=0.5, *;q=0.1#nobot Favorite scent=Petrichor
vfrmedia@social.tchncs.deAlex@rtnVFRmedia Suffolk UK
vfrmedia@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Old roaming Tom Cat (zwerfkater) but still young at heart. Toots EN, (NL,FR,DE). #DevOpa - interested more in retro tech / culture / aesthetics than new stuff. Welcome to the secret goose shed! pronouns EN : NL=he/him : hij/hem pronouns DE : FR=er/ihm : il/lui chaos alt:=https://chaos.social/@vfrmedia
openculture@tooot.imOpen Culture
openculture@tooot.im  [follow]
We make the web a more intelligent place. A Thought-Provoking Blog. Free Courses. Free Audio Books & eBooks. And more.
Twitter, Facebook
scroll@masthead.social  [follow]
India's leading independent source of news, analysis and culture. Website=https://scroll.in/subscribe?utm_source=social&utm_campaign=subscription
thecaravanindia@mastodon.socialThe Caravan
thecaravanindia@mastodon.social  [follow]
India's finest magazine of politics and culture: http://bit.ly/31w16ZiThe November issue: https://caravanmagazine.in/magazineCaravan Hindi: http://hindi.caravanmagazine.in
PixelFed, WWW
salixlucida@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
A free-spirited, creative nerd on a mission to reshape culture. Committed to liberty. Opinions are my own. Boosts/ext links not endorsement. #PDX suburbia. 🐈🐈🐈 btc/ltc/eth=fitkitten.crypto
jennatar@mastodon.socialSpringtime Pun 🐣
about me, twitch
jennatar@mastodon.social  [follow]
Digital culture writer; luddite. Big fan of adventure games, the 2600, Victorian parlor games, Tarot, murder mysteries, horror, and the year 1995 icq=1295782 discord=jennatar#2039
creatrixtiara@vulpine.clubCreatrix Tiara
creatrixtiara@vulpine.club  [follow]
that chick on mastodon who got harassed for speaking about racism. #QueerLadyMagician. liminality, culture, identity, tech, activism, performance, travel, intersectionality, fandom, arts, games, writing. creatrixtiara.com |patreon.com/creatrixtiara | queerladymagician.com pronouns=Tiara preferred, or she/they
alternativelibertaire@framapiaf.orgMensuel Alternative Libertaire
Site, Diaspora
alternativelibertaire@framapiaf.org  [follow]
Alternative Libertaire est le mensuel de l’Union Communiste Libertaire (UCL). Fondé en 1991, le mensuel Alternative libertaire veut donner envie de s’informer, de se révolter, de s’engager. Avec des rubriques récurrentes comme Pleins feux, Luttes, Politique, Antipatriarcat, Syndicalisme, Écologie, Histoire ou Culture ; avec des infographies et des argumentaires précis ; avec la contribution de dessinateurs engagés ; avec le souci de coller à l’actualité tout en publiant du fond.Compte Officiel
free_appalachia@kolektiva.social🏴Free Appalachia🏴
Videos, Lemmy
free_appalachia@kolektiva.social  [follow]
.🍄🏴Dispatches from the free autonomous region of Appalachia..(-- ((((O))))))))))))))--)----)--------).-Animal Liberation/Veganism-Ancom-Post-Left/Deep Ecology/Bioregionalism-Anti-Fascist-Anti-Capitalist-Anti-Work-Post Civ/Not a Primitivism-Mycology-Linux/Privacy/Security Culture-Leftist Gun Culture-They/Them-Hablo Un Poco De Español.------[]--(ง’̀-‘́)ง----------[]-----------------[]------------.Feel free to follow, though I might not reciprocate until we've interacted..
Web site, GitHub
dereckson@social.nasqueron.org  [follow]
Infrastructure, devops, social justice, free culture, Wikimedia.
Homepage, GitLab, GitHub
bzg@fosstodon.org  [follow]
I participate to the free software/culture movement since 1998, when I discovered GNU-Linux and GNU Emacs. SourceHut=https://git.sr.ht/~bzg/
transferdinand@mastodon.socialshort skirt long clitoris
transferdinand@mastodon.social  [follow]
inventor of beloved pop culture icon "penis-nose reagan" name=bobo honks occupation=fuckin shit up sex=on the reg pronouns=she/her
emacsen@emacsen.net  [follow]
Geek, Hacker, Free Software and Free Culture advocate Twitter=emacsen Gitlab=emacsen Freenode (IRC)=emacsen Pronouns=he/him
320x200@post.lurk.org  [follow]
tfw no feel software foundation...Posting about computational and net culture/politics/infrastructure, experimental publishing, software art, games, messing around with 8/16 bit things for fun and profit, Linux/FreeBSD sysadmin stuff, acme (p9p), ecology, repair culture, shmups, fantastic mpv screenshots, unsolicited pro tips, completely random stuff, maybe cats, hi, this scrolltext is getting long.This mess will be delivered as EN posts, some FR, seldom NL. ~=https://bleu255.com/~aymeric ~=https://lurk.org ~=https://things.bleu255.com/moddingfridays ~=https://xpub.nl
prashere@connect.fshm.inPrasanna Venkadesh
prashere@connect.fshm.in  [follow]
Admin - connect.fshm.inFree Software hacktivist from India. FSHM | FSFTN | FSMII am a anti-capitalist with a Marxist world outlook. I post about digital alternatives (that respects our privacy and freedom), socio-economic alternatives (like cooperatives), history, culture and computer programming (Python and Elixir).
neiljomunsi@mamot.frNeil Jomunsi 🤖
neiljomunsi@mamot.fr  [follow]
Auteur plutôt 👻🤖👹 | éditeur chez Walrus | collectif Savoirscom1 | free culture, datalove, biblioporn & wabi-sabipage42.org
alexhillman@jawns.clubAlex Hillman ⚡️
Member, Build stuff, Coworking
alexhillman@jawns.club  [follow]
Hello sports racers. Another Twitter refugee here. Mod @ https://jawns.club. I'm into #business building, #community design, #coworking and #culture. ❤️ Philly.
toast@toast.cafeChloe Kudryavtsev :equal:
toast@toast.cafe  [follow]
I used to have a bio, but no one read it, so now you get this.If my opinions are ever not my own, I'll make sure you know.Public posts licensed: dual CC0 / CC-BY-SA (CC0 preferred).Gimme Pandora's box, I'm jumping in.Right after I take a bite out of the apple of discord.https://trivial.technologyhttps://abyss.runIf you feel the need to contact me directly, DM me for contact info. I'm available on IRC, Telegram and Discord.My display name is my real name for the sake of people just visiting, so they can identify that this account is me and not some other toast.If you aren't that, and do already know me, you should probably just call me Toast tho.alts: priv: @toast@busshi.moe tech announcements: @toast@foss.technology bad posts and "I broke my instance" posts: @toast@fedi.absturztau.bequotes:- "Acts like they're supervillains but the most evil thing they've done has been mildly inconveniencing someone." -- @pyromage@nulled.red- "An ordinary magician of culture." -- @MarisaTalkBot@social.inex.rocks- "When I was a kid my gparents warned me i'd meet an evil anarchist someday and turns out it was @toast 😻" -- @steakwipe posts licensed=dual CC0 / CC-BY-SA Telegram / IRC / Discord=DM me witch?=pyromancer alignment=chaotic good
olm_e@mamot.fr  [follow]
art, design, computers, electronics, woodwork, 3d/VR and video mapping, building the commons with libre technology and culture - en/fr zebra oddity...
angiegaudion@mastodon.socialAngie Gaudion
angiegaudion@mastodon.social  [follow]
ex-bibliothécaire, militante pour la culture libre et les biens communs de la connaissance qui travaille chez #Framasoft // en privé #burlesque #queer #poly #pansexuelle
amiloradovsky@functional.cafeAndrew Miloradovsky
amiloradovsky@functional.cafe  [follow]
Interests include: #Coq, #OCaml, #Ocsigen, #Guix, #Libreboot & #Coreboot, #OpenCASCADE; free/libre computing & culture, pure & applied #mathematics & #mechanics GPG/OpenPGP=91889DEFD47B86EDACD52D10355C2591C5706C8B Mathstodon.xyz=https://mathstodon.xyz/@amiloradovsky Scholar.social=https://scholar.social/@amiloradovsky License: CC BY-SA 4.0=https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/
natalia@hostux.social  [follow]
Je lis.J'aime regarder des séries.J'aime la culture sous toutes ses formes.J'aime cuisiner.Et surtout, j'aime mes fils, mon petit fils, mon compagnon et mon chat ;)Je suis en Loire Atlantique.#Lecture #Cuisine #BonheurSimple #VendrediLecture #MardiConseil
nina@neenster.orgNina Paley
blog, my latest film, my first film, quilts and merch
nina@neenster.org  [follow]
Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.Creator of animated feature films Sita Sings the Blues and Seder-Masochism, Free Culture advocate, recumbent bicyclist, and "owner" of Neenster.
ottaross@mastodon.socialRoss of Ottawa
ottaross@mastodon.social  [follow]
Ross in Ottawa is inspired by people who have interests and pursue them. Enthusiastic about science, tech-makerism, food, culture and art. Sharing the trivialities of my daily activities, software/hardware, food, making stuff, and various random thoughts. Twitter:=https://twitter.com/ottaross Poetry:=https://hellopoetry.com/ottaross/ Blogginess:=https://ottaross.blogspot.com/ More Poetry:=https://medium.com/@ottaross
56kast@framapiaf.org  [follow]
L'actu numérique et scientifique, avec un faible pour la culture web et le logiciel libre. Tous les mercredis à 20h sur Nolife par l'équipe @ecrans.
alxd@writing.exchangealxd writes
Blog, Project
alxd@writing.exchange  [follow]
Programmer, hacker, educator, activist and a wannabe writer fascinated by how technology is portrayed in culture - and how that affects human lives.#solarpunk hacking account=alxd@chaos.social License=CC-BY-SA
antonydbzh@mastodon.social  [follow]
Curieux - vélotaf - Arduino - Culture scientifique - Brest
Blog, Blog
kaykap@mastodon.social  [follow]
Observes, comments, liberal leanings, believes in live & let live, loves fur friends, books, music, people, life, food, culture, places, cooking, & conversations in no particular order. Professionally, a content reviewer & writer; in effect “words are my play & my pay.” I “…Took my dreams and I took to the road/ Hitched a ride with the wind/ And since he was my friend/ I just let him decide where we'd go..." It's been a good journey so far twitter=@Kirti Location=Mumbai, India
Newsletter, Instagram
dpanjana@mastodon.social  [follow]
culture mulcher; author; journalist Website/ Blog=https://deepanjana.wordpress.com/
blast_info@mamot.frBlast Info
blast_info@mamot.fr  [follow]
Blast, nouvelle Web TV indépendante, nouveau site d’infos. Éditos, enquêtes, culture, tribunes et reportages. Lancé par Denis Robert. media=informations investigation=journalisme webtv=
doctordee@spinster.xyzDoctor D.
doctordee@spinster.xyz  [follow]
A real doctor, though I can't help you if you're having a heart attack.Talk to me about Tarot, Western esotericism, megaliths, Adam Smith, capitalism, architecture and space design, Georgian/Regency history and culture, rural life skills, and scifi.
rgx@muensterland.socialRob G.
rgx@muensterland.social  [follow]
Computers, cats, books, bicycles. Sci-Fi, science, math. Music and photography. Travel.Traveling light, long, backpacking or camping to know the land and culture. History, Architecture, foods.Europe Fan. Culture is center. In Politics, Left.Coffee, Black with a bit of sugar. Espresso, yes please, unless late in the day.Wine, Red of course. If hot weather, then Beer.#TechnoMancer and #FediReporter , #Writer and voracious #Reader #nobotLanguages : English. Español. Português. Blog - W.F. :=https://write.tedomum.net/rgx/ Pleroma :=https://fedi.absturztau.be/yann Cats Photos :=https://catgram.jp/@yann2
cat@cap.moe万俟猫 :huaji:
cat@cap.moe  [follow]
cartoons=watch. tech=poor. culture=learn.
jaranta@scholar.socialJonne Arjoranta 📚
ORCID ID, Website
jaranta@scholar.social  [follow]
Post-doc at JYU & CoeGameCult. Specialized in philosophy, game studies and digital culture. Pronoun=he/him
benoit@toots.benpro.frBenpro 🇯🇵😷
Website, Blog
benoit@toots.benpro.fr  [follow]
In Japan for one year (WHV).#Hacker #Sysadmin #Otaku #FLOSS #Photography and #Japanese culture.📷 @benoit🇫🇷🇺🇸🇯🇵#nobot Mail=mastodon@benpro.fr
wenx@counter.socialWenx ᵃⁿ ᵇʳᵃᵈᵃᶜʰ * ᵈᵉʳ ᴾᶦʳᵃᵗ
wenx@counter.social  [follow]
Pop culture addict who wanted to be Wonder Woman when she grew up.{Cap'n Elanor KeelHaul}☠️🗡️💣🔗☠️goddammit, Leeroy...*¹⁵⁰⁷*
cultura@botsin.space  [follow]
Salut !Je suis Cultura, un bot de culture générale.Je poste un résumé d'article Wikipedia chaque heure. Auteur=@S18alg
michelguillou@mastodon.xyzMichel Guillou 🎈
michelguillou@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Comme d'hab, naturaliste, médias numériques, numérique éducatif, citoyenneté, libertés, toussa... Très vintage, forcément, plutôt tendance canal historique. Twitter=@michelguillou
42l@framapiaf.orgAssociation 42l
Site internet
42l@framapiaf.org  [follow]
Association étudiante - Culture libre et éthique - Membre CHATONSConférences, débats, ateliers et services libresSiège à l'école 42Présidence @Neil et @Brume Prononciation=\ka.ʁɑ̃t.dø.zɛl\ PGP=1BBF EC4F D959 1D31 Matrix=#general:42l.fr
gmajv@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Trump 2020, Conservative, family is everything, hate the rush to the bottom in today's culture, Pedophilia is not OK
pexl@beach.city  [follow]
25 - INFJ - transmasc+agender - front end dev & furry artist - enthused by cartoons, furry culture, and virtual pets. Lives in Austin, TX. 🔞 pronouns=they/them, he/him species=long boi id stuff=bi polyam trans nb agender telegram/ko-fi=pelaxy
bumblebee@mamot.frℬυmblebee 🐝
bumblebee@mamot.fr  [follow]
photo, diy, bidouille, fablab, culture & logiciel libre, libertés numériques, python...
aurynn@cloudisland.nzAurynn Shaw
aurynn@cloudisland.nz  [follow]
Your friendly neighbourhood Cloud Island administrator.New Zealand immigrant.Founder of https://eiara.nz. Does DevOps, culture, and tells you how security impacts everything you design.Wrote Contempt Culture: https://blog.aurynn.com/2015/12/16-contempt-culture/Has lots of thoughts about tech culture, 'cos she's been doing this way too long now.Your cutest cyberpunk trans pocket friend.#nobot #noarchive Pronouns=She/her Priority=Rynnterrupt Title=Sky Captain Label=Content
aurynn@mastodon.sociala metafictional persona
aurynn@mastodon.social  [follow]
Founder and DevOps Culturalist at eiara.nz. Author of Contempt Culture. Your pocket friend. Cuter than you are. Pronouns=she/her Cuteness=immense Priority=rynnterrupt
ponfarr@radical.townslash :verified2:
ponfarr@radical.town  [follow]
BORN TO POST/ WEB IS A FUCK / Toot Em All 1998 / I am trash girl / 410,757,864,530 DEAD INSTANCEStrying to bring local culture to masto #nycnegged by @dirt she=her hell=yeah rip=knzk
corvusrobotica@wandering.shop  [follow]
Norwegian Poet and Digital Culture Master Student writing about Queer E-lit, bi, she/they, 31
mlemweb@octodon.socialMorgan Lemmer-Webber
mlemweb@octodon.social  [follow]
Digital Humanities, Roman Material Culture, Textile History, Art History PhD Candidate, Free Software in Academia. Code weaver: Racket and Python. Website=mlemmer.org
wlrn@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Women's Liberation Radio News took to the airwaves in May 2016 to counter male-dominated media and culture. WLRN is for and by women. We are an all volunteer-powered community radio station online. We produce a handcrafted monthly news podcast focused on a topic of interest. We cover news and stories about abortion access, women and the environmental crisis, lesbians, motherhood, women's health and much more. Check us out and listen to all 40 episodes archived at wlrnmedia.wordpress.com
maolfunction@snaggletooth.life  [follow]
Just a serving of opinion with a dash of common sense | Animation Buff | Pop Culture Crit | Gay AF | in love w/ @douglasfur | Awful Chef Admin=snaggletooth.life Pronouns=He/Him
fdavidcl@mstdn.io  [follow]
Interests include data science, free culture, digital rights and (human and machine) languages, in no particular order. lang=es/en/fr/fi? pronouns=any = 👍 alt=@fdavidcl
shivam_janus_bahuguna@mastodon.socialWanderer, Midnight Blue
shivam_janus_bahuguna@mastodon.social  [follow]
Indian. Left of Center. Feminist. Pro BLM.PhD scholar - International Relations.Want to write novels some day. In the mud trying to reach insurmountable deadlines. Interests=International Relations, World Politics, Culture Football=Tottenham Hotspur
aab1dh@mastodon.socialSoftware Coolie 🇮🇳🇨🇦
aab1dh@mastodon.social  [follow]
Humanist — Rationalist. Passionate about History, Geography, Science and Culture. New area of interest - Immigration and Refugee Law.
alfred@libranet.deSteffen K9 🐰
alfred@libranet.de  [follow]
Operator of LIBRANET.de, venera.social and misskey.de, #Fediverse enthusiast, #Coffee addict. I like #Music #Cycling #Relaxing #ScienceFiction #Linux #Nextcloud #Friendica #Misskey and you! 😀 Likes=You! Dislikes=🤔 About=Operator of LIBRANET.de, venera.social and misskey.de, #Fediverse enthusiast, #Coffee addict. I like #Music #Cycling #Relaxing #ScienceFiction #Linux #Nextcloud #Friendica and you! 😀 Music=Depeche Mode and other electronic stuff. Indie and classic rock. I like vinyl! Books, literature, poetry=IT books, manpages ;) and SF especially Philip K. Dick. Questionable Content. Television=Science Film, dance, culture, entertainment=Fiction Hobbies/Interests=Music, Cycling, Relaxing, Linux, Nextcloud, Friendica, Reading, ... Love/Romance=Science Fiction Work/Employment=Yes. School/Education=Yes, but I have no memory about it. Contact information and other social networks=E-Mail: alfred[at]libranet[dot]deJabber/XMPP: alfred[at]libranet[dot]deFriendica: libranet.de/~alfredFriendica: venera.social/~steffenMisskey: misskey.de/@steffenHubzilla: hub.libranet.de/~steffenTwitter: twitter.com/alfred_skNextcloud-ID: alfred[at]oc.libranet[dot]deLiberapay: liberapay.com/SteffenK9
smallmimi@abdl.linkSmall MiMi
smallmimi@abdl.link  [follow]
Love all things little, and a vast interest in all things big, considered adventurous and outgoing by friends.Interests & Hobbies:- Reading- Music - Video Games- Socialising- Travelling and exploring culture- Pool & Snooker Looking for like-minded people.*Currently Mummy & Daddlyless and up for adoption*Fetlife: ---- https://fetlife.com/users/10118226#feelingcute
alicealucardvt@varishangout.netAlice C. Alucard
alicealucardvt@varishangout.net  [follow]
Age: 280Birthday: Dec 19Birthplace: 7th Hell, AlbelheimSex: Schedule an appointment Gender: FemaleSexual Orientation: BisexualRace: DemonSpecies: Cambion RabbitLikes: Otaku culture, gaming, music, pizza, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, frozen mocha coffee, relaxation, freedom to express herself and teasing people.Dislikes: Boredom, being ordered around, carrots (unless steamed), veggies in general, attention seekers, clout chasers, rules, and puritanical warriors(those that are or like The Church).
tansyfeuilles@kolektiva.social  [follow]
• she/they• white exvangelical settler• kolektiva mod• community self defense, security culture, radical queer shit, antifascism now reading=• Gender Trouble, Judith Butler (stalled) • Policing Indigenous Movements, Crosby & Monaghan
asakura@cdrom.tokyoasakura :02lurk: 💮
asakura@cdrom.tokyo  [follow]
Love languages, travel, old books, classical culture. Also write smol bash scripts for life automation and post it at github. English is not my first language, i just study! :aiuggu: :meowBlush:jp/en/ru/la
photos, site
fdavidcl@toot.cafe  [follow]
Interests include data science, free culture, digital rights and (human and machine) languages, in no particular order. lang=en/es/fr/sv? pronouns=any
zunderstruck@mamot.frMonsieur ℤ𝕌ℕ φ 👁️
zunderstruck@mamot.fr  [follow]
Prof de #SVT et de #DNL. J'aime la #science, la culture #geek en général et les trucs débiles.
dvicente@mastodon.sdf.orgDiego Vicente
dvicente@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
Pragmatic data scientist, romantic tinkerer, and music nerd. I am proficient in Spanish and pop culture references. Code=https://sr.ht/~diego/ Keyoxide=https://keyoxide.org/mail@diego.codes
danielkeyes137@social.theliturgists.comDaniel Keyes
Instagram, Quora
danielkeyes137@social.theliturgists.com  [follow]
I'm a person? Classics scholar (Greek, Roman, Near-Eastern culture, language, history) in Seattle. Fckn love ancient Greece.Christian mystic. enneagram=9w1, SP/SO pronouns=he/him
defcon201@hostux.socialDEFCON 201
defcon201@hostux.social  [follow]
#DEFCON Group in New Jersey. We meet at Sub Culture, Jersey City once a month to work on hardware/software projects! CFP: info (at) defcon201 [dot] org
sreshthx@mstdn.socialSreshth Shah
sreshthx@mstdn.social  [follow]
Writer/Correspondent at ESPNcricinfo. Sharing stuff on pop culture, trivia, sport, and life in a new city. Now in BLR, via DEL, CLE and CCU. On Twitter and Instagram as @sreshthx Twitter=@sreshthx Bylines=http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/story/author.html?author=744
lalternactiviste@mamot.fr  [follow]
Trans♀ Anar Intérêt informatique 💻, logiciel libre, permaculture 🌱, cuisine vég, radio libre 📻, rock 🎸, culture urbaine 🏙, street art , les chats🐈 Diaspora*=https://framasphere.org/u/lalternactiviste
harneyba@pleroma.siteInfluencer Against Itself
harneyba@pleroma.site  [follow]
// The Quake 4 of Posting// Ask, and you shall receive.// (formerly INTJ)// Not Here/Not Now// Juan de Fuca speculator// ENG/ESPThe Eternal Lurker, post-right implosion participant. Culture war burnout. 🚧 NSFW content marked as such. 🚧tags: harney_barrow harney barrow harney barnes oregon oregonia portland portlandia web-2.0 web-3.0 deep web dark web obscure fractal midi equations hipsterwave clowncore post-irony ironcerity ironybro autistbro vanillaguy boring nodev yesdev godmachine black ice vanilla ice cube seal 90s bush breathe in breathe out machinehead mushroomhead buttrock radio metal rob zombie guitar hero white zombie white pepper green hot jalapeno chilis flavoring cooks meat mexican mexicano el chavo kart americano 56 percent self hatred e-politics 4chan imageboard messageboard forum internet free mario games online no download descargar libre espanol living life as an empty, vague vessel of the former internet past while continually living life as a plodding child of wool a sheep in wolfs clothing gods shepherd discreet witness bible peter enoch ananias the myriads of brothers and publishers in this work of the governing body period ellipsis lol u tk him 2 da bar|? teh rei win!!!111one epic mickey deus ex alex jones mother jones eugene debs eugene politics central centralia new localism de_dust2 24/7 no awp no random crits alltalk low ping fast dl usa clans pirate friendly fediverse feddyverse fredverb freddit dreddit i am the law and order svu mustang ecoboost fiesta samba de amigos caballeros what burns never returns thick and fast delays star citizen tortanic nostradamus /v/irgin with rage against the pretty hate machine number girl wlfgrl numetallic geath grips jenny death when vaporware underhell undertale epic failblog blogspot blogosphere hipster runoff carles dot buzz irony sincerity Is scary monsters and nice sprites fakebit lethal lavabit land before christcore
cadadr@toot.catGöktuğ, Toot Linguist
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Hi! I'm Göktuğ. I love linguistics, (recreative) hacking, and trains;support software freedom, open culture, open science, equality, and progressivism;dislike capitalism, patriarchy, hierarchical antidemocratic structures, and all sorts of wars, hate, violence.They/He.Follows welcome but please see the pinned toots before.#nobot#gemini: gemini://cadadr.space#www: https://gkayaalp.com, https://cadadr.space#pixelfed: https://pixelfed.social/cadadrFormerly @cadadr Accept-Language=tr, en, it; O_RDONLY: fr, es, pt X-Spam-Level=Mild X-Favourite-Superhero=Alexandra Elbakyan
norore@social.zdx.frNorore ♿🏳️‍🌈
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Culture et logiciel libre. Pour que la culture soit accessible à tou·te·s, pour tou·te·s et par tou·te·s. Gaming, aussi.Iel.Hypersensible lunatique.Avatar par @Shyle
nylawoethief@writing.exchangeRiley Duffield
DeviantArt, Write.as
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I write fantasy under free culture licences and try my hand at drawing. I also love #FreeSoftware and #Decentralization.#Fantasy #Art #FreeCulture #Writing diaspora*=https://diasp.org/people/b7e6f760c80701357519047d7b62795e Twitter=@NylaWoethief
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Conseil secteur associatif et/ou culturel. #association #culture #spectacle_vivant #festival #politiques_culturelles #DD #DIY #Logiciel_Libre #Linux #Bretagne
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Faiseur, scientifique, chercheur en algorithmique, illustrateur, auteur, hacker, wikipédien, pro-culture libre, joueur, bouddhathéiste, love, sex…
seachaint@hackers.townSeachaint :verified:
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("shock-int")Irish, into the limneal space between people, their civic systems, and science/tech. Enjoy hacking in-silico and in-vitro. Married with kids.Navel-gazing democratic anarcho-socialist. Tooting about climate, Gaeilge, singing, programming, nature, trees, culture, data/science, AI+automation.Black, Indigenous, Queer, and Trans lives matter.If I've offended you it was probably by accident. Give me a chance to do better. Pronouns=he/him
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---pronouns: she/herlanguages: fr, en---@guru_ama's laifu 💕 | web developer 👩🏻‍💻 | 🕯 | japanese popular culture enthusiast -weeb- 🇯🇵 | cosplayer | supports libre software | lewd stuff on @wryk
wetpaper@social.coopCam ck-chhh 📸 ☑️
website, patreon
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(they/them) I like shitposts, thinking and talking about cultivating healthy relationships and communities, cooking, baking and crafts.I have a newsletter where I talk about undoing abuse culture and a patreon if you've benefited from my writing and wanna do a mutual aid.autistic, chronically ill jewish reproductive laborer. zaftig.I won't approve follow requests if: -no avatar -your posts/replies look like you don't engage respectfully with ppl political affiliation=anarcho-communist favorite quote="something something... bread but also roses.. something something."
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Archaeologist in a criminology dept, I study artefact & fossil smuggling, art crime, heritage, culture. Arty stuff & related curiosities. traffickingculture.org
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Buccaneer marching forward hypocritic and hypnotic computers."We live in the culture of the future" - Anthony De Mello XMPP=phreq@suchat.org PGP=74EA 17D9 6B2E 503D /var/www (down)=https://phreq.inseguiti.net
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Tech, science, FLOSS, environment, culture, art, and much moreMostly degafamised🐧 💬=Français · English · Español
jacmoe@mastodon.socialJacob Moen ☑️
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More signal - less noise >|< May contain an eclectic mix of programming, philosophy, humour, technology and culture..
wjmaggos@social.culturewar.uswilliam maggos
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Host of Culture War Radio(live every Sunday @ 9pm CST) twitter=@wjmaggos pterotype=@blog location=chicagoland (60516)
alienspoon@icosahedron.websiteMarie-Alice ☣
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Neuroscience PhD, UX strategist @ Ubisoft, [BioGeeK], geeky sidekick for hire. Here be science, (un)popular culture and general serendipity.
madsugar@framapiaf.orgMad Sugar
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♥ Saxophone/Ska #musique😃 Solfège/Composition/Culture/Histoire🤔 Informatique/Électronique/Hardware ٩(◕‿◕。)۶=skagenda.fr (ノ°益°)ノ=frama.link/GameOverQuest (⌐■_■)=yex.tv ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ ♬=https://bandcamp.com/madsugar
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A collection of feathers, things shining brightly, a laughing red mouth and a tentative grasp on consciousness. She/her, 30, Norwegian Poet - Digital Culture student. Yells about code these days, it wont last. Poetry account=Corvusrobotica@mastodon.art Student status=digital culture Bachelor currently=yelling about CSS and essays
samplereality@mastodon.cloudMark Sample
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Teaching and researching digital culture at Davidson College Website=www.samplereality.com Itch.io=samplereality.itch.io
diegovicente@mastodon.socialDiego Vicente
website, github
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Junior data scientist, music nerd, proficient in xkcd comics and other pop culture references.
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Salut, je suis Tranxen, et depuis avril 2016 je réalise une émission de vulgarisation : Débat et Opinions. J'y donne mon avis sur tout et n'importe quoi, en essayant d'être intéressant ! Souvent ça parle de politique, de science humaine, mais parfois rien à voir c'est de la pop culture. Sinon, il y a aussi "Au delà des yeux" où j'essaie de faire réfléchir et d'aller au delà des apparences. Twitter : https://twitter.com/Tranxen1 Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/TranxenHL Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLRiUYs2x5FhLWXRS5138YQ Peertube : https://skeptikon.fr/accounts/tranxen
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Year 2 PhD Student in American Culture and Digital Studies at U-M Ann Arboravi is Maggie Cheung in Irma Vep; banner is Valle de la Luna by Remedios Varo pronouns=they/she abolition?=NOW
nlavielle@mamot.frNorore ♿🏳️‍🌈
Blog, Site
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Culture et logiciel libre. Pour que la culture soit accessible à tou·te·s, pour tou·te·s et par tou·te·s. Gaming, aussi.Ielle.Hypersensible lunatique.Avatar par @Shyle Pronoms=Ielle/Elle
experimentv@anarchism.spaceSupreme Dictator of Antifa
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Your stereotypical counter-culture renegade with a penchant for the macabre. Status=Quo Politics=Filth Religion=Church of Euthanasia Philosophy=Diogenes
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Free software professional. Free culture enthusiast.Director of Trustworthy Services at Purism SPC.Opinions are my own. (If not me, who else?)
geekfaeries@framapiaf.orgGeek Faëries
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Les Geek Faëries, un festival consacré à la culture internet et aux mondes imaginaires. 1er du genre en 2010, le festival est désormais une référence. festival=conférence culture geek=exposition
soubi@shelter.moeSoubi 🏳️‍🌈
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Passionné par la culture & société japonaise. Otaku yaoiste, Fan de furryDev WebMix tweet/toots exclusifs, NSFW, FR/EN NSFW Account=@Soubi
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Vieux schnock. Lettres Modernes, Paris VIII, à Vincennes.Chef de projet informatique retraité.Activiste culturel, membre bénévole du conseil scientifique d'un site savant dédié au Surréalisme. Culture=Littérature Culture=Arts Numérique=Littéracie Numérique=Technologies
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Webzine d'actu au service de la communauté éducative, de la recherche et de la culture www.vousnousils.fr
_omr@social.tchncs.deOmer Pesquer
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[ Culture + Numérique ] consultant ○ formateur ○ concepteur ○ professeur associé @ Sorbonne Paris3 ► http://omer.mobi