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moth_ball@shitposter.club  [follow]
English/日本語Send me crypto: 0xB4d0C39E950B08F35b113308556741b83560542aUniversity student/医大学生。I enjoy weeb/otaku culture, crafts and language exchange. Feel free to send me a DM if you want to talk and/or get to know me. はじめまして。私はフィンランド人です。日本語はべんきょうしています。言語交換もすきです。他日日本にまたたびたいですよ。よろしくおねがいします!
shechanges@spinster.xyzSandy 🇺🇲 💍 🕸 :pentacle:
Sterling Silver Charms
shechanges@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Crone Witch in Illinois, Science is NOT my Religion. Nature and Goddess Worshiper, Tarot Reader, Singing Psychic. Oh.... and Conspiracy Realist Extraordinaire. Transgender Fascists can fuck the fuck Off. And, then fuck off some more. Tarot Arts & Crafts, Books, Decks=https://www.etsy.com/shop/ClassyKassyCrafts Tarot Readings & Divination Kits=https://www.classykassy.com/shop Moon Ritual in Chant & Verse=https://www.classykassy.com/goddess-chants X-mas Carols w/Yule Lyrics=https://www.classykassy.com/yule-favorites-cd Sterling Silver & Gold Jewelry=https://www.etsy.com/shop/ClassyKassyJewelry Kassandra's Magickal Meetup=https://www.meetup.com/Rockford-Tarot-Teatime-Magickal-Meetup Audio Recordings of Women's Books=https://soundcloud.com/sandra-m-russel/sets/cakes-for-the-queen-of-heaven
shoofle@cybre.space  [follow]
See also: @shoofle and @shoofleTrans woman weird whom gay. I like electronics, building things, crafts, woodworking, and gardening. I try to boost things at most once or twice a day. Also Shoofle on Twitter. I'm trying to make life as much like the Atelier franchise as possible. Located in the Capitol district of New York, in what is presently known as the USA. Sylph of Heart. She/her. Singlet. #nobots
fossandcrafts@octodon.socialFOSS and Crafts
fossandcrafts@octodon.social  [follow]
A podcast about free software, free culture, and making things together! Co-hosted by @mlemweb and @cwebber.
myconidiosyncrasy@freak.gardentristan cuppears once again
myconidiosyncrasy@freak.garden  [follow]
it's me tristan >:]bi. pacific nw. twink by popular demandi like -making crafts n stuff-edgy and macabre bs-wandering around in the woods at inadvisable hoursreadme.txt:-no transmedicalists, aphobes, or any other sort of gatekeeper (literal gatekeepers are ok ONLY if you're guarding interdimensional portals)-no flirts thanx-totes fine to ask me to explain stuff (the joke, my intention, etc.)follow reqs welcome! if i accept i will follow back probably jsyk
shadowferret@the9thcircle.club  [follow]
Random #furry Ferret. (as if the name didn’t already give it away.) I enjoy #drawing #writing making #music #3dmodeling #3dprinting #gaming (both video and table top) #anime #philosophical and #political debates. I’m a big #sci-fi fan (I like #fantasy too, just not as much as sci-fi.) I like dabbling in creative arts a crafts type things. I am against identity politics of all kinds and the BS that comes with it. Prior Military, and big 1A and 2A fan. I live in the eastern panhandle of WV. Animal=Ferret Favorite Anime Villain=Shogo Makishima Steam handle=Shadow Ferret Admin of=the9thcircle.club
wetpaper@social.coopCam ck-chhh 📸 ☑️
website, patreon
wetpaper@social.coop  [follow]
(they/them) I like shitposts, thinking and talking about cultivating healthy relationships and communities, cooking, baking and crafts.autistic, jewish reproductive laborer. I have writing about abuse intervention and healthy relationships on my website and on Instagram @junipercameryn political affiliation=libertarian municipalist. favorite quote="There is a level at which our consciousness must be neither poetry nor science, but a transcendence of both into a new realm of theory and practice, and artfulness that combines fancy with reason, imagination with logic, vision with technique." Bookchin
thegcat@toot.kif.rocksFelix 𝄢
thegcat@toot.kif.rocks  [follow]
Nerd, mostly crafts software, sings operatically sometimes, is often confused. Runs https://toot.kif.rocks
thegcat@kif.rocksFelix 𝄢
thegcat@kif.rocks  [follow]
Nerd, mostly crafts software, sings operatically sometimes, is often confused. Runs https://toot.kif.rocks Chaos DECT=4228 "GCAT"
myconidiosyncrasy@efdn.clubthe sword of storms and storms
myconidiosyncrasy@efdn.club  [follow]
tristan: efdn versionbisexual. known cabinet expert. twink by popular demandi like-making crafts n stuff-edgy and macabre bs-wandering around in the woods at inadvisable hourshe/him"has had a net zero effect on the amount of alices that exist" --paraphrased from triz"okay fair you would do extremely inadvisable things for monster reasons" --alice
malokvale77@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Retired, Jill of all trades and crafts. I've worked whatever job (within the law) allowed me to pay the mortgage and feed the family.
alienskyler@disqordia.spaceSkyler (Star Group) 🐱
alienskyler@disqordia.space  [follow]
autistic non binary fiber artist, herbalist, and anarchist cook. plural system (star group) sharing body with Caleb, Maura, Lena and Knifetags:💫Skyler🦖Caleb💙Maura🌻Lena🗡️Knife🐀 KaeCheck out my blog where I will try to post cool crafts and DIY hacks!write.disqordia.space/alienskyler
arioch1530@mastodon.social  [follow]
Just looking to carve out a little space to call my own and get my shit together. I like cats and video games and books and crafts. In my 40s. She/her if it matters.
juliasnz@fandom.gardenJulie Smith
juliasnz@fandom.garden  [follow]
Hi! Here to share my passion for Modern Board Games, Table Top Gaming, fiber crafts, & LAUGHING! 🤣😂👍No flirting THANKS! 🙂
unfitmisfit@playvicious.social  [follow]
before following: @ me if we haven't talked to each other beforeYou matter.Indigenous neurodivergent grump. Xicanx, two-spirit, and tired. Crafting crafter of crafts of dubious craftship. Working on being the village brujx too. Deconstructs binaries as a hobby. :gaypixelheart:​ @chaomodus :gaypixelheart:​Ask me about: Autism, ADHD, Neurodiversity, Dyslexia, Atheism/Antitheism (not the white dudes), Low Carb eating for mental health, Homeskooling, Assistance/Service Dogs
aurant@cybre.space  [follow]
yer pal rory. heatdeath from twitter. autistic gay anarchist. arts and crafts enthusiast. faggy dyke / dykey fag
clianthus@mastodon.nz  [follow]
Would like to be a pirate. A newbie on here still learning the ropes. When not living out my pirate aspirations, I'm an entomologist, enjoy baking in my spare time (especially fun cakes), going for day hikes, wine, swimming, various fabric and fibre crafts, and an avid collector of enamel pins.
bunty@topspicy.social  [follow]
👍 Pro: pets, crafts, games 👎Anti: Tory, racism, mayonnaise 🏳️‍🌈she/her/they/themI stream nonsense with @nikki on twitch.tv/nikkiandbunty
vulturebabe@solarpunk.moeVulture Babe 🖤
vulturebabe@solarpunk.moe  [follow]
It's me, Vulture, a brown gay trans girl from the Pacific Northwest! Certified vulture enjoyer! I make art, music, and poetry. 25, grass toucher, good kisser, cop destroyer. Things I like: Birds! Crafts! Cooking! Utopian fiction!Things I don't like: Fascists! TERFs! Cops! Phobes! I'll obliterate you, I'll do it!if I've sent a follow request, feel free to follow back! if not, please send a DM first! thanks!
helenlockhart@mastodon.socialHelen Lockhart
helenlockhart@mastodon.social  [follow]
Chief Indie Dyer at Ripples Crafts Hand Dyed YarnsLiving my best life in the most beautiful part of Scotland - AssyntScatterling of Africawww.ripplescrafts.com
madlyn@weirder.earth  [follow]
Hi I'm MaddieI'm a 26 year old, queer, mentally ill, lazy witch. I like to talk about queer things, disability, anarchism, tea and cats. I'm good at crafts and bad at social media.
giagia@writing.exchange  [follow]
I love language, movies, crafts, photography, history, reading and quirky things. I only just rediscovered going to the cinema, I think I have some catching up to do! Luckily I live in London so the cinema theatre world is my oyster. I might have taken out more than one membership... Love=#cinema #crafts #language #thinking #learning #historicalresearch Fave hobby=Learning a language (French atm) Lives=London, UK Regret=Still a bit new here
kjo@counter.socialkjo 🌻
kjo@counter.social  [follow]
Former IT queen. Trying to hang on to reality by laughing and creating. I'm a Potter, specializing in Arts and Crafts period revival. See kaPHÉ Pottery.
0lvr@queer.party  [follow]
hey i'm oliver (he/him), a friendly #trans #gay #artist and #witch in my 30s ✌talk to me about #tarot, #nature, #kink, your creative process...header photo by Daniel Frank from Pexels(brown oak leaves covered with dew)(pfp is my own drawing of a simple skull with a moon on the forehead) nsfw?=potentially, 18+ please art?=digital illustration, collage, poetry, yarn crafts other -=into witchy shit, magic, divination, spirituality etc.
someday_dirt@kolektiva.socialSK (she/hers)
someday_dirt@kolektiva.social  [follow]
anticapitalist bisexual queer white woman, interested in permaculture/homesteading/forest gardening, arts & crafts. same @ on insta
greatbigtable@mastodon.socialJim Jones
greatbigtable@mastodon.social  [follow]
Evangelizing the board gaming & RPG hobby & using #boardgames to support community. More meeples for more peoples!Interests include: #BoardGames #RolePlayingGames #RPG #TTRPG #Drawing #Painting #Art #Crafts #Reading #Movies #Documentaries #Podcasts #GameDesign #Writing #Linux #OpenSource #Scripting #Automation #BASH #Python #Powershell #Office365 #Microsoft365 #Sysadmin #Security Website:=https://greatbigtable.com
aelienne@queer.party  [follow]
Enby-Magx Woobly-Brain Bumble-BodyAbolish/Smite/RestoreI mostly post about food, garden, & crafts. I use CWs and so should you. No unsolicited anything including advice.
archel@mstdn.socialrachel 🪴 they/them
archel@mstdn.social  [follow]
✂️ collage, critical theory, crafts, puns, & pattern mixing🐇 new here, hello! always in search of queer anti-capitalist community🌃 25ish nonbinary in mpls
kidhobbit@goblin.campAngus Machine 2.0
kidhobbit@goblin.camp  [follow]
Hi I’m quinCanada, 24, he/him pronounsI like hand crafts, horror fiction and cats among other things
sittiparusvarius@mastodon.social  [follow]
머스크 멜론에 알러지가 있어요. Seriously allergic to melon husks. She/her, bird nerd. I talk about birbs, insects, environmenral science, crafts, video games, and 1980s anime.
shadowferret@skippers-bin.comShadow Ferret
shadowferret@skippers-bin.com  [follow]
Random furry. Ferret. I enjoy drawing, writing, making music, 3d design/modeling, 3d printing, gaming (both video and table top), anime, philosophical and political debates. I’m a big sci-fi fan (and fantasy too). I think nerd describes me pretty well. I like dabbling in creative arts a crafts type things. I am against identity politics of all kinds and the BS that comes with it. Prior Military, and big 1A and 2A fan. I live in the eastern panhandle of WV.
shoofle@egirls.gay  [follow]
I'm shoofle, the girl with the hair! I'm a trans woman weird whom gay. I like electronics, building things, crafts, woodworking, gardening, mechanicals, things like that. I try to boost things at most once or twice a day. I'm shoofle on most services where I have accounts. I'm trying to make life as much like the Atelier franchise as possible. Located in the Capitol district of New York, in what is presently known as the USA. Sylph of Heart. She/her, singlet, #nobots
zombielypse@tech.lgbt  [follow]
40 • Germany • your local #cat asylum :blobcatpeek: #bunchOfCats • #gangOfFour • #languages#crafts#gardening#cooking & #foodsupportive QA • finance • backend • dbheader: orange tree in Paphos, Cyprus
civilizedbears@mastodon.socialCivilized Bears
civilizedbears@mastodon.social  [follow]
We Luv Cats n Dogs. Wolves. Bears. Animal Stories. Wildlife Art. Country Cooking, Crafts, Folk Art, Gentle Bear Hugs & YOU - If You Treasure Wildlife, Wilderness & Wonder!Family Friendly - Come Visit Us!===>> https://www.CivilizedBears.com#Art #Artist #Cats #Dogs #Bears #Fiction #Graphicnovel #ShortStory #Nature #Wildlife #Wolves #Writing #AmWriting #Privacy
zephyr@counter.social  [follow]
Curious, art/crafts maker, 4 cats, 1 horse, ❤ coffee.M.A. in Psychology. Pagan. Opinionated. Always learning, always growing.I'm Derravara on Twitter.
jbot@cathode.churchjbot (they/she)
jbot@cathode.church  [follow]
product designer & front end engineeri'm bad at social media & hate capitalism & make art and music sometimesalso crafts, I like craftsand star trek
rubynekomimi@mastodon.artMichi Nekomimi
rubynekomimi@mastodon.art  [follow]
Nerd. Mom. Crazy Cat Lady. Tea addict. Picture Taker. Arts and Crafts Princess. Fiber Arts Main. Teacher. 😘
lunostophiles@mastodon.social  [follow]
The most Cheshire orc you'll ever meet. I like talking about media, social issues, crafts, and nerdery.
ripplescrafts@handmade.socialRipples Crafts Hand Dyed Yarn
Web Site
ripplescrafts@handmade.social  [follow]
I live and work in Assynt, an area in the Scottish Highlands. I hand dye yarn which I sell at events and through my website www.ripplescrafts.com as well as from my workshop in Assynt.#knitting #dyeing #weaving #indiedyedyarn #handdyedyarn #knitter #weaver #ripplescraftsyarn Instagram=@ripplescraftsyarn
dan@topspicy.socialDanhoobanoobie 🖤🐘🤍💜
dan@topspicy.social  [follow]
#lhasaapso owner, INFP-T, 6w5, Ttrpg newbie (2019), arts and crafts lover.I love my dog Ziggy!I like ttrpgs, board games, quizzing, movies, music, gaming, crafting, animal photography. my hobbies are on a cycle..currently planet zoo and an arduino
elderbearry@kolektiva.socialbear ✨
elderbearry@kolektiva.social  [follow]
trans * queer * jewish * neurodivergent * scent-freedisabled * chronically ill ~ ME/CFS, Fibro, hEDS ~ astronerd * ancestry keeper * wizard-healer on sabbaticaldeep thinker * kinda shy 🙈 * probably napping right nowcarer of plant bbs & sweet doggo 🐕 🪴 crafty when i’m able 🎨 ✂️🎶 🌱 33 * gemini | taurus | libra * on amah mutsun/ohlone landToots about: disability, jewishness, crafts, music, film/tvDMs okay, please be respectful 🧿⚔️🧿still figuring shit out (this forum | life | lingo)
julie@merveilles.townjulie bean
julie@merveilles.town  [follow]
#ActuallyAutistic butch trans lesbian. dabbler in many crafts. the kind of anarchist that gets followed by security in stores. dislikes tomatos and being forced to wear shoes.
kimiinaz@counter.social  [follow]
I'm a radical crazy who thinks everyone should be healthy and educated without lifelong debt.#politics #pagan #nature #crochet #crafts #careprovider#peace
kotushka@mastodon.ml  [follow]
Крафчу, дурачусьЕсть бар, но не барменша, есть пограничка, но нет овчарки Всем рада🐈arts&crafts and some foolerybipolar, BPD and something morelove y'a пиши, если заинтересовали крафты=dm me if you're interested in my crafts 🇷🇺=🇬🇧 @kotik=коллекция картинок/pics collection
meatcrafted@meow.social  [follow]
Magic enhanced arts and crafts sometimes theres cats, rats and plants
psyoko@mastodon.socialYoko Sakao Ohama
psyoko@mastodon.social  [follow]
She’s a 🐼 who compoots and a 🕳 in her toots. Designer working on product at Etsy. Lifelong amateur of dance and crafts.
kingsara@cloudisland.nzSara Passmore
kingsara@cloudisland.nz  [follow]
I do all my own stunts. #feminist #musicalsaw #tramping #communitygovernance #wellington #crafts #DnD #transrights #humanist #atheist #goth
morticia91@counter.social  [follow]
Sci-fi/fantasy fan, gamer, love filk, hiking, reading, crafts. Love learning new stuff. She/her, but I answer to almost anything, esp if chocolate involved.
bircheswatching@wandering.shopHauke 🌳🤖
bircheswatching@wandering.shop  [follow]
Are those trees looking at you? 🌳👁Your friendly robot pal. 🌈🤖💖Art, crafts, SFF, games, and queer nerdery.30, they/them | sie/ihr, UK via Germany
daddysboy1980@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
Hello I’m DaddysBoy1980! My Husband @nadax and I have been together for 10 years and legally Wed for the last 2 of those years! I am a Master Crafter by day, crocheting, and beading from sun to sun down! 😁 Funny pics, crafts, and jokes are always a wonderful way to keep the spirits up throughout the day, so that’s what you can expect from me! #introduction #Crochet #Veteran #Beading #BiPolar #PTSD 😁😁 My little Gift shop can be found at
Http://Www.BuildMeABear.Biz 🧸🐻🧸
brendan@merveilles.town  [follow]
Video game developer and maker of crafts. He/him, mostly.Current open source project: https://git.sr.ht/~cabrendan/starling
rubeae@plush.cityKalea Rubeae
rubeae@plush.city  [follow]
A dragon in the rain!Small, soft, and pink.Feel free to say hello! It's nice to just get to know people, and I want to help others feel comfortable and heard.You can talk to me about dragons, arts and crafts, fantasy, video games, and books. I'm always learning more from the conversations I have! Non-Binary=she/they Dragon=demi-ace TG/Discord=Rubeae#6848
shadowferret@shitposter.clubShadow Ferret
shadowferret@shitposter.club  [follow]
Random #furry Ferret. (as if the name didn’t already give it away.) I enjoy #drawing #writing making #music #3dmodeling #3dprinting #gaming (both video and table top) #anime #philosophical and #political debates. I’m a big #sci-fi fan (I like #fantasy too, just not as much as sci-fi.) I like dabbling in creative arts a crafts type things. I am against identity politics of all kinds and the BS that comes with it. Prior Military, and big 1A and 2A fan. I live in the eastern panhandle of WV.
thewondthewhy@cybre.space  [follow]
autistic and other brain things, queer, nonmonogamous, I enjoy crafts and writing
stiltdoge@mastodon.art  [follow]
'92 | 🇩🇪 | draws things | horse person | mother of rats | loves creative crafts of all sorts | anthro and fantasy creatures 🌿
odjur@mastodon.artKajo Rauni
Twitter, Pillowfort
odjur@mastodon.art  [follow]
A Finnish witch who draws, writes, makes music and crafts. Mostly focused on a post-post-apocalyptic world-building project #oia. Queer af.they/themEnglish+Finnish+Swedish
wordynerdybirdy@spinster.xyz  [follow]
40-something Gen-X feminist. I’m an immigrant who came to the U.S. when I was a child. I’ve been living in California ever since. I love reading, traveling and exploring different places, and all kinds of arts and crafts. I’m a mother of a child with autism, and I myself was diagnosed with ADHD. I’m trying to change careers and get into public education, so I have to be “stealth” on social media (only on Instagram at the moment) upon discovering that it’s been infested with rabid TRAs.
dawnlovesgreece@mstdn.social  [follow]
Hi I’m dawnlovesgreece. You may have seen me on such social media platforms as Twitter and Instagram … Crafts= Music= Cats= Cooking and baking and eating=
herhandsmyhands@romancelandia.club  [follow]
Reads. Crafts. Rabble rouses. Rant. She/her. Doesn't look like Rita Hayworth.
saffron@wandering.shopSaffy 🐰
saffron@wandering.shop  [follow]
Disabled queer grey-ace interested in fibre crafts, fur-babies, and trying to write.Header by @eyeling
whangdoodler@piipitin.fi  [follow]
twitteristä tuttu. trans, gay, AuDHD, chronically ill crafts n arts witch.
withquieteyes@fandom.ink🐌quiet brain no thoughts
withquieteyes@fandom.ink  [follow]
Trans rights are human rightsJunior software dev and crafter. I'm probably going to be mostly posting crafts and fandom stuff. Here because of the growing commercialization of my favourite sites, especially Tumblr.(crazyneutral on Tumblr, for any other members of the exodus)
herzleid@weirder.earth  [follow]
📝Freelancing translator/editor/proofreader/game tester/narrator 🦔Introvert | :autism: Autism | :flan_worried: Anxiety 💖 Crafts, Renaissance music, writing, role-playing, board games, gardening …[Header image is a line of bare trees against an early sunrise. The cloudy sky is tinted pink and purple. My avatar is an intensely pink feather against a white background.] Language=sv/en (de/da/no/fr/nl) ID=cis | she/her :bisexual_flag: Emojis =:blobcatknife: :blobcatmeltlove: :flan_flowers:
rosieo@mastodon.nz  [follow]
Coffee, books, action movies, wildlife, environment, crafts
unseelieme@wandering.shopKaren Feldman
unseelieme@wandering.shop  [follow]
Geeky lover of art, crafts, books, writing, gaming, scale miniatures & curse words.
bornach@mstdn.social  [follow]
I'm an ex-postdoc researcher who was bullied out of academia over a decade agoI now pursue my interests in#science #technology #education #art #mathematicsvia online content creation that explores ideas in #computer #programming, science #communication, #visualization, #electronics #circuit design, #cardboard #crafts, kinetic sculpture, #synthesizer music, and machine learning
crafts@gup.pecrafts group
crafts@gup.pe  [follow]
I'm a group about crafts. Follow me to get all the group posts. Tag me to share with the group. Create other groups by searching for or tagging @yourGroupName@gup.pe
crumbles@wandering.shop  [follow]
#DnD 5e Life Cleric | Alchemist | Mom of the party | Love my owl NibbyRP/WIP account about rollplay and crafts I'm working on.
tashbecause@aus.social  [follow]
Arts and crafts, fantasy/sci-fi, birds, poetry, feminism, unionism, apartment gardener,
timchi@mastodon.social  [follow]
I make cute little crafts while exploring our supply chain.See worldsproject.org for my writing and etsy.com/shop/worldsproject for cute things I sell.
toplesstopics@eldritch.cafeCleo of Topless Topics
toplesstopics@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Hiya! I'm a veteran "youtuber" and content creator who focuses my content on covering a wide variety of subjects, from progressive politics to parenting, gaming to arts and crafts, and I do it all from the perspective of "normalizing female toplessness through repeat exposure". Basically, providing an example of how a woman can be topless WITHOUT it automatically being considered "pornographic." Sadly, all the mainstream social media and video platforms disagree on the distinction! Primary focus=#freethenipple Other subjects=#parenting #gaming #politics #feminism #artsandcrafts "Content Creator" or "Influencer?"=CONTENT CREATOR 100% Preferred Contact=@toplesstopics on twitter or toplesstopicstv@gmail.com
lily_o_valley@cooler.momLily Rose at Home
lily_o_valley@cooler.mom  [follow]
50 | married | living in Cornwall, UKMum of 4 young, previously home educated, adults - now out at sixth form college etc.Pronouns: She/ herInterested in food, cooking, baking, crafts, home economics & recipe books
motoole173@mstdn.socialMolly (she/her)
motoole173@mstdn.social  [follow]
🖤🤎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜white | queer | disablednot-so-binary-woman | 27structural engineer | artistInterests: art, crafts, sewing, reading, puns, plants, pets (I have 2 cats!), cannabis, lots of activism, D&D, select few video games, binging tv with my gf 🥰Daily struggles: anxiety, adhd, neurodivergence, procrastinationThings I do ~NOT~ tolerate: racism, ableism, classism, antisemitism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, fatphobia, climate change denial, covid denial
betzib@social.linux.pizzaBetzi Bateman
betzib@social.linux.pizza  [follow]
Reading, writing, and upcycling in Cambridge and Hardwick, MA when not in an MCAS flare.Twitter: @betzib She/her#chronicillness #mcas #crafts #blockprinting #thrifting #vintage #birdwatching #books
coffee_glitter@mastodon.social  [follow]
I like coffee, my kids, reading, word games, planners, fatpositivity, crafts, tattoos, animals, fun haircolor, and progressivism. Infp.
helenlockhart@mstdn.socialHelen Lockhart
helenlockhart@mstdn.social  [follow]
Chief Indie Dyer at Ripples Crafts Hand Dyed YarnsLive in the best part of Scotland - AssyntScatterling of Africa
katesplot@spinster.xyzKate Anderson
katesplot@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Mixed Media Artist. Interested in visual & written narratives. Photography. Music. Anthropology. Crafts. Art therapy. Weight training. Wild swimming.
kole@mastodon.artKöle 🌈
kole@mastodon.art  [follow]
An artist & a scientist 🔥I'm learning to draw, mostly digitally (Procreate on iPad), and I'm interested in getting into comics & tattooing 🎨I also do crafts such as cross-stitching, knitting and embroidery 🧵Main account: @lokensteinFandom account: @ikolArt insta: https://www.instagram.com/kol_draws/
spacedkitteh@kitty.townSad Space Cat
spacedkitteh@kitty.town  [follow]
Mildly autistic demisexual trans woman, Jane of all trades (master of none), polyamorous lesbian, lil witchyHeftily far leftMadly in love with @tesseracht and another off masto.Trying to be better about being bad at things.Currently occupying my time with crafts, 3d printing, art, video games and whatever else strikes my fancy.Trying to take a break from masto
glaucousgoblin@kith.kitchen  [follow]
hermit with a thirst for vengeance. they/them. i like plants and animals, as well as crafts and drawing and stuff.
silhelm@mastodon.se  [follow]
Multicraftual, including but not limited to #knitting, #CrossStitch, and other #yarn related crafts, originally trained in wood and metal working.I read. A lot. I like #boardgames , am an avid garden variety bird watcher, and a history nerd. Live with two cats and a human in the countryside. Chronic illnesses, disabled.Day job in IT which I kinda stumbled into! #UX #ServiceDesign #ProductManagement.
minisje@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Biological entity ❤️ living beings nature / art / crafts / photography / meaning of lifehttps://www.instagram.com/minisje/
ymitalking@mstdn.socialYMI talking
ymitalking@mstdn.social  [follow]
Being that loves nature, animals, humor, laughter, arts and crafts of all sorts, feminism and authentic people.
bumblebeedc@mastodon.lolSietske van Vugt
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I'm creative at times, tv/film addict, like to go to amusement parks and musicals, sing always and everywhere. Have had Post Covid since 2020 which interferes with all off the above on a regular basis 🙈 Pronouns=she/her Crafts=sewing, embroidery Authors=N. Gaiman, T. Beckman, R. Osman Music=50s, 60s, soundtracks, musicals
kg6gfq@octodon.socialDarin Wick
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Strange Bicycles, Urban Gleaning, and Fiber Crafts. Making/fixing/learning. Aprendiendo español.http://pronoun.is/he
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Artisan - Jewelry - Arts & Crafts --Artesania - Joyería - Frikiturgia - Sé cosas inútiles. - Improviso a tiempo completo.PAS, queer -Bi/Pan - NB - y hace años que convivo con la ansiedad.Barcelona - Sesqua Valley
casbienbarr@mastodon.artCasbien Barr
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I make music, I make photos, I make crafts, I make sound a fury signifying bedtime.https://linktr.ee/CasbienBarr
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L[G]B[T] anticapitalist. 🌳🌵🌿i like coding, art, pottery and other crafts, plants, swimming, STEM and my cats.
nomadimdad@dads.cool  [follow]
Enby dad in a family of aspiring digital nomads. We homeschool, do awkward crafts and technologies, trying to survive capitalism and escape the United States Pronouns=They/them Español=Como una vaca americana Homeschool=Local online charter school with anti-capitalist editorials Family=Me, my husband, and our 17 yo goblin goddess of destruction
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Sin || 25 || aroace || they/themI make art and sometimes crafts
somelaniesaid@mastodon.artMelanie Richards
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Dabbling in web design + dev, 2D / 3D / pixel art, fiber crafts, and collage. You can never have too many arts. melanie-richards.com
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All things fibre crafts, board games, science and code.
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🔸 Chinese&English OK🔹 SH | PM | DRB|FGO|GBF🔸 Original Art & Crafts💕 DRB-左马一/铳二/理三 Pokemon一生推 热爱火系恶系大部分时间是带点洁癖的杂食党
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you can call me danael -- 27 -- any pronounsdigital art, horror, actual play podcasts, creativity, crafts...
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I distract myself from the nuances & distruction of the world with my boyfriend, my cats, wine🍷, random fandoms, crafts, & baking. Equal measure of girl & geek!
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cuddly kinky nerdy being i like making stuff twenty-something may contain lewd explorations, kinky crafts, hornyposting in the futurefeel free to follow request all friendly interaction welcome!18+
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25 (or 16, it's complicated.) She/her. Aspiring writer. Love crafts and talking. ESP/ENG/FR/JP
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Crazy, Heathen, Animal-loving, Introverted Spaz. Into: Reading, Arts, Crafts, Writing, RPGs, Video Games, Board Games, Nature, Cooking, etc.
anndroid@penguicon.social  [follow]
Interests include: food and cooking, arts and crafts, books and philosophy, mythology and magic and all things occult (including secret knowledge of science, computers, etc.). Actual knowledge base can be described as wider than it is deep. My personal best case scenario might be to obtain understanding of a unified field theory that's practical for living well and dying well too.
beckydouglas@mastodon.socialBecky Douglas
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Patent attorney in Scotland. Astrophysics PhD (gravitational waves). I like cats, games, crafts, films, books, wine, cookery, puzzles, and even people. Bi. She/her.