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calculsoberic@mstdn.socialCats Who Code 💙💛
calculsoberic@mstdn.social  [follow]
A cat learning to code and co-admin of mstdn.social with @stux. Interests: coding, writing, cooking, music, cats, art, and building furniture. The fedi has also helped me accept that I'm pansexual and genderfluid (or somewhere along those lines). Favorite music: EDM, jazz, alternative rock, classic rock, drum 'n' bass, opera, classicalLanguages: English, Spanish - and learning Portuguese, Catalan, and Esperanto in my free time#cats #coding #nerdy Pronouns=he/him/they/them/ Cats?=pet boop=
gomez@toot.walesGomez :baner:
Me, Food Adventure, LinkedIn, Training
gomez@toot.wales  [follow]
H&S, Project Management Trainer. All things food related. #food #cooking #photography #wales #tech #agriinnovation #blogging
renatolond@masto.donte.com.brRenato Lond Cerqueira
Pronouns, Website, Liberapay
renatolond@masto.donte.com.br  [follow]
From :bandeira_rj:🇧🇷, living in :flag_bru:🇧🇪Known as Lond.Admin of https://masto.donte.com.br, https://lewd.town and developer of @crossposter(If you're following just for @crossposter news, I always post them directly on that account):heart_bi:#coffee #cats #cooking #tootRadio #mastoAdmin #mastoDev Languages=PT, EN, FR
piggo@piggo.spacenárodní prase
piggo@piggo.space  [follow]
🙟 hey did u know about bread 🙝:yell_right: 😛ain1:‍😛ain2:‍😛ain3:‍😛ain4: :yell: :yell:using :arch:¹ and yelling at computer every day❋ LLAP ❋www.ondrovo.com🥐 https://git.ondrovo.com/MightyPork/crsn! catgirls have 2 pairs of ears !ponys favourite pig™Pleroma groups: https://git.ondrovo.com/MightyPork/group-actor :ferris:Cooking group: @hob@piggo.spaceCheck my bread gallery → https://www.ondrovo.com/bread/:rust:🇨🇿, 🇬🇧, 🇪🇸Account is locked to avoid followbots²***¹this is not an endorsement²I will probably accept your follow request if you can click on all the traffic lights
food@mastodon.art🏳️‍⚧️📡🐜🌎 ani
Music, Visual, Writing
food@mastodon.art  [follow]
anastas means to stand up. Reads AKPress books a lot. Sexually attracted to women mainly. Probable to crush on green thumbs and electric thumbs.She/her, polyamOwner of RGVAV LLC. Works in events.neurodivergent transbian at some time cooking, eating and drinking something in public. Website=rgvav.art
redsheri1@counter.socialRedSheri 👩‍🦰
redsheri1@counter.social  [follow]
Retired CA VIP Wedding & event planner, Love CA, Disney, Food, Movies, travel politics, dogs, cooking, sewing, beach, having fun.
vollkorn@chaos.social  [follow]
Software Security - CCC - Cooking
dz@counter.social  [follow]
#KittyKittySuperCat caregiver:neurodiversity: ☸️ ✍️ 📚 🖖 🧙‍♀️ 🐙 Dexterity-challenged.❤️ science, fact checking, art, cooking, natureCompassion & courtesy
sophie@chaos.social  [follow]
Sysadministress by day. Livestreaming, videos, cameras, ffmpeg, cooking, baking, swimming, snuggling blahajer and many more by night. Pronouns=she/her Languages=DE/EN Matrix=@sophie:sophies-kitchen.eu
penny@cute.science  [follow]
She/her enby, trans & autistic. Statically linked radical. Anarcho-Collectivist and anti-capitalist. Anti-fascist.$p3nnypower help me pay my rent and programTerminal longposter, follow for rambling loose thoughtform threads.Constant cooking/food shitposting.Apparently an SS13 account now.Administrator of cute.sciencePro-weird.BLM.Content may be NSFW with content warning.This is my primary account!follows welcome but feel free to interact and say hi~
lijn@mastodon.nlCathelijne Hornstra
lijn@mastodon.nl  [follow]
Cloudnerd met #LongCovid. Houdt van kamerplanten, fotografie, koken, zoon en marsepein. Sommigen noemen me lijn het Duracellkonijn.Is dol op buitenbubbeltoots en rooptooteren.Cloud nerd with #longcovid. I love houseplants, photography, cooking, my kid and marzipan. Not so random hashtags: #museums #hiking #homeassistant #meisjesnerd #hugo #itAllStartedWithSlackware #k8s #books #rhce #horses #paris #raspberrypi #sousvide #arduino #amsterdam #foodie #streetpotography #adhd #zeikwijf #cicd
clarjon1@connected.cat6.networkCLARJON1.EXE :unverified:
clarjon1@connected.cat6.network  [follow]
Canadian Geek.He/HimI think I know how to computer, but there's always something new I need to figure out!Single user instance admin.biI've a few alts/backup accounts about. I'll sometimes put some cooking stuff over at @clarjon1@toomanycooks.social Timezone: Eastern
jacobitejen@mastodon.scot  [follow]
Like travelling, cooking, music, reading. love snooker and darts #YES Independence is normal. 💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙
cr0n0s@social.tchncs.decr0n0s :tux: 📡🇵🇪
cr0n0s@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Computer Technician, SysAdmin, NetAdmin, ecologist and sportsman. lov3 e-music, cinema, cooking traveling. Hispanohablante #h4ckseed
pixel@social.pixels.pizzaEric Vitiello
pixel@social.pixels.pizza  [follow]
 Engineering Manager. I Make Things. This is my general chat account. #computerhistory #apple #3dprinting #cooking #pizza #painting #computerart #generativeart #art #makers #maui #hawaii #programming #swift #objectivec #iOS #macOS #fedi22
Blog, Blog
kaykap@mastodon.social  [follow]
Observes, comments, liberal leanings, believes in live & let live, loves fur friends, books, music, people, life, food, culture, places, cooking, & conversations in no particular order. Professionally, a content reviewer & writer; in effect “words are my play & my pay.” I “…Took my dreams and I took to the road/ Hitched a ride with the wind/ And since he was my friend/ I just let him decide where we'd go..." It's been a good journey so far twitter=@Kirti Location=Mumbai, India
One of the admins on Trunk
mayana@dragonscave.space  [follow]
I'm a blind Slovenian. I toot rarely, boost often.I ONLY accept followers with a BIO/INTRO! #NoBotWorldview: atheism, humanism, feminismInterests:Cooking: Newbie. Trying to reduce my meat intake, but far from vegetarian.Gaming: audiogames, MUDs, text adventures, other story-driven gamesReading: books and interactive fiction, mostly fantasy and science fictionScience: Pro vaccine, GMO, etc. I don't know much, but enjoy learning.Technology: accessibility, free software, privacy Pronouns=They/she (EN), ona (SL) Some labels that sort of describe me=Nonbinary, agender. Asexual, mostly androromantic. Matrix, Wire, Discord=@Mayana:semi.social, @mayana7, Mayana#8828
artbyemilyhare@mastodon.artEmily Hare
Shop, Membership, LINKS, Newsletter
artbyemilyhare@mastodon.art  [follow]
Artist & Storyteller - Whimsical fantasy, folklore & humour with a light dusting of peril. Big fan of growing veggies, sewing my own clothes and cooking too!
emma@magicalgirl.partyEmma needs ☕
emma@magicalgirl.party  [follow]
Inelegant Texan nonbinary trans femme queer woman in California working on developer experience; Always be dethroning God; Cooking, model rockets, astronomy, music, and occasional dancing.
bloved@mastodon.uno  [follow]
Firmware & drivers C developer.I love cooking & sailing.I live where you people come for holidays.E trasformo la roba scritta da altri in un prodotto finito#nobot
rio@kaptains.netKaptainRio :telegram:
Blog, Kontakt, Gruppe
rio@kaptains.net  [follow]
:pan: :asexual: #Single #DadOf1 #SingleParent #Blogger #IntermittentFasting #OMAD #AnxietyDisorder #EatingDisorder #Depression #NoRacism #BLM #nobot Like: #Cooking #Movies #TVSeries #TWD #AudioPlays :3f: #Music #Telegram #ShopTitans:telegram: https://kpt.li/telegram:threema: https://kpt.li/threema:element: https://kpt.li/matrix Keto=https://kaptains.net/@KetoKaptain
natsura@fedi.absturztau.beNatsumi :meowBox:
YouTube Channel
natsura@fedi.absturztau.be  [follow]
Account is locked mainly to prevent bad, bigoted, misogynistic people from following me. Feel free to send a follow request, and I will review the request whenever I get the chance. If you are a white supremacist, anti-LGBT+, anti-Furry, or don't have an open-mind, then please never follow me! I only want people who are kind, accepting, have love in their hearts, and who are actually decent human beings.I am a pansexual, transgender woman. I am taking taekwondo classes two to three times every week (three if I have to skip a class one week). I am trying to learn German (albeit that is intermittent from time-to-time... usually when I have a lot of down time I try to study it via Duolingo). I have an interest in cooking/baking, video production, gaming (mostly Nintendo). I am also a lacto-ovo vegetarian (no meat or fish, but I do eat eggs and milk products)My favourite shows are; Star Trek (mainly Voyager, The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and Enterprise), Pokemon, BLEACH, InuYasha, Rick and Morty, and Overlord.If you want to donate to help me get back into YouTubing, so I can practice video production while I make Let's Plays. Then you can do so through my Cash App account.I am currently dating a wonderful owlgirl, and have been since February 14th, 2017.(HRT since 1st June, 2018) Pronouns=She/Her Odysee=https://odysee.com/@natsura:597ff913d2db4032c3e3ce7a5d40050fca7f7ee5?r=F8j2MxUtLvyaUi7sUeDQs5dzCAq9ki4o ACNH Dream Address=3510-3100-5627 Sexuality=Pansexual Pets/Snuggles=Always Cash App=http://cash.me/$NatsumiKitty Current Taekwondo Belt=Green
qbae@counter.social  [follow]
Nye HenchmanI like cooking, baking, gardening, inter-sectional feminism, and pets!enby/intersexThey/themGay AF/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
flab@freesoftwareextremist.com  [follow]
My name is Flabdad. I'm 4X years old. My property is in the central section of Appalachia, where the coal that build America was dug up, and I am married. I work from home for a small tech company, and I clock out every day at 5 PM at the latest. I enjoy tinkering with computers, cooking, watching anime, and using free software whenever possible. I submit patches to popular free software applications when I can help, and I regularly participate in several mailing lists and IRC channels. I don't smoke, but I do vape and occasionally drink. I moved here with my family to provide a better life for them than we had living in a major US city. I have no neighbors to speak of, and I enjoy watching the deer grazing in the fields after sundown. Next spring I will start a fruit orchard and hope to encourage wildflowers to provide for the bees. I'm in bed every night by 1 AM, and make sure I get seven hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a mug of Earl Grey and walking my dogs around the back fields before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I don't visit doctors because I do not rely on pills to function. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. What's most important to me, the only thing that matters to me, is that I am not bothered, by anyone. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. I wave to people on my one lane road, and make small talk with them about the weather, local happenings, or the troubles that city people inflict on themselves. I vote in every election, my property lines are clearly marked, and there are signs warning people that my dogs patrol the property and that everyone here is armed. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone.
retha@social.tchncs.deRetha :mastolove:
retha@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
#linux #foss #fahrrad #bike #reise #travel #cooking #kochen #survival
dametanya@noagendasocial.comDame Tanya 🧀
dametanya@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
Geek girl, office lady, optimistic pragmatist, I LOVE FOOD and enjoy cooking. Viscountess of the No Agenda Round Table, in the morning!
juliank@mastodon.socialJulian Andres Klode 🏳️‍🌈
juliank@mastodon.social  [follow]
Debian Developer, Ubuntu Core Developer, Software Engineer II at Canonical. Your friendly neighborhood APT maintainer.Love cooking, cycling, walking, music, and netflix.
truthnfreedomseeker@staging-do.brighteon.social  [follow]
Knowledge is power! The truth shall set you free.Interests: truth seeking & research, spirituality, herbalism, gardening, keto cooking/baking, hiking, camping, canoeing, thrifting, living, loving...
truthnfreedomseeker@staging.brighteon.social  [follow]
Knowledge is power! The truth shall set you free.Interests: truth seeking & research, spirituality, herbalism, gardening, keto cooking/baking, hiking, camping, canoeing, thrifting, living, loving...
kagekokoro@neckbeard.xyz(影心) Kage - ShrimpSlayer
kagekokoro@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
>A guy so attractive that even dykes want his assBoth Jun and Georgia would fuck my brains out@emilis@cdrom.tokyo has this to say about me and @mario :"[...] one of the cutest couples on the fedi for sure :grin:""Pronouns : Moo/MooselfBuddhist 卍#AmPotat#MothBro #BigMoth🌈 :blobcatpirate:Follow and Support @provo@baraag.net , they are a great aspiring artist who puts a lot of effort into comissions, interacts with his fanbase on a regular basis and has such an attention to detail, my mind is blownFounder of the Church of MooCreator of #CowPostingOfficial list of converts:MarioSterence StellarSatharielTouch Fluffy Tail[CUM] CashewSJW[VD15]MytsyYukari HinataFirelionFranky87KumikotaEmilis (fuck you brudda)If you want to convert just sent an image of a cow as a donation and you will be added to the inner circle of the churchJust fap to flat (be it ♂️ or ♀️)Quite weeby, "Made in Abyss" & "senpai ga uzai kouhai no hanashi" fangirl, incarnation of the Rose, shit Poster supreme, attention addicted, your waifu is shit, fuck youBorn 1991Taking @mario@neckbeard.xyz and being taken by him Jun (the olive goddess) said she would peg me one drunken night (yes, that's an achievement for me, fuck you) and she likes my stupid ass messagesWill I ever get a picture of @VerdanuOsane@mstdn.io DFC? Stay tuned to find out!https://video.autizmo.xyz/accounts/kagekokoro/video-channelsIs where I post my dumb cooking videos, maybe you like them, maybe you learn from them!@kagekokoro@wordsmith.socialI swear to everything by in this world I am so tired of corona and politics and zealots for both of the aforementioned topicsJust give me my life backStop telling me what I can or can't doWhat I need wear when going in publicWhen I can go out or can'tCreator of the GothMoth meme Stop inventing fucking snowflake words for your made up bullshit, thank you
truthnfreedomseeker@brighteon.social  [follow]
Knowledge is power! The truth shall set you free.Interests: truth seeking & research, spirituality, herbalism, gardening, keto cooking/baking, hiking, camping, canoeing, thrifting, living, loving...
twi_brarian@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Happily Retired!Hobbies are Sewing, Cooking, Traveling, Bible Study
buckaroo@hub.netzgemeinde.euMark Nowiasz
buckaroo@hub.netzgemeinde.eu  [follow]
Interested in lots of stuff - in no particular order:  Linux, cooking, photography, boats, baking bread, geocaching, Python, travelling, whatever's interesting. Being owned by two cats. Movie buff.
natsumisummer@vulpine.clubNatsura :blobcat:
natsumisummer@vulpine.club  [follow]
Alt account for @Natsura for when @fedi.absturztau.be is down.I am a extraterrestrial kitty-cat from outer-space. I enjoy learning how to speak German, doing taekwondo, cooking, video production, and playing games on my Nintendo Switch. I am also a big fan of Star Trek. (HRT since 1st June, 2018) Pronouns=She/Her Birthday & Age=3/13/95, 26 Location=New Jersey, US Sexuality=Pansexual
chel@computerfairi.es  [follow]
*❀\(^ヮ^)/❀* 💖 INFP 💖 Trans 💖 Lesbian 💖I'm a love live fanatic, anime lover, reluctant movie critic, cooking enthusiast, occasional kpop fan, and somewhat casual gamer.occasionally confused, often frightenedhttp://chel.magentamonster.comAvatar by https://mastodon.social/@Lumi ❤(apologies, but I don't follow underage users)
jordan31@fosstodon.orgJordan :debian::sway:🇺🇸
PixelFed.social, Blogtastic.blog, Gemini Server
jordan31@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Lover of C++; #Christian, #Father, #Husband. #foss #learning_dev #southern #linux #bsd Zero bytes given... I like old & new tech, RPGs, cast iron cooking, homesteading, all things old, software/system development and random postings! 🇺🇸 :bash: :tux: :sway: :debian::rms: was right. sr.ht ~ SourceHut=https://git.sr.ht/~jordan31
nboke@mastodon.socialNadine Böke
nboke@mastodon.social  [follow]
SciCom expert | trained as a biologist + journalist | lives in The Netherlands | works @ University of Amsterdam | toots in Dutch + English | I ❤️ nature, cats, art, books, cooking, all kinds of geeky stuff | she/her
Instagram, FetLife
fitfox328@abdl.link  [follow]
A 31 year old gay guy looking friends. I've recently started exploring diapers. I love it! I'm looking to learn and do more.I enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, video games, cooking, and eating out. Let's hang out at the beach, I'm probably up for that!Message me; I love to chat.On Here!Telegram: http://t.me/fitfox328 Status=Gay | 31M | Taken
couchsofa@chaos.socialfrequency domain sofa
couchsofa@chaos.social  [follow]
FabLabKA, CCC-affin, Ableton, Luthiery, Engineer, Brews Cold Coffee Under Pressure, Computer Science Enthusiast, Cooking, Hacking, EN|DE
radonhawk@cybre.club  [follow]
Interested in computer science, free software, functional programming, cooking and philosophy. If you want to become penpals {actual letters, email}, feel free to message me!he/himMain account: @radonhawk@cybre.clubPersonal (restricted) account: @towo@mk.paritybit.ca Partner: @laggard@doesnt.undo.it (2020-03-15) :blobhug2: https://sigsegv.cc/
quephird@mastodon.socialdanielle kefford
quephird@mastodon.social  [follow]
(def interests (atom {⌨️ :coding 🌷 :gardening 🍺 :craft-beers 🕹 :gaming 🎨 :art 🎶 :prog-house ⚃ :lego 💅 :nails ⚧ :lgbtqia-issues 👟 :running 🍳 :cooking}))
emilystlstl@counter.social  [follow]
Democrat, Married, Progressive Christian, Loves family, dogs, art, cooking, gardening, sewing.
Personal Site
groovestomp@social.linux.pizza  [follow]
I try to prioritize family and relationships above all else. I am into fitness, coffee, cooking, baking, computing history, retro computers, hobby modelling and programming. I value privacy and try to self-host and avoid surveillance capitalism.----https://www.twitch.tv/groovestomphttps://www.youtube.com/user/GrooveStomp
ryan_harg@chaos.socialryan harg :antifa:
ryan_harg@chaos.social  [follow]
#nürnberg #antifa #feminism #cooking - Please tell me, if you require specific CWs that I don't use - Toots autodestructed by https://forget.codl.fr/
chenthil@mastodon.socialசெந்தில் / Chenthil
chenthil@mastodon.social  [follow]
Poetry, Books, Booze, Cooking & Running. Truck fleet owner. Tweets in English and Tamil. Language=Tamil Country=India Poetry Translation=@Oldtamilpoetry
schneidremarks@mastodon.social  [follow]
Audio Producer/Podcaster for the internet.Cares a lot about HR, Labor, and Org Dev.Likes cats, cooking, movies, and you!Goofus account: bofa.lolhe/him
defeatfascists@mastodon.socialValar Morghulis 🐧
defeatfascists@mastodon.social  [follow]
Secular Indian; Pluralist; Biker; Love photography; Love animals, poetry & cooking (not in that order)
northerninvader@counter.socialNorthernInvader 🇨🇦
northerninvader@counter.social  [follow]
Retired left wing Canadian, Atheist, Widower, Cooking, Politics, Nature, Birds, Cats, Dogs
wetpaper@social.coopCam ck-chhh 📸 ☑️
website, patreon
wetpaper@social.coop  [follow]
(they/them) I like shitposts, thinking and talking about cultivating healthy relationships and communities, cooking, baking and crafts.autistic, jewish reproductive laborer. I have writing about abuse intervention and healthy relationships on my website and on Instagram @junipercameryn political affiliation=libertarian municipalist. favorite quote="There is a level at which our consciousness must be neither poetry nor science, but a transcendence of both into a new realm of theory and practice, and artfulness that combines fancy with reason, imagination with logic, vision with technique." Bookchin
hammerhead@freak.garden  [follow]
28, Agender, Deep SouthParent, Artist, Chaos Pronouns=she/her, but no gendered terms plz Big Interests=Dolls (BJD, AG, Bratz, NaNaNa), toys, aggressive and vert inline skating Moderate Interests=Cooking, Japanese and Hebrew languages, pastel crafting aesthetic, ADHD neurology and advocacy
pixelfed, Bookwyrm
momentum@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
(Studierter) Daten-Enthusiast mit ADHS 🤓. Neugierig, etwas schüchtern, leicht zu begeistern und brauche ständig neuen Input... #statistics #linux #rstats #api #adhd #cooking #photography #foss #coding #plants sociology #python #opendata #nobot #fedi22 #vegetarian #mokum (Aleph) #gamingSprachen: de/en/nlDiese Beschreibung wird sicher die nächsten Tage noch mal umgeworfen 🤷‍♂️ Pronomen=Er/Ihm
eli_oat@dog.estate  [follow]
An exile from lazer.pizza, my beloved instance of yore.Aspiring Ms. Frizzle. Into biking, cooking, hacking on schemes, lisp, forth and the like -- very much into playing ttrpgsMost of my posts are set to expire after about 8 weeks.#nobot
geefeconomie@mastodon.greenPetra | Geefeconomie
geefeconomie@mastodon.green  [follow]
Geefeconomie sinds 2012 | Giveconomy since 2012https://www.geefeconomie.nl"Rather than money, rather than fame, than faith, than fairness, give me truth!"*Off grid | Permaculture | Food forest @ 🇵🇹 *Unschooling | Natural learning | Homeschooling *Family of four and a dog with @robbert_geefeconomie*Loves gardening, cooking/baking, writing and telling about our vision for a better worldToot in 🇳🇱 en 🇬🇧
ethancdavenport@retro.socialEthan 🌑
ethancdavenport@retro.social  [follow]
31, he/him. Living in occupied Cherokee territory. “From each according to their ability; to each according to their need.”I am unlikely to accept your follow request if: a) your account is institutional/non-personal, b) you have no pronouns or other info in your bio, c) we have never interacted before. Please ask before DMing. Check out my alts:Ethan_cooking@kith.kitchenEthan_writing@wandering.shopEthan_drinking@masto.beer#nobot
nessotropheion@weirder.earth🌾 νησσοτροφεῖον 🌾
nessotropheion@weirder.earth  [follow]
Moved to @nessotropheion ! pronouns=they/them :heart_pan: :heart_trans: :heart_nb: :heart_gq: cooking alt=@nessotropheion 💚🏺💚=Io Pan, Priapus, Dionysos, Kyamites, Cybele, Bes, et al.
wolfie@deadinsi.deMx Wolfie 🐺
wolfie@deadinsi.de  [follow]
Mid 30s, White British, childfree, bi ace aro queer, veggie, polyamorous, agender, 69 inches tall Pets: Snake (Royal Python) 🐍Seraphina (albino enchi morph) and 4 Giant African Land Snails 🐌 They/themHampshire, UKI like Animal Crossing (see my alts) also MtG and Pokemon (@SkallaWolf and @Flareon)#WordleObligate #LightTheme UserI make frequent use of the "minor injury" CW due to frequent injuries:antifa:🖤🐘🤍💜trans rights are human rightscashapp: https://cash.app/£wolfpurplemoon Other places I'm Me 👩🏻‍💻=http://www.wolfpurplemoon.com/ Animal Crossing 🏝=https://comicscamp.club/@wolfland Cooking 🥑=https://kith.kitchen/@veggie_wolfie Alt 🌈=https://queer.party/@wolfie
bexxi@chaos.socialbexxi kerenhappuck
bexxi@chaos.social  [follow]
Lecturer in English @ #Freiburg Uni, comes from #Wales 🏴. Likes bad puns, #photography, #Ingress, cooking, walking.Toots in German/English 󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇪🇺🏳️‍🌈
mandoman@abdl.link  [follow]
Hippy Chef and diaper lover(not necessarily an adult baby, but not against it)...I love cooking, music and sometimes diapers!!!Phish, Grateful Dead and Bluegr
oecan@octodon.social  [follow]
Linguste. Klimaaktivist. Kochen und backen. Mit #kind. Weiß. Spielt gelegentlich DnD. Pronomen: Er/ihn.Linguist. Climate activist. Cooking and baking. With #child. White. Enjoys playing and watching DnD. Pronouns: He/his.
pubilla@mastodont.catPubilla de Cal Botifarró
pubilla@mastodont.cat  [follow]
Independentista / Catalanista :estelada: - Skinhead girl Sharp - Vegetariana a temporades🥕💚🐝- Pinta mones quan tinc l'auto-estima alta 🖍🎨 Art 🖼=Street Art, Underground, comics, illustration, Bizarro, Ugly Music 🏁🇯🇲=Ska, 2Tone, Rocksteady, Soul, beat, mod Books 📚📖=L'auca del senyor Esteve Cooking 🍴=Calçots 💚
sddphoto@counter.social  [follow]
Freelance photographer – travel - Swim - art – nature – science - climate – cooking - culture – classical/jazz enthusiast- Instagram: sddphotoworld
zemuron@counter.social  [follow]
Resistor/ vote blue / be yourself by being kind/ .. surgical Physician Assistant/ love bees/ animals/ cooking ..martinis of course ❤️❤️ Loving this new site..
wsteria@tootplanet.space  [follow]
My hobbies include writing, reading, aikido, swimming, gardening, and cooking. I like tea.
zailrand@counter.social  [follow]
Curious and Chaotic *Sheepy* Not a sheep. Very random. BaaIT and wool. Sheep. Nature. Addicted to my rice cooker for cooking things that mainly aren't rice.
nomad@hackers.town  [follow]
Computer geek into musical theatre (tech & crew), cooking, LGBTQI rights, and photography. 🏳️‍🌈📷🍞🎭#nobot wheretofind=https://wheretofind.me/@nomad Pronouns=he/him camera=D500 musical theatre=YES!
cr0n0s@mastodon.socialcuenta cerrada/closed account
cr0n0s@mastodon.social  [follow]
Computer Technician, SysAdmin, NetAdmin, ecologist sportsman. lov3 e-music, cinema, cooking traveling. Hispanohablante #H4ckSeed https://h4ckseed.wordpress.com
johnww2@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
Writing Software, California<->Japan, Woodworking, Cooking, Photography, Tinkering. 日本語もなんとなく出来ます。
jlong@counter.socialJ. Everett
jlong@counter.social  [follow]
Ophthalmology, Cooking, History, Sailing, Crosswords and Coffee.Okie FDR Democrat.
what I do, read my blog, find him, content mirror
ringo@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
I blog and stuff. I make orgone generators, which is my day job. The NWO blog can be found in my bio link. I'm big on gifting things, cooking, and being a truthful, virtuous, helpful person.
zenmudprod@counter.socialZENmud 🌻🇺🇦💛💙🇺🇦🌻
zenmudprod@counter.social  [follow]
Born in a Valentine's Day blizzard, brought home by a grizzly bear.Bilangue en français ~"Live to ski, ski to die" — cycling and cooking. Treaty drafting ⛷️
iamwill1w9@counter.social  [follow]
I love #cooking, #gardening, and hanging out with my family and friends. I build and manage #Wordpress sites primarily using #Divi. He/him
zwol@hackers.townZack Weinberg
zwol@hackers.town  [follow]
Nerd of all disciplines; presently computer science faculty at CMU. Online just barely long enough to remember USENET.Analog interests include pottery, board games, hiking, and cooking. 🔗=https://www.owlfolio.org/ 🦉=he/him but i'll answer to anything 🌎=pittsburgh, pennsylvania 🤪=all ages welcome, occasional swears
Blog, Peertube
luke@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
Formerly of identi.ca, quitter.se, fmrl.me and others. I'm big and tall. I like bikes and football and cooking. Hove, Sussex, UK. XMPP=xmpp:li@404.city Twitter=@luke1972
bubblewrap@cybre.spacePlöp Plöp Plöp
bubblewrap@cybre.space  [follow]
knitting, fibrearts, ADHD, computer science, math, hiking, cooking, baking, toots in english and german, enby (pronouns english they, deutsch keine präferenz)
jan@toot.cafeJan Hohner
jan@toot.cafe  [follow]
Professional web developer interested in #webperformance #datamining #knowledgemining #boardgames #history #cooking #gardening #breadbaking #selfsufficiency - Birdsite: @janhohner
naikarrah@counter.social☠~naik~🇦🇺 🇺🇸 🇺🇦
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Libertate Nihil Dulcius!my only political affiliation is to HUMANITY.i love animals/cooking/gardening/reading/gaming/sailing.People often scare me.
ajohnsocyber@infosec.exchangeAnn Johnson
ajohnsocyber@infosec.exchange  [follow]
Cybersecurity. Dogs. Cooking. Reading. Family. Friends. Shoes. Bags. Pro Sports. PNW. Microsoftie
bubblewrap@chaos.socialPlöp Plöp
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lots of ADHD, likes knitting, cooking, nerdy stuff, English pronouns=they/them German Pronouns=es/sie/xier
cynddl@mamot.frcynddl 🐿
cynddl@mamot.fr  [follow]
Researching data privacy, sewing sleeping bag and tutu at night, cooking pancakes the rest of the time. https://rocher.lc/📷 ⛺ 🏔 🚴🎨 💚
robdaemon@tech.lgbt  [follow]
44 year old software engineer and all around gay nerd. Cooking, bicycling, software, music, rants, etc.
gentle_living_shop@diode.zoneGentle Living Shop
gentle_living_shop@diode.zone  [follow]
**We are a family striving to live a simpler life in this world.** Our goal is to have a little piece of land in nature to grow our own veggies and be self-sufficient (off-grid!). In the process, we want to share all that we learn including crafting, sewing, soapmaking, foraging, cooking, cob house building, forest gardening, barefoot walking, wood carving... Join us on this beautiful journey🥰 **We offer our website, tutorials, and PDF guides for free and without ads** as we believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone. There will be *no exclusive content*! We welcome you to support us in donations☺️ 💚 Visit our website: https://gentlelivingshop.org 💚 Listen to our music and our ramblings: https://open.audio/@gentlelivingshop/ **All our content is released into [the public domain (CC0)](https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/)**. You may copy, edit and distribute our stuff for any purpose with no restrictions ❤
kn@bsd.networkKlemens Nanni
kn@bsd.network  [follow]
Hacking and cooking, basically. OpenBSD=kn@
maverickctzn@counter.social  [follow]
“Arrogance is used by the weak, while kindness is used by the strong.” I’m into wine & food, cooking, MTB/road cycling, and funny positive people!
parasurv@mstdn.io  [follow]
I like cooking, it makes me relax and kind of getting away from the world. I like to go on long walks, and nowadays I try to catch up on some reading too. I like writing, mostly tech stuff, and other things. On the tech side I like older stuff, I play single player games only.I don't do social media outside of mastodon. I am a private person. While my profile is locked, I generally allow follow, and I usually follow back almost everybody.Oh yeah and totally single, so if you are a lady... hobbies=cooking, walking, writing, reading, Emacs
ehashman@kith.kitchenehash is cookin'
ehashman@kith.kitchen  [follow]
Cooking alt of @ehashman ✨️🍲️😋️ main=https://toot.cat/@ehashman
dianor@mastodon.lol  [follow]
Studies social sciences, 43 years old (she/her).Feminist, activist, self-dx ADHD/autism, leftist, fat activism, climate justice, nature & social justice. Trying to be the change I wish to see in the world.I have many hobbies and interests: gaming, cooking, hiking, lifting, painting, music (to name a few).Toots about any- and everything in Finnish and English, always tries to think with portals.
mikebabb@mastodon.technologyMike Babb
mikebabb@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Software Developer turned Engineering Manager. Builds engineering and product teams and empowers them to do their best work. Open Web advocate and supporter of free, open source software projects. Based in Bristol UK. Loves reading, running, cooking, playing games, and time with family.
penwing@cybre.space  [follow]
#Queer, #non-binary (they/them), NW #UK #geek. I talk #SFF, politics (UK, Queer, Welfare), #reading, #cooking, #music, #theatre, #boardgaming, #RPGMy assigned mandatory fursona is a Collared Flat Lizard or, as I shall call it, A Rainbow Lizard!I try to keep this happy and fannish and queer. I really ought to get a politics doom and gloom alt somewhere... Pronouns=They/them (or e/eir/ey) Reading=The Mad Ship (Robin Hobb) Twitter / instagram=penwing / iampenwing
allegedlycake@weirder.earth  [follow]
she/heri like stitching, snacking, cooking, and horror movies.for suspect movie opinions seehttps://letterboxd.com/caaaaake/
losttourist@social.chatty.monsterFlippin' 'eck, Tucker!
losttourist@social.chatty.monster  [follow]
Generally low-volume mundane toots tinged with 80s-flavoured nostalgia.Straight, cis, LGBT+ ally. #childfreeI have a slightly more geeky/techy alt at @losttouristInterests:#80smusic #1980s #TopOfThePops #TOTP #Eurovision #BritishTV #cooking #RaspberryPi #catsofmastodon #piano #popmaster #GrangeHill #fedi22I know it looks like a quiet feed, but that's because I've just jumped instances. Previously @losttourist
caitofthenorth@mastodon.socialCait, also porg 🇨🇦
caitofthenorth@mastodon.social  [follow]
Nerdy Canadian gal. Likes cooking, comics and critters. Follows back most of the time.
losttourist@mastodon.org.ukFlippin' 'eck, Tucker!
losttourist@mastodon.org.uk  [follow]
Tweeter turned Tooter. Generally low-volume mundane tweets tinged with 80s-flavoured nostalgia.Straight, cis, LGBT+ ally. #childfreeI have a slightly more geeky/techy alt at @losttouristInterests:#80smusic #1980s #TopOfThePops #TOTP #Eurovision #BritishTV #cooking #RaspberryPi #catsofmastodon #piano #popmaster #GrangeHill #fedi22 Location=Warrington, UK Generation=X Birdsite (RIP)=@losttourist Languages=EN
Diaper-Bois, FetLife
diaperedstig@abdl.link  [follow]
Gay DL from the DC/Northern VA area. Into cars, cycling, cooking, and some things that don&#39;t start with the letter C. Kik=JT11ST
mdszy@toomanycooks.socialskelly that cooks
mdszy@toomanycooks.social  [follow]
hello its meim the admin of this instance!im also a skeletoni love cooking and stuffi can also be found at @skellyfeel free to donate to my liberapay if u wanna support the instance!avatar was done up by @extinct, go commission them!!!donations help keep the instance running but im under no financial stress so don't feel obligated to unless you truly want to!
h4kor@chaos.social  [follow]
Teaching computers to do things with arguable efficiency.#vegan #cooking #programming #politics #climate
roel@willems.socialRoel Willems (new)
roel@willems.social  [follow]
Team: :mastodon:🦣Vind iets van #data 🔢 & #privacy 🔐 Gek van #fietsen 🚴 #espresso ☕ en #fotografie 📷 . Somewhat of a serial-hobbyist.Toots mostly in Dutch for personal stuff and English all things professional. PROFESSIONAL INTERESTS=Data (Governance & Ethics) | Statistics | (Data Privacy) Law & Legislation PERSONAL INTERESTS=Cycling | Espresso | Cooking | Climate | Outdoors
vulturebabe@solarpunk.moeVulture Babe 🖤
vulturebabe@solarpunk.moe  [follow]
It's me, Vulture, a brown gay trans girl from the Pacific Northwest! Certified vulture enjoyer! I make art, music, and poetry. 25, grass toucher, good kisser, cop destroyer. Things I like: Birds! Crafts! Cooking! Utopian fiction!Things I don't like: Fascists! TERFs! Cops! Phobes! I'll obliterate you, I'll do it!if I've sent a follow request, feel free to follow back! if not, please send a DM first! thanks!
cielisandre@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Trans man, interested in literature, photography, plants and cooking/baking.Crédit avatar : Aloha Sushi Core https://picrew.me/image_maker/257476
passcod@mastodon.socialFélix Saparelli
Twitter, Github
passcod@mastodon.social  [follow]
I have rw+ permissions. Pronoun-agnostic. Non-binary. Bi Bilingual: fr, en. I do love me some Rust. Pākehā. Cis. Account synced with Twitter. Perpetual CW for food (cooking and eating), although not the main content. Web/blog/avatars=https://passcod.name Where=Northland, New Zealand
qwxlea@pleroma.siteAlex Q
qwxlea@pleroma.site  [follow]
Coffee, parrots, and a couple of lines of code (and a rather lame sense of humor).Current interests: #openbsd, #books, #cooking & #emacs. he/him. 🏠 https://qwxlea.tk