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alcinnz@floss.socialAdrian Cochrane
Odysseus, Liberapay, Rhapsode, Homepage
alcinnz@floss.social  [follow]
A browser developer posting mostly about how free software projects work, and occasionally about climate change.Though I do enjoy german board games given an opponent.Pronouns: he/him
gretathunberg@botsin.spaceGreta Thunberg
Mirror from
gretathunberg@botsin.space  [follow]
Twitter to Mastodon BridgeTrööting the Tweets WeDo=Fridays4Future BecauseOf=Climate ItsA=ClimateCrisis
Forum, Wiki, Donate
paulatothepeople@climatejustice.social  [follow]
:trans: trans:enby: enby:ace: ace:wtf: wtf-romantic:gyn: gynephile:vegan: vegan:anarch: anarcha-socialist:femin: intersectional feminist:antifa: anti-fascist:pax: pacifist:jrat: climate-justice activistshe/her:BLM: BLM😭 depression, social phobia, dependent, emotionally unstable & anxious personality disorders, learning disabilityProud member of:@JugendrAT & @fediblock
tuxom@mastodon.social  [follow]
We live in/on the same bubble - called earth. No 2nd chance.If you want to rescue your comfort zone -> block this account!#nobot Language=EN / DE Good news?=Very, very rare here - sorry Organisation?=None. No network, no relates. (--> independent) Focus=#Climate #Klima #ClimateCrisis #Klimakrise #ClimateScience #Klimawissenschaft #KlimaPodcast #ExtremeWeather #Extremwetter #Cryosphere #Kryosphäre #TippingPoint #Kipppunkt #FossilFuels #FossileEnergie #CO2 #Methane #Methan<
opensourcegardens@sunbeam.cityOpen Source Gardens
opensourcegardens@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Welcome to Open Source Gardens, where openness is sown and freedom is grown!We like to grow Open Source Seeds at home or in community gardens to connect people with Open Source (philosophy, seeds, software & hardware) in a horticultural and creative way.#Solarpunk Sow Open=Grow Freedom Save Climate=Plant Gardens Matrix=https://matrix.to/#/#open-source-gardens:matrix.org
sallystrange@eldritch.cafeSally Strange
sallystrange@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Chronic illness, probably neuroatypical, queer af. White & anti-whiteness. #SolarPunk #Climate #StrawBale #YouTubeMusicGems #LivingMachine #Roofing #Crochet
anatman@counter.socialanatman PRO
anatman@counter.social  [follow]
retired programmer. into birds, math, physics, social justice, rationality, politics, climate and ecology, and general human flourishing. veteran.
ij@nerdculture.deij :xmpp: :debian: 🕊
Blog, Kaffeekasse, Git Repos
ij@nerdculture.de  [follow]
Born in Osnabrück, living in Rostock at the Baltic Sea, married, Sysadmin, Linux Geek, Data Privacy Advocate, Debian User since Bo, XMPP fan, Climate Crisis concerned, Autism (Asperger), Languages: de/en, random profile pic from https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/Works as IT-Consultant in Linux environment. Contribute via LiberaPay: https://liberapay.com/ij/donate XMPP/Jabber Server=https://hookipa.net/
vegan@lemmy.ml  [follow]
An online space for the vegan people of Lemmy.Rules and miscellanous:We take for granted that if you enage in this community, you understand that veganism is about the animals. You either are vegan for the animals, or you are not (this is not to say that discussions about climate/environment/health are not allowed, of course)No omni/carnist apologists. This is not a place where to ask to be hand-holded into veganims. Omnis coddling/backpatting is not tolerated, nor are /r/DebateAVegan-like threadsUse content warnings and NSFW tags for triggering contentcirclejerking belongs to /c/vegancirclejerkLemmy's CoC applies here too, of coursein case you need to report something, use Lemmy's native tool or message one of the mods on Matrixsorry for the passive-aggressive tone of these rules
digitalminimalism@lemmy.mlDigital Minimalism
digitalminimalism@lemmy.ml  [follow]
Welcome to the community of so-called Digital Minimalists! We're community of people who seek for silence in such a noisy world and balance between real and digital worlds. Rules of this community include:Be honest with yourself and others. Seriously, if you're not honest with yourself and pretend to be someone else, you're not going anywhere. The first step to progression is acceptance, isn't it?Be polite to others and respects each others opinions. No matter what your thoughts about privacy, Big Tech, politics, nature and etc are, let's keep all discussions family-friendly and not overwhelm ourselves.Keep it theme-oriented. This community is not made to discuss politics, privacy-issues and climate change. It's about balance and harmony. We could discuss those topics if they are related to Digital Minimalism, but not if they're purely self-oriented. Thank you 😀
gerald_leppert@bonn.socialGerald Leppert :verified:
gerald_leppert@bonn.social  [follow]
Dr. Gerald Leppert, Economist & Political Scientist (PhD) – Social protection • development economics • public health • social policy • cooperative studiesWorks at: DEval – German Institute for Development Evaluation, BonnResearch methods • climate change adaptation • social risk management • health care financing de, en, fr Here:=My private account Professional profile:=https://www.deval.org/de/ueber-uns/wer-wir-sind/team/dr-gerald-leppert Publications:=https://www.zotero.org/groups/2343740/gerald.leppert/items Email:=gleppert✉️projekto.org
snoro@mastodon.socialRobert Sanscartier
snoro@mastodon.social  [follow]
#environnement #Montréal #Québec #changementsclimatiques #gay #vélo #polqc #climat #LGBTQQIP2SAA #pollution #égalité #femmes #gai #gauche #équité #justiceJ’effectue mes recherches avec le mot : climatI do my research with the word: climate
anstapa@mastodon.socialSe Ⓐnstapa ᛋᛖ ᚪᚾᛋᛏᚪᛈᚪ
anstapa@mastodon.social  [follow]
A kiwi who has lived in Europe; interested in climate, basic income, languages, science, politics, history, and contemporary religion.Pronouns: (en)he/him Carbon footprint 2020 2.35 metric tonnes CO2e awa (river)=Sullane maunga (mountain)=Rushamore iwi (tribe)=Irish hapu (kinship group)=Gaeil - Celt
victorvenema@fediscience.orgVictor Venema
Academic Homepage, Grassroots Review Journals
victorvenema@fediscience.org  [follow]
I work on statistical homogenization methods and the accuracy of climate trends. #StatisticalHomogenization #Scientist #ClimateScientist #Climatology As well as on a new open post-publication peer review system that is independent of scientific journals. @GrassrootsReview #PeerReview #OpenPeerReview #GrassrootsJournalsMember of @TranslateScience. #TranslateScience #Translation #OpenAccessAdmin of FediScience. Variable Variability (blog)=https://variable-variability.blogspot.com Open Science Feed=https://fediscience.org/@OpenScienceFeed
Github, Website
heimdall@chaos.social  [follow]
23 | Tübingen | Coding | Medical Engineering + Neuroscience + Medical Informatics | Antifacist | Climate Activist | Queer | Contact: @moanos:matrix.org Pronouns=he/him Languages=de/en
sciforfuture@botsin.spaceScientists for Future
sciforfuture@botsin.space  [follow]
inofficial Tweet to Toot Bot BackupFor=GretaThunberg About=Climate Passion=Science
ceciliawords@mstdn.socialceciliawords 🏕🌳
ceciliawords@mstdn.social  [follow]
She/her/ScandinaviaLoves #gardening , veg growing, #hiking and #nature ; Owner of #dog, #cat & #ducks; Believes in being nice, #feminism, democracy and good; Writes about unnecessities, #ClimateAction, life, the universe and everything. 42. 🌍#fedi22 Yay:=Hiking and the #outdoors Yay:=Gardening and growing veg Nay:=Making #climate change worse. Languages:=🇸🇪 🇬🇧
mike@robot.rodeoMike McHargue
mike@robot.rodeo  [follow]
I work at Quantum Spin Studios building worlds, writing stories, and helping people communicate more clearly. I'm a bestselling author, and science advisor for a bunch of stuff you may have seen (like Marvel films).I'm here to meet new people and talk about nerdy stuff like #science #videogames #ttrpg #screenwriting #writing #scifi #fantasy #worldbuildingAlso into advocacy around #climate #disability #antiracisim #lgbtqia #feminismReclaiming being a person after being a brand.
leahcohenpotb@counter.socialLeah Cohen 🌊💙🌴🇺🇦🌻
leahcohenpotb@counter.social  [follow]
Love God-Love People Anti-Racist She/herGood Trouble & Ally to ALL! #Resist&#BlackLivesMatter® #NativeRights &#StopAAPIHate #BeKind #Vote #Climate
My Blog
jazzy_bellx7@mastodon.social  [follow]
I am a Blogger, writer and artist. I am a feminist who cares deeply about women's issues, especially abuse. I also care deeply about the Climate Crisis.Have been studying physics for over 20 years. I have Dissociative Identity Disorder and have 17 Alters. My blog address is: https://dissociatonwithjazzybell.wordpress.com other blog address is: https://jazzybellx7.medium.com My Country=Aotearoa, New Zealand D.I.D=17 Alters My carbon footprint for a year=3.12 tonnes of CO2
solarpunk@lemmy.mlSolar Punk
solarpunk@lemmy.ml  [follow]
Move quietly and plant things 😀Solar Punk memes, writing, idealism, and urbanism. Utopians welcome.Solarpunk imagines a world in which today’s existential threat - the climate crisis - is being approached with camaraderie and adaptive ingenuity.What is Solarpunk?A SolarPunk ManifestoSolarpunks.netSunbeam City Wiki
seachaint@hackers.townSeachaint :verified:
seachaint@hackers.town  [follow]
("shock-int")Irish, into the limneal space between people, their civic systems, and science/tech. Enjoy hacking in-silico and in-vitro. Married with kids.Navel-gazing democratic anarcho-socialist. Tooting about climate, Gaeilge, singing, programming, nature, trees, culture, data/science, AI+automation.Black, Indigenous, Queer, and Trans lives matter.If I've offended you it was probably by accident. Give me a chance to do better. Pronouns=he/him
news_en@social.rebellion.globalXR News
news_en@social.rebellion.global  [follow]
News on the climate and biodiversity emergenciesExtinction Rebellionhttps://rebellion.global/
atlantic@mastodon.socialthe mitochondria is the powerh
atlantic@mastodon.social  [follow]
if climate change was a person it would be me. i moonlight as the Dog inspector.
transponderings@eldritch.cafeAnna Nicholson
Words, Music, Tips
transponderings@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Autistic+ADHD queer nonbinary womanshe/her (en)elle/la (fr, mais mauvaise)i/ise (gd, nas fheàrr)Recovering from the birdsite (but still popping in occasionally while so many of my friends are stuck there)I’ll sometimes talk about mathematics and linguistics, those being fields I attempted PhDs in (but burned out)I’ll sometimes talk about activism: climate crisis, disabled/neurodivergent/trans/PoC/Traveller/sex-worker rightsAnd sometimes I’ll talk about railway signallingAnd cats 😽 Location=Edinburgh, Scotland, Terf Island
johnjclimatemarcher@mastodon.socialJohnJ ClimateMarcher
johnjclimatemarcher@mastodon.social  [follow]
Science/ Math Teacher and #Climate Activist: On the Great March for Climate Action (2014) 3000+ miles, 8 months, L.A. to D.C.Motto: The blues cheer me up.Hobbies: Defeating ignorance & malice the best I can.Hats: Online educator/ mentor Interests: #guitar, #permaculture, #restoration ecology, & the garden. B.S. Ecol & Evol Biology*Inspired by the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament (1986).I was on that too. 🤷🏻‍♂️ PeerTube=@climatemarcher_johnj@tube.xy-space.de
laufi@chaos.socialFear Is The Mind Killer 🇺🇦
laufi@chaos.social  [follow]
Things I like to talk about: heavy music, country music, media production (music and film), science fiction, environmental acitivism, free software, security, machine learning, effective altruism, healthy food, martial arts, languages, politics●●●● English●●●● German●●●○ Python●●○○ 普通话●○○○ Rust ❤ Videocalls=@senfcall IT ❤ Earth=https://climatejustice.global/@BUNDjugend_ak_digi ❤ Climate=https://www.coolearth.org IT ❤ Humans=@computerwerk
thilosophus@chaos.socialThilo Buchholz
thilosophus@chaos.social  [follow]
young european activist. president of the young european federalists netherlands.EU politics, EU law, and data science @maastrichtuniversity.topics: future of #europe, technology studies, #youth participation.trying to stop the climate emergency. languages=de/en/nl/fr pronouns=er/he/hij/il
ende_gelaende_tue@climatejustice.globalEnde Gelände Tübingen
ende_gelaende_tue@climatejustice.global  [follow]
Hier tootet die @ende_gelaendeOrtsgruppe Tübingen.Klimaschutz ist kein Verbrechen - System Change not Climate Change! Kontakt=tuebingen-ende-gelaende@mtmedia.org
holger@chaos.social  [follow]
Frequently a bayesianist.Unfollows you for cryptocurrency/musk or related climate killing fandom. pronouns=he/him, they/them also fine
endegelaendetue@social.anoxinon.deEnde Gelände Tübingen
endegelaendetue@social.anoxinon.de  [follow]
Hier tootet die @ende_gelaende Ortsgruppe Tübingen.Klimaschutz ist kein Verbrechen - System Change not Climate Change! Kontakt=tuebingen-ende-gelaende@mtmedia.org Plenum=Jeden zweiten Sonntagabend Folgt auch=@KlimaAntifaTue
missmartineau@spinster.xyzBarefaced Female
missmartineau@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Semi-pro academic sociologist. Neurodivergent RadFem secularist (formerly über religious) WOC. Evidence-based misandrist. Very tired/anxious/depressed climate apocalypticist. Takes history seriously. Doesn't do dissonance. Increasingly little confidence in humans. Loves sleep.
Photos, Blog, Ongoing Battle
rmdes@mstdn.social  [follow]
Co-Captain Armada.digital| Love to promote #Indieweb & self-hosting approaches to reclaim the web. ¦ Survivor | Geek | Social & Climate Justice ¦ He/HimFR/EN/PT/es Pronouns=He, Him, They,
tofuwabohu@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Moin from Kiel!I'm interested in local organizing, climate and social topics, sustainability in general, linux, privacy and bicycles. Tooting in=German, English he=er
soultender@counter.social  [follow]
Indigenous liberal woman, climate change advocate, Native issues, no racism, misinformation, maga gang
bicycleben@mastodon.onlineBicycleBen 🚲🚶‍♂️🛴🇪🇺
bicycleben@mastodon.online  [follow]
Daily life by cycle despite a bad knee. Riding for fun, fitness, climate. Demanding 🇳🇱 #cycling infrastructure in #Nuneaton, #Coventry, #Warwickshire, and the wider UK. Predominantly (but not exclusively) focused on #ActiveTravel and public transport to reduce car dependency and general #Sustainability. May also cover #environment, #UKPolitics, #technology, #photography, #science, #space, #AmateurRadio, and other odds & ends that pop into my head!Here from the Other Place (@BicycleBenUK) 🌍 Website and Blog=https://fiets.uk 🌳 Linktree=https://linktr.ee/bicycleben Location=Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK
earthfirst@kolektiva.socialEarth First! Journal
earthfirst@kolektiva.social  [follow]
The Earth First! Journal is the voice of the radical environmental movement. Published quarterly, it contains reports on direct action; articles on the preservation of wilderness and biological diversity; news and announcements about Earth First! and other radical environmental groups. Follow for updates about the EF! Journal, snarky ecoposting, and updates on the struggle to minimize and adapt to climate catastrophe.https://earthfirstjournal.news/collective@earthfirstjournal.news
brianpoe@mastodon.socialBrian Poe
brianpoe@mastodon.social  [follow]
PhD scientist, biochemist, lab engineer, entrepreneur. #climate #BioanalyticalChemistry #chemistry #permaculture #peace #consciousness
staygrounded_net@mastodon.socialStay Grounded
staygrounded_net@mastodon.social  [follow]
Stay Grounded is a globalnetwork which aims to tackle the rootcauses of aviation growth and the climate crisis.
wmo@newsbots.euWMO | OMM
wmo@newsbots.eu  [follow]
The World Meteorological Organization is the U.N.'s authoritative voice on weather, climate and water.• unofficial • 📍=Geneva, Switzerland 🔗=https://public.wmo.int
archivist@scholar.socialEira Tansey
archivist@scholar.social  [follow]
Archivist from Cincinnati. I work on the intersections of archives, climate change, recordkeeping, and environmental policy.
ndpi@merveilles.town  [follow]
I'm fascinated by learning, thinking, and how to make computers support those things.I mainly post about systems theory, climate change, and personal programming projects with the occasional photo of my dog being her best doggy self.(I am currently not accepting new followers outside of my instance.)
egg@vulpine.club  [follow]
climate change. global warminf. climmy chimmy. glibby wibby.
suziqleathers@counter.socialSuziQ Leathers
suziqleathers@counter.social  [follow]
Activist * Artist * Designer * DadwasaNavyVet&HallofFamer * Humor * Science* Politics * Pets * Climate * Resistance
oecan@octodon.social  [follow]
Linguste. Klimaaktivist. Kochen und backen. Mit #kind. Weiß. Spielt gelegentlich DnD. Pronomen: Er/ihn.Linguist. Climate activist. Cooking and baking. With #child. White. Enjoys playing and watching DnD. Pronouns: He/his.
jbb@social.tchncs.deJonah 🇪🇺🌳:kde:
jbb@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
aka: JBBcurrent projects: KDE / Plasma Mobile / Kaidan / Debian-pmtopics I consider particularly interesting: computer science, politics, climate, plants, physics, cycling Blog (HTTP)=https://jbbgameich.github.io Blog (Gopher)=gopher://jbb.d.pboehm.de Pronouns=he/him, they/them
ericireland@aus.social  [follow]
#soil #science #microbiology PhD student and food delivery driver in #Naarm #Melbourne … I want to stop climate change and vaccinate everyone! One day I'll get around to tooting something about science..Born at 335 ppm CO2.Pronouns he/him.Vote Green! Celeste Liddle for Cooper in 2022!
Blog, Twitter
gildas_gh@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Etudiant • Vannes/Lyon • Climat, Cybersécurité, Escalade 🧗 • Youth for Climate 🌿
vitreousreign@mstdn.socialReign (they/she)
vitreousreign@mstdn.social  [follow]
queer, artist, muser, chemist, gardener, nester, anarchist, witchuninvited white resident on Hopewell and Myaamia landsspoon drains: ADHD and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome💫special interests💫climate resiliencealternative homesteadingastrologymutual aid networking♎☀️♑🌜♊ 🌄 22 solar returns[emoji descriptions: libra glyph, sun, capricorn glyph, moon, gemini glyph, sunrise]
frederik@m.kuko.hamburg  [follow]
Hey, I'm Frederik, a #sysadmin from #hamburg in germany.My wife and I live #vegan, #zerowaste and without a car. therefore we are interested in #bike, #biketowork, #fahrrad, #verkehrswendeI'm also interested in #linux #infosec #privacy #ansible #kubernetes #opensource#nextcloud #fairphone #lineageos #android #matrix #riot #foss #crypto #basicincome #grundeinkommen #bge #climate #minecraft #minetest #heavymetal #mastoadmin matrix @frederik:matrix.kuko.hamburg email=frederik@kuko.hamburg matrix=@frederik:matrix.kuko.hamburg
periwinkle@counter.social  [follow]
Empty Nester ~ Grandmother ~ Unemployed ~ Gardening ~ 55+ ~ Spiritual Noob ~ Tree Worship ~ Climate ~ BLM ~ Unite ~ Schumann Resonance
frederikkonietzny@digitalcourage.social  [follow]
Hey, my name is Frederik, I’m a #Linux, cyber security and #privacy enthusiast. In my job as a senior system administrator, I have been working for around 20 years.I am married and have a son. Our small family lives #vegan and, if possible, without a car in everyday life (#bikelife / #AlleFuersKlima / #climate).I’m also interested in #infosec #privacy #ansible #kubernetes #opensource #pentesting #nextcloud #fairphone #lineageos #android #matrix #riot #foss #crypto #basicincome #grundeinkomme
griffinkate@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Living in Cardiff, interested in fighting climate change and creating a more liveable world. Pronouns: she/herAge: 42 -1
gwynn@sunbeam.cityGwynn 🌻
gwynn@sunbeam.city  [follow]
I fight climate crime and code decentralized applications! Talk hydroponics with me. 💧✨
that_sinead@mastodon.socialSinéad hohoho Bernie 2020!
that_sinead@mastodon.social  [follow]
leftist, activist, socialista, Papi!politics/ IT/IoT/climate editor(see @that_Sinead on Twitter for "fancy" bio👀)
simplicitarian@mastodon.nzAli Clarke
simplicitarian@mastodon.nz  [follow]
Historian, writer, living a simple retired life in Ōtepoti (Dunedin), Aotearoa New Zealand. Fan of books, gardening, cycling, public transport, a liveable climate. Gàidhlig learner. Feminist. She/her. Blog occasionally at https://clarkesquill.com/
juliindica@counter.socialJuli Indica
juliindica@counter.social  [follow]
Refugee from Musk Twitter. Climate change is real.Slava Ukraine Cannabis is medicine Hemp can save the planet
seanmunger@mastodon.socialSean Munger
My Facebook, My YouTube
seanmunger@mastodon.social  [follow]
Professional speaker, historian (Ph.D.), author, metal fan, blogger, podcaster, climate change thinker. Author of The Warmest Tide, Jake's 88, The Valley of Forever, & more. Host of Second Decade and Green Screen podcasts. My blog/website=https://seanmunger.com/ My politics=Left of center but not radical
gloucester_lad@mstdn.socialDean Eaketts
gloucester_lad@mstdn.social  [follow]
Left-wing Glostonian| Rejoiner| Pro-EU| Pro-Climate and Anti-Tory. I also enjoy #Photography, Science Fiction and l am becoming a novice 3D printer operator, currently limiting my Twitter usage. #FBPE
lillet@mstdn.social  [follow]
Aus NRW, 70er-Ei, sie/ihr, Mensch m. Behinderung, proud Mum, mag Natur, Tiere, Gärtnerkram, Indierock/Electro, Kunst, Kreatives u.a.#Wissenschaft #Naturschutz #Klimaschutz #Antifaschismus #Feminismus #Kunst #Geschichte #Fotografie #Medien #Science #Climate #Antifascism #Feminism #Art #History #Photography #Media
pepijn@mastodon.online  [follow]
Hi / hoi / hej, Member of a one-forest household. 🇪🇺🇳🇱 living in 🇩🇰 with 🇫🇷 kærste.I'm here to talk with other humans. Please feel free to follow or dm me. See my pinned post for an introduction.#fedi22 #ecology #nature #plants #forests #trees #geology #humanism #liberties #history #climate #technology #utopia #maps #space #lego #modelbuilding #books #dogs #cats #cycling Location=Billund, Denmark, EU
scientistrebellion@social.rebellion.globalScientist Rebellion
Website, PeerTube, Telegram channel
scientistrebellion@social.rebellion.global  [follow]
Scientists willing to tell the truth about the climate crisis, and act like it. Join us in civil disobedience against criminal governments.-[Avatar description]Extinction Rebellion symbol (by street artist ESP, 2011) filled with Warming Stripes graphics (by climate scientist Ed Hawkins, 2018)[Banner description]Photo of activists wearing white lab coats and locked together with a steel chain, blocking a street, while holding a banner reading "CLIMATE REVOLUTION OR WE WILL LOSE EVERYTHING" Email=scientistrebellion@protonmail.com
michiel@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Programmer and phoney amateur photographer. Climate fatalist. He/him/idiot. My toots are deleted automatically after twelve weeks. Avatar cc-by-sa 3.0 Jan Michalko/Berlin Buzzwords
Blogg, Audio emissions
inscius@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
#dufferhelpFLOSS everyday!Climate Change is an absolute shower!
grey@merveilles.town  [follow]
I make stuff sometimes. Most notably board games, but I've worked on digital games too. I also spend a lot of time on improvisational modular synthesis.Currently a 3D artist for a tech company. Engaging in a healing process. Working on next steps.I'm a good follow for electronic music, board games, or climate collapse. And now bread too, I guess.
teammidwest@glammr.usEira Tansey
teammidwest@glammr.us  [follow]
Team Midwest forever and ever amen. Archivist and records manager. Climate comrade. My peaceable kingdom features snails, owls, and possums.
skyfaller@jawns.clubNelson Chu Pavlosky
Pixelfed, homepage
skyfaller@jawns.club  [follow]
Fighting for climate justice#cyclist #cyclejawns #SunriseMovement #Philly pronouns=he/him instruments=guitar, piano, guitarlele
lnj@layer8.spaceLinus LNJ | 🇪🇺 🌍️ ⏳️
lnj@layer8.space  [follow]
📍 Europe/Berlin🌍 Climate Activist📝 Wählt Klimaliste Berlin⌨️ Developer of #Kaidan (Jabber/XMPP client)KDE Developerpronouns: he/him Jabber/XMPP=https://i.kaidan.im/#lnj@kaidan.im
holsta@helvede.netAlex Holst
holsta@helvede.net  [follow]
Work: Strategic information security & risk, executive sparring and technical implementations.Play: Nerd Dad. Dog dad. Boyfriend. Violently anti-facist, semi-woke and aggressive climate & equity warrior. Sometimes OpenBSD, hydro/aero-ponics.
nightshade@counter.social  [follow]
Mass Shooting Survivor,Anti Violence & Hate, Animal,Climate,Water,Wildlife Advocate. It's not an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons
garrettshorr@mastodon.social  [follow]
#StillSanders Proud #DemocraticSocialist Climate Change is an Existential Threat. It's time we started acting like it.#DemEnter #AbolishICE
nemobis@mamot.fr  [follow]
🌈 Plant-based thoughts from Helsinki, EU [it/en/fi] on copyleft, commons, digital rights, open science, libraries, climate.More wiki, GNU/Linux and free software at Wikimedia Italia (@wikimediaitalia). #Wikimedia=https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:CentralAuth/Nemo_bis License (own works)=https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/
metnix@mastodon.xyzSprout maker
metnix@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
I'm a vegetable grower, physics nerd and science teacher.(in that order)I mostly toot about vegetables.Interests includes: #Gardening #Wildlife #Meteorology #Climate #EarthScience Languages=En/Swe Pronouns=he/him Location=Sweden Last frost=28/5
paulgreg@framapiaf.orgGrégory PAUL
paulgreg@framapiaf.org  [follow]
My interests are web development, IT security and hacking.I’m very concerned about climate change. I work at mappy.com.
blackrosemiami@kolektiva.socialBlack Rose/Rosa Negra Miami
IG, Linktree
blackrosemiami@kolektiva.social  [follow]
🌴Miami 3️⃣0️⃣5️⃣ #Anarchists🐓🏴Anti-capitalist➕Revolutionary🚩🖤Black Rose Anarchist Federation❤️ FB (ugh)=https://facebook.com/BRRNmiami Climate=Subtropical
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Computational Scientist by DaySorry, picky about follow requests! I may deny/ghost you if we've never interacted.Opinions are my own and do not represent my employer.No patience for:* Crypto/NFT “advocates”* Climate Change deniers* Anti-vaxxers* Bigots of any of kindWill block/mute folks who I consider to fall under these categories.Opinions are my own. Pronouns=He/Him/His XMPP=ndanes@chat.1998.social
jacklenox@mstdn.ioJack Lenox ✊🏼
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Spokesperson for Culture, Sport and Digital Inclusion for the Green Party of England and Wales, 🌍, 🚲, 🌱, 🐧, 🇪🇺 #linux #nature #climate #opensource
mxalba@mastodon.lolMx. Alba :heart_nb: :nd:
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- Non-binary agender / autigender- Bisexual with a preference for queer folx- Autistic with a dash of ADHD- IT support tech- Freelance translator- Bari sax and sop sax player in a post-metal-punk-whatever-we-think-sounds-cool band- Vegan for the climate and the animals- Crazy Cat Person- Nijmegen, Netherlands
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Teaching computers to do things with arguable efficiency.#vegan #cooking #programming #politics #climate
cnd_global@mastodon.socialCerveaux Non Disponibles globa
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English channel of the French independent activist media "Cerveaux Non Disponibles" that aims at highlighting and connecting social and climate struggles.
lucianlutrae@eldritch.cafeLucian Loutranger
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Polyglotte, syndicaliste, furry coyutre, modeleur climatique, écrivain, physicien, pansexuel, 29Polyglot, syndicalist, furry coyotter, climate modeller, writer, physicist, pan, 29
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"may your past make you better not bitter"Words Matter Choose them Carefully#Vote #Climate-Environment #DefendDemocracy #VoteBlue
steveroy@mastodon.socialSteve Roy
Home, Pixelfed
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Software developer and UI designer. I post about climate, UI design, software development, and anything that catches my eye.
eudaimon@fe.disroot.orgEudaimon ꙮ
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[ca]Perfil principal meu al Fedivers. Últimament molt col·lapsista: penso que s'ha acabat el petroli fàcil i barat i no ens hem preparat per substituir-lo. Alhora, hem desfermat un caos de bucles de ralimentació climàtics que ens portaran més enllà dels +2ºC. Estem, doncs, al mig d'una "reducció de la complexitat social", i no pas bonica ni ordenada. Tot i així, miro de trobar una sortida cooperativa d'aquest pou on ens hem ficat.També parlo de programari lliure, serveis lliures i Fedivers.Coautor del logo no oficial del Fedivers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fediverse_logo_proposal.svgTambé faig temes d'escriptori de GNU/Linux https://www.pling.com/u/nestort[en]My main profile un the Fediverse. I'm very "collapsist" lately: we're already past the peak cheap oil and we haven't done anything to substitute it. At the same time we've unleashed a chaotic bunch of climate feedback loops that will bring us beyond +2ºC. So we're in the middle of a "social complexity reduction", and it looks like a disordered one. Still, I work day to day for a cooperative exit to this hole we've dug ourselves in.I also talk about FLOSSS (that is, software and services) and the Fediverse.Coauthor of the unofficial Fediverse logo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fediverse_logo_proposal.svgI also create GNU/Linux themes: https://www.pling.com/u/nestort#nobot (rule that most bots honor: they don't follow profiles with this hashtag) Status=Main account Languages=ca, es, en backup account=@nestort@mastodont.cat Wallpapers, GTK themes, icons, etc=https://www.pling.com/u/nestort
kendonnelly@counter.socialKen Donnelly 🇨🇦
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Nova Scotian who wishes for warmer weather but fights against climate change. 🤷🏻‍♂️
suannlim@pluspora.comSu Ann Lim (moved to Glasswings)
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I'm an incorrigibly curious explorer online as well as IRL. I live in a small community along the west coast of Canada. I enjoy many things... I've serious interests e.g. climate change counter measures, the human experience, people impacting technology, but I also love to laugh.
vaishnavisuresh@mastodon.socialVaishnavi Suresh
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Documentary photographer, campaigner at Jhatkaa.org in the air pollution and climate change department. Words in TheNewsMinute, News laundry and The Print. Photographs in The Federal.
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Hacker / Climate Activist / DevOps at @wechange language=de, en pronouns=er/he localhost=@marv@osna.social
monitodetrapo@mastodon.socialMonito de Trapo 鄭布猴法悟空
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We are in a climate and ecological crisis, on our way to global civilisation collapse. Disposable. He/Him#ExtinctionRebellion
aldayuan@mastodon.socialAlda Yuan
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SFF writer, #fantasy map cartographer, indie #ttrpg game designer near #washingtondc.Science policy and data sharing/interoperability for work. Technically a lawyer. Occasionally writes about #environmentaljustice, health data #privacy and #space law. 👍: #3dprinting, #books, #climate, #opensource, #publictransit, #leftist politics, #collectiveaction, #boardgames 👎: cops, union busters, facists, white supremacists, TERFs, the supreme courtViews own, but please blame my cat. she/her
simplicitarian@mstdn.socialAli Clarke
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Historian, writer, living a simple retired life in Ōtepoti (Dunedin), Aotearoa New Zealand. Fan of books, gardening, cycling, public transport, a liveable climate. Gàidhlig learner. Feminist. She/her. Blog occasionally at https://clarkesquill.com/
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Female, 30, USA ♀️🧙‍♀️My pronouns are "Gender/Is/Patriarchy" and you damn well better respect them or else I will sue you for hate speech /sarcasmActively trying to get banned from Pinterest and convert as many Libfems as I can along the wayOnline gamer who gets sexually harassed nearly every time I play on micEXTREMELY ASOCIAL AND AWKWARD IRL (also online and in my dreams)Daughter of a feminist hippie and proud of it, second generation socialistStuff I believe in: 🏥 universal single payer healthcare🏘️ affordable housing🏫 affordable high quality education for all🍼 affordable childcare🤰🏽 paid family leave♀️ sex based protections for women and girls✊🏿 racial justice & protections for black people and POC🌎 decarbonization and climate change adaptation and mitigation 🚴‍♀️ walkable and bikable cities + well funded public transit🏭 environmental justice♿ disability rights♾️ autism acceptance😷 vaccines, masks, and social distancing🗳️ election reform and ranked choice voting#adulthumanfemale #actuallyautistic #radfem #bisexual #BLM #socialist #TERFisaslur #feminist #notthefunkind #peaktrans #decarbonize #climatechangeisgenocide
paulrr@mastodon.socialpaulrr (he/him)
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Country=Canada Interests=Climate action, FOSS
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I love reading, sewing, laughing, bicycling, sailing, ukuleles, vegetarian gf cooking, watercolor doodling, knitting & spinning. Enthusiastic about nature, good puns, bad puns, tea, lichen, space, overthinking things, hobbits, social justice, solving climate change, and naps. Living in PNW w/ fibromyalgia/CFS, anxiety, ADHD (they're welcome to leave at any time).GenX, married, mom to two teens (one cis, one trans). Wears heart on sleeve. Trans rights are human rights. #nobots
transflux@mstdn.ioganz toll :dance_cool_doge:
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bcn (⚰bln), climate change research hacker, open all, creativity/language/ML, critical engineering, science hacking, cyborgs, eastern philosophylicci.eu
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UK based radfem.History is my first love.:ms_female_symbol:Anti-porn.Anti-sex-industry.Anti-capitalist.Anti-racist.Anti-fascist.Anti-imperialist.Gender abolitionist.Atheist.Pro-woman.Climate change is a feminist issue.
wastelandoxen@octodon.socialwasteland oxen
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Web tech and socialism and cats and the climate postapocalypseAll is for all, everything for everyone
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Local Area Network Technology Infrastructure For AllSupporting the climate justice movement with IT infrastructure and services since 2020.There are projects all over this planet requiring skilled people (wifi+networking, security/privacy skillshares, basic hardware maintenance)http://map.lantifa.org
tisfolly@counter.socialtisfolly (Mark - he/him)
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Climate change. Social justice. Asset inequality. Everything is connected.
earthstrike@mastodon.socialEarth Strike
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General strike worldwide September 27th 2019!Calling for climate action and justice now!