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datenschutz@norden.social  [follow]
Datenschutz und Datensicherheit sind kein Fremdwort für mich. Verliebt in die Nord- und Ostsee mit vielen Interessen ....
andreducharme@twtr.plusAndré Ducharme :verified:
nitter.poast.org, About twtr.plus
andreducharme@twtr.plus  [follow]
Humoriste, scénariste, animateur, script-éditeur. Pis une couple d'autres affaires. #tlmep. #ByeBye. Fier RBO. SVP: *Pas de colporteurs*. Twitter=twitter.com/andreducharme
brodoyouevendrift@freespeechextremist.com  [follow]
IF YOU ARE NOT 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER, BLOCK AND MUTE ME AND LEAVE MY PROFILE IMMEDIATELY.-The story of my journey to freespeechextremist.com-twitter and reddit ban people who don't break any rules or laws, just because they disagree with what they said, even if it's the truth. This goes against freedom of speech.This has happened many times, and continues to happen to many people. It seems places like that are taken over and run by hardcore fascist communist globalist leftists. So one day someone tells me about voat and gab (free speech alternatives) Great! I can finally try connecting with people in a good environment that respects my freedom of speech, finally.-As it turns out, this is not true. If you tell the truth on voat, an army of very angry trolls who disagree with you will use an army of bots to abuse the communist social credit system (up/down voting) and downvote all your posts into oblivion. The moderators and the site owner don't do anything about this, and at most some mods will tell you they can't help you. no points = you can only post once per 24 hours.-gab was much better for a much longer time, until one day my account suddenly vanished into thin air. I got a screen that said "you do not have permission to view this page" and nothing that told me that I was banned or gave me a reason why. Nothing. I created a new account and messaged andrew torba, gab support, and everyone that should have been able to help me. no response. account shadow-erase-banned again. This happened three times and my best theory as to why it happened was this: my last few posts before my first ever account went byebye was me discussing the last of us two leaks. I didn't link any pictures or video of the leak footage. I only talked about it, and I did give MAJOR SPOILER WARNINGS, and linked videos of the unaffiliated you-tubers YongYea and MrH also only talking about it. (I'm also not affiliated with them) Everyone is well within fair use laws. No US laws were broken and no website rules were broken. Eventually a very kind person told me about FSE and I came here. to connect with others who love freedom of speech and freedom.-Honestly people, you want to know what I think? Just talk to me!-"Unauthorized Schizophrenic Autism Wizard"PRO: "vegan" health psycho, plant based Conservative, Libertarian, Liberty, Gun, Trump, Q, America, Truth, GOD.-(This does NOT mean that I just hate other people who think different things!)-ANTI: political correctness,hypocrisy, willful ignorance, SHILL AGENTS.liberal=democrat=leftist=socialist=communist=globalist=atheist=satanist.(In some cases... but not all, but when I notice a pattern, It's important to be careful of course)-All religions=infiltrated by satanists. (If you ask me why I think this, I can give some pretty good evidence of why I think this, very deep redpills, maybe too deep)-There are good&bad people of ALLbackgrounds, even if I make some cautious observations on some patterns I notice, so forgive me for that in the moment, but the world is technically in the middle of a giant global cold war between the forces of good and evil. Spiritually, there's some crazy stuff going on right now.-Religion is Not god. Worship GOD, not religions.-EARTH=FLAT. NO CURVATURE. What holds atmo in? Atmo=pressure... space=vacuum..... That's like popping a balloon and having the air just stay compressed in one place in total disregard of the pressure difference! THEY LIE TO US ABOUT THE VERY FOUNDATIONS OF OUR REALITY, SO THAT THE DEEP STATE CAN MORE EASLY LIE TO US ABOUT EVERY SMALLER LIE IN THE WORLD!