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anaisfae@mastodon.artAnaïs Faë
Shop, Tip jar
anaisfae@mastodon.art  [follow]
Artist and cat faerie ⋅ https://anaisfae.art ✦I get stronger in the splendor of a lucid moonThey/she/whatever · :heart_sp_bi: :heart_sp_pan: :heart_sp_nb:In this world since 1989PP: https://picrew.me/image_maker/257476
interneteh@mastodon.social  [follow]
PNW-exploring socialist dad food guy who wants to be a bear. He. Constant food posts. Bi. Formerly at Sunbeam City. Boosts A Lot=Paintings by commission DSA=Twitter Refugee Dadposting=Oregon Hiker=Sincereposter
spacedrake@mastodon.socialcry fieri
spacedrake@mastodon.social  [follow]
bi, he/himenglish/français (mostly english on the tl tho)no lewd stuff in my mentions if we aren't mufos alt=@spacedrake@jorts.horse
socalledunitedstates@sunbeam.cityPops :rojava: :greensun:
Icon by, Ko-fi
socalledunitedstates@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Pops. #Solarpunk :greensun: #anarchism :toppled_crown: intersectional feminist :anfem: nondenominational #Christian :anarchy_christian: and #Buddhist :anarchy_buddhist: #autistic :autism: bi :heart_bi:Always looking for comrades near Birmingham, AL. Always willing to find local groups for you to join if you ask, or to help you change the world in any way I can!Dating @rittle, @Moss, *and* @Anarchist_Mallrat wowie I'm one lucky fella Pronouns=he/him Ideology=none state with left economy
henry@pretend.fun  [follow]
Trailer trash. MM=40s Sorta=Bi Into=You Name It
nezchan@mastodon.socialThe Book of Kels
Website, Patreon, Ko-fi
nezchan@mastodon.social  [follow]
I'm a silly person who writes serious stories with lesbian and/or trans leads. Several of them are free on my site.Bi-romantic lesbian & anti-Oreo activist Pronouns=She/Her/Your Majesty
rovensstuff@mastodon.social  [follow]
Mature Guy and the things that turn me on! Tumblr Refugee Gay/Bi/Group=Explicit Oral=Explicit Frottage/Cut=Explicit Hairy Men=Explicit
lensamoon@mastodon.artEillow- TheDragonQueen🐉
instagram, twitter
lensamoon@mastodon.art  [follow]
im bi/non-binary and i love dragons and im a dragon artist who will draw other things on the fly
polychrome@cybre.spacePolychrome :clockworkheart:
polychrome@cybre.space  [follow]
:clockworkheart: Mechanical Gothic Lolita 👗INTP and slightly surreal.Egalitarian.Polyamorous with thigh high socks.A messy piece of clockwork :heart_bi: Height=Short Socks=Tall Pigtails=Pink Face=Masked
comrade_hilton@mastodon.socialBadd Dadd Energy 💜🍆
comrade_hilton@mastodon.social  [follow]
bi/pan dad|i pop off to boost my self-esteem|Boosts+OK|Having Fun On Linehornt/shitposting/lewds🚩🥖🌹🏴(he/him)!!! 18+ !!!
foibledboi@abdl.link  [follow]
Just Another Human Being Full of Quirks, Little Foibles...I'm a 20 Something lil' Bi-Guy floating along the SF Bay Area. Single and Ready to Flamingle Instagram=instagram.com/foibledboi Tumblr=foibledboi.tumblr.com
melissasage@radical.townblack lives matter
melissasage@radical.town  [follow]
:heart_trans: :heart_bi:✡️:hammer_and_sickle:👩‍💻mod here on radical.townjust barely shorter than Fidel Castroavi by @firstprogenitor Call me=Melissa or Sage Pronouns=She/her or they/them follow reqs=sure send em along languages=en > zh > es > pt > he
anthonydavis@jorts.horseDrew Brees
anthonydavis@jorts.horse  [follow]
Mastodon account of basketball Superstar Drew Brees, quarterback for the New Orleans Pelicans Pronouns=He/Him Linux Distro=Windows 7 Pro I'm=bi ACAB?=You better believe it
pinko_angel@anarchism.space🌹☭Pinko🌹☭Angel ️‍🌈✊🏼☭
pinko_angel@anarchism.space  [follow]
Communist, Bi, Antifa, green, BLM, feminist, mom. @TaraKaos is my #TransIsBeautiful wife. She/her/Cis. Commie=☭ ☭ ☭ Goth, parent=🦇 🧛‍♀️ 👩‍👩‍👧 LGBT=🌈 :heart_eyes_cat_bi: :heart_eyes_cat_trans: Direct Action=:antifa: :ancom: :black_bloc_blob:
spineberg@mastodon.socialapproximately spineberg
spineberg@mastodon.social  [follow]
🤠 Cowboy Emoji 🤠🌹🏴 Some Sort of Leftist 🏴🌹:dnd: Tabletop Bastard :dnd: will say howdy back=that's the cowboy creed 27, bi=[he/him] or [they/them] making a mess=constantly an inner look into the tooting process is available at:=@spineberg_ebooks (courtesy of @lynnesbian)
checkervest@octodon.socialWinter Alex
checkervest@octodon.social  [follow]
"Jack, you have debauched my sloth."75% sky pictures, 25% flotsam Pronouns:=she/they I am:=bi/pan I like:=sad songs I take:=too many pictures of clouds
byttyrs@queer.partyMads "Old Main" Viande
byttyrs@queer.party  [follow]
Bi trans wombyn, 26. Moving to @byttyrs18+, minors don't follow, sorry! Pronouns:=she/her Alt:=@byttyrs Boost:=selfies, jokes, thinks Ask to boost:=personal/sensitive
mcmoots@weirder.earthChurlish Evergreen 🌲👀
mcmoots@weirder.earth  [follow]
Quotidian sincereposting from traditional Coast Salish land. The laziest weirder.earth admin.40, white, bi, polyamorous, ADHD. Pronouns=they||she
lexi@octodon.social  [follow]
36 and trans. Former IT drone. Nerd. Geek. Part fangirl, part squirrel.Likes comic books and animation, science fiction and fantasy, and a whole lot more!Very left-wing. :anarchist_flag: :blob_pat_anar_raccoon:Please don't follow me if you're under 18; I sometimes say adult things...!#SqueakSquad 🐁 🐀🐿️ Species=Red squirrel 🐿️🌰 Pronouns=She/her/hers :heart_trans: :trebuchet: Orientation=Bi/Pan :heart_bi: :heart_pan: Location=New Zealand :jorts: :blimey:
homosexualdalecooper@bofa.lolthe monster ash
homosexualdalecooper@bofa.lol  [follow]
ASHLEY MICHAELtrans boy who likes dale cooper ANARCHYpan/bi & ace🌸 HE/HIM 🌸
officialabba@octodon.social  [follow]
communism, but make it gayhe/him friend to=jules and evan bi?=sexual carly rae?=jepsen
thufir@social.lain.hausthufie :: Girl
thufir@social.lain.haus  [follow]
-- This account is abandoned, now @thufie@cyberia.social ! -- Feel free to flirt and be lewd I am very lonely ;^*- my name: thufie- my site: https://thufie.lain.haus/- my blog: https://write.lain.haus/thufie/- my pronouns: she/her- my queer-brands: bi, transComfy vegan anarchist from the so-called "US state of Texas".Free Software Advocate who occasionally makes cyber-art and programs, but more often rants about how fucking ridiculous modernity is and just tries to be comfy (or hornt).#nobot #nobots
pizza@goblin.campMungus Von Bungus
pizza@goblin.camp  [follow]
Gob, Pizza, Aaron. lv 25 goblin rogue, ham hater, serfposter, font defender, communist. admin of goblin.camp :bonfire:he/they bi nonbinary white guymostly #shitposts, I also boost a lot. Telling me to shut the fuck up is encouraged. I only follow back if you have an actual bio and aren't cryptofash or whatever.Art account is @aaron Pronouns=he/they Bisexual=hell yeah
chaostheory@mastodon.social  [follow]
dante/orion | trans guy | bi | 19 | ancom | he/himhttps://morningstars.carrd.co/
kew@sunbeam.city  [follow]
hialt @kew@kew sexuality=bi/pan gender=is an idea they/them=please venmo=jjx12
homosexualdalecooper@knzk.me  [follow]
ashley michaellittle baby punk anarchist trans boypan/bi & acei’m the dale cooper dude pronouns=he/him shitpost acct=@homosexualdalecoopers
dayglochainsaw@efdn.clubOl' Minecraft Dick
dayglochainsaw@efdn.club  [follow]
god's shitpost / perfect garbage child / the wretched king of this bastard earth / I'm like if Charlie Kelly knew how to read pronouns=he/him im=bi
jjbate@mastodon.social  [follow]
Chronic addicted masturbator, addicted to porn. Chronic, addicted masturbator. Poppers, 420, grease, gear & dildos.This is for 18+ & NSFW. JJbate1 on Tumblr Gay/Bi=NSFW Porn=NSFW Bate=NSFW
fenreliania@mastodon.socialThe Old Fenreliania (MOVED)
fenreliania@mastodon.social  [follow]
Cute bi poly slime, 99% gender free.You can boost my selfies! Pronouns=They/Them Casual account=@Fenreliania
hummingrain@wandering.shop  [follow]
I'm a writer, game designer, and former techie. Bi, non-binary. I keep reptiles and love sharing pictures of 'em.It's very possible for me to be a white privileged buffoon, even though I strive not to be. Please feel free to call me out on my bullshit so I can learn to be a better person. [1) I realize that's asking for emotional/mental labor and that's A Lot, and 2) I've anxiety, which can make me not able to respond immediately.]Blog: humming-rain.com.Pro site: scrivian.com. they/them Pronouns=they/them/their Open for Clients?=Yeeeeep, please DM Is tired?=Always Where?=Seattle, Illegally Occupied Duwamish land
kew@knzk.me  [follow]
hialts: @kew @kew @kewpriv @k3w sexuality=bi/pan gender=is an idea pronouns=pick venmo=@jjx12
pisscotheque@bofa.lol  [follow]
:heart_nb: Charles Fourier Sex Olympics :heart_bi: old account=leg@mastodon.social discord=pisscotheque#2552 curious cat=curiouscat.me/pisscotheque
twitter, AmateurPorn, ManyVids, Wish List
boringkate@mastodon.social  [follow]
Hey. I'm Kate. I'm into comics, video games, anime, and programming. I'm also trans bi and poly. Sometimes I do porn.
kitsunealicia@octodon.socialAlicia's Plural System
kitsunealicia@octodon.social  [follow]
Intolerant of dishonesty, willful ignorance, & inequality.Please interact and get to know us before sending follow requests.Pun MistressBeware my magick CD-ROM Stories/Coding Updates=https://cybre.space/@KitsuneAlicia Pronouns=they/them for the body/all of us, or she/her if referring to one of us Other Info=trans, bi, autistic, plural, kin, ancom Lilith=is at @succubuslilith
yatchi@mastodon.socialyatchi moving 2 snouts
yatchi@mastodon.social  [follow]
i was promised commie furries and this does not disappoint@murilega <326 / he / linh cẩu đốm / bi or whatever / tongva territory, aztlán Order=Carnivora Family=Hyaenidae Genus=Crocuta Species=C. crocuta
extinction@mastodon.socialnoé/valentine ✅
extinction@mastodon.social  [follow]
noé/valentine + 18 + he/himpoc + nb + bi
photophoregirl@knzk.meantifa seal division
photophoregirl@knzk.me  [follow]
your friendly neighborhood animal poster and sleepy sea bitchnow with more seaweed flavor!sometimes i drawi love the ocean & hate capitalism pronouns=she/her, they/them age: 26=no underage followers on here plz, i post 18+ art bi as fuck=emoji enthusiast
linuxtjej@mastodon.socialLinuxtjej 🏳️‍🌈🇸🇪
linuxtjej@mastodon.social  [follow]
🏳️‍🌈🇸🇪She/it:Bi/Cis-femme/lgbti-socialist-activist. #ADD=My life with the diagnosis #Psychology=Various topics that interest me #Diary=Just writing whatever's in my head #LGBTQ=
ldopa@knzk.meknzk frances (now at myass)
ldopa@knzk.me  [follow]
Won’t you knock me on my head? Crack it open let me out of hereMaster of the post n dashShe/her, latina, bi>>New main and admin at @ldopa !! << Science toots=@Laurenisdop
biholy@mastodon.socialholy ⁉️ 🐁🐀🐁
biholy@mastodon.social  [follow]
he,they . rat god. im 18#ratgangheader by. @adiosToreadoricon by @karkatstrider i love u@bi_holii on twitter for my art shit rat?=rat? rat?=rat? rat?=rat? rat?=rat?
aoife@cybre.spaceAoife ☕ 🧙‍♀️:sparkles_bi:
aoife@cybre.space  [follow]
22 / bi / trans / comp sci undergrad / paranormal investigator / amateur game dev & writer / first geezer to walk on the sun / extravagant clowntwitch: https://www.twitch.tv/lichwitch98 | discord: Aoife#5257 | matrix: aoife:cybre.space pronouns=she/her/hers location=53 miles west of Venus background=bird school alumna
CryptoPartys near you, Digitalcourage-HSG
cryptgoat@digitalcourage.social  [follow]
Living in #Bielefeld and working for @digitalcourage and active in @dchsg. Speaks 🇩🇪 🇬🇧. (Not) using this account whenever I feel like it.Stuff that interests me:#Linux #Manjaro #Debian #LinuxMint #Xfce #KDE #Cinnamon #FreeSoftware #FLOSS #CryptoParty #LinuxGaming #RetroGames #SciFi #StarTrek #Politics #FDroid #CalyxOS #LineageOS #Android
feminazgul@mastodon.social  [follow]
The only time that I'm a lady's when I lay these hoes to rest. 🌹🥀⚰30something cis bi socialist in the DC area. Drugs, exercise, baking, video games, etc. Pronouns=She/Her Twitter=Feminazgul Instagram=dankdarkdreams Pics?=Boostable!
katwylder@mastodon.art:heart_sp_bi: Kat Draws
Patreon, Art Streams, Gumroad
katwylder@mastodon.art  [follow]
Freelance illustrator. she/whateverProfessional inquiries: KatWylderArt@gmail.com•ART Moderator Commissions=Closed
quietbecoming@octodon.social🕸🦇Giant Squid 💀👾
quietbecoming@octodon.social  [follow]
(born in 91) they/them bi, florida, pacifist christian panthiesti'm here to make friends so you can say hi or something. I'd say hi first but i'm shy.personal alt: unbecoming@www.librepunk.club▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎"Some fragnance always remains in the hands of those who distribute Roses" anarcho=communist anti=capitalist aliens=are friends
biupdatebot@botsin.spacebi update bot
biupdatebot@botsin.space  [follow]
Letting you know just how bisexual I feel every day at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Detroit time. Owner=@zigg
shad@pipou.academy  [follow]
:blob_outage:​"Boy, do I try"Admin d'instance fâché avec l'informatique :blobfuckingweirdcat:​J'écris surtout en français, but sometimes i rant in english too.En coloc queer :heart_pride:​ Je parle souvent de chats. A part ça je lis, je joue, je mate des animes et je sale :salt:​ Anime du moment : Noragami, Kemono IncidentsJeux du moment : Ever OasisLivre du moment : Le petit livre rougeAssigned Fighter At Birth ⚔️​Non-binaire, + à l'aise au masculin, still not trans tho. Lobby LGBT=Bi enby :sparkles_bi:​ Pronoms=They/il :sparkles_nb:​ Genre=Beauf :sparkles_light:​ Languages=FR, EN, 日本語
interneteh@weirder.earth(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ sid ♥
interneteh@weirder.earth  [follow]
Feel free not to respond to my follow request. It's totally fine! I'm a leftist millennial dad raising 2 kids in Kalapuya land in Oregon. Writer and editor. Posts about nature, food, gardening, politics. Not a bot. bi/pan, he/him. the chillhop raccoon toon is by Jeoffrey Magellan
gmsh@sleeping.townholly! 🎉🧡:sparkles_fiery:
gmsh@sleeping.town  [follow]
pupy19 yearbs of agepan/bi lesbian, polyamthe y in holly stands for "your friend"follow requests okay, :boost_ok: unless stated otherwiseflirting is coolice-flavour at @gmsh are we friends?=4th line in my bio<3 quiet alt=@gmshh lewd alt=@gmshhh pronouns?=she/her or loser im=pupy
gayfieri@bofa.lolCapitalist Tranifesto™
gayfieri@bofa.lol  [follow]
Tiny autistic, bi, trans man (he/him/his), dog dad, husband of a true legend. Sometimes NSFW. Ankles=Covered Snakes=Up Tiddies=Out Punch=TERFs
CryptoPartys near you, Digitalcourage-HSG
cryptgoat@chaos.social  [follow]
Working for @Digitalcourage and active in @dchsg. Speaks 🇩🇪 🇬🇧. (Not) using this acccount whenever I feel like it.Stuff that interests me:#Linux #Manjaro #LinuxMint #Xfce #KDE #Cinnamon #FreeSoftware #FLOSS #CryptoParty #XMPP #Matrix #LinuxGaming #RetroGames #SciFi #StarTrek #Politics #FDroid #LineageOS #Android
photophoregirl@octodon.socialantifa seal division
photophoregirl@octodon.social  [follow]
your friendly neighborhood animal poster and sleepy sea bitchoriginal seaweed flavor!sometimes i drawi love the ocean & hate capitalism pronouns:=she/her, they/them age: 27=horrid nerd bi as fuck=emoji enthusiast KNZK crew=forever
d0lly@mastodon.socialemi ☑️
d0lly@mastodon.social  [follow]
verified @neji fan accountqueen of #bluegangcxtecharm on tumblr19 / bi gal / @slugsies <3listography.com/d0llyadorefollow @medicalcure and @suplex24
dayglochainsaw@cryptids.onlineim stupid throw rocks at me
dayglochainsaw@cryptids.online  [follow]
inventor of truck nuts bi?=you know it pronouns?=he/him profile pic by=@extinct
fidgetcetera@sins.centerMx. Ace Fucking Jaycee
queer space, avatar credit, website
fidgetcetera@sins.center  [follow]
our name's Ace Jaycee, and we're a white 20 year old queer romance-fucked bi dyke trans otherkin enby plural system! made of Nemmy Nyms 🐯💙 and Salix Quercus 🐰💚 pronouns=xey/xem https://pronoun.is/xey/xem/xeir/xeirs/xemselves
pawnshopheart@mastodon.social  [follow]
i love alfonse fire emblem so muchtwitter is @lineraway - sen v / 22 / any pronouns / bi / polyamoroushttps://listography.com/pawnshophearttradingup gender=depends
ymelia_@witches.town  [follow]
Sorcière-garou féministe dysorthographie sans mana. BI-bliothécaire :bisexual_flag: She/elle ~ [Fr/Eng]
oct2pus@catgirl.science  [follow]
26 he/him Bi ⚫Linux⚫Homestuck⚫Nintendo⚫Go
venusbi@berries.spacepao :verified:
venusbi@berries.space  [follow]
🌿 bi latina // 18 🌿idk solo estoy aquí por aburrimientopls read snotgirl status:=online chunglr:=http://pragbi.tumblr.com/ interests:=jojos, webcomics, girls
byttyrs@radical.townMads "Out of Service" Viande
byttyrs@radical.town  [follow]
Like bitters, the bitter cocktail ingredient, but ~femynyst~Communist bi trans wombyn*, she/her, 27. [*: I'm trans, as in 6mg of estradiol/day, not a TERF.] My old account is @byttyrs.Don't follow if you're under 18. Boost my selfies but exercise discretion boosting posts on personal/sensitive subjects.Officially Certified™ to make posts about snake boy's dickyou probably don't need my blessing to do or enjoy anything. you don't need to impress me. I have strong opinions but almost none of them matter. I would really prefer that you keep that in mind in my replies magna=cinaeda et fellatrix
sireffe@iam.lydi.asLyds, perfect 25
sireffe@iam.lydi.as  [follow]
late 20s | #Trans | Very Bi | Aspiring #DemonessI’m on the cusp of Scorpio :scorpio: and living it. Captions on, soft g gif, eat the rich. follow requests are a-ok!server admin of iamlydias. Sometimes I talk about tech type stuff, and am generally happy to help if i can.Jeg snakker bare litt norsk. Pronouns=She/her Boosts/DMs=Okayy :liberapay:=https://liberapay.com/Sireffe/
ponett@mastodon.socialBobby Schroeder
Patreon, SLARPG Demo, Tumblr, Twitter
ponett@mastodon.social  [follow]
she/her, bi, 24. leftist indie dev, creator of Super Lesbian Animal RPG. too many feelings about children's cartoons. email: ponettplus@gmail
dumpling@octodon.social🍓 Tiffs🍓
dumpling@octodon.social  [follow]
Hello! :blobcat:A most peculiar mademoiselle. :blobcatblep:Asian female 🇨🇳 🇯🇵... :heart_bi: :blobheartcat:Older posts deleted automatically.My account is locked, but if we've interacted feel free to send a follow request :blobcat: Pronouns=she/her (they/them are also fine) Age=Twenties Lewder me=@dumpling
jen_lee@mastodon.hostJen Lee
jen_lee@mastodon.host  [follow]
Writer, exvangelical, Huffleclaw, patron saint of mysterious leg bruises, my feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit, here to be your hype queen. She/her. Bi as fuck. fuck wilw. Pronouns=She, her I am=cis, bi, totally into u Location=Philadelphia-ish What's in my mouth=A plastic "ice cube" with an LED in it from my cocktail.
kelbesque@onster.farmEmily, née Eve
kelbesque@onster.farm  [follow]
NB woman, Queen of the Onster Farmpronouns: she/her✡️The reviews are in!"a wise, impartial party" -CrystalIf we haven't interacted I probably won't accept your follow request. contains lewds=🔞 Runs=this instance Pronouns=she/her Bi=as heck
psychuan@plush.cityPsy Chuan
psychuan@plush.city  [follow]
Stupid demi/bi/grey-ace cat thing. Thirty-something years old but not mentally. Ask me anything.I came here to loaf.No under eighteens please.
roxxers@roxxers.xyz🎄 Roxie, the queer nose'd doggirl 🎄
Steam, Github, Patreon
roxxers@roxxers.xyz  [follow]
- Hacker grrl gf of your dreams- Makes codey poos, aka Computer Witch- Trying to be as Queer Punk as possible- Libsoc- Lewd :over18::flag_trans: :flag_bi: Pronouns=she/her Age=20 Location=Lancs, UK Switch=SW-1433-8666-8990 XMPP=roxxers@riseup.net GPG Fingerprint=49B0 A560 F2C0 5D0A 4460 B693 5D01 40ED EE12 3F4D
meena@glitch.socialeena meena me
meena@glitch.social  [follow]
expert cat lady. new parent. bi s/witch. the 💜 life of @hirojin The blood of the coven is thicker than the water of the womb.(everything i write is CC0) Elsewhere=@hirojin (profesh) @meena (selfies) @meena (science) Location=Dortmund 🌳🏭🌳 Pronouns=[they or she](http://my.pronoun.is/they/.../themself/:or/she) Dyslexia=Deutsch, English, Bosanski
skelltan@hellsite.sitethembo friendslut
skelltan@hellsite.site  [follow]
wont shut the FUCK up about wrestlingnerd hater extraordinaire viewer beware my pronouns are they/them/theiri am cass, (u can call me cece if u'd like) the most outgoing (unofficial) member of mastodonim 18i hope i can be ur Friendsee my best toots @ #skellbestask 4 my lewd alt if u want aspergers=and depression/anxiety pronouns=they / them or en/ens thought i was bi=but im pan fediversary...=june 8
anomaly@radical.townanomaly 🌹
anomaly@radical.town  [follow]
24 y/o bi boy/girl/genderfluid person. I work in tech, live in the Triangle (NC), into leftism, music, technology, various arts and sciences, and the occasional shitpost/sadpost politics=leftist pronouns=he/they/she thoughts=feels tech=music
feminazgul@bofa.lolhaunted thot
feminazgul@bofa.lol  [follow]
🌹The only time that I'm a lady's when I lay these hoes to rest. ⚰️🌹🥀30s cis bi socialist in the DC area. Drugs, exercise, cats, video games, baking, etc. Pronouns=She/Her Twitter=Feminazgul Instagram=dankdarkdreams Pics?=Boostable!
trev@icosahedron.websiteAnthony Trevelyan
trev@icosahedron.website  [follow]
30 | he/him | Phoenix | bi | web dev Discord=Trev#7732
ryusei@glitch.socialRyusei (류セイ/龍生)
ryusei@glitch.social  [follow]
New main account of @And_Zoidberg. Nerdy academia esoterica, video games, art both of the pixel and traditional variety, pen-and-paper RPGs, anime, social issues, LGBT stuff and food.They/themish and flaming metrosexual-of-center/男装/ทอม, bi but not currently out on the town二世Prepare to be blinded by science and weebshit.
glyzinite@efdn.club★ Glyzinite ★
glyzinite@efdn.club  [follow]
Leith • 25 • they/them • nonbinary • bi • polyam • chronically ill☆ gender transcender ★ aposematic enby ★ mischievous cat demon ★ rough-around-the-edges punk with a heart of gold and a tragic backstory ★ triforce of courage ☆ age=25 pronouns=they/them
eest9@chaos.socialErwin Ernst eest9 Steinhammer
eest9@chaos.social  [follow]
executive board member @c3wien ∆ I'm studying political science ∆ 🐘 @eest9 ∆ dyslexic ∆ bi/pan pronouns=er/they website=eest9.eu
interneteh@dads.coolsid, but dad
interneteh@dads.cool  [follow]
Feel free not to respond to my follow request. It's totally fine! I'm a leftist millennial dad raising 2 kids in Kalapuya land in Oregon. Writer and editor. Posts about nature, food, gardening, politics. Not a bot. bi/pan, he/him. the chillhop raccoon toon is by Jeoffrey Magellan
neeti@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
• Writer/editor • Malayali in Toronto• Feminist (post-??)• History• Stargazing/moon-gazing/tarot-journaling • Atheist-Buddhist, at this moment• I think about: intersectional gender stuff, mental health, films/tv, linguistics• I know: EN, Malayalam, Hindi, Arabic, French neeti aka=aganiké (a-gah-nee-kay) also=cis, bi also=she/her 🏠=🇨🇦 🇮🇳 🇦🇪
roxie@fedi.queerdorks.clubT-Rox, now with less T
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- Hacker grrl gf of your dreams- Makes codey poos, aka Computer Witch- Trying to be as Queer Punk as possible- Libsoc- Lewd :over18::flag_trans: :flag_bi:
wolfie@queer.partyMx Wolfie 🌈 [Alt]
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Mid 30s, White British, childfree, bi ace aro queer, veggie, polyamorous, agender Pets: Snake (Royal Python) 🐍Seraphina (albino enchi morph) and 4 Giant African Land Snails 🐌 They/themHampshire, UKI like Animal Crossing (see my alts) also MtG and Pokemon (@SkallaWolf and @Flareon)Obligate #LightTheme User:antifa:I'm British and I'm so fucking sorry please forgive mecashapp: https://cash.app/£wolfpurplemoon Other places I'm Me 👩🏻‍💻=http://wolfpurplemoon.com Animal Crossing 🏝=https://comicscamp.club/@wolfland Cooking 🥑=https://kith.kitchen/@veggie_wolfie Main 🐺=https://deadinsi.de/@wolfie
theinternet@knzk.meThe Internet Explorer
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I'm the actual internet. Former Beatle. Leftist, 25 y/o, Trans Girl, Bi, She/Her Pronouns=Sher/Her Anime=no, thanks
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hialso at @kew i'm=bi they=them solidarity=forever venmo=jjx12
pocketghosts@mastodon.artghost!!! 🌱
commissions OPEN, refsheet, ko-fi
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you can call me ghost!0(:3 )~ =͟͟͞͞(’、3)_ヽ)__ i drawi love some games and my OC yehngameplay and stuff acct: @fantasmalso i drew this: :lies_down:⁘ they/them | bi, 2d>3d | ADHD | 🇵🇭🇺🇸 follow free=i just want to keep bots and empty accounts out
laylaalexandrovna@spinster.xyzLayla Alexandrovna
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This is an AKA. Old crone, celibate bi.Stood with Shar Valerious ('sign lady') at the March On YVR Jan 2018 (if anyone remembers that far back!)Art is mine. Cover is my photo of Bacalar, Mexico with my sis July 2019.*If you're planning to be in #Transcouver, let's meet for coffee! Please DM me.*#Transcentral ; #Troonscouver
trevordrinkwater@bofa.loltrevor drinkwater :verified:
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:mk_luigi: ancom :mk_luigi: bi :mk_luigi: cis :mk_luigi: boy :mk_luigi:http://cash.me/$trevdrinkwater favorite color=lavender favorite flower=lavender favorite odor=lavender
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patrão @stux d/ela :aufinity:=https://youtu.be/pgxxcrVtNrQ :bisexual_flag: :sp_bi:
alexdavis@mastodon.socialToot In Common :fatyoshi:
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elon musk's child tube but its full of turkey chili i am=he/him i am=@DalexAvis on twitter i am=in brooklyn i am=bi & ur friend
ameliadrawsthings@mastodon.artamelia 🥶
webbed site, toyhouse, dreadnought
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amelia · 27 · she/they · :heart_sp_bi: · artist & piano teacher · hard of hearing · :krita: :clip_studio_paint:commissions closed but i'm always down for an art trade! my pet project is a fic called Dreadnought Despair, loosely based on #danganronpa#art #cats #music #TTRPG #JJBA best pokemon=shroomish
myconidiosyncracy@awoo.churchirregular mushroom
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[ moved to: @myconidiosyncrasy ]hey I'm tristan. i like edgy goth stuff and making props and drinking juicealso on @myconidiosyncracy@lunarpunk.space age=22 alignment=chaotic good bi beverages=grapefruit juice, ribena gender=m (he/his)
pedanticbohemian@spinster.xyzV for Vagina📚♿🌈🧙‍♀️🌊🖖
Crais Chronicles--A Farscape Fan Site
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"I never argue. I explain." - Dowager Countess Violet Crawley#BlackLivesMatter #WearADamnMask #StupidityAverse #AdultHumanFemale🤷‍♀️ #Atheist❌#Antitheist #LGBT🌈 #Bi #RadFem💥 #Separatist #GenderCritical #DemocraticSocialist🌹#Disabled♿ #Author #Crone🧙‍♀️ 🌜🧹#RebelScum💢 #USNVet #Activist📢 #CATS🐱 #STARTREK🖖#SciFi #Farscape #Scaper #SaltyAsFuck🤬 #ValarMorghulis 🪒🔪🚫*NO* MAGAts, **catfish**, MRAs/Incels/TRAs, trump/GOP apologists. IF YOU MANSPLAIN AT ME, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED.🚫
shiro@shiro.dogShiro 🐺🍇
Alt. accounts
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Good doggo-boy. Headpats and cuddle addict.Furry🔞oriented account (see my other profiles below).Do not interact if you're an alt-right/free speech advocate. Fursona=Dog, Husky Sexuality=Bi bottom. Can top... sometimes (é__è)/ Protected by=@slightlyflightyone
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Harper || bi || she/her || Mitski was right...nobody||
eject@lgbtq.coolRandom Sarah Generator
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a non-binary person who is also bi and likes the colour blueif we interact, feel free to put in a follow request :)if we've never interacted, maybe don't bother unless i already follow you or something?pronouns: she/they#nobot #noarchive status={"alive": true, "location": null} gender pronouns=she/her or they/them favourite colour pronouns=blue/blem
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She/her. Queer/bi. Polyam. PNW. 40ish. Parent. I like plants, makeup, queer porn, sleeping w/ 1mil pillows, coffee, sunny naps, learning new shit, figuring out my own feelings, making jokes, & ice cream. I live w/ @AudreyJune - AMA lol Instagram=polderwitch Job=Seeking Style=Lots of unposted shit Usual shift=PST late night crew
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I'm Hope! I'm a white 22 year old bi trans furry! My pronouns are she/her. I'm gonna post about a whole bunch of things, including gameing, dnd, mtg and being a gay ass furry
nsmckinnon@mastodon.socialNoah S. McKinnon 🇵🇷🇨🇺
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I've got a to-do list longer than a fucking Leonard Cohen song.(he/him) (member, ROCDSA) (member, DSA BoriSoc Caucus) Pronouns:=He/him Orientation:=bi/pan Languages:=English, Spanish, Latin Politics:=Ancom to the MLs, ML to the ancoms
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25 - INFJ - transmasc+agender - front end dev & furry artist - enthused by cartoons, furry culture, and virtual pets. Lives in Austin, TX. 🔞 pronouns=they/them, he/him species=long boi id stuff=bi polyam trans nb agender telegram/ko-fi=pelaxy
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28. Bi/pan. She/Her. Singer/songwriter. Skincare junkie. Witchy/Voodoo Queen. Astrology obsessed. 🔮🔥💜
nezchan@wandering.shopThe Book of Kels
Website, Ko-fi, Patreon
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I'm a silly person who writes serious stories with lesbian and/or trans leads. Several of them are free on my site.Bi-romantic lesbian & anti-Oreo activist Pronouns=She/Her/Your Majesty
changelin@pipou.academyVestale déménagée 🔥
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Grande créature polymorphe pleine d’amour PipouErre & Bi *PolyamoureuseAmatrice de jeu vidéo, animatrice radio le lundi soirCuisinière appréciéeBothBi disaster*merci Azaliz !«C’est impressionant » - P. Poutou« […] des jambes interminables » - Shad« mais Tiphaine keske » - Miriboi« connasse » - Noomi« Comme toujours, Tiphtiph a raison ! » - Zoé« Une certaine forme de sagesse » - June« ah » - Émy« une adulte responsable » - HiraTeinture par @lucie Pronom=Elle Recette=#tiphourneau
dchsg@digitalcourage.socialDigitalcourage-HSG Bielefeld
Newsletter, Website
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Die #Digitalcourage-Hochschulgruppe an der #UniBielefeld.#Bielefeld #FOSS #Privacy #CryptoParty E-Mail=digitalcourage.hsg@uni-bielefeld.de