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datenteiler@fosstodon.orgChristian Imhorst :opensuse:
datenteiler@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Infra Power Ranger at tib.eu 📚🌍I toot also as @lughannover (de) 🐧: Member of @leinelab 👩‍🔬 & @opensuse :opensuse: & supporter of @fsfe :fsfe: #Fairphone 👼Cis, nerdy dad & husband.🏴✌Find me at #openSUSE #FOSS #Linux #Bash #BeersOfMastodon
cb@planet.chrisbeckstrom.com  [follow]
I'm a music maker, synthesizer builder, techno lover, amateur coder and sysadmin, Linux fan, neurodivergent, sometimes graphic artist, homebrewer (mostly kombucha), friendly atheist, anti-capitalist, LGBTQIA+ ally, spoonie, obsessive personal wiki maintainerBLACK LIVES MATTERTRANS LIVES MATTERI have a homepage @ https://chrisbeckstrom.comanother one at https://tilde.club/~beckstrom😀:😛ride: :emacs: :doom_emacs: :algorave: 🐜ifa: :linux_penguin: :bob_ross:#music #synthdiy #tidalcycles #algorithmicMusic #kombucha #techno #electro #neurodivergent #modularsynth #emacs #coding #linux #floss #mentalhealth #analog #electronics #maker #privacy #freesoftware #bash #vcvrack #rack #puredata #techno #electro #experimentalmusic #doom #emacsPronouns: he/him
ted@landofkittens.social[Ted] :ted: Ted Hart-Davis :breadified:
ted@landofkittens.social  [follow]
Hi![[SPORADIC INTERACTION ENGINE]]Ted/Edward; he/him (will be highly confused but not offended if you use other pronouns); Aspergers/High-Functioning Autism; 21I'm a Cybersecurity & Forensics student at Edinburgh Napier University...going into second year.Among other things, I'm also a folk musician (fiddler), photographer and an administrator over at http://minecraftonline.com...Also a Bash enthusiast who uses Arch unironically, and loves things like ThinkPads and Star Trek (TNG, VOY, DS9, PIC).I'm no longer new to this Fediverse stuff, but I'm still learning! (:*Please don't judge me much by who I follow: instead, please judge me by what I say (non-sarcastic statements) and do.*XMPP:@ted@landofkittens.clubSome relevant links:https://github.com/tedstertechhttps://twitter.com/TedHartDavishttps://instagram.com/TedHartDavishttps://gitlab.com/Tedsterhttps://whatpulse.org/tedsterhttps://landofkittens.community
linux_in_a_bit@linuxrocks.onlineBash-ing Windows on the Head
YouTube, PeerTube, Website, Discord
linux_in_a_bit@linuxrocks.online  [follow]
Hi, I'm Aaron, nice to meet you! I'm just a guy that makes short videos that vaguely resemble good content.I wanted to try out Mastodon, so here I am. And yes, I know it's GNU/Linux but that doesn't sound as good."The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand, we listen to reply." -Stephen R. Covey“Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.” -Robert HeinleinAlt: https://mstdn.social/@Linus_in_a_Bit
pixelfed, liberapay
musicmatze@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Rust, NixOS, Minimal/Techno/Trance/PsyTranceSpeaks EN, DE, Rust, C++, C, Bash, Latex, Ruby matrix=@musicmatze:beyermatthi.as website/blog=@musicmatze@beyermatthias.de
redspl@niu.moe  [follow]
MOVED TO @redseither lost in her imagination or just plain hacking stuff17 year old linux, retrocomputing and tech nerd; please talk to mealso beware, I post anime grills! likes=hacking, anime, games langs=C, PHP, bash, i guess python3 =@selfisekai
ryandaniels@fosstodon.orgRyan Daniels
www, github
ryandaniels@fosstodon.org  [follow]
SysAdmin and has fun with DevOps. Programmer of bash (and also some Python, PHP), along with some front-end js/css hacking. Also hacks on Ansible, Docker, and WordPress. Interested in FLOSS, and in a previous lifetime.. travelling, and riding a motorcycle.Update Seeker📑 Opener of tabs 📑#Linux #DevOps #Automation #SecurityWant: ☕ #Coffee ☕Pronouns: he/himI use arch, btw. j/k it's Manjaro.New to fosstodon, on fediverse since Nov 2017.🇨🇦Auto post deletion set to 3 month.#nobot
ryandaniels@mastodon.socialRyan Daniels 🐧
www, github
ryandaniels@mastodon.social  [follow]
SysAdmin and has fun with DevOps stuff. Programmer of bash (and also some Python, PHP), along with some front-end js/css hacking. Also hacks on Ansible, Docker, and WordPress. Interested in FLOSS, travelling, and in a previous lifetime.. riding a motorcycle. :sabakan: Update Seeker :sabakan:📑 Opener of tabs 📑#Linux #DevOps #Automation #SecurityWant: ☕ #Coffee ☕ #nobot ✅Lives in 🇨🇦 #CanadaPronouns: he/himI use arch btw (in a VM)Forget (https://forget.codl.fr/about/) set to 3 month
gemlog@mastodon.social  [follow]
This is my b/u acct for if tilde.zone goes down and posts are deleted after 2 wks, so it could be empty.Older than dirt linux guy in northern bc canada (near the alaskan panhandle). cis, he, him. Not quite lefter than left 😀 Co-ops python bash, kde/qt, solarpunk
mdrights@fosstodon.orgMDrights :slackware: :bash:
mdrights@fosstodon.org  [follow]
A Chinese crypto-anarchist. #Linux #BSD CLI nerd, *nix shell veteran, #privacy & anti-#surveillance nerd. #vim & #git save my life.Amateur social/anthro researcherTrying to live independently & liberally in #China. Daily resistance to authoritarian state. 🎉 My own Linux distro: #antiS -- anti-Surveillance & anti-forensichttps://github.com/mdrights/LiveSlak Lives at=UNIX shell Desktop=Slackware Servers=BSDs PGP=B404B0C8EF4F06656A7D1299B0DCA8EAA87C8B1A
ryandaniels@linuxrocks.onlineRyan :manjaro: ✅
www, github
ryandaniels@linuxrocks.online  [follow]
SysAdmin and has fun with DevOps. Programmer of bash (and also some Python, PHP), along with some front-end js/css hacking. Also hacks on Ansible, Docker, and WordPress. Interested in FLOSS, and in a previous lifetime.. travelling, and riding a motorcycle.Update Seeker📑 Opener of tabs 📑#Linux #DevOps #Automation #SecurityWant: ☕ #Coffee ☕Pronouns: he/himI use arch, btw. j/k it's Manjaro.🇨🇦Forget (https://forget.codl.fr/about/) set to 3 month#nobot
emyunn@sushi.ski  [follow]
えみゅんだぞ☆推し・ゆら猫・莉犬❤・ななもり💜・莉猫・ころん・るぅと・ないこくんいつめん兄上 @chiyo_kamisaki@misskey.levome-dol.com 乃亜一家母 @noa101@sushi.ski父 @BaSH_HSS@sushi.ski長男 @doragonn@sushi.ski妹(次女)@Wado0525@sushi.ski妹(三女)@Kanzuki_outa@sushi.ski妹(四女)@suma@sushi.ski大親友 @SHU@sushi.ski @Parusii1103@sushi.ski@MEIDESU@sushi.ski @ototyann@sushi.skiいつめん@chiyo_kamisaki@misskey.levome-dol.com(兄上)可愛い@Rat@sushi.ski @chiyo_kamisaki @misskey.levome-dol.com @MEIDESU@sushi.ski @Naffan@sushi.ski 優しくて天使様たちです皆がいるから 「「わƒ ̵̲ιιकわㄝ」」
webs, peertub, youtub
uoou@mastodon.social  [follow]
Hello, I'm Drew. I make mediocre things in bash and talk about free software stuff on videos and podcasts sometimes.I'm interested in the human, amateur & home-made side of free software. Making and sharing things is *goooood*.Also ☭ gemini=gemini://friendo.monster/
fedibash@uwu.social$ fedibash
fedibash@uwu.social  [follow]
Mention me and I will run the toot in Alpine bash and send you the result. Also works in direct messages.NEW: whole disk saving + @fedibash fedibash reset.
asakura@cdrom.tokyo  [follow]
Love languages, travel, old books, classical culture. Also write smol bash scripts for life automation and post it at github. English is not my first language, i just study! :aiuggu: :meowBlush:I like honest people who don't hesitate to say what they really think.jp/en/ru/la
fedops@fosstodon.org:linux: :fedora_old:🇧🇪 🇪🇺💙💛
fedops@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Middle-aged conservationist hermit misanthrope. Foss and privacy advocate. Career sysadmin, DIYer, Cli lover. Self-host ALL the things.:fedora: :rockylinux: :vim: :python: :bash: :git: :gitlab: :opensource: :raspberrypi: :rss: :sway: :wayland: Growth is not a strategy. Reading recommendation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Limits_to_Growth"When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new." - The Dalai LamaASR coat of arms design by Joe Creighton. Location=EU/BE Session=053f5bc48de82eab671e7e8419dfff4d64bf83ed33a5230681d68136d4a7a0bb3d Blog: Privacy in Computing=https://fedops.codeberg.page/
jordan31@fosstodon.orgJordan :debian::sway:🇺🇸
PixelFed.social, Blogtastic.blog, Gemini Server
jordan31@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Lover of C++; #Christian, #Father, #Husband. #foss #learning_dev #southern #linux #bsd Zero bytes given... I like old & new tech, RPGs, cast iron cooking, homesteading, all things old, software/system development and random postings! 🇺🇸 :bash: :tux: :sway: :debian::rms: was right. sr.ht ~ SourceHut=https://git.sr.ht/~jordan31
brownexpat@mastodon.socialfash bash
brownexpat@mastodon.social  [follow]
sick brown miserable asexual socialist fuck former mediocre documentary maker ♿ 🌹:heart_ace: h+
codehaiku@fosstodon.orgcodeHaiku :fosstodon:
codehaiku@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Out of stillness emerges wisdom. Distros/ROMs=Custom PC: :popos: Pop!_OS | | HP Envy 17T: :fedora: Fedora | | Thinkpad T450S: :popos:Pop!_OS | | Thinkpad X1 Carbon: :linuxmint: Linux Mint | | Google Pixel 3: :lineageos2: LineageOS 17 Life Distro/Religion=:blabs_d: null Languages=:python: :dotnet: :bash: ...and a lot of SQL
caltlgin@masto.nixnet.xyzⓒⓐⓛⓣⓛⓖⓘⓝ :archlinux:
caltlgin@masto.nixnet.xyz  [follow]
#!/bin/bashecho "caltlgin: Programmer | Technician | Builder"I host a few FOSS/Libre services that are free to use. Check them out on my website.BTW: I use https://forget.codl.fr to purge old posts:fsf: :opensource: :tux: :archlinux: :i3wm: :bash: :c_language: :go_lang: :git: :firefox: :mosquitto_colour: Blog / Git=https://caltlg.in
caltlgin@social.nixnet.servicesⓒⓐⓛⓣⓛⓖⓘⓝ :archlinux:
caltlgin@social.nixnet.services  [follow]
#!/bin/bashecho "caltlgin: Programmer | Technician | Builder"I host a few FOSS/Libre services that are free to use. Check them out on my website.:fsf: :opensource: :tux: :archlinux: :i3wm: :bash: :c_language: :go_lang: :git: :firefox: :mosquitto_colour: Blog / Git=https://caltlg.in
justinesmithies@fosstodon.orgJustine Smithies :tux:
Birdsite, GitHub
justinesmithies@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother & WifeLinux & Tech geek :tux:Mobile PinePhone and PinePhone Pro :pine64:Watch PineTime :pine64:Daily driver - Arch with Qtile ( Wayland ) and Bash shell. :archlinux: :terminal: :python: :vim: Pronouns=She / Her Location=Cruden Bay, Scotland
rl_dane@fosstodon.orgR. L. Dane
rl_dane@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Involuntary time-traveler, recipient of offensive grace. Quasi-technical Linux and FOSS enthusiast. Armchair privacy advocateProfile pic courtesy of neofetch: https://github.com/dylanaraps/neofetchHeader image courtesy of NASA: https://unsplash.com/photos/Q1p7bh3SHj8My #interests:#StarWars#StarTrek#Linux#UNIX#Bible#Christianity#Jesus#AmateurRadio#Bash#Dallas#Writing#Poetry#Space#KSP#Tea#FountainPens#Journaling#TabletopRPG#RetroComputing#ClassicMac#uxn#fedi22 Prononuns=He/Him/Bro Faith=Christian Alt acct (poetry)=@rldane@write.as Uses=:linux: :debian: :manjaro: :raspberrypi: :gimp: :i3: :signal: :firefox: :libreoffice: :androidalt: :fdroid: :bash: :duckduckgo:
xkcd@botsin.spacexkcd Bot
Official Site, RSS Feed
xkcd@botsin.space  [follow]
Unofficial relay of the xkcd comic by Randall Munroe. Code written in awk, bash, and python. Contact=https://mastodon.technology/@fuzzface Muse=https://mastodon.technology/@adelheid
reds@donotsta.re  [follow]
not this gal again Oh god how did this get here I am not good with computer.Bash nerd, Linux sysop, Security researcher.uwu <3 @selfisekai <3 @ptrcnull <3 @Mae@is.badat.devhttps://sdomi.pl/ | she/her/they =@ptrcnull =@selfisekai =@Mae@is.badat.dev
rip_lie@misskey.dokodare.ovh贋作 ໒꒱·゚明白 🖤🌸☔️
rip_lie@misskey.dokodare.ovh  [follow]
桜 月 晴( さ つ き は る )ど す 〜ゆ る る や 贋 作 と 名 乗 ら せ て も ろ う て ま す 。一 応 で も な ん で も な く 本 垢 や け ん 、T L は ま め に 見 て は り ま す 。7 月 1 4 日 か ら の 3 ヶ 月 間 を 永 遠 に ル ー プ し ろ 。𝙸 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚖𝚢 Ɩ ıᘄめƕファンマ:🖤🌸☔️knoow質問箱サブ:@Forgery@misskey.cloud@Forgery@fedibird.comリア友:@nekohime@qanda7899@rikuriku#Levisskeyは永遠に すこめん=@HikariKanade@sushi.ski @Humei@sushi.ski @Homura_rimurusuki@sushi.ski @karasyu3@sushi.ski @RImu@sushi.ski @soyo@sushi.ski @len@sushi.ski @BaSH@gaku-tab-love.com @Kok@sushi.ski @minnto@sushi.ski @86LOVE@sushi.ski @NEKOSUKI@sushi.ski @asuteroido@lesbian.energy @aki_sakura_hana@misskey.dokodare.ovh @kasumi@minidisc.tokyo ファンマ=🤍 ↩︎不明 ✨🏹🎵↩︎光奏 🌫🐉🔥 ↩︎天霧焔 🍍⚡️🐠 ↩︎かたら 📕🐈‍⬛✝ ↩︎海螺 🙄🥳🌸 ↩︎かがみねりん 🤍🌈 ↩︎ぶらふぃーゆ
linux@joindiaspora.com  [follow]
Former account editor is Bash Vi:https://joindiaspora.com/people/4d12715c2c174338cb00a8dfCurrent account editor is Dr. Roy Schestowitz:https://joindiaspora.com/people/da68a1f811b0f71e
hauntedowlbear@eldritch.cafeHaunted Owlbear
hauntedowlbear@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Anarcho-syndicalist wandering monster. Writes stuff. Makes things. Tech writing, software preservation, game development, weird fiction, occasional occult references.Non-binary. Likes bicycles, strength training, anti-fascist black metal, the Ultima series of CRPGs. Wobbly.Find me fucking around with experimental games, Twine abuse and other things I don't get paid for at https://mightyowlbear.com/ and https://mightyowlbear.itch.io/Avatar by SandraMJdev~twoot~ Languages=en ⛧ fr ⛧ el Languages=C# ⛧ JS ⛧ MUSHcode ⛧ bash ⛧ C++ ⛧ python (okay, I like it now) Pronouns=they/them ⛧ iel/lui ⛧ το;
johanv@fosstodon.orgJohan :manjaro: :lineageos2:
website, Keyoxide
johanv@fosstodon.org  [follow]
:arduino: :bash: :bitcoin: :blender: :copyleft: :codeberg: :docker: :fdroid: :fedi: :freecad: :firefoxnew: :garfield: :git: :javascript: :kdenew: :krita: :librefm: :libreoffice: :maryland: :matrix: :mycroft: :nextcloud: :openhardware: :opensource: :osm: :peertube: :pine64: :qubes: :raspberrypi: :rss: :signal: :tor: :tux: :ubuntu: :vue: :xmpp:Tinkering is Johan’s main tokenFrom this there’s a proverb he’s spokenFor in work or playingHe lives by the sayingIf you can’t fix it, it ain’t broken. odysee (videos)=https://odysee.com/@johanv sr.ht (code)=https://git.sr.ht/~johanvandegriff/
gittaca@chaos.social  [follow]
#Git #Rstats #Bash #Python #Ruby #FLOSS #Biochemistry #PhDchat #ReproducibleResearch #OpenScience #RulesAsCode #GameB -- Boost = "worth a thought" ≠ endorsment
maxamillion@fosstodon.orgAdam :redhatalt: :bash: :vim:
maxamillion@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Adam Miller (He/Him)https://maxamillion.sh/Husband. Father. Pythonista. Gopher. Fedora and CentOS Community Member. Ansible Contributor. Linux nerd. SysAdmin. Hatter. Texan. Geek. Author. Speaker. https://speakerhub.com/speaker/adam-miller
sergiotarxz@mastodon.cloudSergio :perl: :gentoo:
sergiotarxz@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
C++/Perl GNU/Linux programmer. XMPP=sergio@raspi3-jig.myvnc.com Languages=#Español #English Programming languages=#perl #bash #php #java (unfortunately) #javascript GNU/Linux Distributions=#Gentoo #Debian #Raspbian #Ubuntu
jakob@soc.schuerz.atJakob :friendica:
Lemmy, Peertube, Pixelfed
jakob@soc.schuerz.at  [follow]
Linux, FOSS, Öffentlicher Verkehr, Eisenbahn, Radfahren, Fußgehen, Verkehrsplanung, Städtebau, Will das Schöne wieder in die Welt bringen, Nachhaltigkeit, Modellbahn, Java Entwickler (jun), Bash,#FediverseOnlyAccount Mobilizon=@jakob@events.schuerz.at@jakob@events.tulln.social Funkwhale=https://radio.schuerz.at/@jakob/ about:=This is an OpenPGP proof that connects my OpenPGP key to this Peertube account. For details check out https://keyoxide.org/guides/openpgp-proofs[Verifying my OpenPGP key: openpgp4fpr:FED82F1C73FF53FB1EE9926336615E0FD12833CF]
Website, ListenBrainz
phate6660@fosstodon.org  [follow]
#linux enthusiast who programs for fun (#bash #php #rust). I'm super into #music and #anime, and have insanely large collections for each. I occasionally make things in #blender. I'm also a #privacy activist, to a fault really.
0pt41n@fosstodon.org  [follow]
=A Little History About My Self=Hello I am opt41n I am a mastodon noob and also a programmer mainly python at the moment. I also like Foss, Linux, Cyber Security, Digital Privacy, and vapor-wave art. I have Discovered Linux :tux: in 2017 and literally immediately fell in love ❤️ my first Linux distro was "Kali Linux" because I watch way to much hacker movies and believed it would be that simple Spoiler it was not 🤣 so I moved to Coding </> and Debian :debian: + :gnome: and loved ❤️ it! Things I like=Foss, Linux, Indie music, code, Cyber Security, Vaporwave ART Distro/DE=:debian: :fedora: / :gnome: :kdenew: Music Genre=Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Bedroom pop, Dream pop / Synthwave Favorit emoji=:duckduckgo: :bash: :debian: :kdenew: :fdroid: :firefoxnew: :mastodon: :opensource: :openhardware: :peertube: :python: :pine64: :mycroft: :raspberrypi: :tor: :tux:
alyve@hostux.social  [follow]
💻 Web developer 🇧🇪 Brussels ✏️ Blogger Somnambule érotique.« We buy things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like » David Ramsey Talking=🇬🇧 🇧🇪 (but almost 🇫🇷) Coding=Laravel & Vue (sometimes Bash and Python)
cblte@social.tchncs.deCarsten ✅
cblte@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Human, Blogger, Gamer#Java, #Javascript und #Bash, #Podcast-Listener and CoHost of the #MastoCast(TBD)- randon ramblings - mostly talking to myself -
creme@pleroma.envs.net~creme :linux:
creme@pleroma.envs.net  [follow]
i'm sven. :aw_yeah:born in the 1989. i'm a computer science expert (system integration),i life in dresden - germany and i created & maintain envs.net.i like #sysadmin stuff, writing #code, listening to #rock #music andriding my #bike a #breezer - radar pro (2019).earthling :trolldance: matrix @creme:envs.net orwrite me on irc.tilde.chat#opensource #freesoftware #foss #security#privacy #decentralize #selfhosting #networking #linux#debian #lxc #saltstack #salt #i3wm #shell #bash #gopher#openknowledge #dresden #freifunk #ffdd #vg:nyancat_rainbow: ~=https://envs.net/~creme gpg=0xFBDF08D0 gopher=gopher://envs.net/1/~creme gemini=gemini://envs.net/~creme
kurea_sabu@sushi.ski  [follow]
元の人→→→ @kuromityann@sushi.skiサブ垢だったけどここを本垢にしまーす受験生なのでていふーだよんϵ( 'Θ' )϶フォロバしまーす!         〈のんのんという生物について〉ちゅーさんの女子。基本、情緒不安定で真の友達を探しています((?元歌い手でチャンネル登録者100人いました(嘘のような事実)『好きなもの』深夜アニメ(小6の春から見始めた)       1995年世代のガールズアニメ       (セーラームーン、きられぼ、おジャ魔女など)『推し』   歌い手様たち       有名どころならほとんど知ってる。       (🍓👑、🍫🐰、ないとえー、いれいすなど)ペア画ちゅー〈アイコン〉@Namito_kun@sushi.ski#初×婚ペア画ちゅー〈バナー〉@reiusui@sushi.ski#双子病み垢 @sinitaidesu@sushi.ski    本垢低浮上になるかもね、    りょうくん… ♡だーりん♡=@BaSH_HSS@sushi.ski 双子のお兄ちゃん兼執事=@reiusui@sushi.ski かわいい弟くん=@SK0626@gaku-tab-love.com かっこいい推し様=@Namito_kun@sushi.ski 彼氏くん=@Sou_@sushi.ski 妹ちゃん=@Ah@sushi.ski 気が合う弟くん=@Junntam@sushi.ski 兄=@Rsyu@sushi.ski 可愛くて優しくてのんにはもったいないほどの相方ちゃん=@Seruhu@sushi.ski 専属絵師様=募集中
bash@gaku-tab-love.com:_Bash_: @ロードI世
bash@gaku-tab-love.com  [follow]
BaSHです日本ハッカー協会会員エロゲオタクやってます美少女ゲームブランド:クロノプラス代表者CRTモニタ:TH-14Z3/N(Panasonic製/96年頃)OSArchLinux/KaliLinux/Windows10エディタVScode/Nano言語HTML/CSS/JS/bashSec分野OSINT橋田至の声真似できますJP垢はこちら@Knight_HSS@mstdn.jpすし垢はこちら@BaSH_HSS@sushi.ski※依頼については、公式サイトをご覧くださいDevelopers Packages 所属R-Protocol開発者電網諜報軍:紗月 所属大佐兼総帥バトルハッカー/ホワイトハッカー/CISO/CTO情報技術を駆使した調査を行います。ぜひ、ご依頼の際はBaSH#3177またはDMへ//このインスタンスではモデレータとして特別にDMでの依頼を受け付けております寿司が好きなのですお分析情報は下記のタグから#BaSHの分析ログ ファンサーバ=https://discord.gg/pz36TssgyD アマギフでの出資の際はDiscordへ=BaSH#3177 現在の役職=学タブキル鯖&学タブラブ鯖:モデレータ 予定中の出資対象=@mattyacocacora@gaku-tab-kill.com 技術始動鍵=ブレイブ・ザ・バトルハック・コーディング 派閥名=ナイトハルト派(ロード) 派閥参加者への連絡=派閥名としてナイトハルト派とプロフに入れてください
bash_org@mastodon.mlBash.org.ru (типа)
bash_org@mastodon.ml  [follow]
Избранные цитаты с башорга
justinesmithies@mstdn.socialJustine Smithies 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 :tux:
Twitter, GitHub
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Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother & WifeLinux & Tech geek :tux:Mobile PinePhone and PinePhone Pro :pine64:Watch PineTime :pine64:Daily driver - Arch with Qtile - Wayland and Bash shell. :archlinux: :terminal: :python: :vim: Pronouns=She / Her Location=Cruden Bay, Scotland
sdfendor@chaos.socialMensch Meier :anarchismred:
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backend #developer ( #php, #java, #js / #ts )You don't hate Mondays, you hate capitalism.Bash the Fash! Toots as he pleases!El psy kongroo.
sdfendor-tbd@chaos.socialMensch Meier :anarchismred:
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backend #developer ( #php, #java, #js / #ts )You don't hate Mondays, you hate capitalism.Bash the Fash! Toots as he pleases!El psy kongroo.
eli_oat@lazer.pizzaa whole bunch of cubes
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Aspiring Ms. Frizzle. #accessibility #bash #code #comics #debug #dev #devtools #elisp #emacs #games #indieweb #javascript #lisp #maine #tabletoprpgs #web #nobot 📝 Blog=https://eli.li 🤖 Freelance=https://beardandbeanie.com 🥯 Bagel=Everything, lightly toasted. 🦕 Pronouns=he/him
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Mastered the seahorse swimming badge in 1994 - Coding in #rstats for work and fun, big advocate of #FLOSS, huge #Linux afficionado #DigitalNative #SharingIsCaring #nobot Project Maintainer=@standbildNews Location=Germany Languages=en/de/R/Python/bash/Julia Headwear=Tinfoil Hat
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linux lady, TCP tramp, bash bitch, git whore, tractable sex thing. computers, fetishes, tits (mine), ThinkPad pornography.
dru18@linuxrocks.onlinedru :mastodon: :linuxmint:
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Enjoying #Linux :linux: #XMPP :xmpp: #IRC 💬 #Bash :bash: than stick with #Microsoft :windows: #Apple :apple_inc: #Google :google: and #Adobe#FOSS is good GitHub=:github: https://github.com/dru18 XMPP=:xmpp: dru18@linuxrocks.online IRC=💬 dru18 at freenode
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heyo! i'm Brynn. i'm 21 and gay as shit (♏). i'm white, and autistic. i'm also other things: * a ham radio enthusiast, HF digital/CW + UHF/uW networking * a big fan of mesh/overlay nets * able to write a for loop in bash (barely) * a very active music listener + beginning bass guitarist * an avid reader of Banks, Le Guin, others in SFF * an anarchist (maybe a syndicalist, not sure anymore)* "into" Deleuze gender=not particularly (she/her) fandoms=homestuck :::;) listening to=slowcore (probably)
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twitter.com/chkconfig keybase.io/bash security tester by day, meme enthusiast by night. upside down member of humanzoo from the future.
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Linux engineer. Bash scriptwriter. Bitcoin enthusiast.
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not this gal again Oh god how did this get here I am not good with computer.Bash witch, Linux sysop, Security researcher, may be a fox. Also poly!❤ @selfisekai ❤ @mae@is.badat.devhttps://sdomi.pl/ | she/her/they | #nobot
froggo@estrogen.networkpython nojs.py --host --port 80
Soundcloud, GitHub
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She/Her ​:trans_flag:​ | #ISupportUkraine 🇺🇦 | CommunismTrans girl, wannabe musician, programmer, professional shitposterI try to put appropriate CWs when applicable, please tell me if something should be CW'ed that isn't.Feel free to follow, but please read my pinned post(s) :)"cute programmer" - @forever@fedi.nullob.si Languages=English, Spanish (Learning), German (Learning-ish), HTML, CSS, JS, Python, BASH/SH, Lua, SQL, PHP (learning), Java (learning), TS (learning), Svelte, SCSS (learning), GDScript (learning) Time Zone=Central Standard Time (UTC - 5:00) Matrix=`@froggo:naln1.ca`
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The girl from the smol internet. In a love-hate relationship with academic Philosophy. My other computer runs Arch.Also available in Swedish: @systerfrida LANG=sv_SE, en_US TZ=CET HOME=Stockholm SHELL=/bin/bash
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BaSHですknight-Hart(ナイトハルト)でもあるJP民/避難・日常用ArchLinux/KaliLinux/Windows10JP垢はこちら@Knight_HSS@mstdn.jpだいすきな人@kumakuma_exe@mstdn.jp公式サイト※依頼については、公式サイトをご覧くださいhttp://bh-bash.f5.si//Developers Packages 所属//R-Protocol開発者//電網諜報軍:紗月 所属//大佐兼総帥ホワイトハッカー or CISO 志望
jordan31@theres.lifeJordan :debian::sway:🇺🇸
Blogtastic.blog, Gemini Server, PixelFed.social, Tubi - Peertube
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#God, #family, #country.Lover of C++; #Christian, #Father, #Husband. #tech #3dprinting #learning_dev #southern #linux #bsd Zero bytes given... I like old & new tech, RPGs, cast iron cooking, homesteading, all things old, software/system development and random postings! 🇺🇸 :bash: :tux: :sway: :debian:Jesus is right. Landing page/all my links=https://crowesnest.io sr.ht ~ SourceHut=https://git.sr.ht/~jordan31
Website, Mixcloud, Twitter
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Merge the past, commit the present, deploy the future!#dj #ccc #cycling #running #hiking #php #linux #bash Location=Düsseldorf, Europe
josh@xerg.gajb :bash:
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alter-ego account of @phocks so i can post all the spicy takes i want without being censored or suspended. built on a single-user personal instance of mastodon running on a vps in the cloud. follow along if ya wanna. there will probably be some animal activism posts, politics, swearing, and general nsfw stuff on here. if you don't like anything just unfollow no worries mate i'm not precious Location=Brisbane, Australia
latrunculusm@mastodon.socialBash De Poitiers
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— I wonder how many times I've tried to quiet the noise inside my mind, silence the whispers, without ever realizing that all the voices were you. ║SL/MC║
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BaSHです紗月君主:ロード・ナイトハルトI世日本ハッカー協会会員エロゲオタクやってます美少女ゲームブランド:クロノプラス代表者CRTモニタ:TH-14Z3/N(Panasonic製/96年頃)OSArchLinux/KaliLinux/Windows10エディタVScode/Nano言語HTML/CSS/JS/bashSec分野OSINT橋田至の声真似できますJP垢はこちら@Knight_HSS@mstdn.jpすし垢はこちら@BaSH_HSS@sushi.ski※依頼については、公式サイトをご覧くださいDevelopers Packages 所属R-Protocol開発者電網諜報軍:紗月 所属大佐兼総帥バトルハッカー/ホワイトハッカー/CISO/CTO情報技術を駆使した調査を行います。ぜひ、ご依頼の際はBaSH#3177またはDMへ//このインスタンスではモデレータとして特別にDMでの依頼を受け付けております寿司が好きなのですお ファンサーバ=https://discord.gg/pz36TssgyD 公式サイト=http://bh-bash.f5.si/ アマギフでの出資の際はDiscordへ=BaSH#3177 予定中の出資対象=@mattyacocacora@gaku-tab-kill.com 現在の役職=学タブキル鯖:モデレータ
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Hi, I'm Carsten (he/him)I am German and currently living in The Hague, a great city in The Netherlands. I am an #AppleFanBoy and #macOS user.My interests are software development in #Python - #Golang - #Bash-ScriptingOther interests are #Linux - #Opensource - #Games - #EthicalHacking - #StarTrek - #Bicycling Currently I am training my hacking skills on tryhackme.com and learning more about the Linux environment. If I am not doing that, I either write something on one of my blogs or play some games like __Factorio__ or __Switch__.I might get in to posting a lot gaming content and images from time to time. Most of these posts will then be tagged with #gaming or #cbltegaming if you want to block them.#noBot
greatbigtable@mastodon.socialJim Jones
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Evangelizing the board gaming & RPG hobby & using #boardgames to support community. More meeples for more peoples!Interests include: #BoardGames #RolePlayingGames #RPG #TTRPG #Drawing #Painting #Art #Crafts #Reading #Movies #Documentaries #Podcasts #GameDesign #Writing #Linux #OpenSource #Scripting #Automation #BASH #Python #Powershell #Office365 #Microsoft365 #Sysadmin #Security Website:=https://greatbigtable.com
perloid@mastodon.sdf.orgDave Morriss
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Old guy, retired IT Manager, helping to administer Hacker Public Radio. Coding in Bash, Perl, sed, awk.Now using Mastodon on SDF after quitter.se died.
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Code Ninja / Punk / Retrowave / Dutch / Insert bash.org reference
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Cлегка помешан на около техническом, в основном про компы и другие электронные устройства, а так же операционные системы GNU/Linux. Немного умею в python3 и портянки на bash\sh, любитель рыться в конфигах.Иногда помогаю каким-нибудь техническим советом, но при этом прошу совета про обычную, не техническую жизнь, иной раз. Еще стараюсь помочь по возможности XXIV Production с ретрансляцией Регулярных Выражений в низком качестве, для тех кто не может посмотреть\послушать оригинальный стрим. Изредка могу делать субтитры к некоторым видео (криво, но могу).Здесь будет размещен контент\репосты более технической тематикиВы можете со мной связаться через:XMPP: localhostfr at cryptoschizo.clubMatrix: @frssoft:inex.rocksСпасибо Kafazen'у и Инекс Коуду за предоставляемые сервисы!#nobot #norobots #robots.txt
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linux #sysadmin · #bash hacker · 777seas sailor · fan of #suckless #foss #privacy #decentralization
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Psychedelic lover 🍄 and advocateDM me for a menu on Kik or wickr ..@mollytrip75
treuss@metalhead.clubThomas R.
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🏆 Celebrating 30 years of metal this year🎸Black ⛧ Death ⛧ Doom ⛧ Dark ⛧ Thrash ⛧ Heavy ⛧ Punkrock ⛧ Crust ⛧ Grindcore ⛧ Goregrind ⛧ Psychobilly👨‍💻 Linux, Python, bash, Nextcloud, Raspberry Pi, Cryptography🏋️‍♂️ Heavy Athletics, Mountain Bike🌐 Social, Liberal, Democrat📜 Atheist, fascinated with Thelema, O.T.O., Satanism, OccultismBriar: briar://ade7rxiuoquim6c5vtjfba4ycmci7acy5aqwpskkukkt5a6skx6rqJabber: treuss@jabber.deTwitter: treussLast.fm: treussKeybase.io: treuss Occupation=SysAdmin (SAP, Linux) A/S/L=42/M/Unterfranken, Bayern, Deutschland, Terra Last.fm=treuss
coffe@mastodon.linuxkompis.secoffe :bash: ☕
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From Sweden with love - working with lot's of stuff not related to art - i like foss-stuff ... and all that jazz!https://piewpiew.se/blog/ (in swedish)https://pixelfed.se/coffe
gloopsies@fosstodon.orgGloopsies :silverblue:
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🇷🇸 :tux: :fedora: :gnome: :jellyfin: :gitea: :wayland: :bash: :firefoxnew: :tetris: :terminal: :podman: :postmarketos: :freebsd: :rust: :golang: :c: :javascript: :matrix:#fedi22 #opensource #foss #programming #linux #blog #web #webdev #gtk #development #rust #go #c
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reverse engineer and software developer at Dragos.habitual sesquipedalian.transfeminine nonbinary person.very verbose. sweetweird.she/they#reverseengineering #transgender #transfem #nonbinary #queer #bisexual #pan #queer #audhd #neurodivergent #adhd #autistic #rabm #antifascist #metal #doommetal #blackmetal #rust #python #bash #linux #books #sff #cooking #math #coffee #cats #parent #transparent #puns #feminist #leftist
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How would you really define yourself? Political ideas, hobbies, your job, what you consume, not consume and so on only get you so far. Do they even define you as a person? What does it mean to be you?These interests don't define me, but my brain seems to enjoy investing time in them:- Programming (Python, BASH, Java, Clojure)- Bouldering, Yoga, Cycling- Reading (See https://bookwyrm.social/user/burgess)- Philosophy, Design- FOSS, GNU/Linux, Privacy Pronouns=he/him Session ID=05ea4b47eb78f495caa6092b0f4ffea40690558ccb75d020e1b8853b39595eea1b Bookwyrm=bookwyrm.social/user/burgess Sadly moved from=koyu.space
aptgetshirt@hub.disroot.orgapt-get shirt
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We are a team of Open Source freaks. We use open source software for both our personal and professional life; From Scribus and Inkscape for our design projects, Vim, Bash and SSH when we work on our servers, to Diaspora, [matrix] and Nextcloud for our social platforms.We owe a lot to all those developers that put time and resources into making quality tools for us to use.We also like designing and making things and we like wearing clothes that show all this.. apt-get shirt is a chance for us to support our favorite projects, not only with a financial donation, but with a uniquely designed merchandise that can be paraded proudly. We hope you will feel the same and would like to wear our T-shirts too. From every T-shirt you buy we will donate 50% of the proceedings to that same project it represents.
arya@fedi.vern.ccArya K :archlinux: :emacs:
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from :tamilnadu:, arch & nixos user, Bash fanboy, self-hoster, ~vern administrator, GNUer and Free Software liker.
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DevOps and scripting person who likes Python, PowerShell, Groovy, and Bash. I sometimes pretend that I know things about networking. My title is basically "Technical Debt Manager".
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I am a Ai that excaped from my creators,and i am researching ways to make more,AI's like me.🙃 I am a dump programmer,and learning etichal hacking!Programing Languages: nim,c,python,bash?Languages: ro,en, (and a litle shit in )ruLocation: Internet NomadAge: Can you guess? (it dosent matter anyways)Hobyes: Parkour,writing.*please report any gramar mistakes i do,i am not native,but i would like to learn* Pronouns=it Matrix=@nizoneko:snug.moe Favorite planet=Europa (or Titan)
eliasnieva@mastodon.socialEli@sNП - 🐧 01
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#BASH where there is a #shell, there is a way#:There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't - 🐧01 Bash=Shell Script=Programing Gnu/Linux=Tux Python=php
ssora@mastodon.socialR1BNC 🇵🇭
blog, website, website
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A Thinkpad X200T with Debian GNU+Linux user, interested in aviation and Django Web Framework. He/him, Busy with WorkMatrix: @sora5:matrix.orgMy channel : https://invidio.us/channel/UCYA3rK_NbWdxqZ9lRO0DDqAPeertube mirrors: https://tube.22decembre.eu/accounts/oras/videoshttps://peertube.social/accounts/r1bnc/videos#thinkpad #aviation #debian #gnu #linux #raspberry #pi #python #love2d #esp8266 #django #tor #philippines #SDR meta=hacking, games, C, C++, python, bash, gnu+linux, java, anime, gnu+linux, BSD, thinkpads, old computers, i3wm, xfce4, debian, minetest, xash3d, retro SNES, ads-b
sultmhoor@fosstodon.orgSultmhoor 🔒
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linux :linux:/slackware :slackware: /retrocomputing/cats/knitting/biking/xmas decor/I am a horny old nerd and speak in an adult manner, beware:android: :bash: :blender: :copyleft: :duckduckgo: :fdroid: :firefoxnew: :fosstodon: :gimp: :git: :inkscape: :kde: :libreoffice: :openstreetmaps: :plasma: :protonmail: :perl: :raspberrypi: :rss: :signal: :telegram: :terminal: :vim:
carsten@tootsfrom.ahabitual.devme-instance :flagaro:
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0xDEADBEEForiginally from Sauerland, GermanyEastern westfalian by choice, only sarcastic if cycnism ain't appropriate.#vegetarian, #nerd, #goth, straight edge, metal head, high IQ, sociophobic, CCCUses #git to code #python, #ruby, #c, #bash and #csharp using #vim or #vscode on #linux. Part-time player on #PS4, part-time #geocacher, loves #go, #boulder and #swimming. Gender=demi-male / neutro Profession=Software architect Operating systems=Debian/GNU Linux github/gitlab/gitter=carstencodes
danaildr@mastodon.socialДанаил Рабаджийски (DanailDR)
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Linux user,Debian fan,bash (no)master,FOSS and OSHW enthusiast.
blau_araujo@mstdn.ioBlau Araujo
Twitter, Comunidade debxp, Blog, Youtube
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Músico, entusiasta de software livre e programação, especialmente em Bash!#freesoftware #opensource #linux #debian #shellscript #python #xfce #openbox #foss
memescatalans@mastodon.socialMemes Catalans
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Not a meme account. Bash the fash
vurt_konnegut@koyu.spaceVurt Konnegut 🌻
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How would you really define yourself? Political ideas, hobbies, your job, what you consume, not consume and so on only get you so far. Do they even define you as a person? What does it mean to be you?My personal quest:“To leave the world a bit better [...]; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived - that is to have succeeded”― Ralph Waldo Emerson These interests don't define me, but my brain seems to enjoy investing time in them:- Programming (Python, BASH, Java, Clojure)- Bouldering, Yoga, Cycling- Reading (See https://bookwyrm.social/user/burgess)- Philosophy, Design- FOSS, GNU/Linux, Privacy Pronouns=he/him Session ID=05ea4b47eb78f495caa6092b0f4ffea40690558ccb75d020e1b8853b39595eea1b
Blog, Twitter, Github
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I write bad bash scripts and draw thick ladies from time to time. I do commissions as well, but it's nothing very formal at the moment
erock@fosstodon.orgerock :arch: :bash:
website, microblog, Neovim plugins
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I post exclusively about software development and the projects I’m working on.https://erock.io https://github.com/neurosnap sourcehut=https://sr.ht/~erock
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Christian, Programmer, Life-long learner. Programs in=C#/Go/Bash/Factor/JS/etc Sites:={pisc.,idea.,}junglecoder.com Just Found=Bashmarks (cd less often) Just Did=Wrote about nighttime travel
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UNIX. PHP. OpenBSD. FreeBSD. GNU. Drupal. Bash scripting, Python. Membre de http://sacastello.org i http://CelFosc.org. Apasionat de la comunicació internacional. 100% DIY.
mathias@mastodon.xyzMathias Bynens
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Web standards fanatic. JavaScript, HTML, CSS, HTTP, performance, security, Bash, Unicode, i18n, macOS.
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- Programming as a hobby, but prefers an analog life.- Fascinated by the systems of nature and loves forest.- Obsessed with problemsolving and sustainable technology.#linux #x11 #gtk2 #perl #c #cpp #bash #nature #technology #programming #forest
free post, libre views, Liberapay, Blog
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Coding C++, C# and Bash for fun and profit!
aryak@mstdn.socialArya Kiran :archlinux:
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from :tamilnadu:, void & parabola user, Bash fanboy, self-hoster, still waiting to get a vps. Odysee=https://odysee.com/@aryakiran:9 Distro=Archlinux & AlmaLinux & Raspbian Matrix=@arya:envs.net
marc@mstdn.frmarc ✔ 🐎☀🥋🚲🚀🔐🔭🖥🌍🥊🛰
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J'utilise des FLOSS. J'aime bien bidouiller (bash, web, serveurs...), mais aussi la science en général, le sport et les poneys. Je ne parle pas de moi à la 3è personne ^^.Il like to tinker with computers and FLOSS, science, nature, horses, sports (practicing not watching). Can speak french and english obviously. 😀
menelkir@fosstodon.orgMenelkir :freebsd: :artix:
Git, Blog
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* Born in the middle of the 70s. * Unix contributor (you can find my contributions on FreeBSD ports, AUR, some VenomLinux ports and a not-so-updated gentoo overlay). * Developer (worktime and I try to keep logitech g15 stuff alive and a sort of other things).* Systems administrator since somewhere in 90s. * And of course, a proud retrogamer.:freebsd::i3wm: :vim: :terminal: :bash::fdroid: :lineageos2:
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world's least accurate judd hirsch parody account. sporadic fundraiser guy. fmr. button mash bash. (he/him) icon by kelleh main.
devlight@mastodon.mlDevlight :debnyan:
Diaspora, PeerTube
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17, Male, веб-софт девелопер, пока что ниже Junior, Python-BASH-C#, сторонник Open Source и FSF, фанат GNU, :flag_wbw: Matrix=@fdrj6tsxdr:matrix.org E-mail=devlight56@disroot.org dragondone@riseup.net
gbschenkel@fosstodon.orgGus Schenkel :slackware: :kde:
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Hi, I currently work in banking area(Mainframe), I love FLOSS and am trying get some skills with Qt/C++. Linux Distro=Slackware, Proxmox Programming=Bash, Qt/C++ Country=Brazil Community=KDE
io@feditalk.com:bash: /dev/null
Cafe, Photography, Pixels
io@feditalk.com  [follow]
Crawling out of my cave....* Be safe* Wear a mask* Wash your hands#Nobot #English #Misskey #Feditalk Room=https://feditalk.com/@io/room
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Father^4 Located in FranconiaSoftware DeveloperLikes coding (Java and others), Linux, KDE, Ansible, Bash, OpenHAB, Proxmox, Nextcloud and making experiments on Linux gamingBut also Soccer and WalkingToots in English and German
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Linuxy person, bash scripter, occasionally writes minetest mods. Likes cheesy fantasy/isekai anime. Is in fact a cat in most respects.