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intux@cybt.de:intux: intux
Webseite, Community
intux@cybt.de  [follow]
Begeisterter Linux-User und Freund von Free and Open Source Software. #debian #linux #freiesoftware #opensource #mastoadmin #bananen OS=Debian GNU/Linux XMPP=intux[at]intux[dot]de
mjrawbop@friends.toot.koelnMJ Rawbop
mjrawbop@friends.toot.koeln  [follow]
Former Member of The Foggy Mountain Rockers, The Raw Bop Trio, and the legendary Die Geschälten Bananen.
mjrawbop@social.tchncs.deMJ Rawbop
mjrawbop@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
- Ex-member of "Foggy Mountain Rockers"- Ex-member of "Raw Bop Trio"- Ex-member of "Die Geschälten Bananen"