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crunklord420@kiwifarms.cc  [follow]
never calm downBlazeItFgt+DigGaym: https://scumgames.neocities.org/ReeEra: https://resetera.kiwifarms.net/GemBoard: https://git.kiwifarms.net/CrunkLord420/gemboard+NIGGER: https://plusnigger.autism.exposed/ChainBoard: https://git.kiwifarms.net/CrunkLord420/chainboardGit: https://git.kiwifarms.net/CrunkLord420/ | https://gitgud.io/CrunkLord420Runs Matrix, Pleroma and Gitea servers on the KF network.D9E72FDAE14995FAC2BF6F1C1B4F343AE0612080
socalledunitedstates@sunbeam.cityPops :rojava: :greensun:
Icon by, Ko-fi
socalledunitedstates@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Pops. #Solarpunk :greensun: #anarchism :toppled_crown: intersectional feminist :anfem: nondenominational #Christian :anarchy_christian: and #Buddhist :anarchy_buddhist: #autistic :autism: bi :heart_bi:Always looking for comrades near Birmingham, AL. Always willing to find local groups for you to join if you ask, or to help you change the world in any way I can!Dating @rittle, @Moss, *and* @Anarchist_Mallrat wowie I'm one lucky fella Pronouns=he/him Ideology=none state with left economy
koyu@koyu.spaceLeonie :koyu_lgbt:​ :blobcat:​ :vf:
I own
koyu@koyu.space  [follow]
:transflag: :flag_omnisexual: :polyamory_flag: :autism:​- I own koyu.space- I like computers, music and junkfood,but also things like science, meditation or philosophy- I'm one of the first few Mastodon users- I speak German and English- and I am playing too much Fortnite🌺🌺🌺This is for all the bots among us: #nobot"Shut the fuck up" –Some random internet useralt is @koyu🌺🌺🌺Important links::pb: https://koyu.space:rms_ignucius:​ https://stallmansupport.org♊️ https://geminiquickst.art:fossil:​ https://fossil.koyu.space⚙️ https://koyu.space/about/more#services💸 https://creapaid.com/koyuspace🌐 https://web.koyu.space🌺🌺🌺PGP: 8a318ca01ea7b381:red_candle: GNU Natalie Nguyen Personal Gemini capsule=gemini://koyu.space/koyu/ Age=22 Pronouns=she/her (they/them) OS=:arch: :xbox: :android:
luna@hellsite.siteluna, :blobcatsleep: plush
luna@hellsite.site  [follow]
Hi! I'm Luna, I co-admin hellsite and I mainly post about programming, music, and Tetris.Strict no-boost policy for images without a written description.Personal: @lunalabels: adhd, autism, trans, nonbinary, lesbian, ace, polyam, kin, furry, plural Age=19 Luna's pronouns=they, it, she Raelyn's pronouns=she
queervengeance@mstdn.socialjess (they/them)
queervengeance@mstdn.social  [follow]
neuroqueer shitposts at the end of the worldnonbinary | bisexual | gemini autistic | adhd | anxiouswhite | artist | writeranti-capitalist | anti-racist | anti-saneist I enjoy: fun facts, water birds, art history, critical autism studies, meme culture, gender theory, the dog park, and the neuroscience papers I try to read but don't really understand.
koyuchan@koyu.spaceLeonie :pb:​ ❄️​​​ :breadified:
koyuchan@koyu.space  [follow]
:transflag:​ :lesbian_flag_:​​ :autism:​Hi, I'm Leonie and I- am the mom of this instance- play too much Fortnite- am one of the first few Mastodon users- like anything from computers and science to music, meditation and philosophy🌸​🌸​🌸​My goal is to create social networking services with a small team on the internet for you and your friends so you can connect, collaborate and have fun. We foster usability, freedom and cost to deliver the best experience. All our software is released under a free software license.To make sure it stays like this I kindly ask for your support: https://liberapay.com/bubblineyuri/ or ETH 0x82621c94702f5A270a93209A1f35fF41CC6D44E7This is not a support channel. Please e-mail support@koyu.space with your questions.🌸​🌸​🌸​Alt: @koyuFor all the bots among us: #NoBot:red_candle: GNU Natalie Nguyen 🌐=https://web.koyu.space ♀️=she/her (they/them) 🗣️=🇩🇪 🇬🇧 🕑=CET/CEST 🔑=8cac14db5e1c9fa2 :xbox:=bubblineyuri ♥️=@Shorl Age=23
ij@nerdculture.deij :xmpp: :debian: 🕊
Blog, Kaffeekasse, Git Repos
ij@nerdculture.de  [follow]
Born in Osnabrück, living in Rostock at the Baltic Sea, married, Sysadmin, Linux Geek, Data Privacy Advocate, Debian User since Bo, XMPP fan, Climate Crisis concerned, Autism (Asperger), Languages: de/en, random profile pic from https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/Works as IT-Consultant in Linux environment. Contribute via LiberaPay: https://liberapay.com/ij/donate XMPP/Jabber Server=https://hookipa.net/
testoceratops@tech.lgbtBurn This Dyspho Out 🐺
testoceratops@tech.lgbt  [follow]
FR disabled libramasc (= agender + masc) wolfboy.Therian - Species-fluid. 🐺24yoCrutches and wheelchair user. ♿Anar. Antifa. Anti-capitalist.#Autism, #Plurality, C-PTSD, #Depression, #EatingDisorders, #Spasmophilia, #EDS, #POTS, #Endometriosis, #PCOS, #IBS, #LongCovid etc.I use CWs and ALT text.DM and boost are ok, unless I say otherwise! No flirt, don't be horny with me.Engaged and monogamous.PP: pixel art of me as a wolf with my long black hair, by @silvermoon82 Pronouns=he/him or ey/em + masc FR pronouns=il/lui + masc Old account=https://mastodon.online/@testoceratops
ted@landofkittens.social[Ted] :ted: Ted Hart-Davis :breadified:
ted@landofkittens.social  [follow]
Hi![[SPORADIC INTERACTION ENGINE]]Ted/Edward; he/him (will be highly confused but not offended if you use other pronouns); Aspergers/High-Functioning Autism; 21I'm a Cybersecurity & Forensics student at Edinburgh Napier University...going into second year.Among other things, I'm also a folk musician (fiddler), photographer and an administrator over at http://minecraftonline.com...Also a Bash enthusiast who uses Arch unironically, and loves things like ThinkPads and Star Trek (TNG, VOY, DS9, PIC).I'm no longer new to this Fediverse stuff, but I'm still learning! (:*Please don't judge me much by who I follow: instead, please judge me by what I say (non-sarcastic statements) and do.*XMPP:@ted@landofkittens.clubSome relevant links:https://github.com/tedstertechhttps://twitter.com/TedHartDavishttps://instagram.com/TedHartDavishttps://gitlab.com/Tedsterhttps://whatpulse.org/tedsterhttps://landofkittens.community
vicorva@tootplanet.spaceThe Crow Witch 🌙
What I Write, Patreon, Tip Jar
vicorva@tootplanet.space  [follow]
I write fantasy with warmth and weirdness.Writer, narrator, gamer, dungeon master.It turns out that I am a weird person on the internet.Autism, anxiety, and awkwardness.#nobot Pronouns=She/Her
crunklord420@poa.st  [follow]
unused backup, go follow @crunklord420@clubcyberia.co until KFcc is backTempleOS GameDev: scumgames.neocities.org/+NIGGER: plusnigger.autism.exposed/ReeEra: resetera.kiwifarms.net/CrunkSort69: plusnigger.autism.exposed/tmp/crunksort/index.htmlGemBoard: git.kiwifarms.net/CrunkLord420/gemboardChainBoard: git.kiwifarms.net/CrunkLord420/chainboardGit: git.kiwifarms.net/CrunkLord420/ | gitgud.io/CrunkLord420Runs Matrix, Pleroma and Gitea servers on the KF network.D9E72FDAE14995FAC2BF6F1C1B4F343AE0612080
lukealmighty@gameliberty.club  [follow]
MaxWhiteWhite crystalsa new dimension of whitenessI prefer my pronouns and have a lot of gender fluid:ablobparty: Please be patient, I have autism :ablobparty:🇨🇿
elizafox@vulpine.clubCatfox of a thousand headmates
elizafox@vulpine.club  [follow]
"What is better – To be born good, or to overcome your evil nature though great effort?"​Furry. Kin. Very plural. Posts are tagged by alter (assume Elly if none is there). :transistor:.Black lives have always and always will matter. Silence is violence.Mentally ill (in treatment) / neurodivergent:👥 Dissociative Identity Disorder:ms_neurodiversity:​ Autism/ADHD❤️‍🩹 Complex PTSD🎭 Borderline Personality Disorder😐 Major Depressive Disorder with psychotic features😰 Generalised Anxiety DisorderTaken (4):❤️ @violet (partner system/wife, collared)💜 @rachel (partner system)💙 @cdmnky (partner system)💙 @awilfox (partner not otherwise specified)⚠️ ⬆️ If they're not on that list, don't assume they're a partner.DM's always open.Boosts always okay.Flirting is okay if we've interacted before 💜.Minors are okay, but do not flirt with me or interact with lewd posts.CW: There may be lewd content not suitable for minors, religious ramblings not suited for evangelicals, or shitposts not suitable for anyone.
testoceratops@mastodon.onlineBurn This Dyspho Out 🏳️‍⚧️
testoceratops@mastodon.online  [follow]
French #Queer, #Transmasc, #NonBinary and #Disabled activist.Crutches and wheelchair user. ♿#Anarchist. Anti-capitalist. Anti-fascist.| 24yo | #Autism, #DID, C-PTSD, #Depression, #EatingDisorders, #Spasmophilia, #EDS, #POTS, #Endometriosis, irritable bowel syndrome, #LongCovid since March 2020, and so on...I use CWs and ALT text.You're allowed to boost my toots without asking unless I say otherwise! Pronouns=he/him | ey/em FR pronouns=il/lui + masc
readytherhinos@hellsite.site  [follow]
they/them - 25 - poly ace biromantic - whiteapd, autism, adhd - student - doing my best to learn cool things!
chilidishgambino@mastodon.socialChili Dish Gambino
chilidishgambino@mastodon.social  [follow]
more pro-something than anti-anything, an alleged ancom, confirmed muck raker, adult w/ autism & reluctant self-advocate. SWVA born & bred, so I can say ‘y’all’
Blog, Instagram, Twitter
firsttimevalleymam@toot.wales  [follow]
My name is Jo, I started my blog as a bit of an online diary.It’s fast becoming my second baby! When my son was diagnosed with severe autism I decided to try and make note off his progress and struggles.Just an insight into what our little life is like! (This is a courtesy account reserved for verified owner, contact @tooter to claim)
alva@beach.city  [follow]
Ælf from the subarctic realms.Fond of forests, animals, bouldering, bicycling, gaming, synthesisers/audio/music, 🆕 languages: knows some SV, EN, IS.My heartfriend is @crowlad. :blobcatsnugs:Ungendered pronouns. :agender_flag:Diagnosed with autism and ADHD. :neurodiversity:
bigtlarrity@nicecrew.digitalBig T - Vibrating Boob Whisperer :nv:
bigtlarrity@nicecrew.digital  [follow]
Owner of Gameavision. Sexual Tyrannosaurus. MILF Connoisseur. Jann Arden appreciator. Tit Respecter. I'm not as racist as I'd like to be but I wake up everyday striving to be better.Autism-AmericanPureblood#NiceCrew
crunklord420@clubcyberia.co  [follow]
nothing is happening backup accountTempleOS GameDev: scumgames.neocities.org/+NIGGER: plusnigger.autism.exposed/ReeEra: resetera.kiwifarms.net/CrunkSort69: plusnigger.autism.exposed/tmp/crunksort/index.htmlGemBoard: git.kiwifarms.net/CrunkLord420/gemboardChainBoard: git.kiwifarms.net/CrunkLord420/chainboardGit: git.kiwifarms.net/CrunkLord420/ | gitgud.io/CrunkLord420Runs Matrix, Pleroma and Gitea servers on the KF network.D9E72FDAE14995FAC2BF6F1C1B4F343AE0612080
tmorizot@social.theliturgists.comScott Morizot :autism:
tmorizot@social.theliturgists.com  [follow]
Husband, father, grandfather, Christian, programmer & general IT guy, celiac, autistic, he/him
cruadin@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
History, Photography, Woodworking, USAF Veteran, happily married Grandpa. #autism
exo@cybre.spaceexo ✨
exo@cybre.space  [follow]
https://exo.pet:nonbinary_flag: they/them/any / :autism: ASD / 25 / 🇨🇦 The Film Prayer (abridged)"I AM FILM, not steel; O user, have mercy. If the pull on the takeup reel is too violent, I am torn to shreds—a thing ashamed and bespoiled. I am a delicate ribbon of film—misuse me and I disappoint thousands; cherish me, and I delight and instruct the world." - anon.(interaction ≠ endorsement✋) SITE:=https://exo.pet DISCORD:=exo#2313
drdewaynelehman@counter.socialDeWayne Lehman 🏛🇺🇦
drdewaynelehman@counter.social  [follow]
Gov Researcher, Gov IT, PhD Student, MBA, Father. I'm still here for the free salsa dip... he/him. 🏳️‍🌈♿ 🇺🇸🇺🇦 #autism Daoist ☯ BG 📿 #TwitterRefugee
orrery@weirder.earthOrrery :autism: :peacock:
orrery@weirder.earth  [follow]
Alien bird thing. Alchemy student (Topaz), Lemnos Academy of Natural Philosophy. Trans autist psychonaut magister. Living on unceded Coast Salish territory. Black lives matter. No person is illegal. Abolish the police. Abolish ICE. Death to America. #nobot Gender=am bird now Pronouns=They/Them // She/Her // Bird/Bird self-same=self-same
onecowstampede@nicecrew.digital  [follow]
I am have autism
twinkle@mk.absturztau.be  [follow]
sadposting: @twinkle@is.nota.livealso @twinkle@rats-at.work---Transfem programmer & pony from Taiwan!---nerdy immature weird trans pegasisterhas autism, Tourette, anxiety, and depression.plays Minecraft, Noita, Terraria, TBoI, Enter the Gungeon, Dead Cells, and some more.---also a hobbyist:- translator (mostly English to Chinese) (also mostly MLP songs)- graphic designer---Githubhttps://github.com/Mg138DiscordTwinkle Sprinkle#5806Matrix@twinklesprinkle:matrix.org gender=transfem sexuality=pansexual pronoun=she/her languages=Chinese(Native) / English
chloridecull@masto.fuzzy.systemsDusty :blahaj:
chloridecull@masto.fuzzy.systems  [follow]
24, ace/aro(?), some form of enby, autism and add, I work as a software developer, ancomon all levels except physical, i'm drgnplural system copiloted by Dusty and Klor, you can find him at @klorrandom gifts are OK (as long as it's not sexually explicit) and will make me very flusteredformerly @ChlorideCull, admin of fuzzy.systems, chairperson of fuzzy systemswill generally approve all follow requests as long as your account has *anything* in it#nobot
dingusbeard@neckbeard.xyzMax Autism
dingusbeard@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
It's your friendly neighborhood dingus. Gamer and weeb. I like booty and lolis.Alt account (repost only) --> https://baraag.net/@DingusBackup account --> https://varishangout.net/varisdingusI licc the belly of Max Shultz.
accounts, more accounts
sobsz@vulpine.club  [follow]
• ➡️ if i ever say/do something bad (by any measure) then PLEASE tell me so i can fix it and not do it again ⬅️• you literally cannot hurt/annoy/bore me with your dm/mention that is a *challenge*• not very good at deeper/double/hidden meanings though (puns/jokes are okay) so if you wanna be understood i gently recommend not• idk why you'd wanna draw my mashup of 3 copyrighted characters but it's not forbidden• unfortunately immune to transformation• #yesbot• white, amab, male i guess, not very queer-community, singular, relatively human-esque, overall p boring• doesn't seem to care about politic even though it's Pretty Darn Important• tech• autism• ace if it involves The Real World™, cringe if it involves me, otherwise see my 500-page list of kinks (coming soon™)• quoiromantic (what is love)• furry as in "i like the aminals,," but not very communityand not brave enough to be an aminal on the internet• being an aminal physically would be nice but would probably enjoy it more if others were aminals• languages: english, polski, toki pono or whatever it is• 🇵🇱• not a representative sample of any of the above• observer/lurker/janitor• not particularly serious ever• resident pushover• rules for me but not for thee• a very wide definition of "bothering people"• on the dunning-kruger peak of many things• not good at forming opinions• not social, which is a very good quality on a social medium• what's a community• heck what's a *person*awesome pfp by the even awesomer ElectricLizardFren (full: https://files.catbox.moe/dxup8r.png)matrix (sorta good): @sobsz:matrix.orgdiscord (sorta not good): @hecko#8977 pronouns=any +it -she -fae honorific=none, any, `mf.` if spicy
meganeko@miaow.gay  [follow]
:blobcatuwu: Nyan-binary lesbnyan w/ insomnya ~🏳️‍🌈 #nonbinary :blobcatenby: #neurodivergent (#autism & #ADHD) :autism: #ace :blobcatace: #lesbian :blobcatlesbian:🥄 #DSPD #LongCovid #MECFS #pwME #NEISvoid#cats, #queer intersectional #feminism, science, cute #yuri #manga, #日本語Please let me know about any topics you'd like a CW for or if I interact with someone problematic (because I'm probably unaware).Follow requests welcome (except empty profile or fascists etc.) ~ Pronouns=they/them/she Languages=🇬🇧 en 🇯🇵 ja 🇳🇱 nl 🇩🇪 de Matrix/Element=@meganeko:matrix.org Old & Alts=@meganeko@mastodon.online, @meganeko@eldritch.cafe, @meganeko@todon.eu, me_ga_neko on bird site (leaving soon)
littlekiddoian@abdl.link  [follow]
Hello everyone, my name is Ian and I'm a little and an ABDL living in Virginia. Gay, 20. I have Autism.
radiantember@weirder.earthEmber :autism: :nb_crossbow:
radiantember@weirder.earth  [follow]
23 year old white anti-racist I'm:Autistic :autism: Queer :_gayheart2:Nonbinary :heart_nb: Aromantic Asexual :heart_aro: :heart_ace:a Relationship Anarchist :ra:Plural/median 🔥🖤🧡Gender Non-Conforming Liberation for allAll things with love :teal_heart:Profile picture: picrew of a black bear with round glasses in a teal flannel and teal cap wearing a nonbinary pin. The picrew is by @PRINSEA .header image: nonbinary crossbow over the nonbinary flag pronouns=they/them or it/its
drako_fenris@yiff.life:ms_weed: DualingDergDrako
drako_fenris@yiff.life  [follow]
YO!its me Drako! Fenris median multifacet systemim currently a dual facet of a black and white lungdragon, a pair yes.also a big dork himbo!pc gamesmy neurodivergence: ADHD, Autism, PTSD, DIDrespect these please.#ActuallyAutisticcannabis horticulturistwill be NSFW sometimessensitive things are always CW'edi smoke cannabis regularly, i makeedibles and other stuff with cannabisas well. cannabis is used for me ashelp with my neurodivergence.hateful people suck
alanae@lgbt.ioGay Forest Creatures 💜💙
alanae@lgbt.io  [follow]
The Alder Grove plural system. Queer nonbinary transfemme, autistic, gray ace, dev, music, residing in a place some call South Carolina, blm+acab, follows/mutuals very welcome, stickler for CWs and image captionsAlana(e) 💜💙 (they/them): {Adelia 💜 (she/they), Dani 💙 (she/her), Lane 🗺 (they/them), Mena 😈 (she/her), Kade 💡 (he/they), etc.}Discord: AlanaDeryn#4995Matrix: alanae:matrix.orgTelegram: <ask first>#nobot pronouns=they/them (individuals have their own) plural alt=@the_alanae lewd alt=@alanae pride emoji spam=:heart_trans: :heart_nb: ​:heart_pan: ​:heart_lesbian: :plural_heart:​ :heart_ace: :autism:
alice@queer.garden  [follow]
genderqueer, neuroqueer, no fun at parties:queercat_trans: :queercat_gq: :queercat_ace: :queercat_pan: :queercat_autism:formerly @ queer.town
shardsofblue@queer.partyZan 🐯
shardsofblue@queer.party  [follow]
Xander. Trans guy, 36. Queer as hell, inclusive as fuck. Loud and shouty. Also Star Trek, art, & TTRPGs. ADHD & autistic. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ My header image is a self-portrait. Pronouns=he/him Follows=Welcome 😊 Interests=trans shit, guitar, watercolor + digital + pen & ink, paleoart, furry art, yarncrafts, mini painting, TTRPGs, Star Trek, dragons, queer history + theory, antiracism, oppression theory, cats, Elden Ring, Pokemon, autism, comics + graphic novels, MtG, 日本語
pentagrampip@stardew.city  [follow]
alt: Mycomyths@playvicious.socialsite: piponfishing.neocities.org/trans/femme/black/enby/genderless/anarchist/disabled/learning/healing///post about autism/bibliotherapy/self medicating/autodidacting/natural systems/decolonization/reenchantmentCurrently rewiring my brain
juliebean@sunbeam.city  [follow]
🔞⚧💾Ⓐ👣⚢:autism:twenty something white autistic butch trans dykei like to make things and i don't like shoes. matrix=@juliebean:matrix.org pronouns=she/her/etc. other account=@juliebean location=Bay Area
unfitmisfit@playvicious.social  [follow]
before following: @ me if we haven't talked to each other beforeYou matter.Indigenous neurodivergent grump. Xicanx, two-spirit, and tired. Crafting crafter of crafts of dubious craftship. Working on being the village brujx too. Deconstructs binaries as a hobby. :gaypixelheart:​ @chaomodus :gaypixelheart:​Ask me about: Autism, ADHD, Neurodiversity, Dyslexia, Atheism/Antitheism (not the white dudes), Low Carb eating for mental health, Homeskooling, Assistance/Service Dogs
cinderspdx@counter.social  [follow]
Always concerned with complicated things- My twin boys. One has Autism and loves Thomas the Tank Engine, the other amazing on various guitars!
koyu@fedi.koyu.spaceLeonie​ :vf:
koyu@fedi.koyu.space  [follow]
:transflag:​ :lesbian_flag_:​​ :autism:​Hi, I'm Leonie and I- am the mom of this instance- probably forgot your birthday- am one of the first few Mastodon users- like anything from computers and science to music, meditation and philosophy🌸🌸🌸Treat me with respect and I will too. Easy as that.🌸🌸🌸Alt: @koyu@qoto.orgFor all the bots among us: #NoBot:red_candle: GNU Natalie Nguyen 🌐=https://web.koyu.space/ ♀️=she/her (they/them) ❤️=Shorl Age=23
madisonlmc@social.theliturgists.com  [follow]
Believing in better things.:autism:
twinkle@rats-at.work🐭 twankle mous :transrat: 🐀
twinkle@rats-at.work  [follow]
sadposting: @twinkle@is.nota.livealso @twinkle@mk.absturztau.be---Transfem programmer & pony from Taiwan!---nerdy immature weird trans pegasisterhas autism, Tourette, anxiety, and depression.plays Minecraft, Noita, Terraria, TBoI, Enter the Gungeon, Dead Cells, and some more.---also a hobbyist:- translator (mostly English to Chinese) (also mostly MLP songs)- graphic designer---Githubhttps://github.com/Mg138DiscordTwinkle Sprinkle#5806Matrix@twinklesprinkle:matrix.org gender=transfem sexuality=pansexual pronoun=she/her timezone=UTC+8 languages=Chinese(Native) / English languages=C/C++ / Java/Kotlin / Python
Portfolio, deviantArt, Pixelfed
patricepoly@mastodon.art  [follow]
French painter and drawing artist - I mainly like to paint portraits and fabrics.Also long time Linux user, and F4INS on air.Car free.:autism: :heart_sp_ace:
dianor@mastodon.lol  [follow]
Studies social sciences, 43 years old (she/her).Feminist, activist, self-dx ADHD/autism, leftist, fat activism, climate justice, nature & social justice. Trying to be the change I wish to see in the world.I have many hobbies and interests: gaming, cooking, hiking, lifting, painting, music (to name a few).Toots about any- and everything in Finnish and English, always tries to think with portals.
autismwarlord@poa.st  [follow]
I'm autism
corina@social.theliturgists.comCorina :autism:
corina@social.theliturgists.com  [follow]
I said to the suntell me about the Big BangThe sun said, 'It hurts to become.' - Andrea Gibson diagnosed with=autism, anxiety, chroniq fatigue, chronic pain, pronouns=ze/zij/haar, she/her, ze/hir personality labels=5w4 or 4w5, INFZ
glitchyhare@mastodon.art🔪problem dog🔪
glitchyhare@mastodon.art  [follow]
Emil | 20 | trans man in the alpha testing stage | Polish | self-diagnosed autistic :autism: | aromantic asexual :asexual_flag: | big bad furry | social liberal |▫Mostly art (drawing, sewing, sculpting), often involving dogs,▫Posts inconsistently,▫Owner of a rescue pup and a cockatiel,▫I like free software and I'm not a libertarian or free speech absolutist (shocking!),I may struggle to maintain conversation, because I'm very cautious about the words I put on the internet.#nobot Languages=PL/EN/DE Pronouns=he/him
transgal4872@fedi.absturztau.beJaqulynn4872 🏳️‍⚧️∞🐱
transgal4872@fedi.absturztau.be  [follow]
(this account is now heavily restricted to people I and the rest of the system know extremely well)I am Jaqulynn Nocturna from the @TransGal4872@mk.absturztau.be system. Echo also uses this account.I like computers and worldbuilding. I seem to be much more Autistic than the other system members so they are very protective of me.This used to be the system's main account, and was our main account before we accepted being plural too.Nim · #️⃣ Jaymi · ⌛ RavenJaqulynn · 📚 EchoCassandra · Daisy⚖ Stablizer (Does not front)Autistic, Transgender, PluralLearning several languages,If I say something wrong please correct me.:boost_ok: New main account: @TransGal4872@mk.absturztau.be New backup account: [Information Removed; Message me]XMPP: transgal4872@jabber.absturztau.beGit: https://codeberg.org/TransGal4872robots.txt #nobot Gender=Sometimes Pronouns=She/Her , They/Them , Fae/Faer Neurodiverse ∞=Autism Spectrum , ADHD , Generalized Anxiety , Plural , Primary Language=English
melgibsonafter4beers@poa.stAutism is a Choice :verified:
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Aspiring Propagandist and Respecter of the Hebraic Culture, owner and operator of the Standard Republican Party that we generally hold once every four years .t.me/austismisachoice
soniex2@cybre.spaceSoni L. :autism:
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[EN] I'm an autistic enby (autgender). Sensory-seeker.I make free software for all!All my posts are okay to boost. I'll never post untagged irony. I will always listen to CW requests.[BR] Sou uma autista não-binária (autgênera). Busco experiências sensoriais, por ser autista.[...]Todos os meus posts não-privados podem ser retransmitidos. Nunca postarei ironia sem CW. Sempre respeitarei pedidos de CW.
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20-something queer autistic socialist from the UK. I’m friendly so feel free to say hi. More info in my pinned toot.My interests include: :game_boy: :cannabis_leaf: :crt_w_prompt: :potted_plant: :lp: 🐶 My identities include: :progresspride_flag: :antifa: :nonbinary_flag: :autism: :transgender_flag: Pronouns=(they/them) :they_them: pronouns.page link=https://en.pronouns.page/@farrer Instagram=itsfarrer Discord=farrer#7106
deam_ex_machina@masto.donte.com.brHanns Sauerkrautz
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#Anime #Manga #Metal #Technology #Math #Art #Science #Autism #LanguagesInterdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degrees in Science and Technology :gaysper:On the Autism Spectrum :neurodiv:CooldereI'm learning Libras (Brazilian Sign Language)I like french and french fries as well:anarchy: :bandeira_sp:Keep moving forward Languages=PT/EN/ES/RU/EO Pronouns=She/Her
alu@cybre.clubalu 🛠️
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alu/laggard (misskey version)I am back on fedi after a lengthy hiatus :)IT person that would rather do something realinterested in mechanics, cooking, rally (the motorsport)pan, cis, might show strange behavioral patterns (autism)pronouns: he/him Languages (per ISO 639-2)=deu, gsw, eng, fra(kinda), srp (kinda), fin (learning) partner=@foxhkron@cybre.club
spiders@monsterpit.netthe spiders 🌘🌟🌌
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the spiders • they/it/she • goblincore babywitch • no minorswhite settler on Duwamish land • adhd+autism • communist • aroace queer • sometimes i make music
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the spiders • they/it/she • goblincore babywitch • no minorswhite settler on Duwamish land • adhd+autism • communist • aroace queer • sometimes i make music
mk1679_rocket@weirder.earthMK 🦉:autism:
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Birds are my family and I have a companion parrot called Rocket <3. I'm an autistic Christian anarchist studying politics and interested in biodiversity. Beginner with computer science knowledge but I want to learn. I'm an agender aroace relationship anarchist. I have MECFS, chronic migraine and I'm schizospectrum. I don't tolerate diet culture and I owe a lot to fat activism. I'm white, antiwhite, always learning. My header is by Melvin Way. Pronouns=they/them
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Simple Canadian guy. Politics, music, food, fun. Equality and democracy. Ally. Survivor. Chill. Followback. Autism Fasd Ptsd. He/him or they/them Resist. Patron
supernothing@freespeechextremist.comBurrito Jesus
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Unlike many Fediverse users, I have Autism.That’s a wrap.
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🏳️‍🌈 #nonbinary #neurodivergent (#autism & #ADHD) #ace #lesbian🥄 #DSPD #LongCovid #MECFS #pwME #NEISvoid#cats, #queer intersectional #feminism, science, cute #yuri #manga, #日本語Please let me know about any topics you'd like a CW for or if I interact with someone problematic (because I'm probably unaware).Account is locked to keep out fascists; follow requests welcome ~Bird site (leaving soon): me_ga_neko. Pronouns=they/them/she Languages=🇬🇧 en 🇯🇵 ja 🇳🇱 nl 🇩🇪 de Matrix/Element=@meganeko:matrix.org Alt=@meganeko@eldritch.cafe
sudoreboot@sunbeam.citySpherical Space Raven
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Creative a{u,r}tist; free software developer; autodidact.Likes the cello, autumn, birds, lizards, friendly dogs, hard scifi, space, permaculture, games and pirate stories.I like my programming declarative, code composable, type systems expressive, values immutable, builds reproducible, licenses copyleft, and software bespoke but interoperable.@aeki is my favourite person and life companion.Humans mostly suck, but there are plenty of exceptions. Matrix=@sudoreboot:matrix.org Pronouns=ey/em, he/him, whatever Am=:pirate_flag: 🎃 🇸🇪 :blobboo: :autism: :battery_low: Neuro-divergencies=ASD, ADD, SAD and SAD.
byte@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Some sort of anarchist. NOT an “anarcho”-capitalist. I’m also #neurodivergent. #Autism #ADHDReforming capitalism is impossible. Reforming the state is impossible. Reforming the police is impossible. #ACAB #anarchism #eattherich#nobot #nobots #noarchive #noindex Pronouns=he/him Age=18
monolithimmortal@social.theliturgists.comBraxton Bragg :autism:
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Married dad who is #actuallyautistic. Metal head, #exvangelical, recovering from spiritual abuse, future psychologist, ex-cult, @monolithimmort on twitter
therevsirdr@social.theliturgists.comAziraphale :autism:
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A nerdy polymath swordswoman Bible scholar in the process of acquiring all the titles in my handle. #enneagram8, #ace, grieving #umc, #mystic, #autistic Pronouns=she/her/hers Liturgies, Etc.=http://plagalcadence.wordpress.com Radiant Order=Bondsmith-Windrunner Enneagram=true 8...or 8w9 (?!)
Homepage, ART
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To the leftTake it back now y'allOne hop this timeRight foot let's stompLeft foot let's stompCha cha real smoothshe/they / 2000 / :biflag: / :autism:
kooda@fedi.upyum.comKooda :ms_otter: :autism:
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🇫🇷 🇬🇧 #vegan #furry otter from Rennes, Brittany, #FranceCHICKEN #Scheme core developer.#cello #art #GameDesign #FreeSoftware
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Just a humorous person on the Autism Spectrum looking for friends on the Autism Spectrum. #LGBTQ+
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Female, 30, USA ♀️🧙‍♀️My pronouns are "Gender/Is/Patriarchy" and you damn well better respect them or else I will sue you for hate speech /sarcasmActively trying to get banned from Pinterest and convert as many Libfems as I can along the wayOnline gamer who gets sexually harassed nearly every time I play on micEXTREMELY ASOCIAL AND AWKWARD IRL (also online and in my dreams)Daughter of a feminist hippie and proud of it, second generation socialistStuff I believe in: 🏥 universal single payer healthcare🏘️ affordable housing🏫 affordable high quality education for all🍼 affordable childcare🤰🏽 paid family leave♀️ sex based protections for women and girls✊🏿 racial justice & protections for black people and POC🌎 decarbonization and climate change adaptation and mitigation 🚴‍♀️ walkable and bikable cities + well funded public transit🏭 environmental justice♿ disability rights♾️ autism acceptance😷 vaccines, masks, and social distancing🗳️ election reform and ranked choice voting#adulthumanfemale #actuallyautistic #radfem #bisexual #BLM #socialist #TERFisaslur #feminist #notthefunkind #peaktrans #decarbonize #climatechangeisgenocide
rocketbarn@social.theliturgists.comDrew Tearpak :autism:
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I used to think chocolate milk was good for me. Now I edit films. Current obsessions: Chernobyl and Python
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Making cool things for homes.Anti Tory, often sweary and pro EU.#INTJ #Autism
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hi am a furry abdl like wearing and useing i like to cook i like vidiogames and more ask me anything i gues. also i have autism im at the high end of the s
annatarkov@octodon.socialAnna Banana
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Podcaster (http://unconsoleable.com). Developing developers, not games. Autism mom. Intersectional feminist. Immigrant. Anti-fascist and anti-racist.
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Grandma, Mom, Wife, Dog owner, Reader, Quilter, Gardener, Advocate for autism (guardian of brother). Democrat because I care about people. I read banned books.
vicorva@ping.the-planet.spaceSpace Crow (Vicorva Alt)
What I Write, Patreon, Tip Jar
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Planet-side alt of @vicorva@wandering.shop.I write fantasy with warmth and weirdness.Writer, narrator, gamer, dungeon master.It turns out that I am a weird person on the internet.Autism, anxiety, and awkwardness.#nobot Pronouns=They/Them, She/Her
storydragon@dragonscave.spaceStoryDragon, child of the harp
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Hi there! One of my other online names is Privacy_Dragon.For follows: See pins.I love #dragons and #books.Sometimes I like to do stuff with words, like writing poems or ,recently, writing #SmallStories.I further love #music. Especially folk-metal, folk, celtic and medieval music. I also play the harp.And I do programming, mostly for calculators like the TI-84+ CE, but also for the computer.I also do #HEMA swordfighting!And I do #reenactment!Lastly, I have #Autism and #ADHD#NoBot Pronouns=He/Him Me at other places=https://wheretofind.me/@WebDragon Server=webdragon.mywire.org HTTPS port=2252
beakmoo@mastodon.socialAvian Face-Tool
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SF obsessed, Fortean, lefty, on the autism spectrum, big soft eejit.
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(He/Him) I am A multiply disabled service dog user.I also go by Coren or Corey.I have a love of autism and autistic people.Autism can be hard AND beautiful. Please normalize giving me food as a greeting, thank you. Queerness=Ace, Trans, Pan Pronouns=He/Him Focus=Anticapitalism, Disability Justice
demimom@elekk.xyzJune :ACNH_Joy: :autism:
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hi I'm June!✨she/her✨ :heart_ace: :heart_pan: :heart_nb: :autism:https://en.pronouns.page/@demimomstay at home parent, English professor, professional readerJ'étudie le français! autistic, leftist, and feminist af. don't be a dick :yell:
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ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism (ASD 1/high-functioning/Asperger's) ASD 1 info: (https://web.archive.org/web/20221023003039/https://www.verywellhealth.com/what-are-the-three-levels-of-autism-260233)Associate's in Applied Science (IT)Studying Japanese TILvids Moderator (not owner/admin, I just deal with spam)Search Engine Evaluator for a particular mega-corporation via outsourced company, under NDA, "don't be evil".#nobot #nobots Distro=Kubuntu/Debian Age=21 Location=USA Matrix=@LibreNyaa:matrix.org
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Knowledge management worker for an autism advocacy NGO. Speculative fiction fan. Reads stories by women/non-binary people and writers of colour. Crochets own kippot.Avatar by H-P Lehkonen: https://hplehkonen.com/
evel@mastodon.artevel :autism:
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🕹️ Game playin, game makin, speedrunnin Indigenous 2Spirit & exhausted cripple.:mastoart: Graphic design is one of my special subjects. 🤎 dogs, my kith and kin, community, and mispellingsI try to be positive in this space, and am here to support folks who, like myself, are neurodivergent, disabled, queer, and BIPOC. My optimism and positivity are not born of naivete, nor are they without effort.:sharesloved: Boosts needed and appreciated!banner and avatar description in pinned post pronouns=they/themselves or em/emselves ¼ of Aldercone Studio=https://aldercone.studio/ art & game playin/speedy-ish-ness=https://www.twitch.tv/diceybrute 🖖🏽🧙🏽=brown Indigenerd in the PNW
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Twitter Refugee. ADHD. Black Lives Matter. Global Warming’s real Vaccines work and don’t cause autism. Better science is the only thing that can replace science
autism_mom_autism_strong@social.quodverum.comBrenda Lee
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Wife to great husband and Mom to 3 beautiful kids. 1st kid has autism and severe apraxia, 2nd kid has autism, 3rd kid is neurotypical and the best sister ever!
widdleholden@abdl.linkWiddle holden
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A 25 year old little looking for a safe space to post and share. I have autism with sensory issues amongst other problems and I am a little shy.
holyspiritomb@weirder.earthHezekiah, an autism ⚧
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autistic bi trans stay-at-home parent with weird joints, becoming jewish
lapingvino@esperanto.masto.hostJoop Kiefte (LaPingvino)
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Polyglot: nl en eo pt es fr de io tp it af#p2p #ipfs #esperanto #bahai #asperger #autism #crypto #steemit #pwa #golang
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yandere. mentally ill, psychotic. disabled. fictive.avi is from poobit on tumblr. flag is by unashamedandbackbitch on tumblr! we love their flags. :) :mapflag:, :zooflag:, :sadomaso:, :necro:, :aro: spec, :zoosadflag:, :fictomap:, :autopedo:, :hebe: :ephebo: :nepio: :pedo: :meso:shit wrong w/me:adhd, autism, fibromyalgia, bipolar/schizoaffective (unsure which), HoH, tinnitus, visual snow, ME/CFS, pdnos/trimorbid, sleep apnea, narcolepsy(?), asthma pronouns=vio/len, ny/nys/nym, par/para chrono age=20s mental age=10 to 20s
twchr@mastodon.socialtwchr #Twittermigration
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#Edu+#Learning+E|#CogSci|#DataEthics|MOOCs|Edtech|#LXD|ID|#LearningDesign+LearningSciences+DEI|LA|XR|#AI+#TechBusting|#Ecology|#Anthropogeny|#Autism|own op+own typosEnglish, Deutsch, Español, Français
jeannie@social.lolJeannie :prami:
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Autism Mom 💟 Autistic Wife 💞 MidCentury Vintage Fan 🥧 IndieWeb Hopeful 🕸️🌐 Baltimore, MD 🇺🇸
agent_smith@poa.st  [follow]
olireiv@mstdn.socialOlireiv :autism:
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Hello!I'm a post-apocalyptic ecologist, pluri-neurodivergent.I'm interested in life sciences, intersectionality, ecosystemic services and biodiversity music and philosophy late in the night.Global South.Re-Toots are endorsed.[ProfilePic: Carpincho (or capibara) in front of a pirate flag;HeaderPic: Lavander in front of an old red brick wall, at sunset] Age=47 Country=Agentina Status=Pluri-Neurodivergent Voice=Bass-barytone
astroterf@spinster.xyzastroterf lawn
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🏁peak trans est. 2019🏁:heart_bi: :autism: :heart_bi:17 | dysphoric femalefreshman bio student that snuck in under artsatheistanti-porn... PRO FURRY
Website, crap music taste
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i play games, code garbage, talk to friends on discord, be friendly to other fellow nice humans and toot whatever comes to my mind. if you expected me to describe my personality, i don't like describing myself.wii u owner.also, expect me to randomly toot about autism, mental health, or philosophic point of views about society. and sometimes music. Jekyll "Blog"=https://atlasc0r3.github.io/blog/ where=québec (poutine canada)
bringonnovember@counter.socialAussie Girl
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Autism Mum ❤ Kindness is sexy 🔥 Hippie beach chick 🧜 Animal lover 🐾 Why is the vodka always gone 🤔 #LGBTQ+ #BLM #GunReform #BidenHarris #FBR #Resist 🌊
viktor@weirder.earthLucky Samurai
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Some white dude posting about #videogames #hamradio #3dprinting or #uspol on the daily. #weed optional. Also on the #autism spectrum. Please call me out if I'm being a shithead.Please interact with me in some way before sending a follow request. I will reject your request (at best) otherwise. Pronouns=He/Him
ultraviolet@monads.onlineCynthia :verified:
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i'm cynthia! i'm a trans woman! and i'm bisexual, and I have ADHD, and autism! i'm also a leftist and an anti-imperialist. i'm 24 years old!ffxiv! i'm currently phoebe riis, sometimes cynthia no'mae on leviathan. if you're in the <<tanky>> FC then you might already know me!i don't accept follows from people i don't know / interact w. sorry.if you do follow me please don't interact with my locked posts unless we're mutuals/friends.🔞DNI
adhdefy@koyu.space𝓑Ⓡ𝐚η𝔡Ⓞ𝓷 :autism:
Art Spam, Blog Spam, Geek Stuff, Keyoxide
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Furbish Ambassador to The United States of America '98 - '00."Kah mee-mee ay-tay. Doo-moh ah-tah." #hacking #privacy #foss #cartoonist #cartoon #animation #fediart #artist #musician #voiceover #voicework #gamer #gaming #neurodiverse #ADHD #radicaldude #fedi22 Pronouns=he/him/his Message Me=@ADHDefy:matrix.org
aznas@snowdin.townazriel not dreemurr :QueerCat_Autism:
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he/they/any pronouns, uingender, nebula-aroace, veldian, polyamorous, anqueer, ancom, and (rad)inclus!(can write on russian and english)#fedi22 #nobot #anime #nintendo #linux #gnu #furry #brony #nsfw
errordays@sunbeam.cityerrordays :autism:
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:ancomheart: :autism:none gender left beefif your account looks empty or suspicious I won't add you