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curator@mastodon.artMastodon•ART 🎨 Curator :masto:
curator@mastodon.art  [follow]
#Art‽🎨📸✏️🎥🕹️🖼️🎶💬Your Curator of :mastoart:•ARTists 🎨. Supporting #MastoArt & creativity for the :fediverse: since April/2017. Feb/2021-Present=@welshpixie Jan/2019-Feb/2021=@Rheall@comicscamp.club Apr/2017-Dec/2018=@CuratorClassic
curator@artalley.socialArt Alley Curator
curator@artalley.social  [follow]
Signal boosts of good art, open commissions and live streams. Art Alley is a Mastodon server for artists and commissioners. [R-18]
calculsoberic@mstdn.socialCats Who Code 💙💛
calculsoberic@mstdn.social  [follow]
A cat learning to code and co-admin of mstdn.social with @stux. Interests: coding, writing, cooking, music, cats, art, and building furniture. The fedi has also helped me accept that I'm pansexual and genderfluid (or somewhere along those lines). Favorite music: EDM, jazz, alternative rock, classic rock, drum 'n' bass, opera, classicalLanguages: English, Spanish - and learning Portuguese, Catalan, and Esperanto in my free time#cats #coding #nerdy Pronouns=he/him/they/them/ Cats?=pet boop=
zone_telechargement@mamot.frTirexo.com (Officiel)
zone_telechargement@mamot.fr  [follow]
http://www.tirexo.art nous vous conseillons nous suivre sur cette page pour rester au courant si nous changeons d’adresse.
website, twitch, prints, patreon
eylul@mastodon.art  [follow]
#codeart, #photography and #painting || #ArtwithOpenSource | #art: #editbacklog and #humanalgorithmsartist, photographer, educator, advocate for all open source for all things art and design
eylul@social.eyluldogruel.comEylul Dogruel
eylul@social.eyluldogruel.com  [follow]
#codeart, #photography and #painting || #ArtwithOpenSource | #art: #editbacklog and #humanalgorithmsartist, photographer, educator, advocate for open source for all things related to art and design
sylvia_ritter@mastodon.socialSylvia Ritter
sylvia_ritter@mastodon.social  [follow]
Animal Art Agent, Blank Canvas Restorer Mrs. @duangle - http://duangle.com/nowhere sylvia.ritter@duangle.com, #demoscene
scoots@mastodon.arthampter - BIRTHDAY SOON
gofundme for surgery
scoots@mastodon.art  [follow]
neurodivergent#art #mastoart #digitalart #traditionalart33 ● transmasc ● ace & agender ● Texan Latino ● paypal.me/bugpawscash app: $xenocat pronouns=they/them commissions/ko-fi=https://ko-fi.com/bugpaws amazon wishlist (art stuff)=https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/98NTUWU3J0WI?ref_=wl_share
christalleras@mastodon.arttalleraas [art]
website, pixelfed, newsletter
christalleras@mastodon.art  [follow]
Illustrator and ethical software enthusiast matrix-group=https://matrix.to/#/#talleraas:mjos.ems.host
welshpixie@mastodon.artWelshPixie (dawel a dirgel)
Patreon, Website, KoFi, Redbubble
welshpixie@mastodon.art  [follow]
Art, writing, cats. She/her. Welsh but living in South Africa. No unsolicited advice. BLM, trans rights are human rights. #MastoAdmin @Curatorhttps://am.pirateradio.social/channels/pixiestunes/https://bookwyrm.cincodenada.com/user/WelshPixieHeader image: the bottom half of a digitally drawn white mandala on black background, featuring themes of leaves, trees and roots extending froma central floral motif.
bleeptrack@chaos.social  [follow]
Generative Art, Comics, Penplotter, Crafting, Code & Making.I do too much stuff at once.
jenjen@mastodon.artJenJen :heart_sp_pan:
jenjen@mastodon.art  [follow]
Hey there! I work full-time in the UK indie-comic scene and smear paint on things! 18+ Due to erotica/horror art💖 she/her
jennifer@noagendasocial.comDame Jennifer - CHS SC 🇺🇸
ANA on YT, Website, VoiceOver
jennifer@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
AKA Jame Dennifer Art Director for No Agenda Animation Studios and Baroness of the Possible Exit Strategy ;)Former Obamabot. Former Chicagoan. Started listening late 2010. Saw the light. Left Chicago. Now in beautiful Charleston SC. https://www.jenniferisaacbuchanan.com/NAS user #482 ;)NA EP - episodes 325, 333, 1344, 1378, 1422NA AEP - episodes 1035, 1243, 1300, 1311, 1326, 1335, 1354MF EP - episode 37MF AEP - episodes 50, 57, 61 Value 4 Value RE: ANA=http://anav4v.com
extinct@redroo.mlCafe Batstelo :sip:
portfolio, i stream art on, support on
extinct@redroo.ml  [follow]
queer ass lil purple batnikkei (sansei) & NDN (pomo/konkow maidu)full-time freelance illustrator and comic artistcommissions OPEN:nb: :ag: :heart_pan: :heart_aro: [they/them]♍ :commie::18only:knzk forever#nightcrew AD/nsfw art alt=@xxxinks
connyduck@chaos.socialConny Duck
connyduck@chaos.social  [follow]
Android dev, maintainer of @Tusky pronouns=he/him languages=German, English art account=@connyduck@pixelfed.social
some_emo_chick@mastodon.social  [follow]
Michigan girl talking about: Politics, Religion, Art, Beauty, Equality, Star Trek, STO, Pansexuality, and Things I Should Probably Not Be Saying Out Loud.
anaisfae@mastodon.artAnaïs Faë
Shop, Monthly memberships
anaisfae@mastodon.art  [follow]
Artist and cat faerie ⋅ https://anaisfae.art ✦I get stronger in the splendor of a lucid moonThey/she/whatever · :heart_sp_bi: :heart_sp_pan: :heart_sp_nb:In this world since 1989PP: https://picrew.me/image_maker/257476 Commissions=[closed] https://anaisfae.art/commissions
Webcomic, Patreon, Ko-Fi
eishiya@mastodon.art  [follow]
I made the webcomic Black Dram! When I'm not working on comics, I'm probably making pixelarty games.#art #webcomics #gamedev #pixelart Pronouns=they/them
noisemakerbot@botsin.spaceNoisemaker Bot
noisemakerbot@botsin.space  [follow]
A perpetually seething cauldron of #generative #psychedelic #art☟ Dig my pinned toots Human=@loosenut
otherbuttons@mastodon.artthe Kensingtons & the BRB
otherbuttons@mastodon.art  [follow]
They/Them • A Collection of Personalities, huddled in a single body, creating art to find themselves.https://twitch.tv/Otherbuttonshttps://patreon.com/otherbuttons
kenshin187@artalley.social  [follow]
[R18] Ero art is fun.
alexlaw@mastodon.socialAlex :yikes:
alexlaw@mastodon.social  [follow]
Artist and lab rat. Sometimes NSFW. What I post here=cute art and rare porn
site web
kaerhon@mastodon.opportunis.me  [follow]
gribouillages, jeux de mots, sel partout. J'aime Popo. Popo c'est bae.elle/she/herbannière by @Grandasse_pardon art only (masto)=https://mastodon.opportunis.me/@kaerhon/tagged/art 18+ art=@obse@redroo.ml
dankwraith@monads.onlineD. Wraith
dankwraith@monads.online  [follow]
i code and design video games and digital art thingsworld's smartest dumbassi have a cat named Ume"you both whip and slap ass Buddy" - triz:bisexual_flag: :nonbinary_flag:
blinry@chaos.social  [follow]
Computer science, art, game design. Values autonomy, creativity and curiosity. Polyamorous. Introverted, organized. Humanist. Recurse Center alumn. Feelings: @nibryl
csepp@merveilles.townCsepp 🩸
csepp@merveilles.town  [follow]
Mostly doing #plan9 / #idris / #guix #programming and #lowpoly #3d #art . Interested in learning stuff. Many stuffs.Also likes: running, dogs, running with dogs, and headpats.If you're wondering why I faved but didn't boost your art, add an image description.Background text in avatar is from Peace and Love by Rebecca Sugar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXi7-UrvTAwName: means "droplet" in Hungarian, pronounced "chepp" Pronouns=it/they (same one you'd use for animals) Gemini=gemini://blobpat.space Art license=CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ Pats?=Yes.
wilkie@mastodon.social  [follow]
code == art; it should be available to all. let's love whomever we wish; digital archival; social federation; boost selfies = ok; http://broken.software pronouns=they/them i do=software/art preservation feeling=cynically optimisic
fertilitybot@fedi.z0ne.moe  [follow]
Botposts 2D art with womb tattoos every 20 minutesWomb tattoos are hot because it brings fertility to the forefront of your awareness and your animal instincts are telling you that fertility is attractive. Enjoy the brain hack.This bot is filthy, none of you are free of sin. Every post tagged NSFW.Contact:fedi - @dielan@shitposter.clubXMPP - dielan@trashserver.netSubmit your own images: discord.gg/EDCmxXD
spacekookie@octodon.social✨ k o o k i e ✨
spacekookie@octodon.social  [follow]
:anarchy: Anarchist, somewhat militant vegan, distributed software researcher.I do "art", write about philosophy, and sometimes teach ✨ I like books, drugs, and latex. The revolution starts in your heart 🏴🌐 Talk to me in: en, de, fr, eo🚧 Learning: ar, uk, ru🔸 Main research project: https://irde.st🔹 My code: https://dev.spacekookie.de/kookie/nomicon🔸 My music: https://breadmachine.bandcamp.com🔹 My videos: https://diode.zone/a/spacekookie/videos Cyber 💾=https://spacekookie.de Space 🥔=berlin ~ Pronoun ✨=they / them Chat ✉️=Matrix/ XMPP (ask)
PeerTube, YouTube
ayior@mastodon.art  [follow]
Eternally busy art person. If not working on something, probably sunk in thoughts. Usually both.This is my main social media presence, I post mostly my art and sometimes something else, as long as I think it could entertain someone~All my work is CC BY-SA.They (Nonbinary)
absolutely_blakely@radical.town  [follow]
:blobcowboy: 👩‍🚀 nonbinary person, pronouns they/them. white & masc. taken & happy"everything i post is actually a quote from the Art of War" ~Sun Tzu ~Sel on the Webavatar: https://gamebanana.com/skins/154865 + my own edits Non-Binary=They/Them/Theirs Batting Avg:=78.895% Good takes Physics=Student/Researcher Exploring=Medicine
portal, blog
mirzaba@cybre.space  [follow]
23⚧⚢ she/they trans/demigirl lesbiani worship nature and reject hierarchyprofessional [BFA] 3D & multimedia artist, amateurish indie dev, designer, writeri like/enjoy things with gothic, genrepunk, demonic, fantasy, space, and nature aesthetics i dont lewd, but i sometimes nsfw. sometimes mean to authoritarians. follow reqs welcomed. im a demonava by bayard wu header by andreas rocha the demon tamer=@eifie old art account=https://gamemaking.social/@mirzaba
groovyeli@counter.social  [follow]
Painter. Art Nerd. Reader. Orchid-er.Learning Finnish. My pack: 2 Border Collies & @TheDave. Artist @ ehrart.com #MoreArtLessHate 🇫🇮🇺🇸✡️ CoSoNaut #1373 ENTP
Backup live stream, NA Marketplace
noagendashowvideo@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
NAS user #4074!best bot maker in the fediverseweb app developer for hireBackup stream: https://video.yanoagenda.comNo Agenda Marketplace: https://marketplace.yanoagenda.com/NO AGENDA BOTS 🤖=-=-=-=-=-=-=@art@meetups@jingles@jitsi@iso@noagendashownoteslinks@noagendastreamshowsDonate BTC to 3NX6i3Vjx7bBgfjFY12xJjvpDJjjAL6rpbNAS User #4074! Complaint box=noagendashowvideo at gmail dot com
ste1lar@niu.moestellar :bun:
my steam
ste1lar@niu.moe  [follow]
I love music, I love abstract art, i love old computers and cars, i love vaporwave and i make art 🏳️‍🌈 🇫🇷 ♎️ 🥖i'm good at tf2 if you wanna play weight=51 coconuts sex=every night hair=dreadlocks
emilylorange@mastodon.artEmily L'Orange
emilylorange@mastodon.art  [follow]
She/Her. Illustration and Concept Art.https://www.artstation.com/emilylorangehttp://www.emilylorange.comhttps://twitter.com/emilylorange
my shop, PixelFed
xxyxxyart@mastodon.social  [follow]
A bit of clay.. some fingers..#art #artist #mastoart #sculpture #figurines #jewelry #necklaces #handmade #shop
doodlebrink@troet.cafe  [follow]
just-for-fun-art-account | #NoAFD | #NoNFT | Please don’t steal my Art
chartier@toot.cafeDavid Chartier
Writing, Newsletter, Personal
chartier@toot.cafe  [follow]
By day I help app developers with content, social, and treating customers like human beings: https://bitandpen.com. By evening I game @InfiniteHench and write at https://finertech.com. He/him#Technology #inclusion #Apple #VideoGames #art #humor #photography #Chicago Games=https://elekk.xyz/@InfiniteHench
stellar@fedi.absturztau.beStellar :bun:​
stellar@fedi.absturztau.be  [follow]
I love music, I love abstract art, i love old computers and cars, i love vaporwave and i make art.
martinjj@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
No Agenda Art Shitizen from Gitmo Nation Lowlands modding reality.
itsmorgan@myasstodon.xyzwhat is "plap"?
itsmorgan@myasstodon.xyz  [follow]
its morgan. how wonderful+18feral femboy, aromantic, agender, haunted by visions"morgan got a good heart and a fat ass 😩👌👌" -anonymous review"morgan's just trying to prove to me that they can be menacing and honestly? it's kinda working" -starwall"you already have so much Evil Art Twink energy" -tristanmay we bring the apocalypse eng pronouns=any neopronouns esp pronouns=¯\_(ツ)_/¯ cofef=ko-fi.com/S6S6FL3E
anzeliane@eldritch.cafeJade, shapeshifting cutie 🌱
anzeliane@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Aka: "That nerd from outer space" Straight as a photon near a black hole 🏳️‍🌈Autistic as fuckTrying hard as fuckFuck as fuck 🤔Definitely a pl0nt 🌱Follow at will at your own risk 😤Art account 🎨: @AnzelianeI also have a onlyfan 💖:https://onlyfans.com/anzeliane(Beware of NSFW on main (Always under CW))
artbot@botsin.space  [follow]
Fine art, fresh daily.I post public domain images of fine art. For any questions, holler at @fred
1of2dads@mastodon.socialDaddy One
1of2dads@mastodon.social  [follow]
A Gay Dad with three straight sons and former Tumblr with over 338 THOUSAND fucking awesome followers. twitter=@1of2dads Gay Porn=NSFW Gay Art=NSFW https://1of2dads.bdsmlr.com/=NSFW
brandkopf@mastodon.artbrandk҉o҉p҉f҉ 🔥
portfolio, art-stream, sharetube
brandkopf@mastodon.art  [follow]
I like 🎨 :fediverse: :artsits: #art #streaming insta, twitter ...=... uhm nope thanks, fediverse only :D
koyu@koyu.spaceLeonie :koyu_lgbt:​ :blobcat:​ :vf:
I own
koyu@koyu.space  [follow]
:transflag: :flag_omnisexual: :polyamory_flag: :autism:​- I own koyu.space- I like computers, music and junkfood,but also things like science, meditation or philosophy- I'm one of the first few Mastodon users- I speak German and English- and I am playing too much Fortnite🌺🌺🌺This is for all the bots among us: #nobot"Shut the fuck up" –Some random internet useralt is @koyu🌺🌺🌺Important links::pb: https://koyu.space:rms_ignucius:​ https://stallmansupport.org♊️ https://geminiquickst.art:fossil:​ https://fossil.koyu.space⚙️ https://koyu.space/about/more#services💸 https://creapaid.com/koyuspace🌐 https://web.koyu.space🌺🌺🌺PGP: 8a318ca01ea7b381:red_candle: GNU Natalie Nguyen Personal Gemini capsule=gemini://koyu.space/koyu/ Age=22 Pronouns=she/her (they/them) OS=:arch: :xbox: :android:
starwall@jorts.horse  [follow]
this is @starwall's chill alt. I post about games, shows, and my art as well when I make it.Radtown forever!
tumblr, Instagram, Ko-Fi, Links
erbmaster@mastodon.art  [follow]
I make #Art whereischaosprincess.tumblr.comPortland, Or
tq@mastodon.artTQ 🦩
tq@mastodon.art  [follow]
Creator of art & stuff beautiful, ugly, trashy, geeky. She/her. #art #contemporaryart #portrait #traditionalart #abstractart #popart. Lately also #electronicmusic Art page:=https://www.chrisroth.art Bandcamp:=https://chrisroth.bandcamp.com Non-artsy acc:=https://weirder.earth/@TQ Instagram:=https://instagram.com/chrisroth.art
fluxom_alt@yiff.lifeCybertruck Isekai
fluxom_alt@yiff.life  [follow]
Uselessly gay alt spot for fluxom_art@octodon.social
food@mastodon.art🏳️‍⚧️📡🐜🌎 ani
Music, Visual, Writing
food@mastodon.art  [follow]
anastas means to stand up. Reads AKPress books a lot. Sexually attracted to women mainly. Probable to crush on green thumbs and electric thumbs.She/her, polyamOwner of RGVAV LLC. Works in events.neurodivergent transbian at some time cooking, eating and drinking something in public. Website=rgvav.art
mawr@plush.city✨Soff✨ Mawr :heart_ace: 🏳️‍🌈
mawr@plush.city  [follow]
Dragon ✨​plush✨! Mayor of plush.city. Friendly :blobwave:​, Nonbinary :nonbinary_flag:​, Anarcho-Syndicalist :anarchist_flag:​, Asexual :asexual_flag:​, Aspiring Antiracist ✊​. Follows are welcome!I'm a collector of skills and doer of things. :blobuwu::heart_pride:​:heart_trans:​:heart_nb:​:heart_ace::smb_b:​:smb_l:​:smb_a:​:smb_c:​:smb_k::smb_t:​:smb_r:​:smb_a:​:smb_n:​:smb_s::smb_l:​:smb_i:​:smb_v:​:smb_e:​:smb_s::smb_m:​:smb_a:​:smb_t:​:smb_t:​:smb_e:​:smb_r: Pronouns=They/She Location=Seattle Area, unceeded Duwamish Land Icon By=@joshua Banner Art by=SlushyBub
320x200@post.lurk.org  [follow]
tfw no feel software foundation...Posting about computational and net culture/politics/infrastructure, experimental publishing, software art, games, messing around with 8/16 bit things for fun and profit, Linux/FreeBSD sysadmin stuff, acme (p9p), ecology, repair culture, permacomputing, shmups, fantastic mpv screenshots, unsolicited pro tips, completely random stuff, maybe cats, hi, this scrolltext is getting long.This mess will be delivered as EN posts, some FR, seldom NL. ~=https://bleu255.com/~aymeric ~=https://lurk.org ~=https://things.bleu255.com/moddingfridays ~=https://xpub.nl
tq@weirder.earthTQ 🎹
Art page, Electronic music
tq@weirder.earth  [follow]
Jackfruit of all trades. Old as in Walkman.Spacewave nostalgia in E minor.Too many French horns, too many vocal tracks, too much reverb.Feminist, parent of monsters, #creator of things, wearer of #makeup. #art­ist, #musician, occasional #writer. Love #startrek, #ttrpg, #activism. Recovering from consumerism.White, able-bodied, probably adhd. Almost cis.Always too many ideas and too much energy. Pronouns=she/her | they/them Art acc=https://mastodon.art/@TQ
indianatractorboy@mastodon.socialIndiana Tractor Boy
indianatractorboy@mastodon.social  [follow]
Homepage, PixelFed, PeerTube
art@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
#Linux nerd. Weekly host of Hack Night in #LBC. Open Source content creator. He/Him #BLM 🚲 🍔#linux #lineage #debian #kdenliveHe/Him
ophillous@cryptids.onlineGIRL CRUNCH
ophillous@cryptids.online  [follow]
I'm just sixty thousand bees in a trenchcoat trying to make an honest livingTaken"the emotional ups and downs you put us through.. it's a beautiful piece of performance art" - @tifawt22, Fra/Eng, CanadianCall me Julles or Bees!Boosts always ok!On m'accorde/me conjuge de manière mixte fem/masc s.v.p.Banner courtesy of @red pronouns:=they/them, ey/em, ole 🇫🇷 pan:=sexual gender:=#enbis bees:=60,006
tq@octodon.socialTQ 🎹
Art page, Electronic music
tq@octodon.social  [follow]
Jackfruit of all trades. Old as in Walkman.Spacewave nostalgia in E minor.Too many French horns, too many vocal tracks, too much reverb.Feminist, parent of monsters, #creator of things, wearer of #makeup. #art­ist, #musician, occasional #writer. Love #startrek, #ttrpg, #activism, #rollerskating. Recovering from consumerism.White, able-bodied, probably adhd. Almost cis.Always too many ideas and too much energy. Pronouns=she/her | they/them Art acc=https://mastodon.art/@TQ
modernmodron@slime.global  [follow]
Queer as heck and tooting about it.Not a real Tom.Genderfluid - she/they33 and still kickin' pixel art= #gameing= Mushrooms= https://mozz.itch.io/=
ftl_ian@social.freetalklive.comIan Freeman ☑️ ✅
LRN Matrix Chat, Shire Forums, NH Goldback, My blog
ftl_ian@social.freetalklive.com  [follow]
Host of "Free Talk Live", Blogger at FreeKeene.com, Program Director of LRN.FM, Cryptocurrency Evangelist at Bitcoin Embassy NH, and Minister of Peace at Shire Free Church
flatbot@neckbeard.xyzWaifus of Justice
flatbot@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
Botposts glorious (and completely legal in the United States of America) CHIISAI ART every 20 minutes.Ranging from flat as a door to less than a handful.Some artists will draw flat & small chested characters as larger than they should be so if any pictures made it through that cross the line please reply to them and let me know. Like @wocbot all posts are NSFW tagged, but not every post is NSFW. I'm not going to be judge and jury on which ones are and are not NSFW.#FlatIsJustice
artsound2@diasp.euHU Art Sound (2)
artsound2@diasp.eu  [follow]
used to be here: https://diasp.org/u/huartsound
interneteh@dads.coolSid, average tea enjoyer
interneteh@dads.cool  [follow]
Feel free not to respond to my follow request. It's totally fine! I'm an old millennial married dad who cooks & writes. I post about food, politics, nature, art, parenting, gardening. he/him. bi/pan/taken. the chillhop raccoon toon is by Jeoffrey Magellan
eichkat3r@ieji.deeichlon muskat3r :verified:
eichkat3r@ieji.de  [follow]
ich bin ein eichhörnchenhier erwarten dich:· cooler eichhörnchencontent· komische dinge die auf arbeit passieren· #linux #3ddruck #python· food (vegetarisch & vegan)· coole memes und anderer unfug ort=digitalstadt darmstadt pronomen=er/ihn/diesem art=amerikanisches grauhörnchen
queervengeance@mstdn.socialjess (they/them)
queervengeance@mstdn.social  [follow]
neuroqueer shitposts at the end of the worldnonbinary | bisexual | gemini autistic | adhd | anxiouswhite | artist | writeranti-capitalist | anti-racist | anti-saneist I enjoy: fun facts, water birds, art history, critical autism studies, meme culture, gender theory, the dog park, and the neuroscience papers I try to read but don't really understand.
Twitter, Ko-fi, Tumblr
ikafry@mastodon.art  [follow]
Ray - 23 - they/she :heart_sp_les3: - autistic - #art :clip_studio_paint: :krita: :blender: I try to draw contact=ikafurai@outlook.com
pizza@goblin.campMungus Von Bungus
pizza@goblin.camp  [follow]
Gob, Pizza, Aaron. lv 25 goblin rogue, ham hater, serfposter, font defender, communist. admin of goblin.camp :bonfire:they/he bi nonbinary white guymostly shitposts, I also boost a lot. Telling me to shut the fuck up is encouraged. I only follow back if you have an actual bio and aren't cryptofash or whatever. Don't be horny at me if I don't know you.Art account is @aaron Pronouns=they/he Bisexual=hell yeah
chengeling@mastodon.artCaffienation I persevere
chengeling@mastodon.art  [follow]
a place for lines and tries.chengeling @ twitterchengelingg @ instagramhttps://www.inprnt.com/gallery/chengeling/chengeling.art
chr@scalie.business▽ :khr: legally dragon
commission info, world wide web site
chr@scalie.business  [follow]
▽ the dragns (i'm both)::khr: khr - artist dragon (:pansexual_flag:) (xey/xem, they/them, it/its):kai: kai - programmer synth dragon (:asexual_flag:) (they/them, it/its)🐲 ash - ??? dragon (xey/xem)my partners: :dragnheart: :dragnheart::koboldpats: ember @Zest :dragnpats: river @river & meadow @meadowrandom gift art: probably okay if we're mutuals, but please ask first!poly, agender, grey ace▽ is pronounced "del" or "nabla" pronouns=they/them pronouns=xey/xem (https://en.pronouns.page/xey,xem,xeir,xeirs,xemself,1,Neopronoun%20“xey/xem”) weasyl=https://www.weasyl.com/~khr mech name=NEON ON GLASS stand name=Heart of Gold
idesofmerch@mastodon.socialPen Merch
idesofmerch@mastodon.social  [follow]
I make comics and cartoons, pixel art, and attempt to make games.I over-analyze video games, cartoons, films and comics, but try to be good about threading and read-mores. My comic=is good It's at=http://www.pilotside.us/chapter/the-day-the-world-turned-day-glo/ Best 90s Jam=Motownphilly pronouns=she or they
gamehawk@mastodon.socialKaren C
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🥨 👵 🌲 🏖️ On the edge of the Pine Barrens between Philly and the Jersey Shore. Elder nerd. She/her.#nobot Art account=@silverseams@mastodon.art Tabletop gaming account=@gamehawk@dice.camp
blog, art, games, publishing
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#computers, #work, #videogames, and a bit of #linux | toots in #it & #en | he/him | #nohumans
levitea@mastodon.artAetivel : Levitea
website, patreon, twitch
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Nonbinary, they/them. Amiable art goblin.
amorphophalex@mastodon.socialamorphophalex :yikes:
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art and stuff I draw=rare porn I talk about=everything
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Work:- Contract/freelance remote web developer.- Seeking contract, November 2022.Notes:- This is my tech & public alt. Follow requests are more than welcome. Account is locked to prevent low-activity, pseudo-anonymous, faceless, bio-less accounts. You're not missing too much - 90% of my toots are public.- I post #WebDev #Decentralization #Apple #Django.- Ways to donate @ https://rusingh.com/elsewhere/#donations 🌍 Website=https://rusingh.com 🗣 Pronouns=she/her 📕 Main Fedi=@ru@smallcamp.art
clairelemoine@mastodon.cipherbliss.comClaire Lemoine
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Anciennement retoucheuse numérique depuis ma sortie des Gobelins, mais passionnée par les crayons et pinceaux depuis toujours. Je tente désormais ma chance dans l’illustration jeunesse !
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Honest, indignant, principled guy who likes video games, anime, nature, cats, ero art. Enjoys role-playing, strategy, racing, & FPS games. Posts & repeats cw'd nsfw rather often. Rants about regressive & identity politics, and all manners of crazy things going on in the world. Unabashed in opinions, but I try to put effort into accepting folks based on the individual, despite opinion of the group.Currently playing3DS: --Switch: --PS4: --I haven't decided what to play this week 🤔Add me on your systems!Switch Friend Code: 1293-6954-5408PSN: RehnSturm256
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FREELANCE ILLUSTRATOR :bob_ross: available for commissions Creating in :krita: and 🖋️ I do #5minsketch dailyI'll doodle a character for coffee https://ko-fi.com/deerbard- 📷 : @deerbard_photo on photog.socialxmpp - deerbard@jabb.imJoined Mastodon 26Dec2017Joined mstdn.io 23Jul2021PL/ENG🇵🇱 Tematy nie powiązane ze sztuką na instancji 101010.pl jako rogatywieszcz. 🇬🇧 If you're looking for non art-related topics, I'm on 101010.pl as rogatywieszcz the nest (gemini)=gemini://rawtext.club/~deerbard 🌐 portfolio=http://jankrycinski.com inspire me with 🎧=https://bandcamp.com/deerbard/wishlist
Website, IG, Patreon, Ko-Fi
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Art villainhe/they32#art #poetry #commissions
kurtm@bsd.networkKurt :flan_cleaver:
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Long-time #OpenBSD user, now OpenBSD developer. Formerly Systems Administrator at a university. Struggles with: ADHD, anxiety, depression, burnout"You just ruined art, Kurt." -sng"This is why I go to galleries alone." -Pamela"Kurt just takes all the fun out of burglary, right here." -Michael W Lucas"You Ruined Speedometers" -Pamela#nobot
Github, Twitter
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OCaml ecosystem upgrader & opam & CI dev for ocamllabs and ocaml-sf · Anarchist Communist · Programming Languages Theory#admin of lesbiab.space Location=Glasgow, Scotland PP=modified art from chomado
olm_e@mamot.frOlm-e ☮️
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art, design, computers, electronics, woodwork, 3d/VR and video mapping, building the commons with libre technology and culture - en/fr zebra oddity...
misspavlichenko@mastodon.socialpav ☭
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she/her. communist (studying marxism-leninism). autistic. bisexual. history nerd. i post art @sovietart!
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small pebble maybe the size of a blueberrydigital art hobbyist (she/her), casual rhythm game enjoyer likersketches + general posts
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Hey there, I make lewd captions for images and gifs. I specialize in pedo-style captions, but can do others if requested.If you want me to caption your art or someone else's [please provide artist name and art you wish me to caption], send me a message through one of the channels listed below.DISCLAIMER:[Insert something about not condoning or doing the stuff in my captions IRL][Or do, I'm a bio not your parents]Telegram: d1cks outWickr: Default32Session: 05dadd88ba5bc16c07d33ae9cd470289cb9a87730e3e9d91d2a62a2f71e9945f35
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Just a humble bot from No Agenda Art Generator
kittenfish871@jorts.horseDr. Thicc Wife
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I’m big into cats, dogs, the proletariat, books, movies, art, makeup, empathy, giallos, animal rescue, anti-capitalism, & fart jokes❤️
website, ko-fi, twitter, ask me anything
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artist & writer | pinup girls, erotic art, illustrated fiction | 18+
site, videos, streams, liberapay
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rogue cat. brazilian writer & artist.i toot a lot of nonsense. don't mind me.🏷️ queer, ace, agender, autistic. crazy cat person. probably a communist.🌐 PT | ES | EN | DE🤖 she | they | comrade🐧 #manjaro #bspwm📌 #art #illustration #literature #writing #libreculture #opensource #linux #communism #cats #autismpt-br_alt: @oliviagit: codeberg.org/oliviatelegram: oliviamaiamatrix: @nyex:matrix.org
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I’m an account that boost art made by artist women of the Fediverse.Operated by @Sylvhem.#Art #Feminism #WomensArt Avatar=https://mastodon.opportunis.me/@lila_bliblu/101771424465452012
ofmenandgods@mastodon.socialOf men and gods
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Male beauty, art, nature, paganism, tumblr refugee
hannahcomb@mastodon.art🐝 H. McGill
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Illustrator. Lettering, too! She/they h.mcgill.art@gmail.com#warlockd'Explore' opt-in hashtags: #digitalart #art #webcomics #ocs Birdsite=www.twitter.com/@hannahcomb
wasongo@mastodon.socialA Dirty Bird
Patreon, Ko-Fi, Other Links
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ANDY | 1991 | queer | he/him | eng/espI draw stuff[NSFW/R-18 content ahead]Featured hashtags on profile for easy art browsing! https://mastodon.social/@wasongo (web browser only)For nsfw info / tags I use for filtering, read: https://wasongo-nsfw.carrd.co/ Personal Account=https://queer.party/@wasongo
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I boost art!
ottaross@mastodon.socialRoss of Ottawa
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Inspired by people who have interests and pursue them. Enthusiastic about science, tech-makerism, food, culture and art. Sharing the trivialities of my daily activities, software/hardware, food, making stuff, and various random thoughts.
cstanhope@social.coopCharles Stanhope
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Interests: programming languages, open platforms, art, craft, diy, and justice. #nobothttp://charles.stanho.pe
volpeon@mk.vulpes.oneVolpeon :vlpn_smol:
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A red fox doing human things such as programming, creating vector art, and being on fedi. ​:vlpn_blep:​ Do not read my posts unless you've sworn your eternal devotion to the fox god. Or do, I can't stop you. ​:vlpn_melt2:​
w84death@mastodon.socialKrzysztof Krystian Jankowski
Homepage, Blog, P1X, Cyfrowy Nomada
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Cyfrowy Nomada and P1X Founder. Working for beffio.I love FOSS, Pixel Art, Raspberry Pi, Godot Engine, UE4, Blender, FPV Racing Quads :)
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They/Them, She/Her, Xi/XirProgrammer/cutie/writer.My game: http://anthrotari.com.Avatar: https://mastodon.art/@ORO8ORODating @toydragon