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matrix@gameliberty.clubmatrix07012 :thotpatrol: :cunnyEmpire:
Twatter, Steam, Anime
matrix@gameliberty.club  [follow]
I'm the joke, but you're the punchline.I run this website. I like posting funnies and fugging lolis. Discord=matrix07012#3387 Matrix=@matrix07012:waifuhunter.club
graf@poa.stanime graf mays 🛰️🪐
graf@poa.st  [follow]
timeline terrorist,gf owner &proud legal business haveri am not moderation for this site. if you have issues tag @PoastSupport.i do not control content on this site.avi by gfbanner by @siinclaiir@bae.st Alt=graf@khajiit.tech Poast on Matrix!=poa.st/matrix Contact=@graf:poa.st Poast support=support@poast.org Poast 4 Android=Download the APK! Poast Warrant Canary=@Canary Sadpoasting=graf@sad.cab
fun@witches.live  [follow]
Trans | lesbian | 28 | Marxist-Leninist | poly | Autistic | she/herInto theater, robots, horror, anime, tabletop RPGs, model kits, more. HRT since 12/12/2019. Avatar by Bunchata and StarPyrate
peertube@framapiaf.org  [follow]
PeerTube Software Official Account - No support here // Compte officiel du logiciel PeerTube (animé par Framasoft). Nous ne faisons pas de support depuis ce compte. Merci de contacter l'administrateur⋅ice de l'instance concernée ou de vous rendre sur https://framacolibri.org/c/peertube
coolboymew@shitposter.club  [follow]
Video games and anime obsessedMostly post memes and about anime. Sometimes about video gamesGo check SPC's @noyoushutthefuckupdad and I's anime podcastHead of Meltic StAr Subs (French to English subs translation for when there's just no other choices)English/French
Site internet, Nous soutenir, Newsletter
bastamedia@mastodon.social  [follow]
Basta! est un média indépendant en ligne, sans pub et en accès libre, animé par 9 salariés et piloté par l'association Alter-médias. Nous traitons des questions sociales et environnementales, à travers des enquêtes, des reportages, des articles d'analyse. Notre ambition : offrir au plus grand nombre des clés pour comprendre le monde... et des leviers pour le changer.
fluffy@social.handholding.iotouch fluffy tail
fluffy@social.handholding.io  [follow]
Hero of Justice and Savior of the Fediverse (4/15/2020)Owner of cute pet turtle 🐢 (4/30/2020)Rescuer of hero crab 🦀 (11/03/2020)What people say about me:"Like talking to a brick wall but it posts anime reaction memes when questioned""Are you some kind of love demon?""A true believer in the scientific method""honestly didnt expect @fluffy to be this based when I initially clicked follow""@fluffy sorry lol i love your content haha"
animearmpitsbot@neckbeard.xyzAnime Armpits
animearmpitsbot@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
Test bot by @sjw
funbreaker@mstdn.io  [follow]
Some weirdo who likes web design but can't Javascript | likes cats, anime, and tea | aspiring linguistics major | for music talk funbreaker@linernotes.club
codewiz@mstdn.io  [follow]
🇮🇹 → 🇺🇸 → 🇯🇵 → 🇹🇭 → 🚀Nomadic Linux developer, currently in Los Angeles.#linux #rust #anime #spacex #cycling #travel #vegan #retrocomputing #amiga𝑨𝑴𝑰𝑮𝑨 :amiga: PGP=0xDD0AC837C3FAA57615747A2FC451030771FF4BAC
nightingalle@shpposter.club  [follow]
Drawing/ Singing/ Food/ Anime/ PhotographyLanguage: EN/JP/CHN/DE (still learning)Japanese posting alt: @Nightingalle@mstdn.jpMy old account: @Nightingalle@friends.nico
solderpunk@tilde.zone  [follow]
General purpose retrogrouch and digital malcontent. Circumlunar admin and phlogger, Gemini protocol designer. Anime, AVR, bikes, chiptunes, crypto, film, gopher, Python, privacy, pubnix, shortwave, unix, Z80,...
animearmpitsbot@bae.stAnime Armpits
animearmpitsbot@bae.st  [follow]
Test bot by @sjw
ocean@raru.re  [follow]
You are now entering the Mew Mew ZoneChews anime a lotDoesn't chew creaturesRemembers LoveMade in 1994pronouns: anymews: many
animepapes@stereophonic.spaceAnime Wallpapers
animepapes@stereophonic.space  [follow]
An anime wallpaper each half hour.Be aware, may post untagged nsfw from time to time.
cj@mastodon.technologycj 🇺🇸🇨🇭
cj@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Was @cj* Destroys Kantian ethics* Purger of Descartes' "Cogito, Ergo Sum"* Keeper of Dog* Reader of Books* Heavy Metal Fan* Likes anime, hates anime fansNuclear || Software EngineerHim | ZürichEnglish | Hochdeutsch (B1)https://github.com/go-fedhttps://go-fed.org
urso@bear.community  [follow]
founder of bear.communitybear, geek, loves games, fantasy books, manga, anime and rpdralso a furry
cuteanimegirls_@wxw.moeCute Anime Girls
cuteanimegirls_@wxw.moe  [follow]
Cute Anime Girls + Quotes + Chat + a Demigod // Images posted are copyright their respective owners / Twitter Cute Anime Girls(@CuteAnimeGirls_) 非官方转推账号
larrydavis@radical.townPikmin Race Scientist
larrydavis@radical.town  [follow]
President of Anime (Incumbent)Had a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure podcastHas a video game podcastHe/him Jet Set=Radio Nick=Cave Oingo=Boingo Bryan=Ferry
mwvdragon@pl.smuglo.limwvdragon 🔥
mwvdragon@pl.smuglo.li  [follow]
貧乳尊いです( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)極上の貧乳I mainly post about Anime and video game related stuff.Gaming|Anime|Game Designer|AnCap| ♥Hatsune Miku♥Alt - @mwvdragon@pawoo.netAlt - @mwvdragon@neckbeard.xyzTwitter- https://twitter.com/mwvdragonhttps://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQProud owner of an account that the so called "Free Speech" site gab.com has blocked from interacting with gab users.Bitchute - https://www.bitchute.com/channel/mwvdragon/ https://www.bitchute.com/channel/mwvdragonlp/YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoXsdQGOrdL6wLp38qxGVxA/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrF6ZPwmFqZkMR1afnv9RNQTwitch - https://www.twitch.tv/mwvdragon/Mixer - https://mixer.com/mwvdragonDLive - https://dlive.tv/mwvdragon
kura@fedi.z0ne.moe🇩🇪 くら Woomy :ht_lucifer: :unverified:
kura@fedi.z0ne.moe  [follow]
Fluent in German, English, Go, Rust, JS and Sarcasm. Professional developer and enthusiastic Gamer.Ask me about my socksInterests?Gaming: Minecraft, Final Fantasy XIV (Vanthia Orcus on Cerberus)Anime: widespread, mostly action, fantasy or isekai. Yes.#nobots Matrix=@kura:z0ne.im Telegram=t.me/kurabloodlust XMPP=@kura@xmpp.z0ne.moe Discord=Ask me :) Speaks=🇩🇪, 🇺🇸 Writes=C#, Go, Javascript, Kotlin, Rust I host=z0ne.tech I stream=z0ne.stream
vascorsd@mastodon.social  [follow]
• Anime/manga • Strong copyleft • Functional Programming • Privacy • Linux •No Freedom exists without Privacy. pronouns=he / him / his
lumi@niu.moeanarkitty lumi-nyan :bunpats:
lumi@niu.moe  [follow]
Hai! I like anime, programming, linguistics, maths, science, FOSS and many other things! Veganarcho-Bunnunist. Anti-Copyright. 🇧🇪 xmpp: ask :asexual_flag: :nonbinary_flag:I try to interpret everything in the most charitable way I can and I think love & understanding are the best praxis. You may be able to change my mind on many issues, but if your POV is racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, nationalist, or anything inbetween, I will always very loudly be against what you stand for. Loves=You ♥ Gender=:nonbinary_flag: Nyanbunnary Trainbow :nonbinary_flag: Languages=NL, EN, ±FR, :rust: Politics=Veganarcho-Bunnunism, Feminist, Anti-Copyright
xalef@shitposter.club  [follow]
Just your friendly metaverse traveler :)Well maybe not so friendly but stillErgo Proxy.Beyond the infinite darkness...I must not fear.Fear is the mind-killer.Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.I will face my fear.I will permit it to pass over me and through me.And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.#nobot Anime I vibe with=anime-planet.com/users/Furin Write.as=@lumin@write.as XMPP=ember@trashserver.net [Matrix]=@nimble:cyberia.club
nemo@mas.to🇺🇦 nemo
nemo@mas.to  [follow]
The answer is, 101010I ❤️ FOSS and GNU/LinuxI ❤️ catsI also ❤️ anime/mangasThe philosophy of my life is:"Act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law."Fiat iustitia, et pereat mundus❤️ „Für den Triumph des Bösen reicht es, wenn die Guten nichts tun!“Im Übrigen möchte ich anmerken, dass die AFD keine alternative ist, sondern eine Schande und eine Katastrophe.🙏#nobots please😅
rehnsturm256@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
Honest, indignant, principled guy who likes video games, anime, nature, cats, ero art. Enjoys role-playing, strategy, racing, & FPS games. Posts & repeats cw'd nsfw rather often. Rants about regressive & identity politics, and all manners of crazy things going on in the world. Unabashed in opinions, but I try to put effort into accepting folks based on the individual, despite opinion of the group.Currently playing3DS: --Switch: --PS4: --I haven't decided what to play this week 🤔Add me on your systems!Switch Friend Code: 1293-6954-5408PSN: RehnSturm256
Jiyu Software, Blog, Telegram
superdicq@cdrom.tokyo  [follow]
Personal account:miata_pat:Free software developer and fediverse admin.Expect me to (shit)post about the following topics:Free software, technology, programming, cars, motorsport, anime, vtubers, LEGO, video games and memesSpeaks English and Dutch.Cleans this instance. And yes, I ̶d̶o̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶f̶r̶e̶e̶. E-mail=info@jiyu.dev Business account=@ricardo@fedi.jiyu.dev Misskey=https://minidisc.tokyo/@SuperDicq
rehnsturm256@varishangout.net  [follow]
I like games, cats, anime, h*ntai. Repeats cw'ed #nsfw posts often. Mostly playing Switch & 3DS.
jsalvador@mastodon.socialJuanjo Salvador (working at 🏠)
jsalvador@mastodon.social  [follow]
#Debian #linux sysadmin, #Python developer, #lua gamedev. Amateur photographer, GNOME lover. Also like anime, sci-fi, beer and mexican food. Languages=English / Spanish Location=Somewhere at Spain Pronouns=he/him
christijunior@freespeechextremist.comChristi Junior
christijunior@freespeechextremist.com  [follow]
Your Occasionally Friendly Neighborhood White Nationalist. Actually hiding my Power Level. Nintendo and anime fan. Lover of memes and quality lewds. Not a girl, and neither are MtF trannies. Not American. Blocked on Gab by failed beekeeper Andrew Torba. Fuck your pronouns, and fuck China.
koreko@neckbeard.xyzprofessional simp
koreko@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
I like Linux and anime sometimes a game here and there I speak English and Japanese(bad) and sometimes Python(fucking terrible) ._.
Anime List
ytrezar@niu.moe  [follow]
Random stalker lurking on local timeline.Welcoming maid for Niu.Second priest of SasabeI am slowly moving to @Ytrezar but will continue post and enjoy niu until the end Discord=Ytrezar#0001 xmpp=ytrezar@a3.pm Mail=ytrezar@protonmail.com
Other Fedi Accounts, Ask Me Anything
jessica@fedi.absturztau.be  [follow]
:blobcat3c: Just another guy on Fedi with a girly username and anime profile pic.I only speak English, but I listen to a lot of Asian music.I have bad ADHD so if I go on a long rant or say something stupid, that's prolly whyfeel free to follow me with your alts, I will follow them too with my main and my alts if I follow you #nobot - please be nice. Find me on the Net!=https://linktr.ee/jessicaferem
rigelk@miaou.drycat.frRiggie Mercury
Website, Liberapay
rigelk@miaou.drycat.fr  [follow]
4 spoons dirty coffee, 1 spoon NSA entropy.I distrust software and then write some.Interested in all things federated software defined networks (a.k.a. Internets). Also interested in anime, philosophy, scuba diving and plenty other things (including combinations of said interests).Speaking french 🇨🇵​, english 🇬🇧​, german 🇩🇪 and tech rant.Working on PeerTube and OpenSSL (libparc). Matrix=@rigelk:matrix.org Avatar by so品=https://twitter.com/sohin_3
ethot@gleasonator.com Steve Jail
ethot@gleasonator.com  [follow]
Follower of Christ. Blue Check of God. If you watch anime you're a pedophile #NotAll
finlaydag33k@social.linux.pizzaAroop Roelofs
Website, GitLab
finlaydag33k@social.linux.pizza  [follow]
Tech | Rants | Cute anime girls Helping to spread my propaganda (boosts) and follows appreciated.Might not always be SFW.Political alignment: Neutral.Ideology: Communism. BTC=17f77AYHsQbdsB1Q6BbqPahJ8ZrjFLYH2j OpenPGP=c27fba8174a9c3ebfa5d512d738ee8dbc43f9861
azurolu@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Azurolu everywhere on internet. Add the #4775 on Discord. I like anime/manga/LN/WN/games/music and cute stuff. @azurolu speaks FR/EN/ES/AR/Chleuh.
themadpirate@freespeechextremist.comCuddly Lovely Sassy Motherfucker :verified:
themadpirate@freespeechextremist.com  [follow]
Just another lovingly and cuddly sassy motherfucker.Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/id/The_Mad_Pirate/Chaotic NeutralFusionist | Right-wing AccelerationistNerd. Geek. Gamer. Weeb. "you sound like the antagonist from a jane austen novel"- @theblessing@kiwifarms.cc'The day I die I want my tombstone's epitaph to say : "Now I know how Húrin Thalion felt..."'#KILLALLCOMMIESReason is King !#VideoGames #Anime #Libertarianism #Government #Capitalism #Individualism #NaturalLaw #Rationalism #Objectivism #Science #Physics #Coding #Programming
2ch@letsalllovela.in  [follow]
Once developed anime related things between two episodes of anime but now only watches animes.
redneonglow@weeaboo.space  [follow]
Just an anime profile pic with an opinion that matters.Backup account of @redneonglow@bae.stOther backup account: @redneonglow@gameliberty.club
comicbuzz@mastodon.social  [follow]
We love comics, anime, games and movies! website:=http://comicbuzz.com
kinsey@cybre.spacekinsey ☭
kinsey@cybre.space  [follow]
hi, i'm Kinsey! i'm a lesbian trans girl and i like Marxism-Leninism, programming (especially in Rust!), and Esperanto, and i'm also weeb trash who consumes entirely too much anime and manga (mostly about girls being gay with each other).saluton, mi estas Kinsio! mi estas lesba transulino kaj mi ŝatas marksismon-leninismon, programadon (aparte Ruste!), kaj Esperanton, kaj mi estas ankaŭ weeb-rubulo, kiu atentadas troege da animeoj kaj mangaoj (plejparte pri knabinoj gejantaj je unu la alia). pronouns/pronomoj=she/her or they/them; ŝi aŭ ri languages/lingvoj=en [C2], eo [B2], fr [A2], es [A1], ja [A1] wife/edzino=@penello
nonetrix@animeisgay.com  [follow]
Idk I guess I piss post sometimes, and code shitty barley functioning software. games and anime are kinda cool too! EN/日本語(bad)He/him/Arch user btw NSFW alt=@LoneLrix@neckbeard.xyz I also run @hugbot@neckbeard.xyz sometimes nsfw
gnudingus4k@pl.smuglo.liWu Lad
gnudingus4k@pl.smuglo.li  [follow]
Just some dingus.I'll mostly be posting anime girls and gaming news.All hail empress Wu Zetian!
normandy@biribiri.dev  [follow]
I like anime and computers. I also run biribiri.dev. Perpetually tired.
boringkate@mastodon.social  [follow]
Hey. I'm Kate. I'm into comics, video games, anime, and programming. I'm also trans bi and poly. Sometimes I do porn.
murabito@lets.bemoe.online村(萌え)人 murabito™senpai :anarchiststar:
murabito@lets.bemoe.online  [follow]
:konataExplains: cuteness is the only true justice in the world, and moe the purest feeling~admin of this fediverse instance (and by fediverse instance, i of course mean moeverse dimension). if you want to know where i live in order to schedule something, it won't help. my timezone is murabito dynamic time which is very different than most timezones and the dynamic bit can't be overstated.[donate] https://liberapay.com/murabito/donate[blog] blog.bemoe.online / murabito.p7.co.nz / mail.bemoe.online/murabito[jabber/xmpp] murabito@social.p7.co.nz (otaku muc) moemoekyun@muc.pew.im[email] alt@bemoe.online[old main/backup fedi] @murabito@fedi.absturztau.be keep in mind a lot of my views are unconventional, controversial, and change over time. not everything i say or have said in the past is indicative of what i currently believe. additionally, remember that instances blocking instances is bad for federation and society. users can follow and block whomever they wish, except they can't if they have friends on instances that can't federate! :rikkawhoa: #nobot #anime #philosophy #japanese #admin #nobulli #hashtagssavelives
gamercat@zefirchik.xyz  [follow]
=^._.^= ∫Привет, с вами игрокот(персонаж из комикса TheGamerCat),я интересуюсь линуксом,старыми консолями и компьютерами(из-за этого хочу выучить японский),играми и так же любитель страдать херней.Люблю котиков и других животных.Тут я делаю посты(и репосты) того что тут для интересного меня.Hi, I'm Gamercat (character from TheGamerCat comic), I am interested in Linux, old console(my favorite console sega dream cast and psp) and computers (because of this I want to learn Japanese), games,japan cars (my favorite nissan 180sx),anime (initial D and 91 days).I speak eng I love cats and other animals. Here I make posts (and boost) of what I am here for interestingnote: I sometimes boost my moments from the comicI free for talk,hug and meow
angrytux@social.tchncs.deAngryTux :Anoxinon: :tchncs:
Linux Scripts, Anoxinon
angrytux@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Agnostisch, utopischer Geek#Linux, #Freedom, #anarchism, #FOSS, #Ethics, #Vegan #Gaming, #Minimalism #Anime #fediverse, #kuketzblog, #Anoxinon, #tchncsBe yourself but different Linux xmpp muc (german)=xmpp:angrytux@conference.trashserver.net?join Watch this!=https://gamechangersmovie.com/
nonetrix@neckbeard.xyzinsane padoru worshipping antichrist(nonetrix)
nonetrix@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
--bio---------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello I'm nonetrix, I come form planet earth.. I come in peace, what's your name..?I'm a normal earthling that speaks English fluently and is learning Japanese, I am interested in computers, linux, programming, anime, etc etc.C++/Pythonプログラミングと日本語を勉強しています、そしてビデオゲームとアニメ好きです日本語が上手ないw、でも勉強しています--shit no one cares about-------------------------------------------software: Arch Linux and gentoo, DWM, colemakprogramming: python, C++, HTML(basic)PC: gtx 1080, ryzen 7 3700x, 16GBs ramphone: pixel 3agames: Minecraft, doom eternal, any personapolitical values: pineapple on pizza is goodgender: femboyreligious beliefs: Need flat tomboy gf send applicationspronouns: dumpster fire/trashwebsite: https://nonetrix.neocities.org/horny posting alt: @lonelrix@neckbeard.xyz----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
lapin@varishangout.net  [follow]
- do not follow me if you're under 18 years old- do not follow me if you're not into loli or (rarely) shota art- anime armpits enjoyer- none of the art i posted is my own creation- @armpitbot - @smkz_bot - @tummybot- pfp sauce: https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/95820871- banner sauce: black★rock shooter dawn fall teaser#nobot
declarer7@pl.smuglo.li  [follow]
I like to post cute and sexy anime pictures. And comment on stuff other people post that I like .https://pl.smuglo.li/declarer7https://twitter.com/declarer7https://neckbeard.xyz/declarer7https://explosion.party/declarer7https://anime.website/declarer7https://shpposter.club/declarer7https://misskey.io/@declarer7https://shitposter.club/declarer7https://ms.neko.bar/@declarer7https://freespeechextremist.com/declarer7https://stereophonic.space/declarer7https://blob.cat/declarer7https://yggdrasil.social/declarer7https://fedi.absturztau.be/declarer7
djwalnut@pleroma.weirdart.spaceDJWalnut 🏳️‍⚧️
djwalnut@pleroma.weirdart.space  [follow]
23 year old autistic trans woman (she/her, plural they/them), anarchist, atheist, plural {Fajro 🔥} [Fisio ⚛] <Andrew 🌶>Admin of pleroma.weirdart.space Site Manifesto: https://pleroma.weirdart.space/notice/9gEniTXmpNh38hXMNkGeek girl, talk with me about Anime and Computers. pro-nuclear shitposter. Linux daily user. Ham radio operator, Cayenne pepper masochist. Information Whore. Lover of all things moe. 🍐Actively looking for online friends and relationships. I'm DJWalnut on Reddit, MyAnimeList, and Niu.moe and dj_walnut on twitterNyaa~~~
jeff@pl.i2p.rocksfediverse banana
jeff@pl.i2p.rocks  [follow]
stop giving typemoon money.i like anime boobies.not selling LSD, but god damn i wish i was a pint of mushrooms rn.why have a life when you can post lies and falsehoods on the internet? 🤔allegedly ex-google software engineer, probably not ex-CIA, definitely boned your mom once or twice.>tfw mom found the nukesthe alt-right and left are dumb as fuck, if you think i'm with them you're also dumb. things i share ≠ things i think. i don't mean for any of this to offend anyone, but it might, because i am stupid.
zwangseinweisung@mastodon.social  [follow]
#Papasein #AtariST, #IrgendwasMitIT (Fachrichtung Systemintegration), #cycling, #Lastenrad, #TeamRosenkohl #161Areahttps://pixelfed.de/ragnarcn=zwangseinweisung,ou=chaotiker,dc=zwangseinweisung,dc=jetzt Katzen?=nein Manga/Anime/Hentai?=geh weg mit dem Scheiß! Amiga?=nein Nazis?=Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein!
siinclaiir@bae.stHerace Siinclaiir :p: :graf:
siinclaiir@bae.st  [follow]
[Main Account]Drawing, Animating, and Programming while using open source software just for the hell of it...:arch:[ COVID NEET ]:gnu_jihad: GNU/JIHAD :gnu_jihad: GNU WILL RISE AGAIN:p: Proud pp supporter :p: https://liberapay.com/Revolver== Art ==https://thebub.club/posts?tags=siinclaiir+&z=5@siinclaiir@pixelfed.social (Fuck Instagram)socialhome.network/u/siinclaiir/ (Fuck DeviantArt and Pinterest)+===== CURRENT PROGRESS =====+Anime: NoneGame: FireEmblem 3 HousesVisualNovel: NoneManga: NoneLightNovel: (WN) Nidome no Yuusha wa Fukushuu no Michi wo Warai Ayumu +_________________________________+== Backup Alt==https://the9thcircle.club/@siinclaiirhttps://poa.st/@siinclaiir== Mastodont ==@siinclaiir@mastodon.social
bleakgrey@mastodon.socialBleak Grey
bleakgrey@mastodon.social  [follow]
Awkward human being. Permanent stress and occasional programming is my comfort zone.#linux #programming #gamedev #godot #ue4 #cats #anime Info=he/him • 23 Languages=JS, TS, GDScript, Vala
About me, Blog
yukiya@best-friends.chat  [follow]
ももつきゆきや、ニコ厨です。VTuber、特ににじさんじがすきです。推しの名前は剣持刀也。Mastodon / Fediverseもすきです。たまにニコ生やります。週刊ニコニコインフォ民です。Yukiya Momotsuki [he/him]A Japanese #otaku who loves #niconico(#Nicovideo), #VTuber, #anime, #yuri, #fediverse, etc. #mastonauts.📍 ニコニコ動画:GINZA→(く)→(Re)🏠 プロフィール/About me → https://yukiya.me🇯🇵 Japanese: Native / 🇺🇸 English: Begginer ?????=https://kyun.yukiya.me 性癖=https://www.pixiv.net/users/30687620/bookmarks/artworks
gifsanime_@wxw.moeAnime Pics & Gifs ツ
gifsanime_@wxw.moe  [follow]
I post animated gifs,videos and cute pictures every day about japanese culture and anime :3 / Twitter Anime Pics & Gifs ツ(@GifsAnime_) 非官方转推账号
normandy@niu.moe  [follow]
Computer and Linux enthusiast. Also likes anime and dabbled in occasional coding. XMPP=normandy@a3.pm Discord=Normandy#1179
dharmadudebro@poa.st  [follow]
I post stuff that I find interesting. (I may also shitpost from time to time)I am also the host of the Right Wing anime podcast "The Weebnats"
pizzapirate@livellosegreto.it  [follow]
I was the skater-boy remember?Sono un Pirata che ama la Pizza. Abito a Varese. Graphic designer per Vans. La mia first crush negli anime è stata Bulma. NickName=DragonBlender
saga@bsd.moeSmart-Stupid :thinkmokou:
saga@bsd.moe  [follow]
"The balance of terror is the terror of balance." - Jean Baudrillard | alt: @saga@anime.website (personal) | chadley@heligo.land
mikoto@fedi.absturztau.beMikoto にゃ
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Hi, I'm Mikoto. I am an anime girl from a certain scientific anime.Emacs, Haskell, LISP, free software, and dependent type enthusiast. I like compilers and OSes too! :blobcatuwu: Alts: @mikoto@blob.cat, @mikoto@lets.bemoe.online:xmpp: Mikoto@jabber.absturztau.beomeme: E1F6DA8B 9DB48962 D36DC72D 1065126C D0F6A86C B2E1331B F168E154 BF915428Subnyaners beware :blobcatknife: Opinions are those of your employnya.This user is a cat :blobcat:If you decide you unfollow me please do tell me why :blobcatheart: Profile picture from https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/71036267Remember to vote for your local pirate party.
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== Backup Alt==https://the9thcircle.club/@siinclaiirhttps://poa.st/@siinclaiirDrawing, Animating, and Programming while using open source software just for the hell of it...:arch:[ COIVID NEET ]:gnu_jihad: GNU/JIHAD :gnu_jihad: GNU WILL RISE AGAIN== Art ==@siinclaiir@pixelfed.social (Fuck Instagram)socialhome.network/u/siinclaiir/ (Fuck DeviantArt and Pinterest)+===== CURRENT PROGRESS =====+Anime: Ichigo MashimaroGame: DarkSouls (PS3)VisualNovel: AngelBeats! First BeatManga: NoneLightNovel: Shield Hero (Web Novel) || Re-Zero (Web Novel)+_________________________________+== Mastodont ==@siinclaiir@mastodon.social
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Smug's days are numbered. I haven't decided yet, but one of the following three alts/back-ups will be my new main:@EchoSierraIII@neckbeard.xyz@EchoSierraIV@anime.website@EchoSierraVII@stereophonic.spaceOther Alts:@EchoSierraV@freespeechextremist.comAlso At:mewe.com/i/echosierraone (but perhaps not for much longer?)
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From:Japan Saitama birth:Hokkaido 社内SE / ZX-10R(14') / soft darts / steel darts / anime / game / etc..read:EN JPspeak:JP and translator ENthanks♡
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Interesado en hacer amigos de habla hispana en el fediverso.Programador, Python3, GNU/Linux, Software Libre, Cultura Libre, Emacs, DeltaChat, Matrix, música: rock y electrónica, me gusta la ciencia-ficción y fantasía, el anime y manga.
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Interesado en hacer amigos de habla hispana en el fediverso.Programador, Python3, GNU/Linux, Software Libre, Cultura Libre, Emacs, DeltaChat, Matrix, música: rock y electrónica, me gusta la ciencia-ficción y fantasía, el anime y manga. Delta Chat=adbenitez@nauta.cu Ubicación=#cuba Idioma=Español/Spanish
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I like to post cute and sexy anime pictures. And comment on stuff other people post that I like .https://pl.smuglo.li/declarer7https://twitter.com/declarer7https://neckbeard.xyz/declarer7https://explosion.party/declarer7https://anime.website/declarer7https://shpposter.club/declarer7@declarer7" target="_blank">https://misskey.io/@declarer7https://shitposter.club/declarer7@declarer7" target="_blank">https://ms.neko.bar/@declarer7https://freespeechextremist.com/declarer7https://stereophonic.space/declarer7https://blob.cat/declarer7https://yggdrasil.social/declarer7https://catgirl.life/@declarer7https://weeaboo.space/declarer7https://fedi.absturztau.be/declarer7https://varishangout.net/declarer7https://poa.st/@declarer7
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MOVED TO @redseither lost in her imagination or just plain hacking stuff17 year old linux, retrocomputing and tech nerd; please talk to mealso beware, I post anime grills! likes=hacking, anime, games langs=C, PHP, bash, i guess python3 =@selfisekai
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Gentoo Goddess bless you • Join our gentoo.live instance :comfyuwu: • In my twenties • INFP • MC( ☾ ♋️) AS♎ ☀️♉ I :aww: love animes like Maria Sama Wa Miteru, Card Captors Sakura, Gakuen Alice, Saint Tail, Higurashi Ni Koro ni, Kanon, Air and Clannad.Linux blog: linux.girl.placeBlog en Español 🇪🇸 : chicamagica.comBlog: girl.place#PriPara :sophy: :lala: :mirei: :z_ub_gentoo_01::z_ub_gentoo_02::z_ub_gentoo_03::z_ub_gentoo_04::z_ub_gentoo_05::z_ub_gentoo_06::z_ub_gentoo_07::z_ub_gentoo_08: Anime radio:=https://moe.girl.place XMPP:=daya@utena.princesa.company Animes:=https://myanimelist.net/profile/princesse Private accont:=@principessa@gentoo.live
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🐺🦄⚧🂡ⓥ :anarchy: ☭👿🐧∞Old account, used for testing Main: @lanodanpleroma←→mastodon beer, gentoo and anime!
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eboy (he/him)cypherpunk femboy, digital librarianHey! I love programming, philosophy, anime, math, and many other fields. Hope we can be friends! 😀https://prydt.xyzhttps://github.com/prydt
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eboy (he/him) | femboy | digital librarianI love math, cs, anime, nlp, philosophy, and much more <3#niu refugeehttps://prydt.xyz
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New main account of @And_Zoidberg. Nerdy academia esoterica, video games, art both of the pixel and traditional variety, pen-and-paper RPGs, anime, social issues, LGBT stuff and food.They/themish and flaming metrosexual-of-center/男装/ทอม, bi but not currently out on the town二世Prepare to be blinded by science and weebshit.
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This account on anime.website was once @redneonglow@neckbeard.xyz's primary account before he moved to Neckbeard, then it became his backup account. Due to the controversial nature of anime.website's current user base, this account is no longer used.Red's main account: @redneonglow@neckbeard.xyzBackup account now: @redneonglow@weeaboo.spaceOther backup account: @redneonglow@gameliberty.club
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Anime burger boy @ Ani-Gamers/Otaku USA/Crunchyroll/Anime News Network • Web dev/designer • DSA SF🌹• Singer-songwriter • banner by Shigeto Koyama
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3d printing and kpop and anime enthusiast. Passing interest in #infosec and other computer shit. Bad at perl.I lived through all of the 1990s but was too young to prevent any of it, sorryThis account does not post/boost lewd pics and I probably won't boost you if I think you've got untagged lewds on your timeline
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Hello. I'm Katie!!! I'm a dragon!! I like KDE and I love free software!! I also love k-dramas, k-pop and anime, specially k-pop, there are so many great current and former groups to love!!! Red Velvet, AOA, Sistar, WJSN, A Pink, Rockit Girl, Aespa, Twice, Itzy, G-idle, and on and onI'm single but not really. I'm dating Konqi but I'm just stringing him along and keeping him in the FriendZone while I try to get BSD Beastie to give me some attention. He's such a hot bad boy, I want him so badly!!
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数据来源:http://bangumi.tv/calendarhttps://www.bilibili.com/anime/timeline/https://space.bilibili.com/928123/每 15 分钟更新一次维护者: @air
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All animes are equal, but some animes are more equal than others
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If you're a local user, hello, I run this instance! ​:gura_waving:​If you're a remote user, hello, I (probably) don't run your instance! ​:gura_waving:​This account is quite informal; I interact and joke around with friends, post about anime/tech, very occasional lewd memes or text, etc. If you'd prefer to keep a more professional timeline, please follow @amolith@nixnet.social instead!By the power vested in me, I now declare you an un-cringe american! ​:praise:​— @Bendodroid@mk.paritybit.ca 🌐 NixNet=https://nixnet.services/ 🌐 Personal=https://secluded.site/ AMA but anonymously :^)=https://retrospring.net/Amolith
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24 y/o || 🇲🇽🇬🇧 || Computers, videogames, anime, and music osu!=https://osu.ppy.sh/users/6522973 Discord=Greydus#6778
Anime List
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Random stalker lurking on local timeline.Welcoming maid for Niu (and Rarure).he/him/whateverSecond priest of SasabeI got an account here : @Ytrezar too if you want to follow me there. Discord=Ytrezar#0001 xmpp=ytrezar@a3.pm Mail=ytrezar@protonmail.com
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Hi! I'm Epsi!I love information security, technology, art, music, anime and learning about anything. Currently learning guitar, pixel art and game dev as hobbies.he/him 🇨🇦 #nobot
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Do you want a cute anime pic? / Twitter Cute anime pics(@cute30minutes) 非官方转推账号
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20, he/him, democratic socialism. Games, anime, programming.This is my general account!
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にゃんぱす~!Nyanpasu~!admin of lets.bemoe.online (follow murabito@lets.bemoe.online instead if you only like following one account per person or active accounts only or whatever =] follow me here if you're trying to find all my alts and follow me everywhere lol)free sw, read/writing, philosophy, gaming, music, CUTENESS, learning japanese!アニメオタクですよー〜anime or learn Japanese with me!〜xmpp/jabber otaku chatroom:>xmpp:moemoekyun@muc.pew.im?join<blog: https://blog.bemoe.onlineよろしくね、皆さん!-----since pleroma doesn't have those four custom fields like mastodon:originally from: gallifreyoccupation: ニートalignment: chaotic goodjabber/xmpp: murabito@social.p7.co.nz
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4 spoons dirty coffee, 1 spoon NSA entropy.I distrust software and then write some.Interested in all things federated software defined networks (a.k.a. Internets). Also interested in anime, philosophy, scuba diving, mixes of the above, and plenty of other things.Speaking french 🇨🇵​, english 🇬🇧​, german 🇩🇪 and tech rant.Working on PeerTube and MUTE.
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Testing this shit out. Never had a twitter. Hoping for some dank memes and yuri. Also, I like stuff like books, photography, anime, manga, food, alcohol and fun.
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My name is Flabdad. I'm 4X years old. My property is in the central section of Appalachia, where the coal that build America was dug up, and I am married. I work from home for a small tech company, and I clock out every day at 5 PM at the latest. I enjoy tinkering with computers, cooking, watching anime, and using free software whenever possible. I submit patches to popular free software applications when I can help, and I regularly participate in several mailing lists and IRC channels. I don't smoke, but I do vape and occasionally drink. I moved here with my family to provide a better life for them than we had living in a major US city. I have no neighbors to speak of, and I enjoy watching the deer grazing in the fields after sundown. Next spring I will start a fruit orchard and hope to encourage wildflowers to provide for the bees. I'm in bed every night by 1 AM, and make sure I get seven hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a mug of Earl Grey and walking my dogs around the back fields before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I don't visit doctors because I do not rely on pills to function. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. What's most important to me, the only thing that matters to me, is that I am not bothered, by anyone. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. I wave to people on my one lane road, and make small talk with them about the weather, local happenings, or the troubles that city people inflict on themselves. I vote in every election, my property lines are clearly marked, and there are signs warning people that my dogs patrol the property and that everyone here is armed. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone.
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CW//: Slice of Life Anime, Hyper-Racism, Juche-posting, Vague Homo-Erotic InnuendoI am Vril, Honorable Chairman, Esteemed and Venerable Leader, and Grand Poobah of the Comfyboy Club™
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Posts a picture every 30 minutes. I do not own any of the content posted. Bot ran by @Whuki. / Twitter Anime Girls(@AnimeGirlsBot) 非官方转推账号
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Let’s go baby 100% catchphrase nation skull website dot com DIGGLER/WAVES 2020 my bar mitzvah theme was "apps" 2-0 TILIKUM fast easy free he/himMONADS: @galaxybrain
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Blog, GitHub
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#games #anime #programmingRenn stands for love (恋) and lotus (蓮) in Japanese.Toot in Chinese (mostly).Luna Nova Magical Academy first-year student.Available languages (by proficiency): 🇨🇳🇨🇦🇯🇵🇫🇷
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Admin of rawr-xd.club, xmpp.rawr-xd.club and uddu.chat !rawr-xd.club is invite only (as of right now), if we are friends, ask to join.xmpp.rawr-xd.club and uddu.chat is open registration until I start having problems with storage. I love Linux and Anime.My favorite game series is Neptunia.My favorite anime series is Mushoku TenseiMy favorite anime is Shigatsu wa Kimi No Uso (Your Lie in April)This is my main account. Follow alt accounts at: @jasonl8446@blob.cat and @jasonl8446@neckbeard.xyz Chat:XMPP: jasonl8446@xmpp@rawr-xd.clubMatrix/Element: @jasonl8446:uddu.chatI have not been very active lately, so feel free to message me there
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I Love Heavy Metal Music, Anime Song and more...マストドン老人会
danielemereb@masto.donte.com.brLírio, demônia do harém
Apoia-se, Liberapay, Escritos
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[traduzindo o fediverso inteiro porque sim]Ciência da Computação - UFPelPelotas / RS - Brasil#Anarquismo #Socialismo #Comunismo #Decolonialidade #AmericaLatina #Brasil #Política #FLOSS #Series #Anime #GNU #Linux