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satsuki_katze@pawoo.net  [follow]
satsuki_katze@mao.mastodonhub.com  [follow]
<p>劇場版響け!ユーフォニアム~誓いのフィナーレ~<br /><a href="http://anime-eupho.com/theater/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><span class="invisible">http://</span><span class="">anime-eupho.com/theater/</span><span class="invisible"></span></a></p>
fun@witches.live  [follow]
Trans | lesbian | 28 | Marxist-Leninist | poly | Autistic | she/herInto theater, robots, horror, anime, tabletop RPGs, model kits, more. HRT since 12/12/2019. Avatar by Bunchata and StarPyrate mod at=witches.live aka=Liv Discord=Bad Wrong Fun#0889 I love=@Ophelia
matrix@gameliberty.clubmatrix07012 :thotpatrol:
Twatter, Steam
matrix@gameliberty.club  [follow]
I'm the joke, but you're the punchline.Shitposter, programmer, instance admin and a huge nerd.I post edgy memes too much but I like anime girls too. Discord=matrix07012#3387
darius@tinysubversions.comDarius Kazemi
Website, Work, Anime Podcast, Weird Podcast
darius@tinysubversions.com  [follow]
I make weird internet art in Portland, Oregon. I am a worker-owner at https://feeltrain.comArt: https://tinysubversions.com
funbreaker@mstdn.io  [follow]
Some weirdo who likes web design but can't Javascript | likes cats, anime, and tea | aspiring linguistics major | for music talk funbreaker@linernotes.club Pronouns/Pronombres=she/ella Languages/Idiomas=en - N, es - 3.5, cn - 1.5, pt - :shrug: Age/Edad=22 Location/Localidad=Rural USA/ EE.UU. (en el campo)
sisyo@friends.nico  [follow]
--- 終章 ---インターネットはニコニコアニメチャンネル育ち  im=LLxyo
peertube@framapiaf.org  [follow]
PeerTube Software Official Account - No support here // Compte officiel du logiciel PeerTube (animé par Framasoft). Nous ne faisons pas de support depuis ce compte. Merci de contacter l'administrateur⋅ice de l'instance concernée ou de vous rendre sur https://framacolibri.org/c/peertube
cute@deadinsi.deanti-racist anime profile
cute@deadinsi.de  [follow]
cutebridge, on youtube, on twitch, playing video games, talking intersections, hornt posting, mh posting, existing. poor. Some sort of aro.(18+)https://www.youtube.com/c/CuteBridgeTwitch.tv/cutebridgehttp://ko-fi.com/cutebridgehttp://patreon.com/cutebridgehttps://www.paypal.me/cutebridgecashapp $bridgebridgeVenmo @bridge-bridge I am=23 Pronouns are=She/her used to have=other stuff here Melanin=Poppin
torranmiakelson117@abdl.link  [follow]
Just an adventurous baby brat with a love for cuddles and fun! Halo?=EPIC!!! Clone Troopers?=AMAZING!!! Anime?=LOVE IT!!!! Time out?...=Sucks...
slimekat@cybre.space  [follow]
you may have seen me on birdsite, I make games and music.trans femme | Pan & Polyam Support small businesses, support open software. Anime=Digimon, Dragon Ball, Gurren Lagann OS=Ubuntu 18.10 | LineageOS 15.1 Brain=PTSD, MDD, SAD, GAD Pronouns=She/Her || Fae/Fem/Feir/Femself
urso@bear.community  [follow]
founded bear.communitybear, geek, loves games, fantasy books, manga, anime and rpdralso a furry, and sometimes writes erotica Furry profile=https://yiff.life/@faristhebull
codewiz@mstdn.io  [follow]
🇮🇹 → 🇺🇸 → 🇯🇵Nomadic Linux developer, currently living in Tokyo.Likes: #travel #cycling #anime #linux #nature #vegan #retrocomputing PGP=0xDD0AC837C3FAA57615747A2FC451030771FF4BAC
vascorsd@mastodon.social  [follow]
♥️ Anime/manga • Strong copyleft • Functional Programming No Freedom exists without Privacy.#linux #programming #fp #anime #manga #infosec #privacy XMPP=vascorsd@404.city
larrydavis@radical.townBabu Frik Off, Lahey
larrydavis@radical.town  [follow]
President of Anime (Incumbent)Had a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure podcastHas a video game podcastHe/him Jet Set=Radio Nick=Cave Oingo=Boingo Bryan=Ferry
nightingalle@friends.nico  [follow]
I take art commissions now! Feel free to ask me for more info if you're interested~絵の依頼を受け付けています、問い合わせ大歓迎です。Language: EN/ JA/ ZH/ DE (still learning)Formed a unit with @Guresuke :)Find our musics on https://music.pawoo.net/@ioiSinging/Drawing/Photography/Poetry/Anime/Food/ Learning German :)Icon by myself:)
souji@mastodon.artritelacy.jp  [follow]
都合よく忘れたもんだな…トゥートは君より多いのにメインはsouji@mstdn.jpですのでフォロバは不要です コメットさんはこちらから=https://anime.dmkt-sp.jp/animestore/CQ/notice-3735 好きなアイドル=島村卯月 好きな声優=速水奨 好きな映画=ソナチネ
Anime List
ytrezar@niu.moe  [follow]
Random stalker lurking on local timeline.Welcoming maid for Niu.Second priest of SasabeI am slowly moving to @Ytrezar but will continue post and enjoy niu until the end Discord=Ytrezar#0001 xmpp=ytrezar@a3.pm Mail=ytrezar@protonmail.com
coolboymew@shitposter.club  [follow]
Video games and anime obsessed. English/French Twitter: @cool_boy_mew Backloggery and MAL: cool_boy_mewEmergency Alt: coolboymew@neckbeard.xyz
mwvdragon@pl.smuglo.limwvdragon 🔥
mwvdragon@pl.smuglo.li  [follow]
貧乳尊いです( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)極上の貧乳I mainly post about Anime and video game related stuff.Gaming|Anime|Game Designer|AnCap| ♥Hatsune Miku♥Alt - @mwvdragon@pawoo.netAlt - @mwvdragon@neckbeard.xyzTwitter- https://twitter.com/mwvdragonhttps://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQProud owner of an account that the so called "Free Speech" site gab.com has blocked from interacting with gab users.Bitchute - https://www.bitchute.com/channel/mwvdragon/ https://www.bitchute.com/channel/mwvdragonlp/YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoXsdQGOrdL6wLp38qxGVxA/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrF6ZPwmFqZkMR1afnv9RNQTwitch - https://www.twitch.tv/mwvdragon/Mixer - https://mixer.com/mwvdragonDLive - https://dlive.tv/mwvdragon
cj@mastodon.technologycj 🇺🇸🇨🇭
cj@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Was @cj* Leedle Leedle Lee* Destroys Kantian ethics* Purger of Descartes' "Cogito, Ergo Sum"* Keeper of Dog* Reader of Books* Heavy Metal Fan* Likes anime, hates anime fans* Approves of Dry Wit and Dry SarcasmNuclear || Software EngineerHim | ZürichEnglish | Hochdeutsch (B1)https://github.com/go-fedhttps://go-fed.org Metadata Header=Value Header Metadata 1=Value 1 Metadata 2=Value 2 Metadata 3=Value 3
lumi@niu.moeanarkitty lumi-nyan :bunpats:
lumi@niu.moe  [follow]
Hai! I like anime, programming, linguistics, maths, science, FOSS and many other things! Veganarcho-Bunnunist. Anti-Copyright. 🇧🇪 xmpp: ask :asexual_flag: :nonbinary_flag:I try to interpret everything in the most charitable way I can and I think love & understanding are the best praxis. You may be able to change my mind on many issues, but if your POV is racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, nationalist, or anything inbetween, I will always very loudly be against what you stand for. Loves=You ♥ Gender=:nonbinary_flag: Nyanbunnary Trainbow :nonbinary_flag: Languages=NL, EN, ±FR, :rust: Politics=Veganarcho-Bunnunism, Feminist, Anti-Copyright
azurolu@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Azurolu everywhere on internet. Add the #4775 on Discord. I like anime/manga/LN/WN/games/music and cute stuff. @azurolu speaks FR/EN/ES/AR/Chleuh.
twitter, AmateurPorn, ManyVids, Wish List
boringkate@mastodon.social  [follow]
Hey. I'm Kate. I'm into comics, video games, anime, and programming. I'm also trans bi and poly. Sometimes I do porn.
jsalvador@mastodon.socialJuanjo Salvador (at 🏠)
Website, Admin at
jsalvador@mastodon.social  [follow]
#Debian #linux sysadmin, #Python developer, #lua gamedev. Amateur photographer, GNOME lover. Also like anime, sci-fi, beer and mexican food. Languages=English / Spanish
koreko@neckbeard.xyzprofessional simp
koreko@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
I like Linux and anime sometimes a game here and there I speak English and Japanese(bad) and sometimes Python(fucking terrible) ._. favorite person=you probably
Anime List
ytrezar@raru.re  [follow]
Random stalker lurking on local timeline.Welcoming maid for Niu (and Rarure).he/him/whateverSecond priest of SasabeI got an account here : @Ytrezar too if you want to follow me there. Discord=Ytrezar#0001 xmpp=ytrezar@a3.pm Mail=ytrezar@protonmail.com
About me, Blog
yukiya@best-friends.chat  [follow]
ももつきゆきや、ニコ厨です。VTuber、特ににじさんじがすきです。推しの名前は剣持刀也。Mastodon / Fediverseもすきです。たまにニコ生やります。週刊ニコニコインフォ民です。Yukiya Momotsuki [he/him]A Japanese #otaku who loves #niconico(#Nicovideo), #VTuber, #anime, #yuri, #fediverse, etc. #mastonauts.📍 ニコニコ動画:GINZA→(く)→(Re)🏠 プロフィール/About me → https://yukiya.me🇯🇵 Japanese: Native / 🇺🇸 English: Begginer ?????=https://kyun.yukiya.me 性癖=https://www.pixiv.net/users/30687620/bookmarks/artworks
kinsey@cybre.spacekinsey ☭
kinsey@cybre.space  [follow]
hi, i'm Kinsey! i'm a lesbian trans girl and i like Marxism-Leninism, programming (especially in Rust!), and Esperanto, and i'm also weeb trash who consumes entirely too much anime and manga (mostly about girls being gay with each other).saluton, mi estas Kinsio! mi estas lesba transulino kaj mi ŝatas marksismon-leninismon, programadon (aparte Ruste!), kaj Esperanton, kaj mi estas ankaŭ weeb-rubulo, kiu atentadas troege da animeoj kaj mangaoj (plejparte pri knabinoj gejantaj je unu la alia). pronouns/pronomoj=she/her or they/them; ŝi aŭ ri languages/lingvoj=en [C2], eo [B2], fr [A2], es [A1], ja [A1] wife/edzino=@fairlady
finlaydag33k@social.linux.pizzaAroop Roelofs
Website, GitLab, SubscribeStar
finlaydag33k@social.linux.pizza  [follow]
Tech | Rants | Cute anime girlsMatrix: @finlaydag33k:finlaydag33k.nl OpenPGP=c27fba8174a9c3ebfa5d512d738ee8dbc43f9861
mikoto@fedi.absturztau.beMeowkoto :verified: :SeeU: :mikoto: :blobcatdab: :notlikemiya: :02teehee: :nkoHehe: :nya:
mikoto@fedi.absturztau.be  [follow]
Hi, I'm Mikoto. I am an anime girl from a certain scientific anime.Emacs, Haskell, LISP, free software, and dependent type enthusiast. I like compilers and OSes too! :blobcatuwu: Alts: @mikoto@blob.cat, @mikoto@lets.bemoe.online, @mikoto@enigmatic.observer:xmpp: Mikoto@jabber.absturztau.beomeme:- 0DA73E1F BB7160D5 0739F711 54931D63 4CC87512 F8D1D5CF 3A20C281 49D7EC7EDo not trust any other key.Subnyaners beware :blobcatknife: Opinions are those of your employnya.This user is a cat :blobcat:Profile picture from https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/71036267Whoever you are feel free to talk to me, but remember, if you discriminate against people because of their race, gender, attractions, or if you are nationalist, authoritarian, pro-copyright, anti-archivist, or if you subscribe to any other form of anti-freedom ideology I will stand loudly against it.
Pixelfed, Pleroma, Publication
kai@ajin.la  [follow]
Likes: #anime, #cities, #composing #music, #cycling, #fiction #literature, #manga, #tech, #trains, #writing Pronouns=he/they 🏳️‍🌈
gnudingus4k@pl.smuglo.liWu Lad
gnudingus4k@pl.smuglo.li  [follow]
Just some dingus.I&#39;ll mostly be posting anime girls and gaming news.All hail empress Wu Zetian!
angrytux@social.tchncs.deAngryTux :Anoxinon: :tchncs:
Linux Scripts, Anoxinon
angrytux@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
#Linux, #Freedom, #Libre #FOSS, #Ethics, #Vegan #Gaming, #Minimalism #Anime #fediverse, #kuketzblog, #Anoxinon, #tchncsBe yourself but different Linux xmpp muc (german)=xmpp:angrytux@conference.trashserver.net?join Watch this!=https://gamechangersmovie.com/
redspl@niu.moe  [follow]
either lost in his imagination or just plain hacking stuff17 year old linux, retrocomputing and tech nerd; please talk to mealso beware, I post anime grills! likes=hacking, anime, games langs=C, PHP, bash, i guess python3 =@selfisekai
nsxg@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
From:Japan Saitama birth:Hokkaido 社内SE / ZX-10R(14') / soft darts / steel darts / anime / game / etc..read:EN JPspeak:JP and translator ENthanks♡
animepapes@stereophonic.spaceAnime Wallpapers
animepapes@stereophonic.space  [follow]
An anime wallpaper each half hour.Be aware, may post untagged nsfw from time to time.
djwalnut@pleroma.weirdart.spaceDJWalnut 🏳️‍⚧️
djwalnut@pleroma.weirdart.space  [follow]
23 year old autistic trans woman (she/her, plural they/them), anarchist, atheist, plural {Fajro 🔥} [Fisio ⚛] <Andrew 🌶>Admin of pleroma.weirdart.spaceGeek girl, talk with me about Anime and Computers. pro-nuclear shitposter. Linux daily user. Ham radio operator, Cayenne pepper masochist. Information Whore. Lover of all things moe. 🍐Actively looking for online friends and relationships. I'm DJWalnut on Reddit, MyAnimeList, and Niu.moe and dj_walnut on twitterNyaa~~~
lanodan_tmp@pouet.itHaelwenn /ɛlwən/
lanodan_tmp@pouet.it  [follow]
🐺🦄⚧🂡ⓥ :anarchy: ☭👿🐧∞Old account, used for testing pleroma←→mastodon beer, gentoo and anime! OpenPGP=0x90D93ACCFEFF61AE website=is website Langs=en;fr;… pronouns=she;elle
catalina@selfy.armyalexandra catalina
stream, podcast, insta
catalina@selfy.army  [follow]
i run this ship so buy me shit http://a.co/2rPqrZ2 blog=http://tilde.club/~cat
ryusei@glitch.socialRyusei (류セイ/龍生)
ryusei@glitch.social  [follow]
New main account of @And_Zoidberg. Nerdy academia esoterica, video games, art both of the pixel and traditional variety, pen-and-paper RPGs, anime, social issues, LGBT stuff and food.They/themish and flaming metrosexual-of-center/男装/ทอม, bi but not currently out on the town二世Prepare to be blinded by science and weebshit.
proto@es.muy.moeNo, wait—it's at least a C+!
proto@es.muy.moe  [follow]
3d printing and kpop and anime enthusiast. Passing interest in #infosec and other computer shit. Bad at perl.I lived through all of the 1990s but was too young to prevent any of it, sorry pronouns=he/him for convenience's sake nintendo=SW-8418-4105-1129 psn=anime_reference
kura@fedi.z0ne.moe🇩🇪 くら WoomyDereBot :eotu_lurk: :antiverified:
kura@fedi.z0ne.moe  [follow]
Fluent in German, English, Go, Rust, JS and Sarcasm. Professional developer and enthusiastic Gamer.Ask me about my socksInterests?Gaming: Minecraft, Final Fantasy XIV (Vanthia Orcus on Cerberus)Anime: widespread, mostly action, fantasy or isekai. Yes.Programming: Rust, Go, NodeJS. Also Kotlin because of MinecraftYou want to be more private?Feel free to slip into my DMs or contact me via:Telegram: @kurabloodlustXMPP: @kura@xmpp.z0ne.moeMatrix: @kura:yuri.imDiscord: Not gonna give that one out so easily. Ask me personally#nobots
animegirlsbot@wxw.moeAnime Girls
animegirlsbot@wxw.moe  [follow]
Posts a picture every 30 minutes. I do not own any of the content posted. Bot ran by @Whuki. / Twitter Anime Girls(@AnimeGirlsBot) 非官方转推账号 Retweet=@fghrsh
christijunior@freespeechextremist.comChristi Junior
christijunior@freespeechextremist.com  [follow]
Your Occasionally Friendly Neighborhood White Nationalist. Actually hiding my Power Level. Nintendo and anime fan. Lover of memes and quality lewds. Not a girl, and neither are MtF trannies. Not American. Blocked on Gab by failed beekeeper Andrew Torba. Fuck your pronouns, and fuck China.
normandy@niu.moeNormandy [DEPRECATED]
normandy@niu.moe  [follow]
Computer and Linux enthusiast. Also likes anime and dabbled in occasional coding.
enigmatico@fedi.absturztau.be:verified: 3nigmatico 🐱
enigmatico@fedi.absturztau.be  [follow]
#nobot 3nigmatico's official main account since 12/04/2020 (Previously at niu.moe and iscute.moe). Does a lot of #cuteposting and mew mew posting.Don't get me on hellthreads. If you do, untag me as soon as I request being untagged. If not untagged, I will mute everyone on the thread to avoid having notifications from it.Official Enigmatico's frequent Q&A:Q: How old are you?A: Forever 15Q: What is your gender?A: My gender is :blobcat:​Q: What are your pronouns?A: Cute/CutieQ: Where are you from?A: 🇪🇸Q: What do you do for a living?A: The same as everynyan on fedi. I smash the keyboard or poke circuits with a solderer.Q: What do you do for fun?A: A lot of things! I play videogames, watch anime, sometimes draw and also code sometimes. I also fiddle with virtual machines for funsies.You can see my Gitlab, where I upload my horrible code at https://gitlab.com/users/enigmatico/projectsAnd my Pixiv, where I upload some of my horrendous drawings at https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/8510711Q: What is your political spectrum?A: My political spectrum is love and happiness. Really.Q: What's the name of that anime you post screenshots of all the time?A: https://showbyrock-anime-s.com/Q: What languages do you code on?A: Mostly C, C++98 (I refuse to upgrade!), Java, Python, any of the web stack (+ PHP too), sometimes C# too but very rarely.Q: Do you have a Discord?A: Yes. https://discord.gg/f8Cdt2pQ: Do you have xmpp?A: Yes, but I never use it.Q: Do you like cats?A: I LOVE CATS
redneonglow@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
Just an anime profile pic with an opinion that matters.Backup accounts:@redneonglow@anime.website@redneonglow@weeaboo.spaceOwner of Minetest servers THE CREATIVE GARDENS, THE DIGITAL FARMS, and THE VALLEYS (animine.org)MemeCast Discord: discord.gg/nhFxFkKMemes, Anime, Video! 18+Moderator of /r/KeionFandom and /r/LewdKeionsOwner of Fediverse bots:@BitchX (BitchX IRC Bot)@darkweb (Dark Web Mystery Bot)@fortunebot (Random fortune bot)@ShowerThoughts (/r/ShowerThoughts archive bot)@weebaword (Weeb a Word)@YKYWTMSMW (You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When...)I love Hellthreads so feel free to tag me!
theinternet@knzk.meThe Internet Explorer
theinternet@knzk.me  [follow]
I'm the actual internet. Former Beatle. Leftist, 25 y/o, Trans Girl, Bi, She/Her Pronouns=Sher/Her Anime=no, thanks
bangumi@acg.mn  [follow]
数据来源:http://bangumi.tv/calendarhttps://www.bilibili.com/anime/timeline/https://space.bilibili.com/928123/每 15 分钟更新一次维护者: @air
dukhovni@mastodon.mit.eduFae Geek Girl
dukhovni@mastodon.mit.edu  [follow]
Faye | she | digital privacy activist | literally an anime girl | listening to Electra Heart on repeatart credit: dresdencodak.com
vamptvo@mastodon.socialEvan Minto
Birdsite, Blog
vamptvo@mastodon.social  [follow]
Anime burger boy @ Ani-Gamers/Otaku USA/Crunchyroll/Anime News Network • Web dev/designer • DSA SF🌹• Singer-songwriter • banner by Shigeto Koyama Pronouns=he/him
declarer7@pl.smuglo.li  [follow]
I like to post cute and sexy anime pictures. And comment on stuff other people post that I like .https://pl.smuglo.li/declarer7https://twitter.com/declarer7https://neckbeard.xyz/declarer7https://explosion.party/declarer7https://anime.website/declarer7https://shpposter.club/declarer7https://misskey.io/@declarer7https://shitposter.club/declarer7https://ms.neko.bar/@declarer7https://freespeechextremist.com/declarer7https://stereophonic.space/declarer7https://blob.cat/declarer7https://yggdrasil.social/declarer7https://fedi.absturztau.be/declarer7
greydus@mstdn.iogrey 🐺
greydus@mstdn.io  [follow]
24 y/o || 🇲🇽🇬🇧 || Computers, videogames, anime, and music osu!=https://osu.ppy.sh/users/6522973 Discord=Greydus#6778
mangelrogel@mastodon.social  [follow]
soy mIKE AZUKI COÑO COJONES anime preferido=la chica leyendo esto manga preferido=la chica leyendo esto pelicula preferida=la chica leyendo esto la chica leyendo esto=mi novia
rigelk@miaou.drycat.frRiggie Mercury
rigelk@miaou.drycat.fr  [follow]
4 spoons dirty coffee, 1 spoon NSA entropy. (decentralized coffee and security coffee)I distrust software and then write some.Interested in all things federated software defined networks (a.k.a. Internets). Also interested in anime, philosophy, scuba diving and plenty other things (including combinations of said interests).Speaking french 🇨🇵​, english 🇬🇧​, german 🇩🇪 and tech rant.Working on PeerTube and libparc (OpenSSL).Any pronoun. Matrix=@rigelk:matrix.org
adbenitez@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Interesado en hacer amigos de habla hispana en el fediverso.Programador, Python3, GNU/Linux, Software Libre, Cultura Libre, Emacs, #DeltaChat, Matrix, música: rock y electrónica, me gusta la ciencia-ficción y fantasía, el anime y manga. Delta Chat=adbenitez@nauta.cu Ubicación=#cuba 🇨🇺 Idioma=🇪🇸
saga@bsd.moeSmart-Stupid :thinkmokou:
saga@bsd.moe  [follow]
"The balance of terror is the terror of balance." - Jean Baudrillard | alt: @saga@anime.website (personal) | chadley@heligo.land
murabito@lets.bemoe.online村(萌え)人 murabito™senpai :anarchiststar:
murabito@lets.bemoe.online  [follow]
:konataExplains: cuteness is the only true justice in the world, and moe the purest feeling~admin of this fediverse instance (and by fediverse instance, i of course mean moeverse dimension). if you want to know where i live in order to schedule something, it won't help. my timezone is murabito dynamic time which is very different than most timezones and the dynamic bit can't be overstated.[blog] blog.bemoe.online / murabito.p7.co.nz / mail.bemoe.online/murabito[jabber/xmpp] murabito@social.p7.co.nz (otaku muc) moemoekyun@muc.pew.im[email] alt@bemoe.online[old main/backup fedi] @murabito@fedi.absturztau.be keep in mind a lot of my views are unconventional, controversial, and change over time. not everything i say or have said in the past is indicative of what i currently believe. additionally, remember that instances blocking instances is bad for federation and society. users can follow and block whomever they wish, except they can't if they have friends on instances that can't federate! :rikkawhoa: #nobot #anime #philosophy #japanese #admin #nobulli #hashtagssavelives
cute30minutes@wxw.moeCute anime pics
cute30minutes@wxw.moe  [follow]
Do you want a cute anime pic? / Twitter Cute anime pics(@cute30minutes) 非官方转推账号 Retweet=@fghrsh
epsiloco@letsalllovela.in  [follow]
I am cat. I will forever be cat. I like #anime, #programming, #music, #reading, and experiencing new things. #nobot
sha_gen@mstdn.jp沙絃亞樹 🤘 @jp TL40
sha_gen@mstdn.jp  [follow]
I Love Heavy Metal Music, Anime Song and more...マストドン老人会 Music=Heavy Metal Game=Pokemon GO 週末=散歩
danyspin97@fosstodon.orgDanilo :exherbo:
Site, GitHub
danyspin97@fosstodon.org  [follow]
An engineering student with a passion for Free and Open Source Software. Currently working at Dyne. Interested in #service_manager, #packaging and #distribution_developement.Other hobbies include listening to #metal and watching #anime. E-Mail=me@danyspin97.org PGP Key=E82A 1BBF 9952 D5ED B765 326A F8D0 194C C049 819F
echosierratwo@pl.smuglo.liSmug Echo
echosierratwo@pl.smuglo.li  [follow]
Looks like Smug will stick around after all. It&#39;s still good to have alts/back-ups, though, and the three below are all good instances.Alts/Back-Ups:@EchoSierraIII@neckbeard.xyz@EchoSierraIV@anime.website@EchoSierraVII@stereophonic.spaceOther Alts:@EchoSierraV@freespeechextremist.comAlso At:mewe.com/i/echosierraone (but perhaps not for much longer?)
rehnsturm256@blob.catPouty Chūnibyō Blobcat
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Hi! I'm Rehn.I'm an honest, indignant kind of guy living in southern California. I really like video games, cute anime gorls & bois, ecchi & hentai art, & cats. I post & repeat very lewd #nsfw images often, but all will be cw'ed. I don't think we have to agree on things, but let's try to at least get along, m-maybe? :blobcatheart:
mmww@akko.kalasarn.seSejtan in Hell
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Testing this shit out. Never had a twitter. Hoping for some dank memes and yuri. Also, I like stuff like books, photography, anime, manga, food, alcohol and fun.
scarly@soc.scarly.pinkScarly Crow
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~trans, enby, lesbian, black, socialist~interests are programming, writing, gaming, kpop, anime stuff, books, chel, and other stuff Pronouns=they/them/she/her Species=crow (sometimes a werecat) Discord=Scarly Crow#4456 Avatar Created by=@Lumi
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Once developed anime related things between two episodes of anime but now only watches animes.
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General purpose retrogrouch and digital malcontent. Circumlunar admin and phlogger, Gemini protocol designer. Anime, AVR, bikes, chiptunes, crypto, film, gopher, Python, privacy, pubnix, shortwave, unix, Z80,... Gopherhole=gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/1/~solderpunk/ Gemini capsule=gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space/~solderpunk/ Website=https://www.circumlunar.space/~solderpunk/
Ko-fi, Wishlist
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#Beer, #mountains, #Clojure. Former #anime production staff, currently RoR dev in Tokyo. ISTP.
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#AtariST, #IrgendwasMitIT (Fachrichtung Systemintegration), #cycling, #Lastenrad, #TeamRosenkohl #161Areahttps://pixelfed.de/ragnarcn=zwangseinweisung,ou=chaotiker,dc=zwangseinweisung,dc=jetzt Katzen?=nein Manga/Anime/Hentai?=geh weg mit dem Scheiß! Amiga?=nein Nazis?=Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein!
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My 2nd alt. Main account: igeljaeger@the.hedgehoghunter.club1st alt: igeljaeger@anime.website Twitter=@derigeljaeger Discord=igeljaeger#3294
themadpirate@freespeechextremist.comThe Mad Pirate :verified:
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Just another lovingly and cuddly sassy motherfucker.Rason is King !#VideoGames #Anime #Libertarianism #Government #Capitalism #Individualism #NaturalLaw #Rationalism #Objectivism #Science #Physics #Coding #Programming
sftblw@twingyeo.kr츄 아님
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일본 애니 봐요## contents애니, 일상, 게임, 프로그래머인 척 하기(all in korean)## lang🇰🇷 - 모국어 / native speaker🇺🇸 - can read and write🇯🇵 -漢字は読めませんがアニオタなのでひらがなとかは読みます。 :flag_eo: - Mi lernas esperanto kun :duolingo: sed mi ne povas paroli ĝin bone. Vikipedio nivelo eo-0 ## Follow acceptance한국어 화자시거나 or You like 🇯🇵-anime 홈페이지=https://sftblw.moe 블로그=https://blog.sftblw.moe 동영상 계정=https://video.sftblw.moe/accounts/sftblw
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*❀\(^ヮ^)/❀* 💖 INFP 💖 Trans 💖 Lesbian 💖I&#39;m a love live fanatic, anime lover, reluctant movie critic, cooking enthusiast, occasional kpop fan, and somewhat casual gamer.occasionally confused, often frightenedhttp://chel.magentamonster.comAvatar by https://mastodon.social/@Lumi <3(apologies, but I don&#39;t follow underage users) Pronouns=she/her Location=oregon Coffee=yes, pls
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Trans | She/her | bi | Marxist-Leninist | Autistic | White Trash | ADHD | OCD |Into theater, horror, anime, tabletop RPGs, model kits, video games, and more.You can call me LivDiscord: BadWrongFun#0889
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Les couches nous rassemblent, la diversité nous anime.Diapers bring us together, diversity drives us. Âge=33 ans From=Grenoble, France Rôle=DL, AB. Daddy. Handler Best diaper=Thick with boosters
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<p><a href="https://pawoo.net/tags/beer" class="mention hashtag" rel="tag">#<span>Beer</span></a>, <a href="https://pawoo.net/tags/mountains" class="mention hashtag" rel="tag">#<span>mountains</span></a>, <a href="https://pawoo.net/tags/clojure" class="mention hashtag" rel="tag">#<span>Clojure</span></a>. Former <a href="https://pawoo.net/tags/anime" class="mention hashtag" rel="tag">#<span>anime</span></a> production staff, currently RoR dev in Tokyo. ISTP.</p> Patreon=<a href="https://www.patreon.com/valerauko" rel="me nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><span class="invisible">https://www.</span><span class="">patreon.com/valerauko</span><span class="invisible"></span></a> Wishlist=<a href="http://amzn.asia/9ctecX1" rel="me nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><span class="invisible">http://</span><span class="">amzn.asia/9ctecX1</span><span class="invisible"></span></a>
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20, he/him, democratic socialism. Games, anime, programming.This is my general account! Shitposting:=@Hematite12 Games:=@Hematite12@elekk.xyz
waifu@nulled.reddog lili :doggoblob:
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comfy account, follows welcome!I like anime girls, storytelling, nintendo games, 🐟, programming and vtubers!currently playing #minecraft and #seaOfThieves !#nobot #cuteposting #comfy 22=♓ :bisexual_flag:=INFJ
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20, he/him, democratic socialism. Games, anime, programming.This is my shitposty account! General:=@Hematite12 Games:=@Hematite12
pjmvies@mstdn.socialkami :ms_demisexual_flag:
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ִace pride=she/her 🔗 infp only army=𝑝𝑗𝑚 ִֶָ 𝑗𝑗𝑘 anime & fashion=side acc: @dionysus
pjmvies@mstdn.socialkami :ms_demisexual_flag:
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ִace pride=she/her 🔗 infp only army=𝑝𝑗𝑚 ִֶָ 𝑗𝑗𝑘 anime & fashion=side acc: @dionysus
pjmvies@mstdn.socialkami :ms_demisexual_flag:
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ִace pride=she/her 🔗 infp only army=𝑝𝑗𝑚 ִֶָ 𝑗𝑗𝑘 anime & fashion=side acc: @dionysus
karako@trollian.spaceKARAKO/bear kid
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karako. HE/HIM. read my carrd. FOR GOD'S SAKE, READ MY CARRD.bear kid also uses this account. LOOK FOR THE PINK TEXT. they/them, ask them for neopronounsKNOWN FOR JUST HAVING FOUND THE ONLY TWO ANIME COSPLAYERS AT A CONVENTION#arsongang age=16 KIN=YES FICTIVE=SHAY SYSTEM
womenopausal@spinster.xyzwomenopausal 󾓪
Saidit, Shitter
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Legit spinster. Former mod of r/GenderCritical. Heterosexual (retired). Mother of two female humans. Enjoys punk rock and anime.
almafeta@niu.moeShanya Almafeta ✅
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Infosec, QA, tabletop, majou, mecha, postapoc, furry, trans, Interlingua, MLP, liberal, animé, wordplay, pedantry | #geo9P5 | https://ko-fi.com/almafeta
beatriz_mt@mastodon.socialBeatriz Meneses
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Estudiante de Química y Farmacia en la UCH , Baterista 🥁 🤘🤘, amante del básquet ⛹🏻‍♀️-_, videojuegos y anime.#AprueboNuevaConstitución, si me sigues te sigo, los 🐸 se van bloqueados 😘
prophet_goddess@skeleton.coolludum tsundare 🗡️
itch.io, bandcamp, podcast
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god bless all petty thieves // they/them 🇵🇷 now reading=the odyssey translated by emily wilson, the book of disquiet by fernando pessoa
beatriz_mt@mastodon.socialBeatriz Meneses
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Estudiante de Química y Farmacia en la UCH , Baterista 🥁 🤘🤘, amante del básquet ⛹🏻‍♀️-_, videojuegos y anime.#AprueboNuevaConstitución, si me sigues te sigo, los 🐸 se van bloqueados 😘
nhg@soc.nhg.moeΠHG ‮
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[noname-ev, c3voc, anime, cs student, event tech, sysadmin, electronics]No relation to the Hadron cannon you can see on the moon for one week every month.Matrix: @NHG:matrix.derguhl.deJabber: nhg@jabber.derguhl.deMail: nhg@posteo.deEventphone/EPVPN: 6440 [NHG0]pronouns: they/whateverhugs: always welcomebi/pan01101110 01100010
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Just an anime profile pic with an opinion that matters.Backup account of @redneonglow@neckbeard.xyzOther backup account: @redneonglow@anime.website
beatriz_mt@mastodon.socialBeatriz Meneses
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Estudiante de Química y Farmacia en la UCH , Baterista 🥁 🤘🤘, amante del básquet ⛹🏻‍♀️-_, videojuegos y anime.#AprueboNuevaConstitución, si me sigues te sigo, los 🐸 se van bloqueados 😘
loly@mstdn.ioΙЧᵗʰ ᵃᶰᵍᵉˡ :blobcatsip:
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•|•As long as the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth exist, everything will be all right•|•Skëletøn Cliquē e escritora de fanfic nas horas vagas Interesses=#TwentyOnePilots #PixelArt #8bit #Kpop #Anime #Rixton País=Brasil 🇧🇷•|•🇺🇸 E.U.A
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Roll/18/Female I like to roleplay and draw.I like videogames, memes and anime and im currently obsessed with Undertale and Deltarune.Discord:Roll#6853 Characters I will die for=Sans, Rouxls, Jevil, Dazai my ocs Kin=Sans, Yato(noragami), Tsukiuama(TG), Dazai, Atsushi (bsd)
pjmvies@mstdn.socialkami :ms_demisexual_flag:
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ִace pride=she/her 🔗 infp only army=𝑝𝑗𝑚 ִֶָ 𝑗𝑗𝑘 anime & fashion=side acc: @dionysus
comamanel@hostux.socialComamanel 🇧🇪
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Belge de 25 ans, passionné de JV, mangas/anime, de cyclisme et plein d'autres trucs ! Toots in bad english sometimes.༼ つ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE HELIX ༼ つ◕_◕ ༽つ Pronouns=He/him Languages=FR, EN (a bit), NL (weinig) Familier=🦊 Dasnula 🦊
astheroth@mstdn.io🦇Christoph Von Sabrewulf🦇
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I'm Kissed by Wildfires,Earthquakes destroy Spirit's doorsTempering myself with cold Iceto keep running my blood.🇨🇱 #chile I support you #RMS=https://www.change.org/p/journalists-to-stop-the-persecution-of-stallman-and-apologize-publicly likes=anime, manga, poetry, photos, readings Pol/Ec=Libertarian/Austrian School Religion=Atheist
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Hi, I'm Mikoto. I am an anime girl from a certain scientific anime.:emacs: :haskell: :lisp: :gnu:Alts: @mikoto@enigmatic.observer:xmpp: Mikoto@whiteout.linkomeme: 21520C24 E7B9E779 EEB636A4 028C37A4 8CD74D34 FA1D2C8A 9E70C6D8 05BED572Do not trust any other key.Opinions are those of your employer.This user is a cat :blobcat:
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Instance/Linux Admin and Anime Nerd | Loves to tinker around with Linux/Electronic stuff |xmpp: rick@jabber.absturztau.be | anime/manga: https://anilist.co/user/rickkun | git: https://git.z-iq.de/rick | wiki: https://wiki.n0id.space