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csepp@merveilles.townCsepp 🩸
csepp@merveilles.town  [follow]
Mostly doing #plan9 / #idris / #guix #programming and #lowpoly #3d #art . Interested in learning stuff. Many stuffs.Also likes: running, dogs, running with dogs, and headpats.If you're wondering why I faved but didn't boost your art, add an image description.Background text in avatar is from Peace and Love by Rebecca Sugar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXi7-UrvTAwName: means "droplet" in Hungarian, pronounced "chepp" Pronouns=it/they (same one you'd use for animals) Gemini=gemini://blobpat.space Art license=CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ Pats?=Yes.
standplaats_krk@mastodon.socialStandplaats Kraków
standplaats_krk@mastodon.social  [follow]
Schrijft, klaagt, houdt van beestjesWrites, complains, likes animals
pla@pla.socialPatrick L Archibald :pla:
pla@pla.social  [follow]
Pronouns: he/him. I like tech and bicycles. Eat plants, not animals. #bike #cycling #linux #ubuntu #pleroma #ev #boltev Summerville South Carolina https://pla.bike
hambibleibt@newsbots.euHambacher Forst (:twitter:♻)
hambibleibt@newsbots.eu  [follow]
I am a forest trying to survive near an open-pit coal-mine. For six years human animals live and fight here, …• unofficial :twitter: mirror • Official account (not a mirror)=https://todon.nl/@hambibleibt This is a mirror from …=https://nitter.net/HambiBleibt
southerngothhick@radical.townCrass Iron Skillet
southerngothhick@radical.town  [follow]
trying to be some sort of farmerI'm white but I am trying to fix itA fan of: language, flowers, animals, cuties, spicy food, "fighting the good fight," my friends, drinking water, porno,
free_appalachia@kolektiva.social🏴Free Appalachia ​🏴
free_appalachia@kolektiva.social  [follow]
____Name_____________________Húrin____Politics____________________Vegan (for the animals) Ancom (for everything else)Leftists Gun Culture (AK47/.308)Anti-fascist/Anti-capitalistDeep Ecology____Personal___________________Amateur MycologistWandererElectronicsHerbalismPunk/Metal/NoiseSkateboardingGuitar/Piano/SynthsWritingDIY Everything____(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻_____________Feel free to follow, though I might not reciprocate until we've interacted. Pronouns=They/Them Matrix=@curufuin:matrix.org Email=curufuin666@protonmail.ch
vegan@lemmy.ml  [follow]
An online space for the vegan people of Lemmy.Rules and miscellanous:We take for granted that if you enage in this community, you understand that veganism is about the animals. You either are vegan for the animals, or you are not (this is not to say that discussions about climate/environment/health are not allowed, of course)No omni/carnist apologists. This is not a place where to ask to be hand-holded into veganims. Omnis coddling/backpatting is not tolerated, nor are /r/DebateAVegan-like threadsUse content warnings and NSFW tags for triggering contentcirclejerking belongs to /c/vegancirclejerkLemmy's CoC applies here too, of coursein case you need to report something, use Lemmy's native tool or message one of the mods on Matrixsorry for the passive-aggressive tone of these rules
saramangas@social.quodverum.comSara Mangas
saramangas@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
I support President Trump#MIGA2KAG@GenFlynnClassical, jazz and disco fan.Love animals... specially cats.
anarchistbicycleclub@kolektiva.social  [follow]
I love the city and believe in anarchy. Currently into bicycles as a tool of empowerment and revolt. Against the domination of humans and non-human animals. Trans.Hit me up to exchange Briar account details Pronouns=She/They Blog=Anarchourbanism.bearblog.dev Langs=English (mother tongue), French (spoken and read passably), ASL (learning)
gamercat@zefirchik.xyz  [follow]
=^._.^= ∫Привет, с вами игрокот(персонаж из комикса TheGamerCat),я интересуюсь линуксом,старыми консолями и компьютерами(из-за этого хочу выучить японский),играми и так же любитель страдать херней.Люблю котиков и других животных.Тут я делаю посты(и репосты) того что тут для интересного меня.Hi, I'm Gamercat (character from TheGamerCat comic), I am interested in Linux, old console(my favorite console sega dream cast and psp) and computers (because of this I want to learn Japanese), games,japan cars (my favorite nissan 180sx),anime (initial D and 91 days).I speak eng I love cats and other animals. Here I make posts (and boost) of what I am here for interestingnote: I sometimes boost my moments from the comicI free for talk,hug and meow
robbdoeyes@mastodon.social🏳️‍🌈 NSFW nudes
robbdoeyes@mastodon.social  [follow]
I am a gay, left leaning artist in PA, USA. A Tumblr refugee. Love male nudes explicit or not. Hairy is my preference, but some smooth men are irresistible. NSFW Gay=Explicit pics Male=Exclusively Loving=Humans who love and animals Men=Many Beauties exTumblr
ericbuijs@fosstodon.orgEric Buijs
Website blog, PeerTube
ericbuijs@fosstodon.org  [follow]
free/libre software, open data, open standards activist with a grudge against big tech, big IP holders and authoritarian governments.I'm actively trying to stop the suffering of the animals and the global collapse of our ecosystem.In addition I'm also a bicycle enthusiast. The bicycle is one of the most energy efficient ways of transportation and as far as I'm concerned the most fun way.#freesoftware #3dprinting #bicycle #animalrights XMPP=ericbuijs@movim.eu
pawdraig@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
He/him/they - Hey ima queer cat Dad - Furryish, leftish, and way too online at the moment. 18+ I love=#fungi amateur mycology, food, agriculture Other Weird Animals=Gosh, they're neat Warning:=Plenty of shitposting
manimoon@hallsofamenti.ioMani Moon
manimoon@hallsofamenti.io  [follow]
The Trump doctrine of US foreign policy, insofar as one can be discerned, is an attempt to maximise what the president views as relative gains for the United States through the applied escalation and de-escalation of American leverage. Martial Arts Expert=Tall And Handsome Can Fix Anything=Can Forge My Own Weapons Kill Animals With My Bare Hands=Super Rich Super Nice=In My Dreams
manimoon@gitmo.lifeMani Moon
manimoon@gitmo.life  [follow]
The Trump doctrine of US foreign policy, insofar as one can be discerned, is an attempt to maximise what the president views as relative gains for the United States through the applied escalation and de-escalation of American leverage. Martial Arts Expert=Tall And Handsome Can Fix Anything=Can Forge My Own Weapons Kill Animals With My Bare Hands=Super Rich Super Nice=In My Dreams
chilady82@spinster.xyzWombstress V♀️:pusheen::baby-yoda::cheshire-cat:🚺
chilady82@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Badass wombstress that's full of seething rage. Outspoken (yet introverted) & a kitty lady. Lover of tacos, elotes, women's rights, pasta, root beer, chocolates, books, various movies, art, music & animals.Hater of blatant misogyny & patriarchy.
g@cybre.space  [follow]
a dangerously gay pile of many limbed animals:ms_niss: niss; she/her; phelsuma laticauda [big one]:niss_mlem: nisse; he/him; phelsuma laticauda [little one]:qtmlem: q.t.; it/its; quox:goo_uwu: the goo; it/its; goodra:bip: bip; vey/vem or zhey/zhem or …; yingleti do art and computer sometimes but mostly just post. 🔒 by default, you know how it is. follow requests ok tho!avatar lemonleezard on twitter; banner @Zylex
janallmac@counter.socialMacGirlSummer🌻 🏳️‍🌈
janallmac@counter.social  [follow]
Artist, mom, wife, friend, ally, cook, gardener. Admirer of small vicious animals, especially Chihuahuas. Learner. Kinda deaf. Sometimes teacher. She/Her.
alpine_thistle@fandom.inkamanda, bakery malcontent
alpine_thistle@fandom.ink  [follow]
actualmermaid on Tumblr. angrymermaids on AO3. History, literature, music, food, gardening, animals. Inscrutable religion takes. Weird counterculture enthusiast. Grown-up military brat. Socialist with a small s.30, she/her, be gay do crimesmight as well put me on that trans list because if you come for my friends, you come for me
susanlee@counter.social  [follow]
Animals, art, antiques, and books fill my house and my life. Proud to be #CSOG-Counter Social Beta TesterIn a world where you can be anything, be kind.
byjessicaelena@mastodon.artby Jessica Elena
byjessicaelena@mastodon.art  [follow]
Artist from Sweden. I really like drawing flowers and animals wearing hats!
gamercat@blob.catGamercat :blobcatfakeverified:
gamercat@blob.cat  [follow]
#nobot=^._.^= ∫Привет, с вами игрокот(персонаж из комикса TheGamerCat),я интересуюсь линуксом,старыми консолями и компьютерами(из-за этого хочу выучить японский),играми и так же любитель страдать херней.Люблю котиков и других животных.Тут я делаю посты(и репосты) того что я тут для интересного.Hi, I'm Gamercat (character from TheGamerCat comic), I am interested in Linux, old console and computers (because of this I want to learn Japanese), games and also a lover of suffering crap.I love cats and other animals.Here I make posts (and boost) of what I am here for interestingnote: I sometimes boost my moments from the comix
xeraser@poa.stXeraser 🇮🇹 | 🇷🇺
xeraser@poa.st  [follow]
Your favorite Italian Nationalist. 🇮🇹The kind that pinkos hate. Fuck the EU.I dream of a fascist ethnostate where its citizens are united under a single race: the white race. Latin-Americans of Spanish descent will be welcomed as honorary whites. Unless they live below the Honduras. And no Portuguese. I said people, not fucking animals. And fuck your optics.Diehard Honda enthusiast.Kemono Friends addict.Opinionated to the bitter end.DM for synth/headphones/IEMs recommendations.Currently watching: Detective Conan.My hobbies include suiciding trannies, throwing shade, making shit music and wasting money on synths.Alt/Backup: @ShoebillMatingPress
blackwolf@counter.social🐺✴✴BLACKWθLF ✴✴🐺
blackwolf@counter.social  [follow]
Artist, musician, psychotherapist. Lover of animals and some humans. I'm the one who can't decide on raising horns or giving the finger in the cover photo 🎭
kodiakisland@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
This is VeryHappyAlaskan from twitter who is crazy about her granddaughter. Love God, Family, country, animals. #VeryHappyAlaskan
deliza@spinster.xyz  [follow]
GC Fem. Cinephile. Cat fancier. Love all animals. No such thing as a female penis, etc. @DelizaDoolittle on the tweeter.
helladomina@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Women are the First Sex.I am a gynocentric matriarch in my very blood, and I believe deeply that women are superior to men. Only women can save this planet from the imminent destruction, caused by the rule of human males.Follower of the dark Goddess path.Radical eco-Feminist.Animals rightist.Vegan.
snowdusk@tilde.zone  [follow]
❤️ music, films, nature, animals, environment | my hp 👉 https://tilde.club/~snowdusk 🏳️‍🌈 homepage=https://tilde.club/~snowdusk
alva@beach.city  [follow]
Ælf from the subarctic realms.Fond of forests, animals, bouldering, bicycling, gaming, synthesisers/audio/music, 🆕 languages: knows some SV, EN, IS.My heartfriend is @crowlad. :blobcatsnugs:Ungendered pronouns. :agender_flag:Diagnosed with autism and ADHD. :neurodiversity:
privacyblog@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Mein kleiner Beitrag, die [digitale] Welt ein bisschen besser zu machen.#privacy #security #opendata #openknowledge #foss #floss #selfhosting #linux #datenschutz #tutorials #opensource #debian #lineageos#vegan #vegetarian #tierschutz #animals #nature #animalwelfare
beaute_du_noir@mastodon.online  [follow]
Wenn du jemand Nettes suchst: Geh bitte weiter. Ich bin’s nicht. 🐈‍⬛Black animals are victims of mistrust, myths, dark legends and persecution. We should recognize the beauty in them and take them out of the animal shelters. 🖤#Animals #AnimalRights
Shop, Twitter, Instagram, Patreon
kraaico@mastodon.art  [follow]
Hi, I'm an artist from the Netherlands drawing whimsical worlds full of cute animals! I sell prints and stickers in my online shop (reopening soon) and have exclusive monthly content + goodies on my Patreon.she/her • 28 • EN/NL💛 #dnd #baking #running #birds
a9ymous@mastodon.socialfuture escapee
a9ymous@mastodon.social  [follow]
GenX prog in Virginia. Plants and animals. Hetero AFAB. Hermit. PTSD. Follow politics on birdsite under same handle, not so much here. She/Her.
wayril@bananachips.clubSnow Queen Avery ❄
wayril@bananachips.club  [follow]
:moomin_butterfly: Avery • 🌺 MelroseLife Posting and Gay StuffShort Fiction Writing and Home CookingGive me Cute Animals and Friendly PlantsOccasionally an Anxious WreckLate 20s, Mature/Lewd on Main :18only::heart_trans: :heart_demi: :heart_pan: :heart_sp_les3:
veschwab@mastodon.socialVictoria "V.E." Schwab
veschwab@mastodon.social  [follow]
Bestselling author. Slytherin. Prefers stories to socializing and animals to people.
vidyakrishnan@qoto.org  [follow]
Independent journalist, S. Asia Bylines: The Atlantic, LA Times, @thecaravanindia ll Ex Health Editor, The Hindu II SOASAlum vidyakrishnan13@gmail.com #RohingyaCrisis=https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2019/10/rohingya-bangladesh-myanmar-international-law/600169/ #RohingyaCrisis=https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2019-09-15/we-live-like-animals-refugee-leader-gives-rohingya-a-voice
gorp@yiff.life  [follow]
28 | :heart_ace: | :yell: | he/himHowdy howdy! I'm Gorp! I'm an asexual opossum who draws cartoon animals in underwear. 😁
daylight@chitter.xyzGappy Holidays
daylight@chitter.xyz  [follow]
🐜 Relentlessly sincere NB, and organism lover. 🐜 I post a LOT of animals, and will tag photos, but I might not be the best follow if you have a problem with ones that aren't "charismatic". 🐜 Frequently horny on main, but always tagged obviously. 🐜 I'll enthuse with you about anything I love, and love to teach things! 🐜 Feel free to hit me with follow requests! 🐜
moonwater@radical.townBlack Lives Matter
moonwater@radical.town  [follow]
waddup I'm kat im 22 and i never learned how to fucking codethey/themnonbinary/ace/bidisabled and autistic green hedge witch. i love animals, ghosts and spooky shit i am a=ledl crichur Hekate is=my mom Retail worker=(kill me) Purveyor of=haunted dolls
hwiesenmueller@openbiblio.socialHeidrun Wiesenmüller
hwiesenmueller@openbiblio.social  [follow]
Librarian and Professor, Information Sciences at Stuttgart Media University. Cataloging, Indexing. Also things historical, animals. Toots in German and English Job=Hochschullehrerin, Bibliothekarin, Informationswissenschaftlerin Ort=Stuttgart Twitter=@HWiesenmueller
cspannagel@scholar.socialChristian Spannagel
cspannagel@scholar.social  [follow]
prof for #math & #computer science #education at #phheidelberg #germany; also interested in #sustainability #animals #birding #gardening #openscience #flipclass #programming #linux; #stillness; private account
ggreenwald@mstdn.foxfam.clubGlenn Greenwald [bot]
Twitter Relay
ggreenwald@mstdn.foxfam.club  [follow]
UNOFFICIALNOTE: He changes his image. The avatar I'm using is his picture from the intercept. Everything else is verbatim.Glenn Greenwald@ggreenwaldJournalist @TheIntercept - author, No Place to Hide - animal fanatic - HOPE (https://www.gofundme.com/homeless-people-animals-together …) - IG: glenn.11.greenwald Owner=@commandlinekid
koosli@aus.social  [follow]
She/her. Constant dog walker. The last person to still be crossing animals. I generally follow back if I get a good vibe from your visible profile.My profile pic is a dog wearing glasses.I mostly post to followers-only, and I use an automated toot deleting service to cull posts more than one month old.Freddie > Jason梅吉ファンクラブ
crowlad@beach.city  [follow]
crow lad whomst also a cat dad. likes animals (particularly birds), nature, drawing, taking photos, video games and a handful of other things.:heart_pride: living in Norrland with heartfriend @owl and a sweet elderly cat.avatar: drawing of a crow with outlines in various shades of blue and red, on a red and black background.header: altered close-up photo of thick moss with star-shaped strands, mostly green with some strands being bright cyan and blue
moonwater@hellsite.site  [follow]
waddup I’m Kat im 24 and I never learned how to fucking codethey/themnonbinary/ace/bi aspiring white race traitor living on stolen landdisabled and #ActuallyAutisticgreen hedge witch. I love animals, ghosts and spooky shitPart of a system - alters who may post include Ren and Sevvyalways looking for new friends so feel free to shoot me a message! I am a=Cursed being Hekate is=my mom Purveyor of=Haunted dolls
steelnomad@diasp.org  [follow]
I could listen to music almost all day every day.I like most animals (and I respect the ones that I don't like). I especially like cows - they are gentle, peaceful and intelligent vegetarians who also like music.I am an architecture enthusiast. I especially admire early modern architecture as well as industrial structures.With a few exceptions, I don't like television or movies.I support free markets. I don't support businesses that are propped by the State, such as fast food companies and oil producers. I strive to be a minimalist consumer who produces less waste and causes less environmental destruction. I don't consider any of these positions to be in conflict with each other.POLITICSI am anti-government, which includes anti-cop and anti-military. All cops are bad.Palestine is an oppressed colony of Israel. It's experiencing genocide at the hands of the Israeli police state. The U.S. is directly complicit in this violent campaign against an impoverished people whose property rights and human rights have been violated by Israel for decades. This moral position is not anti-Semitic and neither am I.RELIGIONI am anti-religion. However most religious people I've met are more victims than villains, and although it's difficult I do try to respect them as humans even while I condemn their beliefs and actions. On the other hand, religious leaders don't deserve respect at all.I do consider raising children with a religion to be a severe form of child abuse.SCIENCEI am pro-science but only with the right philosophical foundation. Scientists have NO RIGHT to test on animals or to work with government.HUMANITYI am a humanist, which means I place human interests first.I am pro-individualism. Humans are individualistic in nature. Each of us functions individually, of one's own volition (though not in a vacuum and certainly no man is an island). Each of us has unique interests and values. Each of us thrives best by embracing this individualistic nature and can accomplish the best possible life by forging an individual path, ignoring all of the collectivist propaganda in schools and religious institutions.Children are full human beings. They are simply undeveloped adults. Unless the child is a violent threat, no form of physical punishment is ever acceptable. I support "peaceful parenting". Parents have no "parental rights", only parental responsibilities. "Parental rights" is a code-word for spanking children and committing other forms of unforgivable child abuse.Parents should never raise children with a religion or any other ideology (instead they should teach factual knowledge and instill healthy values!).Having children is a tremendous responsibility and in my personal opinion should only be done by a small minority of capable and enthusiastic adults who have carefully considered this path. Those who choose to be parents should be fully prepared - financially, emotionally, and mentally.ANIMALSI am vegan, which means I resolve to avoid harming or exploiting animals in my own personal life and I don't believe animals deserve to be harmed for humans' sake.I believe directly harming an animal is only justifiable if the animal is an imminent threat to the life or safety of a human. Even those limited cases are usually the fault of a human who is not respecting the animal's boundaries (disturbing a shark's home, attracting bears by leaving out trash, abusing a dog to the point of scaring it, etc.).
enlightenedferalboy@mastodon.cloudTroy, the Animal Boy 🇲🇽 🦍
enlightenedferalboy@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
I was raised by animals. Then I ascended to higher consciousness in spite. Then I returned when my cult was banished. Now I'm enlightened. Public second brain Also:=@enlightenedferalboy@myasstodon.xyz Formerly:=CultOfTheAnimal on twitter pronouns:=he/him
seymourstrangely@mastodon.scot  [follow]
writer of "Blackhaven" comedy podcasts & plays (http://blackhaven.scot) likes furry animals, Independence (the sooner the better).
chotiari@social.quodverum.comAngela Beegle ☕ ☕
chotiari@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Wife, mom, keeper of animals, creator, author, autist, learner. Conservative in a blue state.
koshka@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Adult human female. #genderfreeVery pissed off feminist.Ex-Labour. Animals.
defeatfascists@mastodon.socialValar Morghulis 🐧
defeatfascists@mastodon.social  [follow]
Secular Indian; Pluralist; Biker; Love photography; Love animals, poetry & cooking (not in that order)
thatdamncat@mastodon.social  [follow]
Queer, Texan, trans woman. Friend to animals, kinks, and smart people. Will purr for macaroni & cheese. https://twitter.com/ThatDamnCatATX
purrgesterone@mastodon.social ❇ Fluffy Fairy Fennec ❇
purrgesterone@mastodon.social  [follow]
Kelly, a gay enby fairy fennec foxgirl. I'm a witch and I love animals, foreign languages, etymology, SFF, and retro games. I'm learning code! My pronoun.is/fae
heatherdale@counter.social⚖️justice must be served🐉
heatherdale@counter.social  [follow]
Lawyer with 16+ years experience. Justice must be demanded: equality, planet, animals, democracy. Damn right I am anti-fascist. she/her
factourism@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Factourism brings you the most fascinating facts of our world. It’s both funny and unbelievable facts about people, animals, science, history, you name it. 🌍 Website=https://factourism.com ⛺ Authors=https://ferdio.com 🤖 Mirrors=https://twitter.com/factourism 📷 Also on=https://instagram.com/factourism
bsflower13@brighteon.socialBrenda S - Pop Up Homestead
bsflower13@brighteon.social  [follow]
I love gardening, animals and self sufficiency!I worked as a LVT for 20 yrs now I teach gardening and seed saving. Wildlife rehabber for 15yrs and owner of Happyshackoils.com.Started our local seed library called WNYseedlibrary can be found on fbhttp://happyshackoils.comhttp://growitsaveituseit.comWebsite designer http://bluedockmedia.comhttps://www.wildkritters.comBrighteon Channelhttps://www.brighteon.com/channels/bsflower13 raising chickens= seed saving= cbd oil expert= gardening=
therealraccoon@octodon.socialthe real raccoon Ⓥ Ⓐ
therealraccoon@octodon.social  [follow]
★ Total liberation ★Fundamental ethics, utopian objectives & bottom-up, horizontal structures ⸺ Vegan organic growing, worker-owned co-operatives & grass roots collectives ⸺ Technology with a potential for empowerment ⸺ Free animals, free people〜 Metaphorically speaking, I'm a raccoon that just stole your fruit and wrecked your attic, but you can't really be angry with me, thanks to my endearing appearance. 〜 :blob_anar_raccoon:
tefian_argentum@mastodon.artOpen Slots for Commissions !!
Carrd, Trello, Ko-fi, FA
tefian_argentum@mastodon.art  [follow]
Freelance Multimedia Artist who enjoys drawing animals and nature but not only that, I'm always looking for new aesthetics proposals.I do Traditional, Digital and Pixel Art, my delivery times can be slow right now because I'm currently studying the Art teacher career.Sometimes I have to do my homework or working in my own merch shop for sell at conventions than I offten to attend .🚫🚫🚫N-F-T🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫 DNI 🚫🚫🚫
bayareafan19@counter.social📚⚾️ Leslie Prétot 🌻🇺🇦
bayareafan19@counter.social  [follow]
books, baseball, nature, animals, music, democracy, free and fair elections, 2x cancer survivor, support libraries and bookstores #VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy🌊🌊🌊
behold3r@social.mootech.euNiki :heart_ace:
behold3r@social.mootech.eu  [follow]
a fat queer mousegender enby who loves all animals (except humans sometimes) 🐁Prague 🇨🇿33, neurodivergent, czechfollow requests ok 💕avatar by https://picrew.me/image_maker/626197header by uhh I forgot. think I found it on pexels? it's a few years old
una@douchi.space  [follow]
哪有胜利可言,挺住就是一切。一个剧场废话生成器,德奥法剧坑底躺平,英式客厅戏爱好者。有原创嘟文的关注请求会通过。毛象事毛象毕,本账号内容禁转出站外。▶书:托尔金/纳博科夫/特德·姜/赫拉巴尔/乔伊斯·欧茨/大卫·黑尔▶影:HP/LotR/SHERlocked/Fleabag/TSN▶戏:天使在美国/萨勒姆的女巫/天窗/雷曼/法扎/星幻/JCS/大悲/一粒沙/男鹅/Vader(Peeping Tom)▶音:Lana Del Rey/Glass Animals/尚雯婕/Agnes ObelBi。INTP。热切喜爱夸张做作戏剧感。在沉默自闭与over-sharing间疯狂横跳。Wir müssen wissen. Wir werden wissen.On se reverra. 微博=荒谬的时代没有正确的生活https://weibo.com/u/7385855647 豆瓣=Una无缘早睡https://www.douban.com/people/140260799/?dt_dapp=1 NeoDB=https://neodb.social/users/Una@douchi.space 申请关注要=有可见原创嘟文
Pixelfed, Githib
curufuin@freeradical.zone  [follow]
-Vegan (for the animals)-Hacker-Amatuer Mycologist-Vanarchist-Ancom-Antifascist-NonBinary-DIY or DIE Pronouns=He/Him(just out of habit) They/Them Currently In:=Centralia
laurelgreen@counter.social  [follow]
Curious. Artist. Activist. TechEd Teacher. Feminist. I’ll post about animals, cats mostly, gardening, teaching. But also things we call politics.
moonbolt@mst3k.interlinked.meThe Element Animals
moonbolt@mst3k.interlinked.me  [follow]
A small group of creatures with a very open and flexible model of personhood. Astra for short. Interaction rules are in a pinned thread (for reference, but not required reading).We're better now.* Mercury (.hg, she/her) (previously Moonbolt): winged wolf (often anthro, sometimes lateral) or pegasus pony (usually lateral)* Carbon (.c, he/him): lateral dragon, variably-sized but always big* Copper (.cu, she/her): horse-sized lateral kitsune or fox-sized lateral fox* Bismuth (.bi, he/him or she/her if you wanna be playful): femboy anthro bunny* Silver (.ag, he/him): lateral silver fox. gekker!* Zinc (.zn, he/him by default): genderfluid winged wolf (often anthro, sometimes lateral)* Iridium (.ir, it/it): parrot maybe? colorful definitely. not anthro.* Lithium (.li, she/her): anthro dragoness. endothermic. feisty. breathes fire and smoke. will cuddle you, but might also bite. rar~* Palladium (.pd, she/her): snep! excite snep!! sap snep,,* Cobalt (.co, it/it? maybe she/her?): yip yip yip yip YIP! (it's a kobold :v )* Uranium (.u, it/it): Bree! :3* Iron (.fe, she/her): catgirl (like Ferris) or lateral housecat* Silicon (.si, e/em): synth furry* Technetium (.tc, it/it): yinglet* Nickel (.ni, tentatively fae/faer): anthro red fox* [collective] (.*, they/.../themself): messages reflecting system consensus, or written by us as a collective* [indeterminate] (.?, extremely varying): messages written by a creature without an established identity, or not claimed by any of us, or for which we could not determine the authorhyperneophilic; :transgender_flag: trans; :pansexual_flag: pan; :polyamory_flag: poly; brony; furry; pendorian; sub; switch; homestuck; 🦀 rustacean; sex positive; ydhem (📌); neurodivergent; unapologetically weird; ✨ flagrantly everythingIn poly with Googie, @IceWolf et @Ylfingr et al., and @lindsays.Kobolds without dragons are valid. Ace creatures are valid. Aro creatures are valid. Trans boys are valid. Enbies are valid. Therians are valid. Otherkin are valid. Inorganics are valid.Wield social pressure as a force for good./Creature/ can refer to any sapient; not all sapients are humans.We won't intentionally disappear without an explanation. PGP=C9A3 71F2 8975 220C 8A3A 05C9 FE83 103D D3F2 5055 anonymous inbox (experimental)=https://zaqa.net/elementanimals​
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Retired Gma here for Liberal politics, animals, RV travel, genealogy, food & books. I do Kumihimo #Knots #beading #Ally Married to a USN Vet #MightyIke 🐶🐱🐴🦋🐝🐳💙
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Blue Texas Democrat. I love music, animals, and other interesting topics. CPA by day.
sunshine_fishie@counter.socialSunshine Fishie
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Educator, loves animals, caretaker of the planet, 🏳️‍🌈 ally
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I enjoy lisp programming, photography, chatting with people, casual gaming, animals, tv-series. I have two cats.#nobot Pronoun=He/him Languages=English, Finnish Age=32
womanimal@spinster.xyzRadical Vegan Feminist
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Feminism that centers females. Veganism that centers animals.
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Resistor/ vote blue / be yourself by being kind/ .. surgical Physician Assistant/ love bees/ animals/ cooking ..martinis of course ❤️❤️ Loving this new site..
fr1tz0@diasp.orgAtari (Fritz R.)
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I like computers and music since the 70s. I am an admin in my job and a musician at home. I also code stuff in some languages. I am no guru in any of these but I love what I do.A message to nazis, antivaxxers, misogynists, homophobes, gun people, people abusing animals / humans and idiots in general: I hereby kindly ask you to piss off immediately. Thank you.
pietropie@mastodon.cloudPietro Pie :verified:
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Loves the USA, Avengers, animals, and wildlife. Fighter for tigers. 🐯 Walk it off. #HeroesResist
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Attempts at civil discourse. Oversharing. Occasional rambles about animals and cake. 🌲 Radical feminist🌲 Environment > everything🌲 Anti-capitalist
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Student of Law Sociology and InfoSec.Life long motorcyclist and advocate for all animals.Harm to none, Harmony for all.
clementd@mastodon.social🌈 Cλément D 🌈
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CTO @clever_cloud / Brittany, FP, feminism, cute baby animals. Not necessarily in this order.
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Hi, I'm a wolf! Name's Frost.In a head of, umm, a whole bunch of animals! I'm quadrupedal, transspecies, autistic, and proud of it. ✨I'm also cis(gender) and nonbinary at the same time!Partners with @Ylfingr and @moonbolt::everyone. Yes, I'm partners with someone in my own head, it's awesome.I've sort of moved to @IceWolf. Still figuring everything out. If you were following me here, please feel free to follow me there.
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Leftist. Gen X. Cynical and sometimes bitter. ♥️Animals, nature, science, music. Protect our 🌍Canadian. Just want to connect with decent humans! 420 friendly!
idoubtit@octodon.socialSharon Hill💫
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Fluent in science, animals, paranormal culture. Expert in weird news. Doubtful.
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#MAGA # Patriot #BLEXIT #Praying #2A #Israel #Build the wall #Christain #Animals
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Lover of music, nature, animals and travel. Lapsed violinist. Trying to re-learn the mandolin.
m455@tiny.tilde.websitem666 🎃
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pronouns: he/him, they/them (singular)homepage: https://m455.casahappy resident of https://tilde.town/.i like animals, plants, programming shitty things, documentation, digital communities, and personal homepages.trying to start a friendly little irc channel in ##webpals on libera.chat. feel free to join!posts are deleted after 1 week using https://forget.codl.fr.
naikarrah@counter.social☠~naik~🇦🇺 🇺🇸 🇺🇦
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Libertate Nihil Dulcius!my only political affiliation is to HUMANITY.i love animals/cooking/gardening/reading/gaming/sailing.People often scare me.
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Formally @HarleyJackdaw on the dying dumpster fire called twitter! I draw animals and drink too much. Brace for depression and socialism
jonathan@hostux.socialJonathan Mburugu
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I'm 🌍 citizen, proud to support humanity, not afraid to talk against injustices, I'm pro-environmental and I love animals. jonathanmburugu33@gmail.com Meru Kenya=
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Hello, I'm Ashley!!! I love animals, cute stuff, and coloring ✨
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Just some weird green dog on the internet who plays with computer and radio stuffs. Likes cute animals and lewd art. Pulled triggers on a tank once.
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=^._.^= ∫Привет, с вами игрокот(персонаж из комикса TheGamerCat),я интересуюсь линуксом,старыми консолями и компьютерами(из-за этого хочу выучить японский),играми и так же любитель страдать херней.Люблю котиков и других животных.Тут я делаю посты(и репосты) того что тут для интересного меня.Hi, I'm Gamercat (character from TheGamerCat comic), I am interested in Linux, old console(my favorite console sega dream cast and psp) and computers (because of this I want to learn Japanese), games,japan cars (my favorite nissan 180sx),anime (initial D and 91 days).I speak engI love cats and other animals.Here I make posts (and boost) of what I am here for interestingnote: I sometimes boost my moments from the comicI free for talk,hug and meow
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INFJ Never Trump🇺🇦🌻 Resister Twitter refugee. Loves animals, jogging, reading gardening, genealogy, yoga, music, art Happily married Nana
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Mion:trans_heart: :heart_nb: be they do crimeno animals were harmed in the making of this user.🌱:_gaysparkle:
wishdream@gamemaking.socialWishdream ✨‏
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Hi I'm Wish! I do games, comics, videos and all of sorts of stuff. I specialize in robotic and anthrophomorphic animals.Creating immense VR experiences in the future~INFP || FluidLoves dreams & stars.
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Fuk GQP and Religion! Just a loud proud liberal REDHEAD who loves animals more than people. Sapiosexual 🤩👩🏻‍🦰👑😻💜🏳️‍🌈🎊
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One queued post daily. Occasional manual boosts.Includes photos and art, so also cartoony or fantasy animals.Fed mostly by @Anke
mtomasulo@mastodon.artMichael Tomasulo
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Superheroes and cuddly animals. #Mefi/#MeFite
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❤️ music, films, nature, animals, environment | my hp 👉 https://snowdusk.sdf.org 🏳️‍🌈 I chat and geek around the Interwebs. I also DJ on http://anonradio.net 👾🎶 Catch me live Sat & Sun 23:00-24:00 UTC! 💿🍣🎤🎶 gopher=gopher://gopher.club:70/1/users/snowdusk/ Pronoun=it CW=nose hair
swampwulf@mastodon.socialBayou Tapestry
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he/him/his/hound#greymuzzle #furryFurry since we were just 'funny animals' and BBSes were the rage.Queer, married
gamercat@socnet.softgirl.onlineGamercat :bongo:
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=^._.^= ∫Привет, с вами игрокот(персонаж из комикса TheGamerCat),я интересуюсь линуксом,старыми консолями и компьютерами(из-за этого хочу выучить японский),играми и так же любитель страдать херней.Люблю котиков и других животных.Тут я делаю посты(и репосты) того что я тут для интересного.Hi, I'm Gamercat (character from TheGamerCat comic), I am interested in Linux, old console and computers (because of this I want to learn Japanese), games and also a lover of suffering crap.I love cats and other animals.Here I make posts (and boost) of what I am here for interestingnote: I sometimes boost my moments from the comix
sapphaos@pipou.academy✨ Sapphaos ✨ [Backup]
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✨_pink:​ Apolline | 25 | french ✨_pink:​✨_indigo:​ elle/she (cis) | bi ✨_indigo:​✨_blue:​ computer science student ✨_blue:​✨_cyan:​ admin of biscuit.town ✨_cyan:​I like cute #animals, #art, #plants, and any shiny objectAlso an anime and kpop enthusiastI mostly toot in french
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Bisexaul (prefers girls), Pro-C transgirl (Maybe transage too?) who loves kids, animals, corpses, etc a bit too muchMy Daddy: @FelixCommonThere's no DNI's, I want this to be a safe zone for everybody, just don't be a dickI AM:-Pro-incest-Pro-pedophilia-Pro-necrophilia-Pro-zoophilia-Pro-paraphilia-...And so onI AM NOT-"Only fantasizing", I understand if you live by "it's all fantasy" but I'm not a pussy so I'm just gonna say itFeel free to DM me here or on Element (@pixel_the_childlover@matrix.org) or Session (DM to see my session) for dirty talking. Or, if you like roleplaying, that's my thing too!(I do captions, currently have 10/10 caption slots filled for this months caption quota)
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Concepcion/cañete/nacimiento/coronel/concepcion/hualpen/losangeles/puentealto/santiago/puente altoNunca representado. Radiohead=Beatles Violeta=Casifilósofo Pinkfloyd=Love/animals/bikz Victor=Water/greens/mountains
mxalba@mastodon.lolMx. Alba :heart_nb: :nd:
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- Non-binary agender / autigender- Bisexual with a preference for queer folx- Autistic with a dash of ADHD- IT support tech- Freelance translator- Bari sax and sop sax player in a post-metal-punk-whatever-we-think-sounds-cool band- Vegan for the climate and the animals- Crazy Cat Person- Nijmegen, Netherlands