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standplaats_krk@mastodon.socialStandplaats Kraków
standplaats_krk@mastodon.social  [follow]
Schrijft, klaagt, houdt van beestjesWrites, complains, likes animals Pronouns=He/Him/His Politics=Anarchist Age=Old Location=Kraków, duh.
southerngothhick@radical.townCrass Iron Skillet
southerngothhick@radical.town  [follow]
trying to be some sort of farmerI'm white but I am trying to fix itA fan of: language, flowers, animals, cuties, spicy food, "fighting the good fight," my friends, drinking water, porno, Pronouns=They/Them/Y'all may be called=Paul
daylight@sleeping.town🔽The EVIL Doctor Matriarch🔽
daylight@sleeping.town  [follow]
🐜 Sincere Nonbinary Girl. 🐜 Posts lots of animals, tagged. 🐜 NSFW sometimes. 🐜 I'll enthuse with you about anything I love. 🐜 DM me if you send me a follow request. 🐜 Name=Gap/Gab/Gabby/Tory Pronouns=She/They Age=20 Im an=Sloth Bear
hambibleibt@newsbots.euHambacher Forst (:twitter:♻)
hambibleibt@newsbots.eu  [follow]
I am a forest trying to survive near an open-pit coal-mine. For six years human animals live and fight here, …• unofficial :twitter: mirror • Official account (not a mirror)=https://todon.nl/@hambibleibt This is a mirror from …=https://nitter.net/HambiBleibt
robbdoeyes@mastodon.social🏳️‍🌈 NSFW nudes
robbdoeyes@mastodon.social  [follow]
I am a gay, left leaning artist in PA, USA. A Tumblr refugee. Love male nudes explicit or not. Hairy is my preference, but some smooth men are irresistible. NSFW Gay=Explicit pics Male=Exclusively Loving=Humans who love and animals Men=Many Beauties exTumblr
manimoon@hallsofamenti.ioMani Moon
manimoon@hallsofamenti.io  [follow]
The Trump doctrine of US foreign policy, insofar as one can be discerned, is an attempt to maximise what the president views as relative gains for the United States through the applied escalation and de-escalation of American leverage. Martial Arts Expert=Tall And Handsome Can Fix Anything=Can Forge My Own Weapons Kill Animals With My Bare Hands=Super Rich Super Nice=In My Dreams
ericbuijs@fosstodon.orgEric Buijs
Website blog, PeerTube
ericbuijs@fosstodon.org  [follow]
free/libre software, open data, open standards activist with a grudge against big tech, big IP holders and authoritarian governments.I'm actively trying to stop the suffering of the animals and the global collapse of our ecosystem.In addition I'm also a bicycle enthusiast. The bicycle is one of the most energy efficient ways of transportation and as far as I'm concerned the most fun way.#freesoftware #3dprinting #bicycle #animalrights XMPP=ericbuijs@movim.eu
manimoon@gitmo.lifeMani Moon
manimoon@gitmo.life  [follow]
The Trump doctrine of US foreign policy, insofar as one can be discerned, is an attempt to maximise what the president views as relative gains for the United States through the applied escalation and de-escalation of American leverage. Martial Arts Expert=Tall And Handsome Can Fix Anything=Can Forge My Own Weapons Kill Animals With My Bare Hands=Super Rich Super Nice=In My Dreams
pawdraig@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
He/him/they - Hey ima queer cat Dad - Furryish, leftish, and way too online at the moment. 18+ I love=#fungi amateur mycology, food, agriculture Other Weird Animals=Gosh, they're neat Warning:=Plenty of shitposting
susanlee@counter.social  [follow]
Animals, art, antiques, and books fill my house and my life. Proud to be #CSOG-Counter Social Beta TesterIn a world where you can be anything, be kind.
anarchistbicycleclub@kolektiva.social  [follow]
I love the city and believe in anarchy. Currently into bicycles as a tool of empowerment and revolt. Against the domination of humans and non-human animals. Pronouns=She/They Briar=Quadrillage
mirina@gulp.cafe  [follow]
28 yr old | 💜@Zest💜 | 🔞I draw round animals, just an fyi! Everything will be cw'd though.
dr_zaius@mastodon.socialDr. Zaius
dr_zaius@mastodon.social  [follow]
Your main man from the garbage can. Here for the good times and good people. Pronouns=He/Him Mood=Keepin' it trashy Alliances=ALL THE ANIMALS Enemies=Nazis, TERFs, Moon
alva@beach.city  [follow]
Aspie ælf from the taiga.Fond of silence, forests, bouldering, bicycling, gaming, animals.Trying to learn gamedev in Zig.My heartfriend is @crowlad.Pronouns: it (það, det)PGP: 4444 ED18 707C F4DD 4779 55F0 AB0C 31B3 197B F5EF
kodiakisland@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
This is VeryHappyAlaskan from twitter who is crazy about her granddaughter. Love God, Family, country, animals. #VeryHappyAlaskan
hannummontanum@mastodon.socialSkagit Slough Witch
hannummontanum@mastodon.social  [follow]
Growing plants and plotting against the state She/herPolitics @hannummontanumFarming and herbalism @hannummontanum Plants?=All of them Animals?=All of them Politicians?=None of them Holidaze?=HALLOWEEN DUH
alpine_thistle@fandom.inkamanda, chicken theologian
alpine_thistle@fandom.ink  [follow]
actualmermaid on Tumblr. angrymermaids on AO3. History, literature, music, food, gardening, animals. Inscrutable religion takes. Socialist with a small s.30, she/her, be gay do crimes
deliza@spinster.xyz  [follow]
GC Fem. Cinephile. Cat fancier. Love all animals. No such thing as a female penis, etc. @DelizaDoolittle on the tweeter.
privacyblog@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Mein kleiner Beitrag, die [digitale] Welt ein bisschen besser zu machen.#privacy #security #opendata #openknowledge #foss #floss #selfhosting #linux #datenschutz #tutorials #opensource #debian #lineageos#vegan #vegetarian #tierschutz #animals #nature #animalwelfare
csepp@merveilles.townCsepp 🚱
Help fuel my muesli addiction
csepp@merveilles.town  [follow]
Mostly doing #plan9 / #idris / #guix #programming and #lowpoly #3d #art . Interested in learning stuff. Many stuffs.Also likes: running, dogs, running with dogs, and headpats.If you're wondering why I faved but didn't boost your art, add an image description.Background text in avatar is from Peace and Love by Rebecca Sugar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXi7-UrvTAwName: means "droplet" in Hungarian, pronounced "chepp" Pronouns=it/they (same one you'd use for animals) Gemini=gemini://blobpat.space Art license=CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/
snowdusk@tilde.zone  [follow]
Just your typical working human during the day | computer nerd/DJ at night | DJ at Tilderadio - Internet radio streamed by and for users of the Tildeverse https://tilderadio.org - https://tildeverse.org - JOIN US NOW! | ❤️ nature, animals, environment, music, UNIX | Physically in Toronto-ish, Canada but my heart belongs to the world 🌎❤️🏳️‍🌈🏴 homepage=https://tilde.club/~snowdusk
ggreenwald@mstdn.foxfam.clubGlenn Greenwald [bot]
Twitter Relay
ggreenwald@mstdn.foxfam.club  [follow]
UNOFFICIALNOTE: He changes his image. The avatar I'm using is his picture from the intercept. Everything else is verbatim.Glenn Greenwald@ggreenwaldJournalist @TheIntercept - author, No Place to Hide - animal fanatic - HOPE (https://www.gofundme.com/homeless-people-animals-together …) - IG: glenn.11.greenwald Owner=@commandlinekid
vidyakrishnan@qoto.org  [follow]
Independent journalist, S. Asia Bylines: The Atlantic, LA Times, @thecaravanindia ll Ex Health Editor, The Hindu II SOASAlum vidyakrishnan13@gmail.com #RohingyaCrisis=https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2019/10/rohingya-bangladesh-myanmar-international-law/600169/ #RohingyaCrisis=https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2019-09-15/we-live-like-animals-refugee-leader-gives-rohingya-a-voice
gorp@yiff.life  [follow]
28 | :heart_ace: | :yell: | he/himHowdy howdy! I'm Gorp! I'm an asexual opossum who draws cartoon animals in underwear. 😁
mahimakukreja@mastodon.socialMahima Kukreja
Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
mahimakukreja@mastodon.social  [follow]
She/Her. Creator, writer, performer. Talks feminism, mental health, animals. Featured in the Forbes 2019 W-Power Trailblazers list. mail me📩: mahimakukreja@gmail.com. @/AGirlOfHerWords from Twitter. Email=mahimakukreja@gmail.com
moonwater@hellsite.sitespooky ghost kat
moonwater@hellsite.site  [follow]
waddup I’m kat im 22 and I never learned how to fucking codethey/themnonbinary/ace/bi aspiring white race traitor living on stolen Piscataway Conoy landdisabled and #ActuallyAutisticgreen hedge witch. I love animals, ghosts and spooky shit
factourism@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Factourism brings you the most fascinating facts of our world. Funny and unbelievable facts about people, animals, science, history, you name it. 🌍 Website=https://factourism.com ⛺ Authors=https://ferdio.com 🤖 Mirrors=https://twitter.com/factourism 📷 Also on=https://instagram.com/factourism
koshka@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Adult human female. #genderfree Very pissed off feminist.Ex-Labour. Animals.
moonwater@radical.townBlack Lives Matter
moonwater@radical.town  [follow]
waddup I'm kat im 22 and i never learned how to fucking codethey/themnonbinary/ace/bidisabled and autistic green hedge witch. i love animals, ghosts and spooky shit i am a=ledl crichur Hekate is=my mom Retail worker=(kill me) Purveyor of=haunted dolls
blackwolf@counter.social🐺✴✴BLACKWθLF ✴✴🐺
blackwolf@counter.social  [follow]
Artist, musician, psychotherapist. Lover of animals and some humans. I'm the one who can't decide on raising horns or giving the finger in the cover photo 🎭 music=2hot2handle art=band 2h2h=rock aerosmith=keyboard
behold3r@social.mootech.euNiki :heart_ace:
behold3r@social.mootech.eu  [follow]
a soft gay mouse who loves all animals (except humans sometimes) 🐁🇨🇿 Prague32, neuroatypical, czechfollow requests ok 💕avatar by meheader by @Letslai pronouns=she/her queer?=enby trans, ace, polyam & pan Telegram=@b3holder
seymourstrangely@mastodon.scot  [follow]
writer of "Blackhaven" comedy podcasts & plays (http://blackhaven.scot) likes furry animals, Independence (the sooner the better).
enlightenedferalboy@mastodon.cloudTroy, the Animal Boy 🇲🇽 🦍
enlightenedferalboy@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
I was raised by animals. Then I ascended to higher consciousness in spite. Then I returned when my cult was banished. Now I'm enlightened. Public second brain Also:=@enlightenedferalboy Formerly:=CultOfTheAnimal on twitter pronouns:=he/him
thatdamncat@mastodon.social  [follow]
Queer, Texan, trans woman. Friend to animals, kinks, and smart people. Will purr for macaroni & cheese. https://twitter.com/ThatDamnCatATX
defeatfascists@mastodon.socialValar Morghulis 🐧
defeatfascists@mastodon.social  [follow]
Secular Indian; Pluralist; Biker; Love photography; Love animals, poetry & cooking (not in that order)
cassnxrpc@mastodont.catN.C. 🎗 🎗 🎗 ☭
cassnxrpc@mastodont.cat  [follow]
Programador C#; admin de Windows Server 2000 (Advanced Server)-2016; AD DS i Exchange 2003-2013.No faig Bots, faig SERVEIS de sistema. RT-Fav el que considere interesant, encara que no estiga d'acord amb el fons. Si voleu més informació, parleu amb el meu advocat.Fiscalia, directament amb en Gonzalo Boye. Ja voré com pague la factura, però almenys no acabaré a la garjola.Torne el follow sempre que no sigues un PUTO NAZI certificat, BOT, o no sembles una persona - POSA'T AVATAR, CONY Nació=Català DEL País Valencià Nascut a=València Animals=Gossos i aus
turion@mastodon.artManuel Bärenz
turion@mastodon.art  [follow]
Playing piano since I can remember, doing improv theatre since quite a few years. Functional programmer (Haskell, Idris, Agda) and mathematical physicist. Pronouns=Surprise me Animals=Yes, please
stokes@meow.socialStokes 𓅷
stokes@meow.social  [follow]
Stegosaurus from the jurassic coast, now on display in Leeds. I play music and look at animals. Sometimes I do javascripts. Pronouns=He/him Kinks=Latex, ponyplay, TF Endemic to=West Yorkshire First observed=1980s
bsflower13@brighteon.socialBrenda Snyder
bsflower13@brighteon.social  [follow]
I love gardening, animals and self sufficiency!I worked as a LVT for 20 yrs now I teach gardening and seed saving. Wildlife rehabber for 15yrs and owner of Happyshackoils.com.Started our local seed library called WNYseedlibrary can be found on fbhttp://happyshackoils.comhttp://growitsaveituseit.comWebsite designer http://bluedockmedia.comhttps://www.wildkritters.comBrighteon Channelhttps://www.brighteon.com/channels/bsflower13 raising chickens= seed saving= cbd oil expert= gardening=
Pixelfed, Githib
curufuin@freeradical.zone  [follow]
-Vegan (for the animals)-Hacker-Circuit Bending-Amatuer Mycologist-Vanarchist-Ancom, yup; way down in that bottom, left quadrant.-Metalhead-Land Pirate-Antifascist-NonBinary-Lock Pick-DIY or DIE#Bernie2020 Pronouns=He/Him(just out of habit) They/Them Currently In:=Centralia
georgia@blob.cat  [follow]
I put cats (and very ocassionally other cute animals) in your timelineif you wanna talk my main is georgia@dickkickextremist.com
womanimal@spinster.xyzRadical Vegan Feminist
womanimal@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Feminism that centers females. Veganism that centers animals.
jussi@duck.cafe  [follow]
I enjoy lisp programming, photography, chatting with people, casual gaming, animals, tv-series. I have two cats.#nobot Pronoun=He/him Languages=English, Finnish Age=32
wooden_jobby@mastodon.scotWooden Jobby
wooden_jobby@mastodon.scot  [follow]
Scottish Independence Supporter ,Like dugs and all animals. Guitarist,Love Reggae and Rock n Roll . Legalize Ganja.
chameleonbones@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Attempts at civil discourse. Oversharing. Occasional rambles about animals and cake. 🌲 Radical feminist🌲 Environment > everything🌲 Anti-capitalist
sa0bse@chaos.socialElis H
Site, GitHub
sa0bse@chaos.social  [follow]
#NixOS #linux enthusiast, Ham Radio operator, #Emacs user.Mostly another guy that likes hacker things.I have a strong respect for other beings and letting them be themselves and just respecting both human and non-human animals for what they are. #vegan Call Sign=sa0bse GPG=67FE 98F2 8C44 CF22 1828 E12F D57E FA62 5C9A 925F
therealraccoon@octodon.socialthe real raccoon Ⓥ Ⓐ
therealraccoon@octodon.social  [follow]
★ Total liberation ★Fundamental ethics, utopian objectives & bottom-up, horizontal structures ⸺ Vegan organic growing, worker-owned co-operatives & grass roots collectives ⸺ Technology with a potential for empowerment ⸺ Free animals, free people〜 Metaphorically speaking, I'm a raccoon that just stole your fruit and wrecked your attic, but you can't really be angry with me, thanks to my endearing appearance. 〜 :blob_anar_raccoon: If you feel the need to talk about me and to use third-person pronouns, it's okay to use=they, them, their. Ⓐ=with & without adjectives Ⓥ=panabolitionist vegan Cwtch ♥=therealraccoon~6rcrzithzh5s7nb4zvolkxyixhohh37lqbya2kvzezpznqnlxd2suoid
sapphaos@witches.town  [follow]
| Apolline | 20 | bi | elle/she | french || hufflepuff | INFJ |I like cute animals, art, the sky, and stuff that shines.Links : https://witches.town/@Sapphaos/5535483🖤 💜 💙 💚 💛
fenix@mstdn.social  [follow]
Birdsite=@LiberalFenix Hobbies=Art Pets=Have Dogs but love all animals Music=Eclectic - Rock, Country & Lots of others
clementd@mastodon.social🌈 Cλément D 🌈
clementd@mastodon.social  [follow]
CTO @clever_cloud / Brittany, FP, feminism, cute baby animals. Not necessarily in this order.
tessaracked@bigshoulders.cityFrasier bon mot bot
tessaracked@bigshoulders.city  [follow]
Regina, whom you may know from mastodon.cloud or witches.live or olds.town or a prophetic dream you had raccoons=👍 pronouns=they/them cw's for=food, alc/drugs, mh, spoilers, ec, lewd no cw's for=swears, caps, awkwardly worded shitposts, animals, complaining about being old
dreamfriend@brighteon.social  [follow]
dreams & psychic stuff, meditation, awareness, yoga, chi gung, waking up from the dream, gardening, prepping, vegetarian, nature, animals, dance, biking, hiking, self-published artist & writer.Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Tolkein, Jane Austen, Bridget Jones Diary, The Way Of Love/Awareness by Anthony de Mello, Ancient Secrets Of The Flower Of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedik, Silence Of The Heart by Robert Adams, Dalai Lama, Zen, Taoism, IChing, Advaita Vedanta, Magic, Laughter, Miracles! The Silent=Voice Speaks.
idoubtit@octodon.socialSharon Hill💫
idoubtit@octodon.social  [follow]
Fluent in science, animals, paranormal culture. Expert in weird news. Doubtful.
ayrshirelass13@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Lover of music, nature, animals and travel. Lapsed violinist. Trying to re-learn the mandolin.
janakilenin@mastodon.socialJanaki Lenin
URL, Book 1, Book 2
janakilenin@mastodon.social  [follow]
Nature & Wildlife | Writer | My Husband and Other Animals (2 vols.) Order here https://amzn.to/2UpVGf0 Sign up for my newsletter (http://eepurl.com/dxKvMb)
sander@photodon.org  [follow]
Hello! Welcome to my photo dump. I’m a starting photographer who likes too share his work online for everyone to see and use!#photography #photodon #photos #nature #animals #gallery #photographer 🐮=https://quey.org/@snder 📷=EOS 2000D 📱=iPhone 7 📧=sander@photodon.org
flake@mastodon.social  [follow]
flake, or any number of animals. they/them.icon by twitter.com/puppytube
jonathan@hostux.socialJonathan Mburugu
jonathan@hostux.social  [follow]
I'm 🌍 citizen, proud to support humanity, not afraid to talk against injustices, I'm pro-environmental and I love animals. jonathanmburugu33@gmail.com Meru Kenya=
pixyl@mastodon.social  [follow]
Formally @HarleyJackdaw on the dying dumpster fire called twitter! I draw animals and drink too much. Brace for depression and socialism
airbud@bofa.lolDunk Dog
airbud@bofa.lol  [follow]
geese are criminals Avatar by:=https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kaiizree Pronouns:=They/Them Listen to:=Glass Animals
chotiari@social.quodverum.comAngela Beegle ☕ ☕
chotiari@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Wife, mom, keeper of animals, creator, author, autist, learner. Conservative in a blue state. @chotiari=twatter Angela Beegle=FB Chotii=EBay Chotii=DeviantArt
ash_sketchem@mastodon.art  [follow]
Hello, I'm Ashley!!! I love animals, cute stuff, and coloring ✨
krutaru@mastodon.socialPrize Hog
krutaru@mastodon.social  [follow]
JasperI like video games.Might have a thing for vinyls.EnbyWas @dogzoned on twitter.Backup/furry: @jasper@yiff.life Avatar by:=http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shoatgeep/ Pronouns:=They/Them Listen to:=Glass Animals
wishdream@gamemaking.socialWishdream ✨‏
Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Piczel
wishdream@gamemaking.social  [follow]
Hi I'm Wish! I do games, comics, videos and all of sorts of stuff. I specialize in robotic and anthrophomorphic animals.Creating immense VR experiences in the future~INFP || FluidLoves dreams & stars.
cutecritters@birb.site  [follow]
One queued post daily. Occasional manual boosts.Includes photos and art, so also cartoony or fantasy animals.Fed mostly by @Anke
strangxbatch@mastodon.socialsorcerer supreme
strangxbatch@mastodon.social  [follow]
" What is your job exactly, except to make balloon animals?" "Protecting your reality, douchebag." she/her
mtomasulo@mastodon.artMichael Tomasulo
mtomasulo@mastodon.art  [follow]
Superheroes and cuddly animals. #Mefi/#MeFite
swampwulf@mastodon.socialBayou Tapestry
swampwulf@mastodon.social  [follow]
he/him/his/hound#greymuzzle #furryFurry since we were just 'funny animals' and BBSes were the rage.Queer, married
eeeeesobel@mastodon.social  [follow]
Animal virologist, political activist queer, pan, she/herScience, animals, #AMR, #feminism, #STEM, civil rights, #SciComm, and the hottest takes
janallmac@counter.social  [follow]
Artist, mom, wife, friend, ally, cook, gardener. Admirer of small vicious animals, especially Chihuahuas. Learner. Kinda deaf. Sometimes teacher.
mayweliveasone@brighteon.social  [follow]
Thought criminal. Freedom addict. Constitutionalist. Pro 2A. Anti Big Pharma. Pro Mother Nature/holistic medicine. Lover and steward of animals. Student of the Law of One.
sulaco_queen@spinster.xyzGC Starfighter
sulaco_queen@spinster.xyz  [follow]
@GC_Ladyboi ~ passionate about compassion for animals~digital artist and violin lover.~VR starfighter. ~Adult male, not AGP, (if you want to label me, I will not get uppity)~Anti communist~Anti fascist ~Anti Anarchist
dr_zaius@bofa.lolDr. Zaius
dr_zaius@bofa.lol  [follow]
Your main man from the garbage can Pronouns=He/Him Secret Power=Always tired Alliances=Animals/Good People Enemies=Nazis, TERFs, Moon
sapphaos@pipou.academy✨ Sapphaos ✨ [Backup]
sapphaos@pipou.academy  [follow]
:sparkles_pink:​ Apolline | 22 | french :sparkles_pink:​:sparkles_indigo:​ elle/she (cis) | bi :sparkles_indigo:​:sparkles_blue:​ computer science student :sparkles_blue:​:sparkles_cyan:​ admin of biscuit.town :sparkles_cyan:​I like cute #animals, #art, #plants, and any shiny objectAlso an anime and kpop enthusiastI mostly toot in french Main=https://biscuit.town/@Sapphaos
redluli@yiff.lifered luli
redluli@yiff.life  [follow]
animator and illustrator tryin' to live that dream life of selling porn to horny animals Species=Red Panda Mood=Pink Smol?=Yes Loves=you! owo
caroline_m@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Hate cruelty to animals and people. Disabled
halcyene@mastodon.social  [follow]
socialism, dumb jokes, pop music, cute animals, queer/trans stuff, & football (LFC) ✨ Place=London Pronouns=they/them
magpie@octodon.socialwinter magpie
magpie@octodon.social  [follow]
a magpie. a parent. i like dogs, science, games, all the animals, books, cartoons, and napping. sometimes i draw pictures. pronouns: any
wotnoketchup@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Until there was just 1 leftalone @ the last naming& the streetwise animals, 4warned & having learned the diverse meanings of the word dominion, did not show up& Adam, with jaw dropped, inarticulate, deprived of his audience & arsenal of prepared speeches demanding obediencestepped off his perch&slowly slithered back down his greasy pole& disgruntled slunk back into the sludge he had just crawled out fromleaving nowt of himself& the whole world breathed a huge sigh of relief?
funlovinfilly@brighteon.social  [follow]
I am a follower of Jesus Christ and and proud US patriot. I am a people person and I love animals. I have a wacky personality, and a warm heart. I'm hoping to meet like-minded friends here on Brighteon.
glenncoutts@mastodon.scotGlenn Coutts
glenncoutts@mastodon.scot  [follow]
Indy-wisher. Loves animals, hates the BBC, Tories, and Jackery. Also loves curry and stout, but not at the same time!
Website, Tips, Patreon, Shop
zelaphas@mastodon.art  [follow]
I’m a world traveler who enjoys drawing animals & fantasy creatures.I also make creative resources for designers and artists.
michellekerr65@mastodon.socialMichelle Kerr
michellekerr65@mastodon.social  [follow]
Scottish Independence supporter for a long time. Yes2Kirkcaldy, SNP. Other interests include animals, music, ice hockey and history
blaise@blaisemcrowly.comBlaise M Crowly
Poetry, Blog
blaise@blaisemcrowly.com  [follow]
Entrepreneur. Hacker. Storyteller. Abstract poet. Wanderer. Leftist libertarian anarchist. interests=psychology, shamanism, feminism, poetry, quantum physics, mathematics, law, new age music, technology, rights, animals, nature centric ecosystem design [matrix]=blaisemcrowly:matrix.org
detondev@social.linux.pizza  [follow]
I'm Sam, an autistic teen who currently dwells in a dilapidated bedroom in the northeastern USA. I mostly spend time either creating the things I find beautiful or learning stuff on the internet ^_^I will post & boost:Cool stuff made by either me or someone else, humble-but-correct opinions, random shit that I like,things I find interesting and/or intellectually stimulating,cute animals.<3#gamedev #linux #writing #art #foss #gopher #pentesting #music #tokipona git=https://git.sr.ht/~detondev/ gopher=gopher://gopher.pizza:70/1/~detondev/ pronouns=she/her amount of random things I made but never put on the internet due to my crippling perfectionism=about 29 i guess?
bootsie_rose@mastodon.socialBootsie Rose🌹
bootsie_rose@mastodon.social  [follow]
Indie Dead Head for Bernie Sanders 2020 #Demexit No more corporate bought politicians! Animals are better than ppl🐱#NeverTrump rude ppl-block /Lists=Block #M4A
delfisastre@mastodont.cat  [follow]
Intento no fer mal a ningú, sempre i quant no toquin els nassos a qui estimo... Sinó els esbudello vius. Independentista i republicà=Ho tornarem a fer. Animals.=Mamífers, rèptils, de tot!
jon@bsd.networkJon Williams
jon@bsd.network  [follow]
Posadist, cyclist, friend to animals. :antifa:
bacchuswitch69@counter.social  [follow]
Strong intelligent liberal disabled feminist; &#10084;&#65039; NOLA, arts, poetry, animals & brainy men Followback girl. #TheResistance #FollowbackResistance #FBR #Resist
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I am nobody, juste like everyone else.J'ai une passion totale, absolue, pour les chats roux. #vegan=for the animals
human_dude@weirder.earthSiem (they/he)
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I just want the world to be a good place for all humans, non-human animals 🦉 and fungi 🍄 This means total liberation :anarchistflagblack: - I don't boost images without description or toots that don't CW possibly triggering stuff.- Call me out (or in) when I say say, do, or am sth. stupid or offensive. I inevitably will.- Assume I have all the privileges.- Feel free to DM about anything.- Please check out my pinned toots before following.#nobot Call me=Siem Forget=6 weeks Pronouns=he/him and they/them Voornaamwoorden=hij/hem en die/hen
raining_night@qoto.orgraining_night(RN) :garfield:
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I love women, food, thriller/sci-fi/slasher movies and series, astro physics, superbikes, tennis, MMA, nature and animals❤️ not in any specific orderTrying out Veganism. Pronouns=He/Him Religious beliefs=Atheist Political views=I hate fascism, majoritarian hegemony and oppression by force.
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Enby sapphic femmeI like cartoons, doodling, horror movies, astrology (I know, I know), following everyone back, animals, nursing school, and coffee. Pronouns=They/them, she/her Age=23 Who?=Me
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#nobot=^._.^= ∫&#1055;&#1088;&#1080;&#1074;&#1077;&#1090;, &#1089; &#1074;&#1072;&#1084;&#1080; &#1080;&#1075;&#1088;&#1086;&#1082;&#1086;&#1090;(&#1087;&#1077;&#1088;&#1089;&#1086;&#1085;&#1072;&#1078; &#1080;&#1079; &#1082;&#1086;&#1084;&#1080;&#1082;&#1089;&#1072; TheGamerCat),&#1103; &#1080;&#1085;&#1090;&#1077;&#1088;&#1077;&#1089;&#1091;&#1102;&#1089;&#1100; &#1083;&#1080;&#1085;&#1091;&#1082;&#1089;&#1086;&#1084;,&#1089;&#1090;&#1072;&#1088;&#1099;&#1084;&#1080; &#1082;&#1086;&#1085;&#1089;&#1086;&#1083;&#1103;&#1084;&#1080; &#1080; &#1082;&#1086;&#1084;&#1087;&#1100;&#1102;&#1090;&#1077;&#1088;&#1072;&#1084;&#1080;(&#1080;&#1079;-&#1079;&#1072; &#1101;&#1090;&#1086;&#1075;&#1086; &#1093;&#1086;&#1095;&#1091; &#1074;&#1099;&#1091;&#1095;&#1080;&#1090;&#1100; &#1103;&#1087;&#1086;&#1085;&#1089;&#1082;&#1080;&#1081;),&#1080;&#1075;&#1088;&#1072;&#1084;&#1080; &#1080; &#1090;&#1072;&#1082; &#1078;&#1077; &#1083;&#1102;&#1073;&#1080;&#1090;&#1077;&#1083;&#1100; &#1089;&#1090;&#1088;&#1072;&#1076;&#1072;&#1090;&#1100; &#1093;&#1077;&#1088;&#1085;&#1077;&#1081;.&#1051;&#1102;&#1073;&#1083;&#1102; &#1082;&#1086;&#1090;&#1080;&#1082;&#1086;&#1074; &#1080; &#1076;&#1088;&#1091;&#1075;&#1080;&#1093; &#1078;&#1080;&#1074;&#1086;&#1090;&#1085;&#1099;&#1093;.&#1058;&#1091;&#1090; &#1103; &#1076;&#1077;&#1083;&#1072;&#1102; &#1087;&#1086;&#1089;&#1090;&#1099;(&#1080; &#1088;&#1077;&#1087;&#1086;&#1089;&#1090;&#1099;) &#1090;&#1086;&#1075;&#1086; &#1095;&#1090;&#1086; &#1103; &#1090;&#1091;&#1090; &#1076;&#1083;&#1103; &#1080;&#1085;&#1090;&#1077;&#1088;&#1077;&#1089;&#1085;&#1086;&#1075;&#1086;.Hi, I'm Gamercat (character from TheGamerCat comic), I am interested in Linux, old console and computers (because of this I want to learn Japanese), games and also a lover of suffering crap.I love cats and other animals.Here I make posts (and boost) of what I am here for interestingnote: I sometimes boost my moments from the comic
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Managing #MECFS, #anxiety and #depression. I don't always manage them well. Like #animals, #cats, #dogs, #hens, gardens, #DrWho. I want a kinder world. #nobot Pronouns=he/him/they
thecoven@sunbeam.cityA Coven of Weird Queer Animals
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An amalgamation of queer animal people.Plural & Autistic🦊 @korosarum🐺 @Witchwolf💾 @corvid🦌 @Rhea pronouns=they/them (in the plural form!) telegram=@korosarum discord=Koro Sarum #5137
truthwhisper@freespeechextremist.comTruth Whisper - Gab Vader
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Texan • Entrepreneur • OCD Researcher • Lean Sith Politically • Lover of Women (hate all feminists) • Sarcasm • Parody • Humor • Satire • GIFs • Memes • Honesty • Truth • Animals • Facts • Creativity • Logic • Mini-Humans • Science • History • Privacy • #CutTheCord • #Homeschoolwww.minds.com/truthwhisperwww.gab.com/truthwhisper
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Linkin Park 🌌 Animals Lover 🐶🐱🐰 Your Not Ugly Society Is 🌸
meajora@witches.livenot a snack, an hor d'oeuvre
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Mea | 28 | New Jersey, USA | Bisexual |FFXIV: [Excalibur] Nolana HavittajaOther Fun Facts About Me:+ I work in a mental heal outpatient facility as a counselor and case manager.+ I found out I'm allergic to scorpion peppers by eating one straight up.+ I'm also allergic to strawberries, but I care only about 1%.+ There are legends of a curse on the Alabama county I grew up in. SPOOPY.+ I love animals but especially elephants, sharks, and mongooses. Spirituality=Eclectic Witch Familiars=2 Cats, 2 Rats Daemon=Egyptian Mongoose Pronouns=She/Her
fulldisclosurenow@social.quodverum.comJennifer Rivera
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Hispanic Light Skin (bw) - Jesus Christ - Trump - Country - anti violence against kids & animals BUT MAMA BEAR on adults! 2A vegan