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nur@mastodon.bida.im  [follow]
Anarchist, hacktivist, indipendet servers admin developer, one of many co-admins of the bida collective 🐜ifa:
jops@mastodon.bida.im  [follow]
Anarchist, hacktivist, indipendet servers admin developer, one of many co-admins of the bida collective 🐜ifa: :blackcat:
submedia@kolektiva.social  [follow]
An anarchist media collective based in the colonially-occupied territories of the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe, in so-called Canada. Website:=https://sub.media Kolektiva:=https://kolektiva.media/accounts/submedia
kolektiva@kolektiva.social  [follow]
A collective effort to offer video hosting to anarchist collectives and individuals federated with the PeerTube network. Registations are open, but you need to write us an e-mail telling us why do you want a Kolektiva.media account. Write to kolektiva@riseup.netTHIS IS NOT AN ADMIN OR MODERATION ACCOUNT FOR KOLEKTIVA.SOCIAL. Website:=https://kolektiva.media
igd_news@kolektiva.socialIt's Going Down
igd_news@kolektiva.social  [follow]
It's Going Down is a digital community center for anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist + anti-colonial movements across so-called North America. Our mission is to provide a resilient platform to publicize and promote revolutionary theory and action. 🏴 site 🔥=https://itsgoingdown.org podcast 🔊=https://itsgoingdown.org/podcast vids 🎥=https://kolektiva.media/accounts/igd support us 💵=https://liberapay.com/igd_news/
cobaltvelvet@octodon.socialælena mxaffee
cobaltvelvet@octodon.social  [follow]
alice ~ louve ~ irisoctodon admin & some other thingsa chaotic light in the endless voidanarchotankie cyber terrorist and dog (🐺) kin. bark~ ⛧ ~follows welcome, i don't always accept. dms open. 24. probably more afraid of you than you are of her. i bite but it's affectionate :bisexual_flag: :nonbinary_flag: :lesbian_flag: 😛olyamory: :neurodiversity: :anarchist_flag: :anartrans_symbol: https://www.patreon.com/CobaltVelvet https://liberapay.com/CobaltVelvet/
itsgoingdown@newsbots.euIt's Going Down (:twitter:♻)
itsgoingdown@newsbots.eu  [follow]
In search of new forms of life. A media platform for reports, podcasts, columns, and analysis of revolt and social struggles from an anarchist perspective.• unofficial • 📍=So-Called North America 🔗=https://itsgoingdown.org
isis@mastodon.socialisis ✅
isis@mastodon.social  [follow]
Anarchist; hacker; physicist. Core developer @torproject. I might be a cryptographer, but I'm not your cryptographer. آزادی بیان برای همه they/them
anarchism@lemmy.ml  [follow]
Are you an Anarchist? The answer might surprise you!Rules:Be respectfulDon't be a naziArgue about the point and not the personSee also:/c/antiwork/c/solarpunkXMPP chat
rek2@hispagatos.spaceReK2 :ancom: :crt_w_prompt:
rek2@hispagatos.space  [follow]
Known as ReK2WiLdS or ReK2 from the 1994 Spanish hacking group BBK https://www.hackstory.net/BBKhttps://hispagatos.org gemini://rek2.hispagatos.orga(A)a Politics:=Anarchist communist Ethics=Hacker Ethics Collective=Hispagatos Hobbies=Hacking, Cyberpunk, EDM, Read, Study, Research
spacekookie@octodon.social✨ k o o k i e ✨
spacekookie@octodon.social  [follow]
:anarchy: Anarchist, somewhat militant vegan, distributed software researcher.I do "art", write about philosophy, and sometimes teach ✨ I like books, drugs, and latex. The revolution starts in your heart 🏴🌐 Talk to me in: en, de, fr, eo🚧 Learning: ar, uk, ru🔸 Main research project: https://irde.st🔹 My code: https://dev.spacekookie.de/kookie/nomicon🔸 My music: https://breadmachine.bandcamp.com🔹 My videos: https://diode.zone/a/spacekookie/videos Cyber 💾=https://spacekookie.de Space 🥔=berlin ~ Pronoun ✨=they / them Chat ✉️=Matrix/ XMPP (ask)
socalledunitedstates@sunbeam.cityPops :rojava: :greensun:
Icon by, Ko-fi
socalledunitedstates@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Pops. #Solarpunk :greensun: #anarchism :toppled_crown: intersectional feminist :anfem: nondenominational #Christian :anarchy_christian: and #Buddhist :anarchy_buddhist: #autistic :autism: bi :heart_bi:Always looking for comrades near Birmingham, AL. Always willing to find local groups for you to join if you ask, or to help you change the world in any way I can!Dating @rittle, @Moss, *and* @Anarchist_Mallrat wowie I'm one lucky fella Pronouns=he/him Ideology=none state with left economy
slightlyflightyone@vulpine.clubJamie J
slightlyflightyone@vulpine.club  [follow]
queer | she/her/they/them | post-capitalist | environmentalist | feminist | pirate | vegan | security enthusiast | anarchist | settler | solunarpunk | boostableAdd me on your favorite messengerDiscord: Jamie#7563Telegram: https://t.me/slightlyflightyonemy puppy: @shiromy slixxy: @xenonmy ratty: @lex_than_three@twitter.commy goat: @melfryyy@twitter.commy panda: @mcool1956@twitter.commy puppy: @arch15@furaffinity.net Gender=engaysbian (she/they/daddi/knight) Location=Portland (land stolen from the Chinook people) Places I Like to Visit=Seattle and Vancouver Fursona=Crys the Red Panda
freedom_press@kolektiva.socialFreedom Press
freedom_press@kolektiva.social  [follow]
An independent, radical co-op controlled by its volunteers, Freedom runs Britain’s oldest anarchist press and its largest bookshop. More about us:https://freedomnews.org.uk/about/News site:https://freedomnews.org.ukShop:https://freedompress.org.uk/Publishing:https://freedompress.org.uk/wholesale-publishing/
mawr@plush.city✨Soff✨ Mawr :heart_ace: 🏳️‍🌈
mawr@plush.city  [follow]
Dragon ✨​plush✨! Mayor of plush.city. Friendly :blobwave:​, Nonbinary :nonbinary_flag:​, Anarcho-Syndicalist :anarchist_flag:​, Asexual :asexual_flag:​, Aspiring Antiracist ✊​. Follows are welcome!I'm a collector of skills and doer of things. :blobuwu::heart_pride:​:heart_trans:​:heart_nb:​:heart_ace::smb_b:​:smb_l:​:smb_a:​:smb_c:​:smb_k::smb_t:​:smb_r:​:smb_a:​:smb_n:​:smb_s::smb_l:​:smb_i:​:smb_v:​:smb_e:​:smb_s::smb_m:​:smb_a:​:smb_t:​:smb_t:​:smb_e:​:smb_r: Pronouns=They/She Location=Seattle Area, unceeded Duwamish Land Icon By=@joshua Banner Art by=SlushyBub
anarchist_environmentalist@kolektiva.socialThe Anarchist Environmentalist
anarchist_environmentalist@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Hierarchy is at the root of all ecocide.Please steal my posts.Instagram: @anarchist.environmentalist
thebase@kolektiva.social  [follow]
The Base is an anarchist political center in Bushwick, Brooklyn, committed to the dissemination of revolutionary left and anarchist ideas and organizing. The mission of the space is to spread ideas and practices to the broader populace and provide a place where individuals can learn, grow, and organize outside of traditional activist and educational institutions.Address1302 Myrtle AvenueBrooklyn NY 11221Open and Library Hours:Saturday 2pm to 6pmMore at:https://thebasebk.org/
boobs_idiot@octodon.social  [follow]
marie + april | 22 | she/her | trans demigirl/lamb | gay | plural | UK | polyam | anarchist but the non-brainworms kind | kinnie | autist, tho you probably already guessed that❤️ @onlymorrow 🖤 @addamschloe 💜 @lindenbow 💙 katy kat(pfp from here: https://luxjii.tumblr.com/post/652713480795930624/um-jammer-lammy/amp)follow requests ok! 18+/vent=@lamb@girlcock.club
lexi@octodon.social  [follow]
Trans. Former IT drone. Nerd. Geek. Part fangirl, part squirrel.Likes comic books and animation, science fiction and fantasy, and a whole lot more!Very left-wing. :anarchist_flag: :blob_pat_anar_raccoon:Please don't follow me if you're under 18; I sometimes say adult things...!#SqueakSquad 🐁 🐀🐿️#ENVtuber #Vtuber #LGBTuber https://www.twitch.tv/lexizone
irick@vulpine.club⦺ irick 🐁🐈⚩
irick@vulpine.club  [follow]
| hacker | autistic | queer | ᴜɴɪx | mitten | enby | mage | relationship + political anarchist | fluffyboi |I am a computer scientist with a philosophical bent. I do ludology for fun. #nobot(I am sometimes lewd, if you are under 18, plz do not.) Species=Mitten Pronouns=Any Hit Die=12d8 Class=Factotum
rechelon@mastodon.socialWilliam Gillis 🏴
rechelon@mastodon.social  [follow]
Anarchist, physicist, transhumanist. Really into exploring the roots of things and expanding degrees of freedom. “Radically uncool.”
Github, Twitter
kit_ty_kate@lesbiab.space  [follow]
OCaml ecosystem upgrader & opam & CI dev for ocamllabs and ocaml-sf · Anarchist Communist · Programming Languages Theory#admin of lesbiab.space Location=Glasgow, Scotland PP=modified art from chomado
puffinus_puffinus@sunbeam.citycast of thousands
puffinus_puffinus@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Who am I?❂ Solarpunk Eco-Anarchist❂ Always learning❂ OU undergrad student (Engineering)❂ I like books❂ Plant shepherd❂ I make things❂ Common-or-garden 21 year old white cishet guy. I do my best to listen to people. Call me out on my shit.I'm here to help...❂ My skill share page is here: https://wiki.sunbeam.city/doku.php?id=skills_exchange Pronouns:=:he: / :him: Learning:=German Location:=Wales, UK Scuttlebutt:=@vCTQo2eE/oU7wHFFkr2CFONr9SNLSNjqKJpmgwCwIyo=.ed25519
christiemalry@mastodon.socialChristie Malry Ⓐ ☭
christiemalry@mastodon.social  [follow]
Communist and anarchist , police disliker ,they/them, #YPG #EZLN denizen not citizen
wakest@mastodon.socialLiaizon Wakest (old account)
wakest@mastodon.social  [follow]
I moved to @liaizonIf you can summarize yourself in a sentence you're doing it wrong.#ActivityPub #anarchist #solarpunk #freesoftware #nola 🌎🌍🌏=https://wake.st follow me at=@liaizon@wake.st
thefinalstrawradio@chaos.socialThe Final Straw Radio
thefinalstrawradio@chaos.social  [follow]
Weekly anarchist radio show & podcast from Asheville, NC.More: https://TFSR.WTFDonations: https://TFSR.WTF/supportStreaming & Contact: https://TFSR.WTF/tree
qyliss@mastodon.socialALYSSA ALYSSA ANTIFASCISTA
qyliss@mastodon.social  [follow]
anarchist hacker friendbataladas por miaj amikoj al la fino de la mondo7573 56D7 79BB B888 773E 415E 736C CDF9 EF51 BD97
woodbark@weirder.earthFriendly Localist
woodbark@weirder.earth  [follow]
Farmer of Thoughts | United Anarchist Aviation Service! , formerly known as syndikalistaI see anarchism as something you doExploring my curiosity at the intersection of business & anarchy & environmentalism.#nobots #Posthope #postdoom #socialism pron.=he/him pol=NonStateSocialism Research Documents=https://cryptpad.fr/kanban/#/2/kanban/view/zv7enLGatjpHb1ktvqpI0QoI0fTThkI8eCTeT9IvY+8/
polymerwitch@social.polymerwitch.comPolymer Witch
Bookwyrm, Music
polymerwitch@social.polymerwitch.com  [follow]
I'm a 30 something trans anarchist woman of German descent living in the shadow of Wyeast.I do a lot with computers and work on the governance, privacy, and risk side of infosec.Feel free to request a follow. I might accept.Been talking a lot about gameing recently.#cats #anarchism #trans #scifi #music #antiracist #antiwhiteness #antifascist #anticapitalist #antistate Pronouns=she/her or they/them
christiemalry@chaos.socialChristie Malry
christiemalry@chaos.social  [follow]
communist/anarchist they/them #ypg #EZLN same goober in old chaos social inst' as main was shut but what the hey
acrata@anarchism.space  [follow]
US anarchist expat in Bangkok. Primary influences Kropotkin & Goldman. Trans woman, she/her. Linux, Python. World News, literature OS=Linux Mint 19.3 pronouns=she/her or they/them xmpp, qtox=maeve@disroot.org I have moved to:=@maeve
abgd@tooot.im🏴abgd 🍓
abgd@tooot.im  [follow]
tooot.im co-adminIsraeli #antizionist, #Marxist #Anarchist, #vegan, #QueerBased in Leipzig, Germany Languages=Eng, עב, Deu, Esp, & some عربي Prounouns=he/they/comrade backup for downage=@abgd@octodon.social
Home, ephemetoot
hugh@ausglam.space  [follow]
Librarian. Computational handyperson. Geminaut. :anarchist_flag: 🌳#nobotNot here to "debate" random tech bros. Pronouns=He/Him gemini=gemini://notes.hugh.run/
aradio_berlin@kolektiva.socialA-Radio Berlin
aradio_berlin@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Anarchist and radical audios and tweets in German, English and Spanish. You're welcome to listen! Part of @FdAIFA, @ChannelZeroNet and @carav_wallmapu. Languages=EN / DE / ES Website=aradio-berlin.org
gwenfarsgarden@kith.kitchenGwenfar Dewines Planhigion
gwenfarsgarden@kith.kitchen  [follow]
Plant Mage. 😛lantmage6: White #permaculture gardener, plant addict, occasional garden designer. #Garlic lover. #ForestGardens. I blog about #GardeningWithME (I have the #ChronicIllness #MECFS). #Anarchist. Trans rights = human rights.Will talk about food (growing and eating) unCW'ed. #HappyFatThere is no such thing as too many plants.Politics, colouring, history, & general musings alt: @GwenfarsGardenWill only boost images that have descriptions.
deletescape@notbird.sitemaia arson crimew 🏴🔥
deletescape@notbird.site  [follow]
hacktivist indicted by the doj, white, mentally ill plural queer polyam pan lesbian trans anarchist airhead, 22 years old, social justice insurrectionist all interactions always ok unless stated otherwise. you're allowed to flirt with me (in fact it is highly encouraged).i try to properly use appropriate CWs and captions, let me know if i forget or there is something to improve. pronouns=it/she/fae matrix=nyancrimew:matrix.org lewds=@delewdescape
thufie@pixie.townÞufi :black_and_rainbow: BLM :antifa_trans: ~ :slime: :egirl: ~
thufie@pixie.town  [follow]
Thufie :: Slime Woman :slime: Read my profile & pinned posts before sending a follow request, please! Follow requests welcome!my headmate prefers to go by Валентина/Валя but isn't really #onhere :))))Reluctant moderator on social.pixie.town:she_her: or fae/faer/faerself most online member of the system#yesbot #nobot #noarchive I'm in my 20s..אין דין ואין דיין. שלום בעולםProgrammer and IT girl. Pseudo-vegan for the environment (-avocados +oysters). Very uncomfortable with astrology, don't call me "dude", "bro", "man", etc. Radical egalitarian anarchist, hierarchies and hate are incompatible with a free and equal life. Aiming to have a similair amount of internal contradictions as my environment like Ashby's Law of Requisite variety. I am probably stoned on some variety and dosage of cannabinoids if I am awake :weed: if you hate stoners just dni.:jewish_anarchism: :ecoanarchism::pansexual_flag: Relationship Anarchist:parabola: :Debnyan: :Myanjawo: :emacs:"Freedom" 0 is bullshit! Copyleft for subversion!So try...A list of licenses which respect OUR freedom:https://write.pixie.town/licenses-for-freedom/list-of-licenses-for-freedom site (with contact info)=https://thufie.lain.haus langs=:haskell: :scala: C++ C MIPS pharo-smalltalk languages=en:✔️ he:~ es:~ ru:~
thufie@social.pixie.townÞufi :black_and_rainbow: BLM :antifa_trans: ~ :egirl: ~
thufie@social.pixie.town  [follow]
Thufie :: Trans Woman (trans is a monad)Read my profile & pinned posts before sending a follow request, please! Follow requests welcome!I can also go by Валентина/Валя 😀)))Reluctant moderator on social.pixie.town:she_her: or :they_them: most online member of the system#yesbot #nobot #noarchive I'm in my 20s..אין דין ואין דיין. שלום בעולםProgrammer and IT girl. Pseudo-vegan for the environment (-avocados +oysters). Very uncomfortable with astrology, don't call me "dude", "bro", "man", etc. Radical egalitarian anarchist, hierarchies and hate are incompatible with a free and equal life. Aiming to have a similair amount of internal contradictions as my environment like Ashby's Law of Requisite variety. I am probably stoned on some variety and dosage of cannabinoids if I am awake :weed: if you hate stoners just dni.:jewish_anarchism: :ecoanarchism:😛ansexual_flag: Relationship Anarchist😛arabola: 😁ebnyan: :Myanjawo: :emacs:"Freedom" 0 is bullshit! Copyleft for subversion!So try...A list of licenses which respect OUR freedom:https://write.pixie.town/licenses-for-freedom/list-of-licenses-for-freedom
anarchistfederation@kolektiva.socialAnarchist Federation
anarchistfederation@kolektiva.social  [follow]
AnarchistFederation.net - Multi-lingual anarchist news from 250+ collectives
fuchsiashock@radical.town  [follow]
mixed race transbian who's anarchist and ex-sw and 'high functioning' autistic (though functioning is highly debatable) and who loves videogames (especially ones with cars in) and synthy electronic music.if i forget to cw or caption images i don't mind being reminded.occasionally rude but mostly wholesome, but definitely not suitable for minors.formerly @thatsabinegirl on birdsite
topiaristkanaya@trollian.spacedon :sparkles_trans: :sparkles_trans:
topiaristkanaya@trollian.space  [follow]
im don. gender is a social construct. icon by lime-time.tumblr. not kin/rp blog:anartrans_symbol_black: :anarchist_flag: :transknife:
werwolf@fosstodon.orgWerwolf :gnu:
werwolf@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Free software lover. I love music as much as I love freedom. Punk and metalhead. I believe in an anarchist society in which both people and software will be free.#nobotNote: old posts will be deleted after a while, bookmark interesting links in your browser instead. If you want to archive something I said, it's Public Domain under the CC0, unless marked otherwise. XMPP/Jabber=ask me
anarchist_memes@anarchism.spaceAnarchist Memes
anarchist_memes@anarchism.space  [follow]
We are anarchists and we do memes.Moving our way across from Facebook because Facebook is awful. Memes:=Yes News:=Yes Humour:=Weird Cops:=Bastards
acrata@anticapitalist.party  [follow]
Transgender woman, xpat anarchist in Thailand agitating for Transgender equality and dignity. Linux Mint 19.1. International news, Human Rights
thepunkgeek@chaos.social🏴Radio aka ThePunkGeek🏴
thepunkgeek@chaos.social  [follow]
🏴genderqueer | anarchist | cyberpunk🏴#nobot
jnukiladki@mastodon.socialJNU वाली लड़की :birdsite:
jnukiladki@mastodon.social  [follow]
postcolonial feminist, chain-smoker, rock-n-roll junkie, anarchist. Long live Mullah Nasiruddin and the profile pic is not mine.
porsupah@lgbt.ioShy bunny
porsupah@lgbt.io  [follow]
wildlife photographertransbian (she/her)theoretically polysocialist, open to anarchist thinkinganti-nationalistcode bunny (video & embedded)probably near London or SF(Banner image is a 90's style squiggle in trans flag colors. Icon is a bust of me as a cybernetic hare, artwork by Djinni)Follow requests can take me a very long time to deal with.
stevenroose@x0f.orgSteven Roose
stevenroose@x0f.org  [follow]
Anarchist Bitcoiner"The ultimate, hidden truth of the world is that it is something that we make, and could just as easily make differently."#anarchy #bitcoin #rust #belgium #portugal
djwalnut@pleroma.weirdart.spaceDJWalnut 🏳️‍⚧️
djwalnut@pleroma.weirdart.space  [follow]
23 year old autistic trans woman (she/her, plural they/them), anarchist, atheist, plural {Fajro 🔥} [Fisio ⚛] <Andrew 🌶>Admin of pleroma.weirdart.space Site Manifesto: https://pleroma.weirdart.space/notice/9gEniTXmpNh38hXMNkGeek girl, talk with me about Anime and Computers. pro-nuclear shitposter. Linux daily user. Ham radio operator, Cayenne pepper masochist. Information Whore. Lover of all things moe. 🍐Actively looking for online friends and relationships. I'm DJWalnut on Reddit, MyAnimeList, and Niu.moe and dj_walnut on twitterNyaa~~~
hakan_geijer@kolektiva.socialHåkan Geijer
hakan_geijer@kolektiva.social  [follow]
black flag anarchist (they/them) /// @hakan_geijer@twitter.com
seccour@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
Bitcoiner, Crypto-anarchist and Cypherpunk.
testoceratops@mastodon.onlineBurn This Dyspho Out 🏳️‍⚧️
testoceratops@mastodon.online  [follow]
French #Queer, #Transmasc, #NonBinary and #Disabled activist.Crutches and wheelchair user. ♿#Anarchist. Anti-capitalist. Anti-fascist.| 24yo | #Autism, #DID, C-PTSD, #Depression, #EatingDisorders, #Spasmophilia, #EDS, #POTS, #Endometriosis, irritable bowel syndrome, #LongCovid since March 2020, and so on...I use CWs and ALT text.You're allowed to boost my toots without asking unless I say otherwise! Pronouns=he/him | ey/em FR pronouns=il/lui + masc
hakan_geijer@anticapitalist.partyHåkan Geijer
hakan_geijer@anticapitalist.party  [follow]
black flag anarchist (they/them) /// @hakan_geijer@twitter.com
amandag@tech.lgbtAmanda, Legally a Gal Pal💍 ⚢⚧
amandag@tech.lgbt  [follow]
A hot cyborg lesbian. I do computer things!Gay lesbian wife married to @emelieIf there's not enough stuff on your profile to determine if you're a Good Bean™ I might not approve your follow request. Also put pronouns in your gosh dang bio please and thank youmoderator of tech.lgbtearly 20's, she/her, autistic, anarchist ⚢🏳️‍🌈⚧☭Ⓐ 🌍 Location=🇩🇰 Denmark (UTC +1) 💬 Languages=🇩🇰 da, 🇬🇧 en, 🇸🇪 se, 🇩🇪 de (barely) 🏳‍🌈 Gay?=Yes holy shit have you *seen* girls? 🔗 Website=https://amandag.net
library@a.nti.socialThe Anarchist Library
library@a.nti.social  [follow]
stoner@anarchism.space  [follow]
27 enby anarchist. they/them. I make music sometimes and put it up at https://soundcloud.com/dj_enby and I also have a website that links there and some other places https://dj-enby.neocities.orgMy avatar is from poika on picrew!Oh yeah also I'm poor and disabled and could use some help surviving so donate pls https://cash.app/$st1ner (paypal available on request) music=p-p-power
drifa@yiff.lifeDrífa Jónsdóttir :kitty_trans:
drifa@yiff.life  [follow]
Gen-X, :blob_anarchist: 🐈_heart_eyes_trans: she/her, computer scientist. My 'sona's a snynx (snep/lynx) named Britt. Not from Iceland.
m@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Anarquista, não-binárie, co-conspiradore em antimidia.noblogs.org e kolektiva.media / Anarchist, co-conspirator in antimidia.noblogs.org and kolektiva.media
kiilas@computerfairi.esIxqe (ζ Enbii)
kiilas@computerfairi.es  [follow]
Ixqe ['iʂ.qə] (it/its, xe/xem/xir)gendervoid, autistic, polyamorous, aroace, enbian, plural, anarchist, transhumanist, elvenpro-science, anti-academiaBrighton, EnglandPlease interact before follow requesting, else I'll use what I can see. I'm here to make friends, not hundreds of followers I never get to talk to. I may reject the request if I don't know you, we don't have much in common, or I don't think we can vibe - nothing personal.Posts autodelete after 30 days.
elusiveconfection@octodon.socialFemboy Posting Eir Ws
elusiveconfection@octodon.social  [follow]
Alistair or Alis for shortshe/her or they/them or e/em/eirs18 pansexual/bialterous/demiflux/poly/gray aromy partners arent on fedi but i lov them aaaaspie, i also have ADD and executive dysfunctionweird insurrectionist anti-civ decolonial anarchist. a huge furry"The armor comes off. ... [E]ven if skin and flesh must be yanked off with it, the armor does come off.""In this immense task of urgent demolition, we must find joy, immediately." Discord=K-#4661 Alt=@ElusiveConfection@jade.moe
toilettrouble@freedom.horsesquirt bacharach
toilettrouble@freedom.horse  [follow]
luddite, anarchist, pacifist, non-dualist, witchhouse/industrial musician, gender abolitionist, shitposterhttps://spiritshrine.bandcamp.com
roundrobin@chaos.socialRoundRobin.Info Anarchist News
roundrobin@chaos.social  [follow]
#Anarchist #News https://roundrobin.infoDiaspora: https://framasphere.org/u/roundrobinMatrix: #roundrobin:disroot.orgTelegram: https://t.me/RoundRobinInfo
sofia@chaos.social  [follow]
huge #nerd and cool-ass #bitch. #vegan #transhumanist, lefty market #anarchist, moral realist and friend of #entropy.does #graphics and #language and #math and software (mostly #js) sometimes, speaks #english, #german and neglegable amounts of #lojban.:boost_ok: Tox=CE15927C8D58448AE5A5FDA417BF6F640E613E98E4C7CA239E0D95A1B23618579F326293B710 🌐=near #leipzig, europe Wikimedia Commons=https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Opensofias
arh@toots.alirezahayati.comAli Reza Hayati
arh@toots.alirezahayati.com  [follow]
Anarchist, hacker, cypherpunk, free culture activist, and privacy advocate.
_joe_merrick1312_@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Omò Obatalà (agbara ni orì mì) Ol’ Dirty Anarchist en el Karibe 🚬 - Borikua - 🕸C.P.P.R.🕸 - R.A.S.H. - A.C.A.B X100pre - Yoruba/Taino Nation (Boriken) 70’s kid. Vegan junkfood and junksouls eater. Anti-colonial, antifa, anti-capitalista. ADD haver (early diagnosed but never treated). **Wyt people and/or European-americans DO NOT INTERACT.** *Poly*Pan*Colonialism is da root of all evil. #stopgloryfingthesun Todx borikua=Macheterx Pronouns/pronombres=Warevel/beer Musician=Composer Writer/translator=Sometimes
teslas_moustache@sunbeam.citySunbeam Borb 🌻:pirate_flag:
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Anarchist with syndicalist leanings, but other interests as well. Artist, Wobbly, Worker. Food autonomy, mutual aid. #nobotPlease make public posts before requesting to follow me.ricochet:agpq4xrk4p6w7ddb66t2nq6fib4ml3lvlo7unndo6rttzqytaqb3ayid
mdrights@fosstodon.orgMDrights :slackware: :bash:
mdrights@fosstodon.org  [follow]
A Chinese crypto-anarchist. #Linux #BSD CLI nerd, *nix shell veteran, #privacy & anti-#surveillance nerd. #vim & #git save my life.Amateur social/anthro researcherTrying to live independently & liberally in #China. Daily resistance to authoritarian state. 🎉 My own Linux distro: #antiS -- anti-Surveillance & anti-forensichttps://github.com/mdrights/LiveSlak Lives at=UNIX shell Desktop=Slackware Servers=BSDs PGP=B404B0C8EF4F06656A7D1299B0DCA8EAA87C8B1A
anarchistnews@a.nti.socialAnarchist News
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We're thecollective behind https://anarchistnews.org - a non-sectarian source for news about and of concern to anarchists since 2004.
maia@crimew.gayascii art of a tiny kitten
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hacktivist indicted by the doj, white, mentally ill plural queer polyam bi lesbian trans anarchist airhead, 22 years old, social justice insurrectionistinteractions always ok unless stated otherwise. you're allowed to flirt with me.i try to properly use appropriate CWs and captions, let me know if i forget or there is something to improve. pronouns=it(/she) matrix=nyancrimew:matrix.org
egrasmed@toot.thoughtworks.comEm Grasmeder
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chaotic good software sprite; toots may contain anarchist propaganda, and computer errors without context; Location=undefined Pronouns=they/them & sie/ihr Current fling=learning the concertina
christiemalry@cryptids.online  [follow]
communist,anarchist,lots of things they put you on lists for,be nice but do crime They/Them #YPG #EZLN
amyzenunim@unstable.systems★ Amy Star ★
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★ angelic witch of stars and earth ★★ fiction writer, C programmer, electronics hobbyist, cosplayer, experimental edm composer/producer ★★ lesbian / neurodivergent / plural / esoteric anarchist / non-pagan ★★ 東方の愛好家 / 日本語の初心者 ★★ friend of blåhaj, chuuni rights ★★ she/her ★ another=project pronouns=she/her pfp artist=lunarisdraws@twitter.com
elilla@queer.party  [follow]
Brazilian immigrant trans woman in Germany. Pro-intersectional anarchist vegan. Sapphic pan, relationship anarchist, mom. Probably adhd. Into linguistics, conlangs, fantasy fiction, comic books, linux, nail polish, makeup, calligraphy, bujo, plushies, Dwarf Fortress. Support Rojava, EZLN, antifa, direct action.Click the media tab for photos & stuff! Age=over 35 Children=2 In relationships=yes 👭 Languages ok=de,en,es,ja,pt
five@maly.ioJJ ✅「cιtιƶεnƒιvε」🏴Ⓐ
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Consulting technologist / Merc CTO; physicist; logician. #DefiniteOptimist. Zen Anarchist. Neuroendocrinology, crypto, agorism. Ungovernable twitter.com/Ctzn5 ☠
maeve@girlcock.clubmaeve harris
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Transgender woman living in Bangkok suburbs, in an all transfem household, anarchist, originally from Washington, D.C., then Portland. Interests: trans mutual aid, labor rights, world news, , python, Victoriana, Australiasian IWW x number 396487 xmpp: maeve@xabber.org Pronouns=she/her or Our Mutual Friend OS=Linux Mint v 20.3 xmpp=maeve@xabber.org
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27 🏴🏳️‍🌈⚧☭ Lily | AzuraSlime tf queen! | Sometimes has urges to tf people!Autistic, plural, nyanby slime girl with anarchist leanings.💜 @Jazzyqt2142 💜
bort@comrades.abortu.comSleepy Josh 🏳️‍🌈🍀 ⏳ ✊
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38 * He/Him * Dad * Software Dev * Pan Guy *Anarchist, anti-war. Fuck capitalism. 1's & 2's for Slow News Day & Action4Assange #FreeAssangeVigil#FreeChelsea #FreeAssange #FreeJeremyHammond #FreeRealityWinner #FreePalestine
pawlowa@cybre.space  [follow]
queer anarchist enby from Leipzig, bass player and musicologist, boardgamepunk, accountant, 161, bipolar, pronoun they, CETmusic alt: pawlowa@sonomu.clubhttps://soccermoms666.bandcamp.com/releases
acedia@anticapitalist.partyAcedia 🏴
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Philosophy undergraduate. Jewish. Anarchist. I like depressing music. Utterly convinced that the apocalyspe is coming. He/They. anticapitalist.party moderator.
completeanarchy@lemmy.ml Anarchist Memes
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This forum is for anarchists to circlejerk and share zesty memes
Links, Request paywalled articles and ebook chapters
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Little Trashes // decolonIzing astrology🪐29white[tme]DYKE📚librarian+anarchist🔥📍occupied Narragansett land (PVD)⚠️Not safe for work⚠️nudies & labor organizing Pronouns=she/they Borrow my ebooks=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-nCzuIQaclnczIP3XOEqIhTaKZMMF-nkACDmipfshtQ/edit?usp=sharing
anarcho_hackers@lemmy.ml  [follow]
are you considered a social anarchist and a computer geek? somehow more into social movements, social justice and anti-capitalism and free/libre software? do you enjoy hacking/security and exploration? do you see the social benefits of technology in a new world? then you are an anarcho-hacker, join us!
angrycvilleian@radical.townAngry Cvilleian
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I'm RyanPanDad (two cats and smol hooman)Anarchist / CommunistBoard game enthusiastComics/Graphic novel lover4/4 Philly sports fanLiquids with ABV, please Sporty Acct=@Angry_Cvilleian Location=Philly Call me=Ryan Pronouns=He/They
stman@mastodon.social★ STMAN ★ 🏳️‍🌈
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Crypto-Anarchist Researcher on IC Security Flows, P2P & Mesh Networks, FPGA & Microprocessors Architectures.Cyberspaces Theorician. Hardware Hacker. GPG Key Fingerprint=3198 B948 5E67 3472 B9AA 3218 87FA 6D78 A476 027C BitMessage Address=BM-2cWZW87PJN5VZjtJCpk3hXcYefhNCxdjU6 Twister P2P=@stman
anarchistlibrarybot@kolektiva.socialAnarchist Library Bot
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Not affiliated. We automatically post links to the latest articles from the English-language Anarchist Library. Follow for free articles and books in your feed.This account does not respond to comments and inquiries. This bot does not curate posts. Yell at @cardiganhill if the bot screws something up.
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cyberpunk. existentialism. try 2 be feminist. self-teaching IT. humans are networks. anarchist who hopes not to get stuck in labels.
mooncake@anticapitalist.party  [follow]
🌱el bien más preciado es la libertad🌱prison abolition nowchinese-american theythem / grad school dirtbag / grumpy anarchist for land back + black liberation / not a boy not a girl just a hater / no gods no daddies no waifus
restioson@anarchism.spaceBo demi demi, listen to this
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White South African, minor. #Anarchist and #Communist. Interested in politics, #music (performing and listening), #programming, and languages (especially #Xhosa and Zulu since I am learning Xhosa). Bi. #nobotLocked as an anti-spam/bot measure. I'll accept from anyone with a bio and some toots.Sorry if I don't CW something that you'd like CW'd - please let me know if this happens. Similarly, let me know if I fuck up generally / have a bad take / hurt someone. Matrix=@restioson:breadpirates.chat Alt=@Restioson Languages:=🇬🇧: ✓. Xhosa: ~+. Zulu: ~- Pronouns=he (they is ok too)
christiemalry@jorts.horseChristie Malry Ⓐ ☭
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communist anarchist, police disliker, doer of things, try to sleep a lot They/Them #YPG #EZLN
jbastardov@mastodon.socialJavier Bastardo ↙️↙️↙️
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Toots/Boosts in anglès, castillian and catalán. Maintenance Engineer 👷 / Radio-host 🎙️ / Anarchist-without-adjectives 🏴 / Introvert 👤 / He-Him 🐧 / The Conquest of Arepa 🫓
aradio_berlin@radical.townA-Radio Berlin
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Anarchist and radical audios and tweets in German, English and Spanish. You're welcome to listen! Part of @FdAIFA, @ChannelZeroNet and @carav_wallmapu. Languages=EN / DE / ES Website=aradio-berlin.org
rainierberinger@meow.socialSupport Our Poops 2020
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Often-covered-in-gross-substances snow leopard who operates a treatment plant. Possibly a literal Sewer Anarchist? Mow! 25. 18+ content advisory.Still working on everything. Definitely not perfect! Telegram=@RainierIrbis Current Shift=Night, 2100-0700 Pronouns=He/Him, They/Them
bunnyhearted@anarchism.spaceA Bunny! Boing Boing
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Camille/Millie.They/them (She/her are ok too).A soft-hearted anarchist with several adjectives. Disastroustly bi transfemme bread enthusiast, who is very very tired. pronouns=they/she anarcho=-crimegirlism ADH=D-elightful Birdsite=@BunnyHeartedGG
andreas@nitro.horsenitrohorse Ⓐ
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anarchist, privacy advocate, & software developer • he/they • Black Lives Matter • ACAB • #nobotSingle-user instance on https://masto.host. 👋🏼 🏴=https://nitrohorse.com 📍=Occupied Duwamish territory
sproutdistro@mastodon.onlineSprout Distro
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Anarchist zine distro and publisher // Download 100s of free zines at https://www.sproutdistro.com
keith@anarchism.space~keith, kisser of boys :af:
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The Fediverse's favourite queer trans punkgender polyamorous bisexual gay anarchist. (Or least favourite, according to some.) Enthusiastic about old computers, kissing men, #Lisp programming, and piracy.I don't know when to shut up, and I refuse to learn."anarchist who uses computers (crime) (derogatory)" - @AgathaSorceress"a very gaybrained nerd" - @kaydenFuck capitalism, fuck cops, fuck white supremacy, fuck authority.
hacktivist@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
#anonymous brazilian 🐳crypto-anarchist, #cypherpunk, engineerhttp://telegra.ph/Subversivo-07-06
iaf__fai@kolektiva.social  [follow]
The Indigenous Anarchist Federation-Federación Anarquista Indígena works to unite the unique anarchist struggle of Indigenous people in the so-called Americas & connect Indigenous Anarchics globally.
juliana@eldritch.cafeRat Goddess of Vengeance
site web, projets publiques
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Profile picture: PicRew of a girl with long curly purple hair wearing a purple faux-leather jacket with a trans and pan pin over a see-through star-themed top, wearing a star-themed choker and magic worm toy earrings in green and purple while holding a phone and staring apathetically aheadI'm an ornery, anti-racist, anarchist, pan, trans woman who likes to write code, fiction, and poems (the latter two less often than I used to); and who loves rats and trees.Here since 2019-04#nobot pronoms=elle/she langues=fr/en
nihilazo@tiny.tilde.websitejan Niko, Queer of Pastries
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The funkiest, monkey-est fan club member aroundcurrent main interests: #uxn, chess, alt fashion, dance games, abstract strategy Languages=English/toki pona Pronouns=he/him or they/them, no masc terms Adjectives=Anarchist, Vegan, Discordian, Genderqueer, Autistic, Furry Website/Gemini Capsule=https://itwont.work gemini://tilde.town/~nihilazo