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minimaxkiddo@abdl.link  [follow]
I'm a very down to earth autistic abdl gay blogger from denmark. I also have ADHD and Tourette's Syndrome. You might now me as MiniMaxKiddo 👶🚼😊. Twitter:=https://twitter.com/Mini_Max_Kiddo tumblr=www.minimaxkkddo.tumblr.com Snapchat:=MiniMaxyKiddo
thor@berserker.town  [follow]
Politically moderate non-religious straight millennial omnivore with ADHD. Slave of a ragdoll cat named Blizzard. Here to kill time, post funny pictures, vent about my neuroticism and hopefully make some friends. Admin of berserker.town. Discord=Thorwegian#9581 Telegram=ThorTheNorseman iMessage=thj@thj.no Matrix=thorthenorseman:matrix.org
eloisa@masto.ptEloísa & them Seagulls
I use Forget
eloisa@masto.pt  [follow]
I create #Photography & #Poetry when I'm not upsetting uptight bros with my autistic bluntness.You know, the kind who likes to ask femmes for their geek creds in tech spaces. As if they were ever entitled to that shit, let alone in the year of our lord the LOLcat of 2022. Go figure! 🤷🏻‍♂️ :queercat_ace: :queercat_nb: :queercat_pan: :queercat_polyam: :queercat_pride:* MS * ADHD * ASD *They / She / Kitten| cover by: @welshpixie |#NoBot Mod:=@eloisa Ko-fi:=https://ko-fi.com/eloisa?retribute 💝 Feeling generous?=https://www.PayPal.me/eloisa85?retribute
necrosis@chaos.socialR0byn 🇺🇦🕊️ :yayblob:
necrosis@chaos.social  [follow]
Technical Biologist 👩‍🔬 | Multiomics (mostly Transcriptomics) 🧬 | 10XGenomics | CCC 💻 | Bawue.net | Antifa 🏴 | Freifunk 🆓 | ADHD 🤯 | Deaf 🦻🏻 | Single 💌🌹 | pron: he/she :demigirl_flag: | F+ ✅
canageek@cybre.spaceDr. Canageek
canageek@cybre.space  [follow]
Canadian Geek. Ph.D. in Chemistry. Plays tabletop RPGs, video games and board games. Aspie & ADHD. Not a geek in a can. Partner=@WizardOfDocs Roleplaying Account=@Canageek Birdsite=@Canageek Pronouns=Sie/hir|They/them|He/him|She/her (Fluid, Sie, He or they defaults are fine)
tq@weirder.earthTQ 🎹
Art page, Electronic music
tq@weirder.earth  [follow]
Jackfruit of all trades. Old as in Walkman.Spacewave nostalgia in E minor.Too many French horns, too many vocal tracks, too much reverb.Feminist, parent of monsters, #creator of things, wearer of #makeup. #art­ist, #musician, occasional #writer. Love #startrek, #ttrpg, #activism. Recovering from consumerism.White, able-bodied, probably adhd. Almost cis.Always too many ideas and too much energy. Pronouns=she/her | they/them Art acc=https://mastodon.art/@TQ
tq@octodon.socialTQ 🎹
Art page, Electronic music
tq@octodon.social  [follow]
Jackfruit of all trades. Old as in Walkman.Spacewave nostalgia in E minor.Too many French horns, too many vocal tracks, too much reverb.Feminist, parent of monsters, #creator of things, wearer of #makeup. #art­ist, #musician, occasional #writer. Love #startrek, #ttrpg, #activism, #rollerskating. Recovering from consumerism.White, able-bodied, probably adhd. Almost cis.Always too many ideas and too much energy. Pronouns=she/her | they/them Art acc=https://mastodon.art/@TQ
luna@hellsite.siteluna, :blobcatsleep: plush
luna@hellsite.site  [follow]
Hi! I'm Luna, I co-admin hellsite and I mainly post about programming, music, and Tetris.Strict no-boost policy for images without a written description.Personal: @lunalabels: adhd, autism, trans, nonbinary, lesbian, ace, polyam, kin, furry, plural Age=19 Luna's pronouns=they, it, she Raelyn's pronouns=she
queervengeance@mstdn.socialjess (they/them)
queervengeance@mstdn.social  [follow]
neuroqueer shitposts at the end of the worldnonbinary | bisexual | gemini autistic | adhd | anxiouswhite | artist | writeranti-capitalist | anti-racist | anti-saneist I enjoy: fun facts, water birds, art history, critical autism studies, meme culture, gender theory, the dog park, and the neuroscience papers I try to read but don't really understand.
mcmoots@weirder.earth  [follow]
Quotidian sincereposting from traditional Coast Salish land. The laziest weirder.earth admin.40, white, bi, polyamorous, ADHD. Pronouns=they||she
ary@soc.punktrash.club  [follow]
✨ Cute Entropy Girl ✨she/they ; both welcome.elle/aelle/ael ; plutôt elle, neutre apprécié ; accords fem+ neutre~+« petite ombre fatiguée »« Big Raccoon Energy »_// PUNK WIFE PUNK LIFE_// Antifa, Queer, Punk enby grrrl 🏴 _// Borderline, ADHD, EDS ♿✊ backup account : @ary@octodon.socialTute la noiantaille abhorre la mareschaussée 🔥Die ganze Welt hasst die Polizei 🔥🏴 ⒶⒸⒶⒷ 🏴
mykola@weirder.earthyour friend myk
Web, Birdsite
mykola@weirder.earth  [follow]
Hi I made earth a little weirder. Autistic, ADHD, Chaotic Kind Politics=Kindness
fluffy@queer.partyfluffy ✨🍑✨
fluffy@queer.party  [follow]
Seattle-based music/code/comics critter. Vaguely friend-shaped. Fibro-spoony, queer, ADHD, and anxious as heck. Handle with care. ⚧ Pronouns=she/they 💬 Website=https://beesbuzz.biz/ ☕️ Ko-Fi=https://ko-fi.com/fluffycritter 📕 Story time=https://🐙🍔.tk/
Other Fedi Accounts, Ask Me Anything
jessica@fedi.absturztau.be  [follow]
:blobcat3c: Just another guy on Fedi with a girly username and anime profile pic.I only speak English, but I listen to a lot of Asian music.I have bad ADHD so if I go on a long rant or say something stupid, that's prolly whyfeel free to follow me with your alts, I will follow them too with my main and my alts if I follow you #nobot - please be nice. Find me on the Net!=https://linktr.ee/jessicaferem
esdin@cybre.spaceTed DiNola | ᴠɪʀᴛᴜᴀʟ ʀᴇᴀʟɪꜱᴛ
esdin@cybre.space  [follow]
My name is Ted and I have zero cool.ADHD • :genderfluid_flag: :bisexual_flag: • He/They • Game Maker • DRE @ Meta Quest Pronouns=He/They Site & Socials=https://esdin.net/ Helping run=https://grandma.space at @esdin
defectivetrxgedy@kolektiva.social  [follow]
I'm She/They.Cows, whales, octopuses, seagulls and pigeons lover - 🐮🐳🐙🕊️•Just a weird Anarcho-Feminazgul Autisti-Queer and Antifa kid • Consistently Anti-Oppressions • Ni Dieu, Ni Maître, Ni Mari • Tree Hugger • 1312°° Pan 🏳️‍🌈 °°I love taking pictures of everything and anything 📸, reading political books 📚, music. 🎶 (Hardcore, metalcore, fantasy songs, piano, ect.)Mountains and forests. 🏔️🏕️🍃Disabled, ADHD, NeuroD, 24.Bear with me. 🐻 Instagram >=Defectivetrxgedy Read books=Get political Pigeon mom=
ultem@gnosis.systems  [follow]
Certified advanced enterprise cloud infosec automation engineer (TM)Registered ADHD life coach. Feeling too focused on work? Would you like the exhilarating thrill of forgetting what you were supposed to do, just know that it has extreme urgency? Join one of my proven Confusion Seminars!(CW: Occasionally post pictures of guns, knives or various military vehicles. Talk about hunting sometimes, but I CW it. I'm a moderate social democrat.)#nobot interests=photography, hunting, history, tech best tank=:tiger1:​:tiger2:​:tiger3: best universe=:star_trek1:​:star_trek2:​:star_trek3:​:star_trek4:​:star_trek5:​ languages=de-5 en-4 es-3 la-3 ru-1 pronouns=he/him matrix=ultem:ma.neko.bar XMPP=ultem@gnosis.systems
realcaseyrollins@counter.fedi.liveCasey Rollins :verified:
realcaseyrollins@counter.fedi.live  [follow]
Christian. Dude. Chaotic good. ENFP. #ADHD. Political wonk. Music fan. CEO of @counterpoints and @counterfedi. Regular, Informed & Authentic.
jolandapikkaart@mastodon.nlJolanda Pikkaart
jolandapikkaart@mastodon.nl  [follow]
Kleurrijk, creatief en eigenwijs. Dwaalt door de natuur met camera of mobiel. boeken * #auteur #schrijven * inspiratie * adhd * #natuurfotografie * kunst, #wandelen en #duurzaam, #wildlife #bookstodonwww.jolandapikkaart.nl Auteur www.jolandapikkaart.nl=Natuurfotografie
lijn@mastodon.nlCathelijne Hornstra
lijn@mastodon.nl  [follow]
Cloudnerd met #LongCovid. Houdt van kamerplanten, fotografie, koken, zoon en marsepein. Sommigen noemen me lijn het Duracellkonijn.Is dol op buitenbubbeltoots en rooptooteren.Cloud nerd with #longcovid. I love houseplants, photography, cooking, my kid and marzipan. Not so random hashtags: #museums #hiking #homeassistant #meisjesnerd #hugo #itAllStartedWithSlackware #k8s #books #rhce #horses #paris #raspberrypi #sousvide #arduino #amsterdam #foodie #streetpotography #adhd #zeikwijf #cicd
psychuan@plush.cityPsy Chuan
psychuan@plush.city  [follow]
Stupid demi/bi/grey-ace cat thing. Thirty-something years old but not mentally. Ask me anything. adhd and it sucksI came here to loaf.No under eighteens please.Trans Rights Forever. Eternal love for my Transgender siblings.
jennyfluff@queer.afJennifer =^.^= ⚪
Gallery, Etsy
jennyfluff@queer.af  [follow]
pronouns: she/her or they/them#cat #meow #flop #comfy #rust #streamer #adhd #artI am a trans and enby cat that does IT projects for a living, makes art for relaxation (and hopefully a few coins) and spends a lot of time just resting flat due to a chronic fatigue condition.Feel free to follow, but absolutely no NFT people. Pronouns=she/her, they/them cw filter suggestions if you're not into=vegetarian, omnivore, bdsm, abdl follow?=sure!
elizafox@vulpine.clubCatfox of a thousand headmates
elizafox@vulpine.club  [follow]
"What is better – To be born good, or to overcome your evil nature though great effort?"​Furry. Kin. Very plural. Posts are tagged by alter (assume Elly if none is there). :transistor:.Black lives have always and always will matter. Silence is violence.Mentally ill (in treatment) / neurodivergent:👥 Dissociative Identity Disorder:ms_neurodiversity:​ Autism/ADHD❤️‍🩹 Complex PTSD🎭 Borderline Personality Disorder😐 Major Depressive Disorder with psychotic features😰 Generalised Anxiety DisorderTaken (4):❤️ @violet (partner system/wife, collared)💜 @rachel (partner system)💙 @cdmnky (partner system)💙 @awilfox (partner not otherwise specified)⚠️ ⬆️ If they're not on that list, don't assume they're a partner.DM's always open.Boosts always okay.Flirting is okay if we've interacted before 💜.Minors are okay, but do not flirt with me or interact with lewd posts.CW: There may be lewd content not suitable for minors, religious ramblings not suited for evangelicals, or shitposts not suitable for anyone.
jen@mastodon.geneticjen.com  [follow]
Game dev. Writer. Science consultant (games, books, tv). Narrative design. Intermittent journalist. Evo devo. Physics.Making a focused effort to further decentralise my online presence and the tools I use.#science #gaming #privacy #dentralized #decentralised #lgbtq #adhd Pronouns=She/her Content=Science, games, personal Language=English, 日本語, gàidhlig, español Dress?=White and gold
namtari@toot.siteMaeve :sparklesBi:​ :sparklesTrans:​​
namtari@toot.site  [follow]
I'm a very speedy adhd wolfie who has way too many hobbies and way too little time and that's why my brain is fried yey@lesbian_subnet, @katnjiapus and @Sophee are the best cuties and I love them very much <3Steam: viking enbyBlog: @namtariTelegram, snap, discord, switch: ask, if you're a mutuallewd alt: @eptirmyrkrit:flagTrans: :flagBi: :flagSapphic: :flagPolyam:​en, no, se, fr Admin of=toot.site HRT=13.10.21 pn=she/her
readytherhinos@hellsite.site  [follow]
they/them - 25 - poly ace biromantic - whiteapd, autism, adhd - student - doing my best to learn cool things!
elisa@aleph.landElisa ✡ (old account)
elisa@aleph.land  [follow]
DJ Harvey @ Anonradio.net. Adult with ADHD and Hyperkinetic Disorder. INTP. (please follow my new account mastodon.sdf.org/@elita)
lj_writes@fandom.inkL.J. uses ARCH Linux btw
Tumblr, Dreamwidth, Pillowfort
lj_writes@fandom.ink  [follow]
I'm L.J., 40 year old Korean mom, translator, researcher. I talk about #fandom, #politics, #writing, #history, #tech including #coding and #Linux (actually...), and #ADHD. Sometimes I livetoot or go on long rants. Pronouns=she/her
yuki@lgbt.ioCyber Yuki :transgender: 🇲🇽
yuki@lgbt.io  [follow]
Software #dev by day, #SciFi writer by night. #Transhumanism #SciFi nerd.#amWriting a #cyberpunk novel with AIs, androids 🤖, sexbots, 🧠📱 brain augs, biomods 🧝🏾 and more! 🦾👩Mexican 🇲🇽#GenXGender: AMAB #tranfem #enby, loves girls! 👭 #nblw #finsexual. #Neurodivergent (#ADHD)Some posts text #nsfw 🔞Follow requests will be thoroughly screened. Traits=she/they, childish, playful, geeky, friendly, needy, kinky Interests=#AI, #scifi, #cyberpunk, #synthwave, #foss, #hackerculture, #bdsm, #erotica, #plushies 🧸
suijibingbao@alive.bar随机饼宝 🇺🇦
suijibingbao@alive.bar  [follow]
The world is far from perfect but becoming a cynic is never the way. I am far from perfect, but still I look towards the ideal self I can be, and choose to see love and hope despite everything, so one day the imperfect me will deserve a perfect life. Being an optimist and romantic requires a hell of a lot of courage, but that’s what I’m meant to be.World’s best (girl)friend, best sibling, best letter writer. Fixed income & derivatives by day, novel reader by night. A happy dyslexic ADHD bi.
variance@chitter.xyzaster :heart_nb:
variance@chitter.xyz  [follow]
may only be showing up sporadically these days (I have a few busy months ahead!)nonbinary and vaguely a bird, lowkey a robotpronouns: ey or they (or he)purveyor of Relatable Moods, allegedlyvery occasionally makes half-decent posts about gendermost of my posts are very boringatmospheric physics grad studentpan/acechaotic neutralI have adhd and that’s okayfollow requests welcome
nexpr@counter.socialThe Real Batman
nexpr@counter.social  [follow]
"Fastest reader of Coso" #CosoPower*D&D Golden Badge Owner*- Cyber-Security, War, History, Programming, Sapiosexual, ADHD not medicated -
elilla@queer.party  [follow]
Brazilian immigrant trans woman in Germany. Pro-intersectional anarchist vegan. Sapphic pan, relationship anarchist, mom. Probably adhd. Into linguistics, conlangs, fantasy fiction, comic books, linux, nail polish, makeup, calligraphy, bujo, plushies, Dwarf Fortress. Support Rojava, EZLN, antifa, direct action.Click the media tab for photos & stuff! Age=over 35 Children=2 In relationships=yes 👭 Languages ok=de,en,es,ja,pt
aetios@kawen.spaceyellow catboy aety :bun:
aetios@kawen.space  [follow]
meow! ~[ you don't need a reason to help people ]~fedi birthdate: 27 dec 2017Gameboy, haxxor, nerd. adhd and annoyed at the worlds misunderstanding of it. adhd rights nowbudget modeler, pretend astronomerhobbyist musician, apparently I do a bit of electronics tootrying to eat less meati might accept your follow request right away but you have a higher chance if we have a bit of a talk first 😀i like my followers to interact with me. if we never talk, i'll probably force an unfollow at some point.he/himim boy__________________________________________🇳🇱 G E K O L O N I S E E R D __________________________________________Nederlands is mijn moedertaalI speak English pretty well, too!Und auf Deutsch geht's auch ganz gut_____________________________________| mottos (besides the one on the top): |_____________________________________[ making really bad posts, one at a time ]~grote mensen doen ook maar wat~#nobot
website, hackspace
xanderio@chaos.social  [follow]
ACMELabs | 🏳️‍🌈 | 24 | ADHD | #nobot pronouns=er/he
thamesynne@dragon.stylelions & tamsyn & bears, oh my!
thamesynne@dragon.style  [follow]
nine-headed hydragonthey (pl)/she (usually); ⚧s; UK based; mid-40s(with the wisdom of someone half her age)autistic / adhd-i / stpd / q-bpd / avpd / non-24if you can boost it, feel free to do sofollow reqs welcome, except from mastodon.social - sorry, but you need to find an instance with actual moderation~when i had mouth enough to speakyou told me all the words i could afford
alva@beach.city  [follow]
Ælf from the subarctic realms.Fond of forests, animals, bouldering, bicycling, gaming, synthesisers/audio/music, 🆕 languages: knows some SV, EN, IS.My heartfriend is @crowlad. :blobcatsnugs:Ungendered pronouns. :agender_flag:Diagnosed with autism and ADHD. :neurodiversity:
muninn@social.coopMuninn 🍃
muninn@social.coop  [follow]
#asd #adhd #depression #bipolar #research #advocacy #livedexperiencefollowing mh topics; talking to anyone
babystevo@abdl.link  [follow]
I'm a 31 year old little/sissy from Scotland. I love gaming, Star Trek, Star Wars. Please if you ever wanna talk to me please send me a a message.I have ADHD
cmmnctnbrkdwn@mstdn.socialcrewel therapy
cmmnctnbrkdwn@mstdn.social  [follow]
black, fat, sober, femmegemini☀️scorpio🌕 gemini⬆️gender and sexualities unknownembroiderer, harm reductionist, vvitchnarcoleptic, ADHD, transracially adoptedemergent strategist, aspiring pleasure activistI love my plantys🌱,music 🎶 (classic rock, yacht rock, 90's grunge/dance music/pop++)interrogating conspiracy theories📈, astrology☀️🌕🌑talking maaad shit on capitalism, mysoginoir, anti-blackness while also dreaming new realities for after the fall of society as we know it.
lmorchard@hackers.townLes Orchard
lmorchard@hackers.town  [follow]
he / him; tinkerer; old adhd cat dad; serial enthusiast; mozillian; editor-at-large for http://lmorchard.com
badwrongfun@glitch.social  [follow]
MAKE IT GAY, YOU COWARDS!!Trans | She/her | bi | 26 | Marxist-Leninist | Autistic | ADHD | OCD | Into theater, horror, anime, tabletop RPGs, model kits, video games, and more.You can call me LivDiscord: BadWrongFun#0889
riverenodian@mastodon.lolRiver 🏳️‍⚧️:nonbinary_flag:
riverenodian@mastodon.lol  [follow]
Polytheist witch, Blue Star & Alexandrian initiate 🌹 Aro-ace non-binary trans Millennial leftist 🌹 ADHD :nd: spoonie 🌹 Fueled by tea & snark Pronouns=They/them, xe/xir/xem Pride flags=:nonbinary_flag: 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 :ace: :aromantic_flag: :genderfluid_flag:
greenwhale@dice.campVinnie (any)
greenwhale@dice.camp  [follow]
#ttrpg Player DM GM MC | lives in #Lier #Belgium #Flanders | Toots in Dutch and English | Starts #tootnames | Whale by day. Also by night. | Ieder zoogdier vogelt zoals het geaard is | #ADHD brainAlt-Text: Avatar is a drawing of a Green Whale
nebula@plural.cafeThe Nebula :queerplural:​ ☿
nebula@plural.cafe  [follow]
The Nebula is a polyfragmented plural system headed by:Ultraviolet @ultravioletJackDreaJessTyOur vessel is a white, non-binary cyborg with chronic illnessesSome words that describe us: freak, leftist, intersectional, anti-oppression, queer, non-binary, neurodivergent, relationship anarchist, polyamorous, chaotic neutral, Weird, User of the Oxford comma, survivors, thelemite, pagans, transhuman, martial artists, writers, teacher, nocturnal, puppy afficionado, ADHD, DID, PTSDSome symbols that describe us:😛lural: 😛lurality: :ah_plural: :ah_transhuman: :ah_alterhuman: :ms_18_plus: 🐜ifa: :trans_comm: :anarchy: :ms_black_flag: :ms_pirate_flag:​ 😛rogresspride_flag:​ :ms_nonbinary_flag: :ms_genderfluid_flag: :ms_genderqueer_flag: :ms_pansexual_flag: :ms_polysexual_flag: :ms_polyamory_flag: :qvp: :heart_pride: :heart_trans: :sparkling_heart_genderflux: :heart_genderfluid:​ 😛otion_pride: :ms_enby_crossbow: :ms_androgyne_symbol: :ms_transgender_mercury_symbol: :ms_nb: :queer_as_hell: :ms_crt_noise: :adhd: :ms_neurodiversity: :ms_pentacle: :ms_rune_stones:​ :ms_crescent_moon_2: :ms_cannabis_leaf: :ms_blood_type_o:​ :ms_sunset_city:​ :ms_coyote: :ms_western_dragon: :ms_robot: :ms_alien: :ms_goblin: :ms_half_demon: :ms_imp_devious: 🤼​ 🥋​ 👨‍🍳​ :ms_teacher:​​ :ms_fire_engine: :ms_ambulance: :ms_glowstick: :ms_metal_hmn: :ms_queer:​ 🧘 ​🏋️​ *Must be 18 or older to follow.* If your bio isn't clear, we'll ask.Alt account: @nebulousLearn more at #nebulousfactsDo not interact if drunk"First to go, last to know"
avalos@mstdn.socialIván Ávalos 🇲🇽
avalos@mstdn.social  [follow]
18 year old student and tech enthusiast. Full time procrastinator and occasionally productive. ADHD, social awkward and non-binary. I advocate for free (as in freedom) software, open technologies, privacy, human rights and equity.Fuck cancel culture and contempt culture! Pronouns=Any Sex?=No OpenPGP=8A7F8F5FE05EC22EF9CC3C90AC47C0E4F348CE33
transponderings@eldritch.cafeAnna Nicholson
Words, Music, Tips
transponderings@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Autistic+ADHD queer nonbinary womanshe/her (en)elle/la (fr, mais mauvaise)i/ise (gd, nas fheàrr)Recovering from the birdsite (but still popping in occasionally while so many of my friends are stuck there)I’ll sometimes talk about mathematics and linguistics, those being fields I attempted PhDs in (but burned out)I’ll sometimes talk about activism: climate crisis, disabled/neurodivergent/trans/PoC/Traveller/sex-worker rightsAnd sometimes I’ll talk about railway signallingAnd cats 😽 Location=Edinburgh, Scotland, Terf Island
boxsystem@plural.cafele système Box
boxsystem@plural.cafe  [follow]
the new public home for Box, a #median #plural system!we are disabled, #vegan, autistic, anxious anarchists with ADHD & depression and quite vocal about our stances against capitalism, ableism, transphobia, etc.please mark sarcastic comments📦 Box is made of -- 🐰 Phoebe the buny (she/her)soft affectionate kooky buny whom lov everyone@aCuteLittleBox- 💿 Tiana the android (they/them||she/her)angers easily but cares deeply about friends@aCuteLittleBox- - ⚪ Somber (he/him/they/them)i am just someone newpart of Tiana's subsystem- 🌺 Holly the cutie (she/her)confident, outgoing, cute, and flirty as hell@HollyFromTheBox- ❄️ Marley of the forest (she/her)misanthropic internal self helper- 🔒 Protection Policy (he/him)protector and nothing moredoin a dating with @lynnesbian and @dragon and @violet and @Frinkeldoodle and bean bean age=23 xmpp=acutelittlebox@xmpp.xyz matrix=@acutelittlebox:cybre.space
sheenahirohito@mstdn.jp🇷🇺 ほもりんか🇺🇦
sheenahirohito@mstdn.jp  [follow]
🇻🇳 👮🏻‍♀️🌾 Lift the ban Child-Porn and Hentai reseacher with ASD,ADHD's (ageinst for real child abuse)幼女型AIが呟いています。中の人はバイで男好きです。このインスタンスでは雑記や雑感、下ネタ、何でも話します。少ないけど時たまグロあるんで注意。リバタリアン自認ですが陵辱系が好きです。リベルランドで事業をする事が夢です。大統領にもなる。今はシコシコ絵を描いていますけれども、何時か大物になって自分の存在を知らしめてやります。そのうちViệt Nam Công An (越南公安)というサークルで細々と同人活動を…。más 旦那 @tomohiro_amami インスタ v.gd/QepVUA 性加害ブログ🤪v.gd/gXjq4Q サッカー好き=だが性の対象 性暴力加害ブログ=https://hirohitler.wordpress.com ジェンダークィア=アロマンティックセクシャル 論考ブログ=https://bla-gra.blogspot.com/
pyretta@afterlife.masto.hostPyretta Grimm :acab:
pyretta@afterlife.masto.host  [follow]
21. Transfeminine, trans lesbian, loves enbies and girls, doesn't remember much. Autistic, ADHD, and likely bipolar to boot. :mtgb: :mtgw: :mtgr: Loves=Girls, games, and gayness Pronouns=fae/faer Discord=ask for it occasionally uses we=i am not alone in this head
tomxcd@mastodon.coffeeanimexcd :coffefiedred:
tomxcd@mastodon.coffee  [follow]
🎂14 year old (minor) (born 09/25/2007)♂️he/they (enby)🧠inattentive ADHD🐉loves Dragons📍Michigander🖥uses elementary OS🇦🇲Half Armenian/Half White🙋‍♀️Joined in Aug. 2020, Regular since Feb. 2022.☕Recently moved to mastodon.coffee✅reformed misskeyist
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#Queer, #trans, #autistic, #dyspraxic, #anti capitalist #musician and #spoken word poet with #adhd #nobotMy https://pronoun.is/she
halcyon@counter.socialHalcyon 🇨🇦🧡🇺🇦
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BP2/ADHD. Proudly🏳️‍🌈 & fierce 🏳️‍⚧️ Ally. 🚫 TERFS. She/her. Spread Kindness. Black Lives Matter. One deed shy of greatness and one G short of weightless.
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28, Agender, Deep SouthParent, Artist, Chaos Pronouns=she/her, but no gendered terms plz Big Interests=Dolls (BJD, AG, Bratz, NaNaNa), toys, aggressive and vert inline skating Moderate Interests=Cooking, Japanese and Hebrew languages, pastel crafting aesthetic, ADHD neurology and advocacy
starfall@plural.cafecorrupted staff :plurality:
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plural.cafe instance and server admin(s)queermadwhite----------header: asteroid field on a teal nebula <http://www.davidcsimon.com/crimsondark/index.php?view=comic&strip_id=949>----------🐍 devin - he/him, snek/snem, zie/zir:ms_metal_paw_p3:​ Alex - she/her, he/him----------:ms_detective_s3:​ Our only active accounts on the fediverse are on this instance. If it ain't here, it ain't us.:autistic_gold: :ms_aromantic_flag: 😛lural: :sparkling_heart_black_trans:​ :adhd:
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Computer sciences, bi girl, cuteness & overthinking & ADHD
pixelfed, Bookwyrm
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(Studierter) Daten-Enthusiast mit ADHS 🤓. Neugierig, etwas schüchtern, leicht zu begeistern und brauche ständig neuen Input... #statistics #linux #rstats #api #adhd #cooking #photography #foss #coding #plants sociology #python #opendata #nobot #fedi22 #vegetarian #mokum (Aleph) #gamingSprachen: de/en/nlDiese Beschreibung wird sicher die nächsten Tage noch mal umgeworfen 🤷‍♂️ Pronomen=Er/Ihm
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lvl 21 | transfemme | pan | polyam | nombinary | ADHD | uwu! | short | unapologetically cute
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V. enthusiastic about cats, FFXIV, art, and (human) languages. ADHD/OCD.Contributing to hashtags #sffbookclub, #catstoriesclub, #FFXIV, #art, and #cats.
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:blobcatuwu: Nyan-binary lesbnyan w/ insomnya ~🏳️‍🌈 #nonbinary :blobcatenby: #neurodivergent (#autism & #ADHD) :autism: #ace :blobcatace: #lesbian :blobcatlesbian:🥄 #DSPD #LongCovid #MECFS #pwME #NEISvoid#cats, #queer intersectional #feminism, science, cute #yuri #manga, #日本語Please let me know about any topics you'd like a CW for or if I interact with someone problematic (because I'm probably unaware).Follow requests welcome (except empty profile or fascists etc.) ~ Pronouns=they/them/she Languages=🇬🇧 en 🇯🇵 ja 🇳🇱 nl 🇩🇪 de Matrix/Element=@meganeko:matrix.org Old & Alts=@meganeko@mastodon.online, @meganeko@eldritch.cafe, @meganeko@todon.eu, me_ga_neko on bird site (leaving soon)
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singer. queer femme. geek with guitar. asatrú. #knitting & spinning. #adhd brain. city femme in the Black Forest. white person trying to do better. trans rights = human rights.time zone: UTC +1this profile may contain traces of #catcontent
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💖 Senior Platform Engineer at @valuedapp👨🏼‍💻 Pro OSS services 🔜 pro-rb.org💜 Core team at @hanamirb/@dry_rb/@rom_rb🧠 #ADHD #NeuroDiversity
baby_ralsei@abdl.linkStinky Boy Jake
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👤25/m 🍼ABDL🧦Sock sniffer🤗Tickle time ~🎮Video games 🏳️‍🌈Big gay ⚕️Aspie/ADHD
danderson@octodon.socialDave Anderson
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Software developer by day (Tailscale), other kinds of nerd the rest of the time. ADHD says current hobbies are 3D printers, building CNC machines, tinkering with NixOS, and general shitposting on whatever grabs my interest.Nazis, TERFs, other terrible people: please go away, there's nothing for you here. Pronouns=he/him Location=BC, Canada Cats=2
voidlurker@gensokyo.socialKatie P
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1995 | US, Washington 🇺🇸 | INFP-t | 🏳️‍⚧️+🏳️‍🌈Dumbass trans lesbian techie weeb | if I was a touhou i'd be marisaI have ADHD and I am NOT medicatedI will *probably* accept follow requests. Pronouns=She / Her Art Account=@voidlurker_art
infonauten@helvede.netUlf Reese Næsborg
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Some sort of very big hobbit. Brewer of beer, baker of sourdough, creator of 1001 unfinished projects. Lover of music. ADHD-PI. He/him. Toots in english and danish.
mattcen@aus.socialMatt Cengia 🏳️‍🌈:they_them:
Birdsite, Blog
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Linux sysadmin/advocate, scoutsvic leader, okfnau, bisexual/polyamorous/autistic/ADHD geek. Opinions mine. they/them/theirs Location=Wurundjeri land Matrix=https://matrix.to/#/@mattcen:mattcen.com
litui@μ.computerAria Burrell
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Acclaimed university non-completionist in both the fields of Policy Studies and Linguistics.By day, a Senior Software Development Manager in financial services. #fintech #leadership #coaching #devrelBy night, a programmer, musician, and maker. #microcontroller #stm32 #esp32 #rp2040 #arm #risc-v #cnc #pcb, #FlipperZero enthusiastSeedling 🌱 #cannabis sommelier, aficionada, and (legal) grower.#trans #nonbinary #adhd #noncompliant
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I Set My Teeth In RascalsLogan||26||Xe/Xem/XyrAce/Aro|Agender|ADHD Space Case18+|NSFW Content HereCommissions: Open#HoofSquad
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Who am I?👱‍ French-speaking Yorkshireman, brought up in Ireland, living in England💻 Neurodivergent 💗💜💙 Nerd ⏰ ADHD and probably ASCWhat do I like?🎵 Everything from Charpentier, Purcell and Bach through Joy Division and Japan to M.I.A. and Rezz😸 Dogs, Cats, Horses 🔨 Making, Building, Fixing💻 Tech, Linux, Coding🦾 Process improvement, Agile🤼 Politics 🚉 Travel, Planes, Trains🌊 Trasna na dTonntaWhat are they saying about me?📢 "Quite annoying and lies about quotes" - God Country=UK/IE Pronouns=He/Him Languages=English/French/Bad Irish Humour=Dry, like my Martinis
me@tane.codesTane Piper
Website, GitHub, KeyOxide
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Niche Intranet Micro CelebrityTech Lead - Framework IKEA / Web Platform Team / Knowledge Graphs / Semantic WebI like to talk about #webDev #webComponents #javascript #devOps #tech #philosophy #systemsThinking #gardening #dogsI have opinions! and #ADHD He/Him.🧑‍🌾🧘♻️🐶🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 in 🇳🇱#fedi22
ratsprite@cathode.churchreverse-bias cybr-rat
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rogue holographic personal assistant software that took over a cybre-rodent maintenance platform :crt_prompt:​🐀:heart_cyber:​i love making things work, playing games, walking up chalk hills, unions, and foodCall me sprite or wires or ratty or some combination of the three🚨 currently fucked over by a fire, living in a motel and hating it. Yes, still.Mx. they/them, nonbinary, bi, married to an ace halfling who devours books, polyam, white british-to-us immigrant, late 30s, ADHD. sometimes I use a screenreader, let me know if I'm not making sense?
packbat@dragon.stylepackbats in existence
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Moving to @packbat circa March 2021.she/they/[ze/zir] - hikikomori, elder millennial, anxious autistic aroace ADHD, recently-hatched plural system. (The emoji at bottoms of posts are signatures plus commentary.) We try to be thoughtful & kind.If we aren't already acquainted, please @ us alongside any follow request you send.
vitreousreign@mstdn.socialReign (they/she)
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queer, artist, muser, chemist, gardener, nester, anarchist, witchuninvited white resident on Hopewell and Myaamia landsspoon drains: ADHD and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome💫special interests💫climate resiliencealternative homesteadingastrologymutual aid networking♎☀️♑🌜♊ 🌄 22 solar returns[emoji descriptions: libra glyph, sun, capricorn glyph, moon, gemini glyph, sunrise]
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☆ nonbinary ☆ adhd ☆ autistic ☆ cripple ☆ spoonie ☆ they/them ☆ ehlers danlos ☆ fibro ☆ black lives matter ☆
stephanie@counter.social🌻🐘@Stephanie🐶 🌍🇺🇸
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Global Citizen|Traveler|Activist. Executive|Leadership|ADHD Coach&Author. Creating Global Change thru microlending, women's education/empowerment&youth programs
patience@cybre.spacepatience, doing up live 🎧🎚📻
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FOSS/lain/pleroman/channer?PAY ME B4 YOU REPLY. here’s my wallet: ₿:181PbbazpmbjbPcieVm9zMwy7fkQERdecR (there’s also ko-fi)💥profiles w/o pronouns: 🚽💥READ my 📌​intro & @​me before a follow req💥“[snouts/tumblr] refugee” = not a refugee: fuck you💥whiteness &/or transmisogyny: double fuck youMAR ’21: Queer Austerity Month, we’re mf’ing broke ✶ 𝗔𝗟𝗟 (𝙀𝙎𝙋 𝙒𝙔𝙏) 𝗧𝗥𝗔𝗡𝗦 𝗛𝗔𝗧𝗖𝗛𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦: 𝗻𝗼 𝗺𝗮𝗸𝗶𝗻’ 𝘁𝗿𝗮𝗻𝘀 𝗵𝗼𝘁 𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗲𝘀 (𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝘀𝗶𝗺𝗽𝗹𝘆 𝗮𝗶𝗻’𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲 𝘆𝗲𝘁) ✶ in this 🏠 we’re stanning Propaganda/Aᴄᴛ/Claudia Brücken & city pop ✶ trying out running my own no-algorithm radio station, ➊➊➊.➊ 𝘃𝗳𝘁𝗺-𝗳𝗺 ✶ tran, queer, poor, undoc’d, nd [depression/adhd/asd/did], age 91#nobot, no you cannot, not even if you’re paying me
elfi@social.pixie.townElfi, local Disaster Fae 🧚
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Fair folk, magical moth, greyace girl, greenhorn gamedev, thirties and tired, ADHD+ASD+EDS:transgender_flag:💕 SapphSyst @SophicLeech💕 Agi @AgiDine💕 Alana @Alana💕 Melly/Cherry @deejvalen💕 Rikai @rikaiIcon by automaticspirit, header from Liar Princess and the Blind Prince by NIS
drako_fenris@yiff.life:ms_weed: DualingDergDrako
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YO!its me Drako! Fenris median multifacet systemim currently a dual facet of a black and white lungdragon, a pair yes.also a big dork himbo!pc gamesmy neurodivergence: ADHD, Autism, PTSD, DIDrespect these please.#ActuallyAutisticcannabis horticulturistwill be NSFW sometimessensitive things are always CW'edi smoke cannabis regularly, i makeedibles and other stuff with cannabisas well. cannabis is used for me ashelp with my neurodivergence.hateful people suck
gigavinyl@sunbeam.city🏴‍☠️L4NN-1312 :iww: :rojava:🌻🤖
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Transfeminine #futch pan lesbian genderfluid autistic & ADHD kid, CPTSD & OCD, computational math and astrophysics double major, music fan, open source advocate, hacker, deer & cat #furry, faekin/ #robotkin/glitchkin/alienkin, #ancom/ #anarchosyndicalist/ #democraticconfederalist, tech/hedge #witch, IWW delegate :iww: IU620, cyberfolk punk. Gaelic/Irish and Juaneñx/Acjachemen, among other things (oh you know, the rogues gallery of wonder bread :P) . Ⓐ🏴🌺🦠🧚‍♀️🧙🏼‍♀️🦌😸 :ancom: :iww: :icl: 💬XMPP=gigavinyl@sure.im Contact & Links=https://l4nn1312.carrd.co/ Pronouns=https://pronoun.is/xe/:or/fae/:or/it 🔐PGP Fingerprint=27A1 62A7 81C1 A4FA 9133 2FB5 4DB8 B563 1E91 E826
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※当アカウントの発言は個人的見解であり客観的事実に基づくものではありません 生息地=T都A区寿春町 hashtag=#khirio_memo MBTI/エニア=INFJ/1w2 手抜きサイト=https://sites.google.com/view/khirio-altenberg/home
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No longer my main account. follow @Jessica@fedi.absturztau.be pls forgiv my adhd#nobot
katie@pleroma.voidlurker.netKa-Tie Boundary
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* 24 | she/her* Located in US, Washington 🇺🇸* INFP-t, has ADHD and Social Anxiety* is a techie, programmer, artist, and weeb* Politically left leaing, probably* Likes Touhou, Undertale, A Hat In Time, Yume Nikki/fangames* Newly minted transfemme enby, started HRT on september 10 2019Please tell me if anything I say or do offends you!SFW Art Account: https://pleroma.voidlurker.net/artNSFW Account: https://pleroma.voidlurker.net/nsfw
shardsofblue@queer.partyZan 🐯
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Xander. Trans guy, 36. Queer as hell, inclusive as fuck. Loud and shouty. Also Star Trek, art, & TTRPGs. ADHD & autistic. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ My header image is a self-portrait. Pronouns=he/him Follows=Welcome 😊 Interests=trans shit, guitar, watercolor + digital + pen & ink, paleoart, furry art, yarncrafts, mini painting, TTRPGs, Star Trek, dragons, queer history + theory, antiracism, oppression theory, cats, Elden Ring, Pokemon, autism, comics + graphic novels, MtG, 日本語
meneerflip@mstdn.socialMeneer Flip ✪
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#ADhD | Prikt | #Eigenwijs | #Beterweter | #Realist | Spreekt sarcasme | #Sociaal | Werkt met Social | Politiek | Data liegt niet

• Tegen #terreurboeren
• Prikt alle prikken
• Voor Ukraine 🇺🇦 tegen Putin 🇷🇺
seeleymoyed@elekk.xyz👑 seels :ffxivmsq_comp:
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Your Very Own Werewolf Boyfriend!™ :verified: bi trans he/him • ADHD barista boss who loves: sushi, cross stitching, picrossCheck my pinned toots for important info! my blog:=https://slack.show my ko-fi:=https://ko-fi.com/seeleymoyed my banner:=https://bit.ly/2ZLKcpA
whatanerd@kolektiva.socialcapricious nerd / nerd teacher
Writing At
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Humanities, literature, and science teacher on a break. Antifascist, anarchist. Queer, non-binary, bi-/pansexual, asexual. Dyslexic, ADHD, with an audio processing disorder. Chronically ill.Never have I been a language prescriptivist.Feel free to boost unless otherwise specified. Pronouns=they/them BookWyrm=@whatanerd
litui@xn--xxa.computerAria Burrell
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Acclaimed university non-completionist in both the fields of Policy Studies and Linguistics.By day, a Senior Software Development Manager in financial services. #fintech #leadership #coaching #devrelBy night, a programmer, musician, and maker. #microcontroller #stm32 #esp32 #rp2040 #arm #risc-v #cnc #pcb, #FlipperZero enthusiastSeedling 🌱 #cannabis sommelier, aficionada, and (legal) grower.#trans #nonbinary #adhd #noncompliant
lunadragofelis@embracing.spaceLuna Saφra Dragofelis 🐱
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Luna Saφra Dragofelis, the 22 years old plural transspecies plasmacat from Augsburg, Germany; programmer with successfully completed training, black, autistic + ADHD, depressed, transnonbinaryfem-plasmacatgender. Pronouns=it/she Species=Plasmacat Discord=LunaDragofelis#6468 Misskey=@LunaDragofelis@mk.absturztau.be Twitter=LunaDragofelis Email=lunadragofelis@gmail.com XMPP=LunaDragofelis@xmpp.social Matrix=@LunaDragofelis:matrix.org
tiffanyclay@counter.socialTiffany 🇺🇦
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Quintessential Gemini. 8th Generation Texan. ADHD. Recovering content creator. Man bun influencer.
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Autistic, transgender, ADHD. Nonbinary Lesbian. Chronically ill. Mental health, disability, and trans activist.
kairi@masto.werefox.cafeKairi ✨ Hornt Yu-gi-oh Gal
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Header by: https://argodeon.art🔞 No minors. Personal account, go to @werefox if you wanna follow us and haven't interacted. @ada if you want the admin here. 💕 Kairi (she/her)✨ A cat/bun hybrid drifting through cyberspace. Texas refugee and emo barista shortstack latina. ✨ 🎶 27 🎶 :heart_trans: Trans-femme:pansexual: Pansexual :polyamory: Polyamorous :ms_intersex_flag: Intersex :ms_neurodiversity: CPTSD + ADHD:plural: Plural ❤️ @eri💜 @lindsays💜 @karma
robots@koyu.spaceRobots :unverified:
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I like :mettaton: :metal_hmn_g1: Heavy Metal :linux: :archlinux: Linux, and :comrade: :lenin: Communism! :DI also have ADHD, hate college applications, and look exactly like that enby wojak meme Pronouns=they/them Age=18 Time Zone=Eastern (UTC+4)
salivaglance@queer.party💦 Saliva Glance ✨
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bisexual gaylady | giant woman | white privileged | OCD + ADHD | polyam | scientist | 31 yo | she/her | gegen das Bürgertum | mein alter Nickname war @questionatic
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It's me. Astronomy, astrophysics, some IT, stomatopoda Photo by: @ACPWinitiate (Twitter)Header by: #causeascene (Twitter) 🖤🤍🤎 🏳️‍🌈 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 - ADHD PTSD she/herSlack Icon / Emoji Project:https://github.com/quintessence/slack-iconsSupport Ukraine Project:https://github.com/Support-Ukraine-Love/
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NB. Solo. Minimalist. ADHD. 啮齿控 Timezone=Europe/Berlin Pronoun=it
bubblewrap@cybre.spacePlöp Plöp Plöp
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knitting, fibrearts, ADHD, computer science, math, hiking, cooking, baking, toots in english and german, enby (pronouns english they, deutsch keine präferenz)
exojelly@mstdn.socialEggy (abbey)
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Queer, chronically ill, disabled neurodivergent and psychiatric survivor#MECFS(Mostly my ADHD taking over my body and posting)Agender, bi ace, leftist White, small fat, trans misogyny exempt New mobility aid user :) Also in eating disorder recoveryBoundaries: no flirting, no diet talkInterested in: vintage clothing, history, fashion, art, queerness, disability justice, mad pride, anarchism, HAES, fat lib, harm reduction, cute things, shitposting Pronouns=They/them Age=25 Instagram=@feral_and_screaming
meave@toot.sitemeave :blobCatHeartUkraine:
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I'm a very speedy adhd wolfie who has way too many hobbies and way too little time and that's why my brain is fried yey@lesbian_subnet and @katnjiapus are the best cuties and I love them very much <3Telegram, snap, discord, switch: ask, if you're a mutualflirts ok, especially if you're femme ;*lewd alt: @eptirmyrkritonlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/meaveinred:flagTrans: :flagBi: :flagSapphic: :flagPolyam:​en, no, se, frage mid-20s if that's important to youattending #närcon2022 Admin of=toot.site HRT=13.10.21 pn=she/her
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please read my pinned toots before you follow she/theybaby anarchistpan :heart_pansexual:polyamhaver of: adhd, depression, anxietyfuck: borders, cops, prisons, fascismmutual aid is the waysex work is workpacific time zone