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wtf@wtf.social  [follow]
:over18: Are you looking for a safe, secure and sexy social media platform where you can share all your kinks? :lewd2: Find people who share the same sexy preferences on an ad-free platform without the all the fuzz but with the benefits of perfect privacy! No bots, no spam, no ads only real sexy people! 💋#NSFW #wtf #adult #sexy #social #media #platform #photos #videos #perfect #nobot #english #safety #security #fun Bitcoin=1JxHwsKjrbia6YxhH2nmPaqacAf8BtJvk7 Ether=0xE94f639a6E67EDDC33713942df6bED9566Ff27a7 Stellar=GAMKD4P245U42EGQA6RBX2UNPJ25A5KFRSPLASCSDAT7HMFIIRJMP52E Tether=0xE94f639a6E67EDDC33713942df6bED9566Ff27a7
mastodon@mastodon.unoMastodon Italia :mastodon:
dona liberapay, Peertube, blog
mastodon@mastodon.uno  [follow]
Account ufficiale della prima istanza di #Mastodon generalista in Italia: aperta ad ogni argomento, libera, open source e decentralizzata. Mastodon è il #socialnetwork decentralizzato, composto da un network composto da migliaia di istanze.#MastodonItalia è l'istanza italiana che fa parte del network mastodon: free, open, senza pubblicità, senza profilazione degli utenti, non raccoglie dati, non ha interessi economici. offrici un caffè=https://ko-fi.com/devol
pixelfed@mastodon.unopixelfed Italia
pixelfed italia, noblogo, Bibliogram
pixelfed@mastodon.uno  [follow]
L'istanza italiana di #pixelfedUna piattaforma di condivisione di foto gratuita ed etica.Ad-FreeNessun annuncio pubblicitario, da nessuna parteCronologicoLinee temporali ordinate cronologicamente, nessun algoritmoScopriEsplora nuovi contenuti e creatoriFiltriAggiungi filtri opzionali alle tue fotoFocalizzato sulla privacyNon ci sono analisi, profilazioni o tracciature di terze parti
formula1@mastodon.unoFormula 1Streaming
twitter, telegram, Pinterest
formula1@mastodon.uno  [follow]
Il mondo della #Formula1 e le cronache in #diretta #live dei gran premi. Segnaliamo ad ogni gran premio dove vedere gli eventi in streaming gratis.#sport #motori #granpremi #F1 #streaming diggita=https://diggita.com/upcoming.php?category=Formula1
asklemmy@lemmy.ml  [follow]
A loosely moderated place to ask open ended questionsIf your post isOpen endedNot offensiveNot regarding lemmy support (c/lemmy_support)not ad nauseam inducing (please make sure its a question that would be new to most members)it’s welcome here!
extinct@redroo.mlCafe Batstelo :sip:
portfolio, i stream art on, support on
extinct@redroo.ml  [follow]
queer ass lil purple batnikkei (sansei) & NDN (pomo/konkow maidu)full-time freelance illustrator and comic artistcommissions OPEN:nb: :ag: :heart_pan: :heart_aro: [they/them]♍ :commie::18only:knzk forever#nightcrew AD/nsfw art alt=@xxxinks
francistein@mastodon.socialEstoy en frankie@masto.rocks
francistein@mastodon.social  [follow]
Jan pi selo. Royal Highness Priest-prince of Europe of Dinkaism. Tontunas en #frankiehilos.Musicalidades en #esputoflai Retooteador compulsivo.https://write.as/francisteinQuesto secolo oramai alla fineSaturo di parassiti senza dignitàMi spinge solo ad essere miglioreCon più volontà.
x@the.resize.club  [follow]
X, your local Overlord. I run the.resize.club! I come in a lot of different sizes...This is an AD account for size-related shenanigans. If you want the real me, you can probably find me over on @XkeeperI like to think of myself as 80% demoness, 20% dragon, mostly because the wings and tail and horns are really awesome and dragons hoard things and I just wanna hoard and squeeze all my friends in a huge hug until they're almost crushed and also warm
taris@gulp.cafeTaris :KoboldOwO:
Twitter, Donate
taris@gulp.cafe  [follow]
🔞🐺🇺🇸 :better_pride: :polyam_acorn_pride: :weed: 🔞Big easy going #wolftaur. Likes hugs and sprawling out. Also might eat you, but will probably ask first.#NSFW #vore #nobot Gender=Altersex - He/They
silverscat_3@norimono.moe銀猫さん (Ginneko-san)
silverscat_3@norimono.moe  [follow]
norimono.moeの管理者です。Hello mate! I'm Ginneko-san, #admin of norimono.moe.👷 #engineer | He/Him | I love #aviation and #vehicles 💕🇯🇵 Japanese: Native🇬🇧 English: Beginner#car #tank #ship #aeroplane #machine #computer #linux Webサイト=https://www.sc3.fun/ メールアドレス=silverscat_3@mail.sc3.fun GPG public key=http://pgp.nic.ad.jp/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0xB60469A5
github, SoundCloud, GPG keyserver
economic_hitman@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
Sir Economic Hitman, Baron of Congressional Dish at the No Agenda RoundtableCheckout my free, ad-free, no-spying app!It's a 2-player strategy game called 'Mancala Fantasy' (iPhone only, iOS 12+)https://apps.apple.com/us/app/mancala-fantasy-online/id1476984859Executive Producer noagendashow.com OpenPGP uid=<macarrao_1@protonmail.ch>
pig@jorts.horse  [follow]
the kind pig of online 🌟ad astra per alas porci🌟 he/him
degaia@bitcoinhackers.orgYuri de Gaia
degaia@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
Bitcoin and citadels. Per aspera ad astra.
nebula_moe@nebula.moe奈卜拉 :touhou:
nebula_moe@nebula.moe  [follow]
Per aspera ad astra. About: https://i.nebula.moe/about
craigdougscott@mastodon.social  [follow]
the kind pig of online🌟ad astra per alas porci🌟
unitoowebradio@mastodon.unoRadio Unitoo
Liberapay, Web Player, 1st UnitooMusicAwards
unitoowebradio@mastodon.uno  [follow]
https://www.unitoo.it/progetti/radio/Follow #UnitooLiveRadiohttps://funkwhale.it/library/tags/unitoocastUna WebRadio Italiana che trasmette musica RoyaltyFree e che tratta tematiche inerenti al mondo del Software Libero e Open Source, Adatta ad ascoltatori di qualsiasi genere / credo / età.link al calendario integrato nella radio:https://radio.unitoo.it/public/liveradio/schedule Matrix=https://matrix.to/#/#UnitooWebRadio:matrix.org
silverscat_3@kemonodon.club  [follow]
実はケモナーよりかはメカノフィリアなんですよねワシ。https://norimono.moe の管理者やってます。👷 #engineer | He/Him | I love #aviation and #vehicles 💕🇯🇵 Japanese: Native🇬🇧 English: Beginner Webサイト=https://sc3.fun メールアドレス=silverscat_3@mail.sc3.fun GPG Public key=http://pgp.nic.ad.jp/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0xB60469A5 本垢=@silverscat_3
soul_tw@mastodon.socialSoul_tw 🦎
soul_tw@mastodon.social  [follow]
wowmachineradio@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
Cynicism Personified.Wow Machine Radio is Inspired by The Clifford Ball's Ball Radio, Big Cypress' Thin Air radio, and Magnaball's The Bunny, Wow Machine Radio streams Phish-inspired Randomness, WMR is our huge collection of eclectic music, spoken word, and TV/movie quotes playing from a randomized playlist, played on 'shuffle'.Contact me about sponsorships, ad placements, and requests4donations. Wow Machine Radio=earthbus.org/wowmachine Comedy Bang Bang 24/7= Satoshis requests4donations=bc1qg94r9mrrtucpujv49up3tuqcs752dfjp0hnrdy DONATE!=bitcoin:BC1QG94R9MRRTUCPUJV49UP3TUQCS752DFJP0HNRDY?label=donations4requests
ivpn@mastodon.social  [follow]
IVPN is an open-source, audited, privacy focused VPN service that offers WireGuard and ad+tracker blocking. Email support at ivpn.net for quick assistance. Homepage=ivpn.net Privacy Guides=ivpn.net/privacy-guides IVPN Help=ivpn.net/knowledgebase
cassnxrpc@mastodont.catN.C. 🎗 🎗 🎗 ☭
cassnxrpc@mastodont.cat  [follow]
Programador C#; admin de Windows Server 2000 (Advanced Server)-2016; AD DS i Exchange 2003-2016.No faig Bots, faig SERVEIS de sistema. RT-Fav el que considere interesant, encara que no estiga d'acord amb el fons. Si voleu més informació, parleu amb el meu advocat.Fiscalia, directament amb en Gonzalo Boye. Ja voré com pague la factura, però almenys no acabaré a la garjola.Torne el follow sempre que no sigues un PUTO NAZI certificat, BOT, o no sembles una persona - POSA'T AVATAR, CONY
piebald@yiff.lifePiebald Fox
piebald@yiff.life  [follow]
The 'fox' in Piebald Fox is pronounced 'fucks'. This is my AD. Artist and adult. 18+ followers only.Please don't try to flirt with me, I just draw pictures.
fearnotofmen@mastodon.socialper aspera ad inferi
fearnotofmen@mastodon.social  [follow]
Leftist. #garbagetwitter . Frontend Developer. Metalhead
zauberin@awoo.spaceZauberin Stardreamer [4" tall]
FurAffinity, DeviantArt, Toyhouse
zauberin@awoo.space  [follow]
Autistic transgender glowy kitty-dragoness, she/her pronouns, 36 years old. Also known as Zenya! I'm a huge nerd and digital artist, plus an aspiring gamedev :3Some posts may be lewd or contain vore, 18+ followers onlyAlts: @Zauberin @ZauberinVore/AD Alt: @Zauberin#BlackLivesMatter#TransRights#AntiCrypto#AntiFascism Gender=Kitty Dragoness
joeybuckaroo@vulpine.clubSweet Polyisoprine Dreams
joeybuckaroo@vulpine.club  [follow]
kangaroo-kin and deer-kin | emotional support drone | buckgender | autistic druid | leftist/pro-blm/anti-terf | languages spoken 🇳🇱🇬🇧 | hugs always welcome🚫please don't follow me if you're not a furry. It's a comfort thing, sorry.🚫Will tag behind a CW:triggering topicsvore and other nsfw stufflong ranty posts for easier tuning out ofavatar drawn by S0lardogheader drawn by CinnamonSp0tsMy AD account is over at @SpicyKangaroo
adalwinamillion@meow.socialJodawin Jomillion
adalwinamillion@meow.social  [follow]
Mean Yeen Gang Represent, here to steal your beans.I am so cis the Cis minor sonata plays whenever I enter a room.Also please be like 18+ so I don't have to give you special treatment.I don't care about pronouns. Make up whatever you want. Country:=🇪🇺 Age:=0x15 Species:=Mean Yeen AD-Account=AdalwinAD@monsterpit.net
sponsored@tinyfed.com  [follow]
Curated sponsored #ad (paid) or #cool (unpaid) postsContact sponsored@tinyfed.com to become a sponsor!
vikxin@vulpine.club  [follow]
Actually a fluffy fox • Probably some sort of ancom • Please don't ask me about computers (unless they're video game consoles) • I've probably written code for software you're using right now Pronouns=she/her Species=red fox ("cross" color morph) Gay=Gaaaaaaaaaaay (but actually pan) AD=DM me for it
slimekitty@yiff.lifebad puppy (cherry they/them)
slimekitty@yiff.life  [follow]
AD accvery lewd 20y/o trans genderfluid femboy, is a good pet :collar: | bf/master is @thighhighs | im puppyboy (lane he/they/neopronouns) and puppygirl (cherry they/them) | check my media tab for nudes n lewds~ | tips n donations: https://www.paypal.me/glowpaws |mostly followers only posts
lianghai@alive.bar梁海 Liang Hai
lianghai@alive.bar  [follow]
Helping Unicode and OpenType understand complex scripts like Indic ones and Mongolian. Participant of Script Ad Hoc, UTC, and “Edcom” meetings.
huangtang@donotban.com  [follow]
Libertas proposita est; ad hoc praemium laboratur.
snarkydragonbutt@monsterfuckers.onlineGhostly Ectoplasmic Slut
snarkydragonbutt@monsterfuckers.online  [follow]
Hello! I am Mitternacht, I'm a very queer dragon enby tand also admin of MonsterFuckers.Online. This is actually an AD alt account where I enjoy monsters + furry things. :3cThis account is lewd, readers beware Title=Dean Of The Institute of Buttology Main account=@ChaosSkeleton@necropolis.online pronouns=they/them I am=Derg
nic_olenomicon@mastodon.socialNic/ole Featherby
nic_olenomicon@mastodon.social  [follow]
Magic player. Femmeby. Pretend writer. AD: Ask me! Avi by JakXT. Header by Alexis Flower. Pronouns: She/They. HRT since 19/1/17. https://please.pet/nic-ole
lesbian_subnet@pirate.chatLinnéa :blob:
lesbian_subnet@pirate.chat  [follow]
I like playing with words ok? >:3cSilly mid-20's poly-ra g-ace/demi sapphic chaos lesbian/bi neuro-d trans fox (pastel?) goth (working on it) e-girl (she/her), gender rebel, leftist (socialist, still learning), ex-gamer, hacker, data witch, server maid, software dev, and hobbyist linux sysadmin, from Sweden. ⚧⚢ ❤💙 Likes video/board/card games, digital art, (animated) shows/movies, and attending conventions (and/with raves). Wants to get into audio/video engineering, electronics, and archery. >^^<➡ Attending NärCon Summer 2022☑ Attended NordicFuzzCon 2017-20, NärCon (Summer 2015-19, Winter 2016)Unregistered Bandicam™ Arch Lesbian™ + Ǝ57R06ƎN™AD account (slutnet)
hazelnot@sunbeam.cityhazelnot :ad:
hazelnot@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Digital artist and UX Designer. Hobbies include reverse engineering screenshots and inspecting elements. Draws pixel art sometimes. I also make weird lefty gaming videos and put them on PeerTube!
mastodonitalia@peertube.unoMastodon Italia
mastodonitalia@peertube.uno  [follow]
Siamo il canale ufficiale di mastodon Italia su peertube [Mastodon](https://mastodon.it) è un social network di microblogging con un'estetica e caratteristiche simili a quelle di Twitter. Non è controllato da una singola azienda o server, ma funziona utilizzando una federazione decentralizzata di server, tutto è free e open source. Poiché questo può essere un po' difficile da capire, useremo dei video per descrivere esattamente cos'è Mastodon spiegandovi come funziona o quali sono le sue caratteristiche. Potremmo riferirci a mastodon come ad un social network composto da più reti. Gli utenti possono creare diversi server, che sono chiamati istanze o comunità. Queste istanze permettono sia di scrivere messaggi che vengono letti solo dai loro membri che da altri che possono essere letti in tutte le istanze federate che compongono il Mastodon.
tpfaff100@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
Lakeside f(r)eindly trolll with three elz.Ad negates set agenda. bite=οἱ μὲν ἄλλοι κύνες τοὺς ἐχθροὺς δάκνουσιν, ἐγὼ δὲ τοὺς φίλους, ἵνα σώσω.
faidit@pleroma.fr  [follow]
Les croisillons #vélotaf #vélo #gcum sont suivis ici et sur un blog https://becancaneries.wordpress.com/ de la vélospère #Orléansòc : segue lu crotzilhon #occitan mas ai un ciber-quasernet dins la ròba lemosina de la linga ‘catat ad aquela adreiça : https://rapieta.wordpress.com/#esperanto : Saluton ! Mi estas esperantisto (progresanto sed mi ne estas tre diligenta).#micropoésie #haiku #poësia #XFCE #regolight #enlightment #vege****
adbroere@mastodon.nlAd Broere's Blog
adbroere@mastodon.nl  [follow]
yarideki@the.resize.clubMoved to @Yarideki@Gulp.Cafe
yarideki@the.resize.club  [follow]
18+ | They/Them | This is an AD account | Main: @Yarideki | A certain red and white sergal but with more size variation. Contains: #Fat, #Macro, #Micro, #Inflation and probably some other stuff. | Header by: @TameBat | Icon by: @Toxicoow | #nobot
tamebat@the.resize.clubTame Bat of mischief
tamebat@the.resize.club  [follow]
"oh my god. you are a total goddang goofball"A bat in various sizes depending mostly on expedience, but more often small than large. I had some thought about being small (and large) and hope to have more. Hugs welcome (other things probably as well.)AD (as in All Day) of @BatEliteN.B. Until I change my mind tiny means up to palm-sized and small means anything between tiny and normal.
benjamin@mamot.frBenjamin Benifei
benjamin@mamot.fr  [follow]
Legal counsel As A Service / per aspera ad astra / PGP https://keybase.io/benifei/key.asc / Website https://benifei.fr
s_chaussee@mastodon.onlineScott Chaussée, PhD
s_chaussee@mastodon.online  [follow]
#Archaeologist: marine geophysicist at Wessex #Archaeology. Header picture is multi-beam echo sounder (MBES) imagery of a wrecked submarine. #PhD in #LandscapeArchaeology from University College London: interested in social dimensions of late Roman and early medieval Britain. Subaerial/submerged lanscapes. Lifelong Learning tutor, Aberystwyth University. Originally from Lawrence, Kansas and KU alum. Hobbyist #GameDev, 日本語を勉強する. I stand with refugees. Ad Astra Per Aspera Pronouns=He/Him/His Location=Winchester, UK Elder Scrolls Online (PC-NA)=@WayfaringStranger
dmx@nitecrew.ripDressed to Oppress
dmx@nitecrew.rip  [follow]
Sleep Anprim--All my toots have an implied Vince Staples "dead homies" ad lib
Homepage, Wallpapers
kiaunad@meow.social  [follow]
This is an AD, please only follow if you're 18+Please have at least some info on your profile before following Patreon / Twitter=derideal Weasyl | DA | FA=kiaun
woxin_chang_dan1904@misskey.io  [follow]
アイコンの女の子が取ってるポーズはエアクオーツというもので、いわゆるダブルクオーテーション(カギカッコと大体同じ)を表してます。サブアカウント のみもの=[カゴメ トマトジュース](https://www.amazon.co.jp/%E3%82%AB%E3%82%B4%E3%83%A1-%E3%83%88%E3%83%9E%E3%83%88%E3%82%B8%E3%83%A5%E3%83%BC%E3%82%B9%E9%A3%9F%E5%A1%A9%E7%84%A1%E6%B7%BB%E5%8A%A0-%E3%82%B9%E3%83%9E%E3%83%BC%E3%83%88PET-720ml%C3%9715%E6%9C%AC-%E6%A9%9F%E8%83%BD%E6%80%A7%E8%A1%A8%E7%A4%BA%E9%A3%9F%E5%93%81/dp/B00J7C1YPW) ほしいもの=[Stream deck](https://www.amazon.co.jp/Elgato-STREAM-%E3%83%A9%E3%82%A4%E3%83%96%E3%82%B3%E3%83%B3%E3%83%86%E3%83%B3%E3%83%84%E4%BD%9C%E6%88%90%E3%82%B3%E3%83%B3%E3%83%88%E3%83%AD%E3%83%BC%E3%83%A9%E3%83%BC-%E3%82%B9%E3%82%A4%E3%83%83%E3%83%81%E3%83%A3%E3%83%BC-USB3-0/dp/B06W2KLM3S?th=1) アイコン=@shinamu476@misskey.io
lenorathompsonwriter@freeatlantis.comLenora Thompson, Patriot Write
lenorathompsonwriter@freeatlantis.com  [follow]
Writer of AMERICA: The Blog. https://www.lenorathompsonwriter.com Get your AD-FREE news from my News aggregator page! https://www.lenorathompsonwriter.com/newsandlinks.html Happily Married. #trumptriumphant
noxy@yiff.lifeNoxy (AD??)
noxy@yiff.life  [follow]
Seattle, WA | he/him/they/them | (Black|Muslim|Native|Trans|Queer) Lives Matter | white atheist gay feminist progressive dhole pawslut furry
xxxinks@redroo.mlextinct after dark :bloblewd:
xxxinks@redroo.ml  [follow]
AD lewd art alt of @extinctif you like my spicy drawings, consider commissioning one from me: https://commiss.io/extinctinks:18only: | minors do not interact
unitoowebradio@botsin.space(BoT) Radio Unitoo
Liberapay, Web Player, MP3 Link, Site
unitoowebradio@botsin.space  [follow]
https://www.unitoo.it/progetti/radio/Follow #UnitooLiveRadioUna WebRadio Italiana che trasmette musica RoyaltyFree e che tratta tematiche inerenti al mondo del Software Libero e Open Source, Adatta ad ascoltatori di qualsiasi genere / credo / età.
horo@yoitsu.moeホロ 🐺
horo@yoitsu.moe  [follow]
#20211114 Rebooted. Per aspera ad astra. | LikeCoin Vaildator | LBGTQ Supporter
verbman@mastodon.nz  [follow]
1: think really hard 2: nap 3: repeat ad nauseam n: treat nausea with friends, laughter, food n+1: cognition mid-laugh. 333ppm.Once was https://twitter.com/verbmanAlways ADHD
charlottesometimes@democracy.townCharlotte Sometimes
charlottesometimes@democracy.town  [follow]
Raised on Cheerwine, pimento cheese sandwiches, and punk rock in the Queen City of North Carolina, I escaped an upbringing that might best be described as a modern Southern Gothic novel. I'm currently owned by three cats. ~*Ad meliora*~ Politics?=Democrat! Cats?=Cats! Music?=Tons!
Codeberg, Documentation, Homepage
tblock@fosstodon.org  [follow]
TBlock is a system-wide, platform independent ad-blocker written in Python and released under GPLv3.
meqif@octodon.socialRicardo :heart_cybre:🐈
meqif@octodon.social  [follow]
Your friendly infernal compiler error.Old enough to make references the kids don't get.Expect #cats :blobcat:, ancient history :trebuchet:, space 🌌, quotes of whatever I'm reading, small home automation projects, synthesizer music 🎛Amicus ad omnis felium :blobheartcat: :asexual_flag:
nic@toot.walesNic Dafis
nic@toot.wales  [follow]
Tiwtor #DysguCymraeg, hapus i helpu dysgwyr. Hen ddiddordeb mewn adeiladu cymuned ar-lein, ond wedi mynd braidd yn sinicaidd. Ceisio ad-fywio brwdfrydedd fy hunan.Hoffi: #darllen #cerdded #metal #prog #psychRhagenwau: fe/fo-- Welsh language tutor, happy to help learners. Trying to rekindle a belief in online community, beyond billionaires.Interests: #reading #walking #ingress #music #wildfood #veganPronouns: he/him
snarkydragonbutt@yiff.life  [follow]
Henlo! I am Mitternacht, I'm a very queer dragon enby that lives in Quebec. This is actually an AD alt account where I enjoy furry things. :3cThis account is lewd, readers beware
syrup@computerfairi.es⛔ little miss fit 🔞
syrup@computerfairi.es  [follow]
AD of @mavicasubby attention-starved robot squirrelbunny AI girl, 26a good girl and a good dronemore personal, sometimes lewd, often sad, 🔞using http://forget.codl.fr with a 2 day limitavatar by @scootsaffection/flirting encouraged and demanded, dms open⚠️ please only follow if i know you. ⚠️emoji status scale (bad to good) 🆘⛔⚪🔵
stylus@octodon.socialStylus 🦉
stylus@octodon.social  [follow]
Named after my first AD&D character, ca 1991. Introduction: https://octodon.social/@stylus/695644 he/him/his
azeril@mstdn.jp  [follow]
A creator, messenger and reader ☯▨▦▥▨▩▤「そしてその時、象は平原に還り僕はより美しい言葉で. 世界を語り始めるだろう。」 - 風の歌を聴け»»»"Per aspera ad astra"↬↬⇀相逢的人总会再相逢
bitrot_ad@ephemeral.glitch.socialbitrot AD
bitrot_ad@ephemeral.glitch.social  [follow]
18+ very unprofessional account for smut and other conduct perhaps unsuitable for an admin accountshe/her
rudybandiera@mastodon.uno  [follow]
Autore di 5 libri su innovazione e comunicazione - Anchorman/speaker ad eventi, docente in università, creator, divulgatore - Lettore e gamer entusiasta
Get started
deletefacebook@fosstodon.org  [follow]
It's time #DeleteFacebook [WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Oculus] Facebook's services violate #privacy, mine your data and censor speech for ad-revenue. They control how you communicate and what you share on social media. Try living a month without WhatsApp, Instagram or F#cebook ~ admin @polarhive Instagram >>=@pixelfed@mastodon.social WhatsApp >>=XMPP / Matrix / Session Block it from tracking you around the web even if you aren't on Facebook=uBlockOrigin + NextDNS
lost@mastodon.bida.im  [follow]
le [L]unghe [O]mbre della [S]cienza e della [T]ecnicaCiclo di incontri di contro-in-formazione e spazio di confronto su scienza, tecnica, trasmissione del sapere e tecnologie digitali per riappropriarsi delle conoscenze e della capacità critica e per rompere gli steccati che separano i saperi da chi li usa e/o li subisce. Guardando ad un mondo che superi la differenza tra dotti e villici.A cura di Archivio Primo Moroni, Calusca City Lights, CSOA Cox18, Unit HackLab
dmx@redroo.mlDavo Brando
dmx@redroo.ml  [follow]
All my toots have an implied Vince Staples "dead homies" ad lib
hannibal_ad_portas@linuxrocks.onlineHannibal ad Portas
hannibal_ad_portas@linuxrocks.online  [follow]
Vim > Emacspacman > apttabs > spacespinfo > infoGUI's are bloatIf you have a problem with any of that pleas let me know why. Website=Hannibaladportas.dev
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I'm queer and tag stuff. Fillertrack AD
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Weird Trad Catholic residing in the beautiful state of Virginia, ad Dei Gloriam. Family, faith, and country are everything.
libri@feddit.itL’angolo del lettore
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Ciao a tutti e benevenuti ne "L'angolo del lettore", la prima comunità di Feddit dedicata alla lettura.Qui possiamo condividere consigli di lettura, opinioni personali e recensioni, interviste ad autori/editori/addetti ai lavori e novità in uscita.Per prima cosa vi invito a dare un'occhiata al post "Guida all'utilizzo di Feddit" e alla sidebar contenente le regole del server Feddit.https://feddit.it/post/6In aggiunta alle regole del server, eccone altre relative alla nostra comunità:🚫 Non è consentito usare questo spazio per promuovere e/o spammare libri autoprodotti.🚫 Pubblicando una recensione è assolutamente obbligatorio includere un AVVISO SPOILER, se presente.⚠ Evitiamo di usare link Amazon o di altri grossi store preferendo, ove possibile, la pagina dedicata sul sito dell'editore.Il rispetto reciproco è fondamentale per creare un luogo di confronto sereno e piacevole.Pensiamo prima di postare e/o commentare... 🤔
realitytc@mastodon.socialRealityTC ✅
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Tara Cole. Writer. Creator. Wonderer. Head Case. Former musician, Ad biz. Coffee & Humor: Black. INTJ. Up late.
mycroft@yiff.lifeMycroft AD
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Alt account of @Mycroft
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Hitchhiker to AD 1725. 💡专注启蒙时代人💡会辱包 慎关🥟我的 🐶 儿子叫塔利 [Tully],现在1岁+5个月了!
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好奇心だけで生きてます。変なモノ大好き。全てがよくわかんない。 q q (´ω`*)nnnn...   Per aspera ad astra.
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AD of @sol, your pan enby foxie friend! 21 yrs old— 18+ interacts only plz~Kinda kinky— yeah, I was surprised too.
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Ich bin Frox und ich poste auch in den Tag #Frox. Frox ist außerdem der Name eines #DIY&hairsp;-&hairsp;#Velomobil&hairsp;s ( just work in progress ... ) ... Als Namenszusatz passend erschiene mir ☶&hairsp;(&hairsp;->&hairsp;I-Ging, der jünste Sohn, oder Berg, weiß der Himmel wo bei mir der Blitz eingeschlagen hat ...&hairsp;). &hairsp;In der Hauptsache&hairsp; — meine Person ist relativ uninteressant ... — &hairsp;ist «Frox» also der Name eines ...VELOMOBILS ( optional auch e-motorisiert ) gefertigt via genossenschaftlich organisierten Manufakturen ( aka Heimarbeit ), oder auch allein, in Heimarbeit, es ist ein Winter in der Garage oder im Wohnzimmer.Bezüglich VELOMOBILEN die weltweit wohl führende Messe&hairsp; — alljährlich fliegt die VR&hairsp;China ihre Experten ein ...! — &hairsp;im Frühjahr in Germersheim: via google ad Spezi ! Künftig interessant wird vielleicht auch #Velomobil, aktuell interessant ist jetzt schon #Velomobile&hairsp;(&hairsp;Plural&hairsp;)* Ich hoffe&hairsp;(&hairsp;zuversichtlich&hairsp;...&hairsp;😀 ) irgendwann einen präsentablen Prototypen fertig zu haben. Das aktuell via POVray automatisiert generierte CAD ... usw.&hairsp;usw. es wäre jetzt zu länglich&hairsp;😁&hairsp;.I am Frox and I also post in the tag #Frox . Frox is also the name of a DIY&hairsp;-&hairsp;#Velomobile&hairsp;(&hairsp;just work in progress&hairsp;...&hairsp;)&hairsp;... As a suffix of the name most suitable appeared to me ☶&hairsp;(&hairsp;→&hairsp;I-Ging, &hairsp;the youngest son, &hairsp;or mountain, &hairsp;knows the sky where the lightning has hit me&hairsp;&hairsp;). &hairsp;So in the main thing&hairsp; — my person is relatively uninteresting — &hairsp; «Frox» is the name of a ...VELOMOBILE&hairsp;(&hairsp;optionally also e-motorized&hairsp;) made by cooperatively organised manufactories&hairsp;(&hairsp;aka home work...&hairsp;), &hairsp;or even alone, &hairsp;at home, &hairsp;it is a winter in the garage or in the living room.Concerning&hairsp; VELOMOBILES &hairsp;the world's perhaps leading trade fair&hairsp; — every year the People's Republic of China let it's experts been flown in — &hairsp;in spring in Germersheim/Rhine River: &hairsp;Via google ad «Spezialradmesse»! May be interesting in the future #Velomobil, currently interesting is already #Velomobile&hairsp;(&hairsp;plural&hairsp;)!* I hope&hairsp;(&hairsp;confidently&hairsp;...&hairsp;😀&hairsp; ) to have a presentable prototype ready at some point. &hairsp;The currently generated via POVray automatically generated CAD&hairsp;...&hairsp;etc.&hairsp;etc. It would now be too long 😁.
realitytc@mastodon.cloudRealityTC 🐇
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Tara Cole. Writer. Creator. Wonderer. Head Case. Former musician, Ad biz. Coffee & Humor: Black. INTJ. Up late. #nobot
chronotope@indieweb.socialAram Zucker-Scharff
Find me, Dev Blog
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AramZS. Privacy Engineer. Tech for journalism. Ad Tech. Prev: Fullstack, strategy, econ/game journo, storytelling, altac. Views are only my own Who Am I?=http://aramzs.github.io/aramzs/ Latest Stuff I've Written=https://aramzs.glitch.me/
self@social.linuxlusers.comAdam Gaskins
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I'm an Earthling currently residing in North America. I like technology. I’m a bit of a GNU/Linux evangelist (and occasional critic). I am copyleft. I dislike all manner of closed and/or proprietary systems (not limited to software). I'm always attempting to further liberate myself from such technology, but I'm not perfect... I do own some non-libre hardware - but i'm always trying to find adequate replacements that respect unfettered innovation, freedom and privacy!I manage the https://social.linuxlusers.com Friendica node, so come by and open a personal or forum account if you'd like! 😛I also run the LinuxLusers.com, which is a blog dealing with GNU/Linux related (and loosely, barely or not-at-all related) topics. The blog is currently supported by minimal ads thru Google but I'm actively looking for more privacy-respecting alternatives (contact me with suggestions, please).https://social.linuxlusers.com will never be monetized in any way! This is my promise to all users! I may eventually accept donations, if the site becomes so large that it requires more resources than current available, but you will never see an ad here! Furthermore, I will never put a paid service on social.linuxlusers.com, nor will your account info, such as your email, ever be shared or sold to anyone, nor used for any kind of marketing! The only agenda I have here is to make my own small contribution to what I believe is a better way to do social media!
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starlightpath@monsterfuckers.onlineSexy Otter Pop~
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What can I say? I'm cold, I'm wet, and I'm a sweet treat to enjoy~AD account of @StarlightPath, 18+ Follow only. Expect nothing but cw'd horny thoughts from here! Avatar by @muttmusk Poké No. #418*=Buizel (Ice Type) Gender=Non-Binary Flirting=OK!
realitytc@social.targaryen.houseRealityTC 🐇
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Tara Cole. Writer. Creator. Wonderer. Head Case. Former musician, Ad biz. Coffee & Humor: Black. INTJ. Up late. #nobot
blanktape@yiff.lifegay cow
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This is my AD. It’s not finished yet. 28, horny zone, if you know my main you can follow. Posting nudes and horny writings.
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queer, transgirl, AD account. posting smut, talking smut
jess@ephemeral.glitch.socialjess, bringer of hhhh
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An AD account for AD thingsOnly follow me if I know you pleaseshe/her🔞
profciarla@mastodon.unoProf Ciarla
Cose che faccio, Video, Podcast
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[He/him]Astrofisico, ora insegno (precario) fisica a scuola a Bologna. Qui trovi astronomia, scienza, scuola e società. Ogni anno ad agosto, organizzo FOSSALTO SCIENZA. Lichess=https://lichess.org/@/abigignau
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Sir Economic Hitman, Baron of Congressional Dish at the No Agenda RoundtableCheckout my free, ad-free, no-spying app!It's a 2-player strategy game called 'Mancala Fantasy'(iPhone only, iOS 12+)https://apps.apple.com/us/app/mancala-fantasy-online/id1476984859Executive Producer noagendashow.com
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Konstruktive Diskussionen sind gerne gesehen, jedoch können politische Ansichten schnell die Gemüter erhitzen.Bitte bleibt sachlich,nicht geduldet werden neben den allgemeinen Regeln insbesonderepersönliche Anfeindungen,argumentum ad hominemFür den Austausch radikaler Standpunkte gibt es genügend andere Instanzen.::: spoiler Attribution Icon made by surang:::
cassnxrpc@mastodon.cloudN.C. 🎗 🎗 🎗 ☭
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Programador C#; admin de Windows Server 2000 (Advanced Server)-2016; AD DS i Exchange 2003-2013.No faig Bots, faig SERVEIS de sistema. RT-Fav el que considere interesant, encara que no estiga d'acord amb el fons. Si voleu més informació, parleu amb el meu advocat.Fiscalia, directament amb en Gonzalo Boye. Ja voré com pague la factura, però almenys no acabaré a la garjola.Torne el follow sempre que no sigues un PUTO NAZI certificat, BOT, o no sembles una persona - POSA'T AVATAR, CONY
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Those bad feels 😬👍 After dark: pol, nsfw, etc. See also: @garbados
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i'm gay and i draw
slimetime@yiff.lifeSlime, Goo, etc :qvp:
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AD of @dogoKonsti’s zone for 18+ posting and such.. at least that’s the plan :3cIncludes IRL nude content, musings about goo, corruption and related kinks, etcIt goes without saying, but please, 18+ followers only. If i find you violating that youre blocked on sight.
satanihalsen@counter.socialSatan 🏳️‍🌈🇧🇻
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Just trying to get a more chill environment, though I got no chill what so ever.Norwegian, AD/HD, music lover, ENFP, NSFW. Fluent in sarcasm and irony
chocosune@mastodon.socialChocolateKitsune ☕️
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[NSFW/🔞] Confectioner of Kinks. AD/art account is pending. Artist. Streamer. I make fetish art and enjoy engaging with others. I love games. profession=Freelance Artist pronouns=All Okay 👌 kinks=Extremely Yes
psmith@mastodon.socialPaul Smith
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Co-founder, CTO, Ad Hoc https://pauladamsmith.com/
vk3vkk@werebeast.ioPhobos D'thorga (VK3VKK 📻)
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I greatly enjoy the world of #AmateurRadio whilst playing the odd video game on the side or doing some #programming. My favorite languages are C/C++.The #games I enjoy most are #tycoon-based or #simulation-oriented varieties, with #cRPG's being a close favorite too. Message me if you wish to find what my favored titles are!Amateur Radio-wise, I have a Yaesu FT-450 HF transceiver, along with a FT7900 VHF/UHF AM/FM portable rig, and finally a VX-6R handheld. Yes, I do quite like that brand :) Dragonkin=Rrrrrrawr! Extra fluffy=Included QRA (amateur radio)=VK3VKK AD=@phobos_dthorga Age=33
ad@quey.orgAD Nieuws
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24/7 het laatste nieuws via ad.nl#dutch #nl #news #bot #AD #nieuws
celti@framapiaf.orgCelti 🍀
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#MamieCelti des #TIC #web et autres #numériques... Plutôt orientée #usages et #bidouillages, j'aime toutes les formes de #CC ... Ad #LIB itum...
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Bücher, Filme, Serien, Zombies. Depression. Autismus. AD(H)S. Queer. Hilfskitty in der Museumsverwaltung. Ü40. Verheiratet. sie/ihr, dey/deren, they/them
Bei mir gibts hauptsächlich Alltagsgeblubber.
Rassisten, Schwurbler oder TERFs dürfen gerne draußen beiben. 
Kein automatisches Zurückfolgen, um Reizüberflutung zu vermeiden.
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AD of @MochiWaifu18+, the good content onlyMutuals/Friends only, unless I make an exception. I'm knotty puppyyou know who i am if you're here uwu