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dzuk@weirder.earthDzuk (Commissions open!)
Webby, Twitter
dzuk@weirder.earth  [follow]
Big queer goblinSoutheast UK / late 20s / poly / socialist / :nonbinary_flag: / :demisexual_flag: / :bear_flag:Pronouns: ze/zirCreator of :headpats: @mutantstdI'm a designer I guess.ACAB, Antifa, Trans Rights and all that.
anthonydavis@jorts.horseDrew Brees
anthonydavis@jorts.horse  [follow]
Mastodon account of basketball Superstar Drew Brees, quarterback for the New Orleans Pelicans Pronouns=He/Him Linux Distro=Windows 7 Pro I'm=bi ACAB?=You better believe it
punk_sand_witch@mastodon.socialAntootfa Super Soldier Ⓐ ☭🏴🚩
punk_sand_witch@mastodon.social  [follow]
Love too BRO (Be Respectful Online). I write words for money. Punching Nazis is still good. #ACAB |I toot too much
juju@magnificentbeardsfan.clubJulia, normal person
juju@magnificentbeardsfan.club  [follow]
:blm: :acab: :needle: :onering: :nutello: :hiss: I hate people and I'm German which is basically the same thing."Mostly grumpy but nonethless super charming" - @Kiki"I like your work. Big fan." - @PostMasterGeneral (manfriend) Tingleverse Sorting Hat: Unicorn
janipaz1007@mastodon.socialAlienígena patipela K-pop jani
janipaz1007@mastodon.social  [follow]
#nuevaconstitucion #Chiledesperto #ACAB #twittercensura #NO+AFP #NO+SENAME #No+zonasdesacrificio #Marichiweu
pamevargas@mastodon.social  [follow]
Por la izquierda toda la vida.Con esperanzas desde 18 O.ACAB ayer, hoy y siempre.
tonton_mollo@mamot.fr.: Tonton Mollo 🟥 🔻 ⬛️ :.
tonton_mollo@mamot.fr  [follow]
#BOFH #GNU / #CGT #FFMC / #CATS #DOG / #GUZZI #SLOWLIFE 🥬🐱🐦🐕🍺🏍️ Rémouleur à ses heures, amoureux platonique de Louise Condette ACAB et vraiment infiniment de Màrrisè....Dans la cohorte qui ne lâche rien. Dans un régime où M*cron viole 23x notre Constitution, arrache des mains et crève des yeux !...FUYEZ LA POLICE !"Si tu leur réponds, il y a outrage. Si tu résistes, il y a rébellion. Si tu prends la foule à témoin, il y a incitation à l'émeute." Maurice Rajsfus email=macron@casse-toi-alors-pauvre-con.org email de "mon" chien=ouarf@oulia.org
Website, Newsletter, Patreon
johnpierremaeli@mastodon.social  [follow]
everything you love is consumerism | Anti-careerism, anti-technocracy | Book recommendations, sharing, reviews, essays | #ACAB | (he/him/his) | fuck "work ethic" | Anti-racist | Anti-fascist | just started gardening vegetables and composting | #MutualAid#WashingtonDC currently reading="Black Skin, White Masks" by Frantz Fanon
zachklipp@androiddev.socialZach Klipp (he/him)🌻
Blog, GitHub, Website
zachklipp@androiddev.social  [follow]
Engineer working on Android & Jetpack Compose @ Google, but opinions are my own. Formerly Square, Amazon.#StopAsianHate #BLM #ACAB#Android #Kotlin #JetpackCompose
skolli@cybre.spacesynthi, fennec-&-skink chewtoy
skolli@cybre.space  [follow]
fox / prissy polyamorous pansexual postgender polymath princex / ☭⚧ / makes art/music/trouble / he/she/they all OK / 𝟭𝟴+ 𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗬 / ACAB. bootlickers fuck off / also transphobes/TERFs/SWERFs fuck off while you're at it
umalkosh@goblin.camphyper alpha sigma specter
umalkosh@goblin.camp  [follow]
Name Hoarder (list pending)Genderfluid Arospec commie. I'm a white Ashkenazi Jew.Gobcamp modMonarch/Prince/Princex ✔, King/Quing ~, Queen/Princess ❌ :blm: :acab: :commie: :nonbinary: 🐛
segnwrisastoika@mstdn.socialσε γνώρισα στο ΙΚΑ 🐦🏴🏴‍☠️
segnwrisastoika@mstdn.social  [follow]
#ACAB • #StopPushbacks • #FreePalestine γατο-ακκάουντContent: photos of my cats and rants in GreekInterests: human rights, anti-capitalism, anti-facism, privacy, animal rights, linux/unix/foss, photography, beach, vacation, hiking, drinking
the@alanae.netMx Alana Deryn 💜💙
the@alanae.net  [follow]
queer plural enby trans girl, dev, music, she/they, it (sometimes), blm+acab, follows/mutuals very welcome, stickler for CWs and image captionsAlana/The Alanae (she/they/it?): {Adelia (she/her), Dani (she/her), Lane (they/them), Mena (she/her), Kade (he/they), etc.}Discord: AlanaDeryn#4995Matrix: alanae:matrix.orgTelegram: AlanaDeryn#nobot
andreas@nitro.horsenitrohorse Ⓐ
andreas@nitro.horse  [follow]
anarchist, privacy advocate, & software developer • he/they • Black Lives Matter • ACAB • #nobotSingle-user instance on https://masto.host. 👋🏼 🏴=https://nitrohorse.com 📍=Occupied Duwamish territory
old_anarchist_monkey@mamot.fr  [follow]
Humaniste désabusé, citoyen du mondeAnti autorité anti fasciste anti connard"Respect existence or expect resistance" #ACAB Révolution 🏴 Allergique aux ➡=Cons, flicailles, nazillions
furkachi@tech.lgbtEleanor Fuzzybuns
furkachi@tech.lgbt  [follow]
Call me Eleanor, or El :3ADHD-powered French cyan deer. 25. IT / anti-hierarchy / occultism. Also tea, and whatever else you can infuse.Officially Trans because some asshole sexist and transphobic test admitted I am ❤Regularly posts pornographic or suggestive content (usually CW'd), aka "Slutty on main"profile picture by the great Velcane: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/vcn/Assigned Cutie At Birth (ACAB)
cryptidcripple@kolektiva.social​🦋Finn🏳️‍⚧️ (they/he) ♌️
cryptidcripple@kolektiva.social  [follow]
READ 2nd+3rd PINNED TOOTS B4 FOLLOWING. Disabled (EDS + Co,) Autistic, Mad, and midFatQueer ~ Diamoric + Non-binary ~ Abime-AutiBLM. ACAB. Anarchy. Abolition. Mutual Aid.On Kalapuy land 📍24 ~ Leo/Libra/Libra Astrologer - Voidpunk - CryptidcoreT Juice: 09/23/16Top Chop: 11/02/20 🦇 Pronouns 🦇=THEY/HE ⛓My Links⛓=https://msha.ke/cryptidcripple/ 📸Instagram📸=https://www.instagram.com/cryptidcripple/ ⏰Timezone⏰=PST
pyretta@afterlife.masto.hostPyretta Grimm :acab:
pyretta@afterlife.masto.host  [follow]
21. Transfeminine, trans lesbian, loves enbies and girls, doesn't remember much. Autistic, ADHD, and likely bipolar to boot. :mtgb: :mtgw: :mtgr: Loves=Girls, games, and gayness Pronouns=fae/faer Discord=ask for it occasionally uses we=i am not alone in this head
lunch@cybre.spaceLunch (--)
lunch@cybre.space  [follow]
blagghhhashdfhhfhhdsfaasdfasdfgaasdfasdfasdfI like computers but they don't like me#ACAB #antifa #eattherich
pastelpunkbandit@hellsite.site  [follow]
| (=^ェ^=) | 19 | president of faegender anarcha egirlism | dms open | acab | follow requests welcome | :heart_pan: | fruitbat, not a vampire but don't tell anyone | (=^ェ^=)=(=^ェ^=) zoe=fae / faer / faers jaco=she / xer / xers
lyliawisteria@notbird.site  [follow]
sometimes antisocial, alwaysanti-fascist, anti,-authoritarian, anti-capitalisti post a lot of political stuff, sometimes things i do not feel need to be behind a cw. if i post something you think will cause harm because it isn't cw, please tell me. if you are a tankie, don't +Follow, just delete your account.#ACAB #IWWenby | 40 | they/them
riley@toot.siteRiley/Emily, Fox Stan
riley@toot.site  [follow]
genderfluid enby mess - sometimes catboy, sometimes catgirl, always sleepy"riley is a floofy zalgo-gender twink girl [??????] boy person cutie":flagAnCom: • ACAB | BLM | abolish unjust/illegitimate hierarchies, including capitalism:flagPan: • I swear I cannot make a single choice to save my life:flagPolyam: • dating @MxCraven, @Mae, @Calli, @miramira, @selfisekai - my lovely dorks~noted JSON-LD hater working on an ActivityPub server (https://pod.rs) (it's going just *great*)lewd alt: @lewdly
emberr@radical.townSam "ACAB" Ember ⚳
emberr@radical.town  [follow]
Name's Ember, Sam Ember. You may also call me Sammy or Em. I'm 26, enby girlanticapitalism, queer stuff, often personal, some shitposting Occasionally mature content 🏴🦊:heart_trans: :heart_demigirl: :heart_nb: :heart_lesbian:"She has S-tier cuddles" – @MottenmaedchenAlt: @emberr*CIS MEN ASK BEFORE YOU FOLLOW*
krissypaw@yiff.lifekrissy of the pawb :verified:
krissypaw@yiff.life  [follow]
🇬🇧 ⸸ 🏳️‍⚧️ krissy ⛤ 𝖘𝖚𝖇 𝖋𝖔𝖝𝖌𝖎𝖗𝖑 𝖇𝖎𝖙𝖈𝖍 ⛧ therian Δ post op trans girl, meaning I have a, fat pussy. 420 uwu. #murrsuit content 🔞| lvl28 she/hersearch krissypaw on youtube if you wanna cringe like ur looking at the sunalso BLM ACAB, trans rights. smash capitalism :trans_comm:Sometimes NSFW although I CW posts like that, 99% of the time anyway i can be a little dozy but yeah minors DNI
iris_lazcano@mastodon.socialIris ACAB
iris_lazcano@mastodon.social  [follow]
En el pajarito azul "la vieja patipelá. Voto APRUEBO y CCNO acepto fachos.
hotpocket69@jorts.horsejempf bezos
hotpocket69@jorts.horse  [follow]
:guillotine: :acab: :commie:
overflo@chaos.social  [follow]
ACAB (all computers are broken)Enthält verschluckbare Kleinteile.DE/EN * he/him/¯\_(ツ)_/¯
vultureculture@toot.siteVulture: Gay Thoughts Generator
vultureculture@toot.site  [follow]
Brown non-binary poet and accomplished shitposter in their mid-20s. Poem writer, plant toucher, great kisser, bird lover. The Pacific Northwest's favorite vulture enjoyer. Transed outside the binary and now I'm unutterably gay. Computers make me cry, but I'm trying to learn how to use them.Please be nice and have a good vibe ✨If you're a liberal or a fascist, I will destroy you. 🧨❤️ ACAB means the gay cops too. Please DM before following! (unless I follow you)Private alt account for the worse side of me: https://toot.site/@vulturenest Pronouns=They/Them Matrix=@vultureculture:matrix.org
viceacevedo2099@mastodon.socialVicente ACAB
viceacevedo2099@mastodon.social  [follow]
Twitter: @Viceacevedo2099Zurdo❤🇨🇱💪🏽, Comunista☭ según los fachos🤖#Antifachos 🤖#YoAprueboNuevaConstitucion#Jadue2022 🇨🇱🤭✌🏽
alanae@lgbt.ioGay Forest Creatures 💜💙
alanae@lgbt.io  [follow]
The Alder Grove plural system. Queer nonbinary transfemme, autistic, gray ace, dev, music, residing in a place some call South Carolina, blm+acab, follows/mutuals very welcome, stickler for CWs and image captionsAlana(e) 💜💙 (they/them): {Adelia 💜 (she/they), Dani 💙 (she/her), Lane 🗺 (they/them), Mena 😈 (she/her), Kade 💡 (he/they), etc.}Discord: AlanaDeryn#4995Matrix: alanae:matrix.orgTelegram: <ask first>#nobot pronouns=they/them (individuals have their own) plural alt=@the_alanae lewd alt=@alanae pride emoji spam=:heart_trans: :heart_nb: ​:heart_pan: ​:heart_lesbian: :plural_heart:​ :heart_ace: :autism:
jemjoop@mastodon.socialspacefarce🌻 🇵🇸
jemjoop@mastodon.social  [follow]
🌎 vanwa bds blm acab [she/her]
tsu@pleroma.sitektsukik 🏴‍☠️
tsu@pleroma.site  [follow]
xim/yzzy, lesbian, #9Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ[ acab ][ antifa ][ anarchy ][ caring/listening ]let's stick together! 18+ https://tilde.town/~tsuki/ref.html
chel@artalley.social  [follow]
Hello! 🦣I'm Chel! I'm a nonbinary, Korean, transracial adoptee. I'm 24, tired all the time, love me some true crime, and I use Animal Crossing as a bit of an escape. I make earrings and paintings to put up for sale in my Etsy, and I'm a big makeup enthusiast.It would mean so much if you gave my Etsy a peek!ACAB, every single one. Pro-SW; SW is real work. No human is illegal. ALL Black lives, futures, and happiness, matter. And matter is the minimum. Abolish>Defund. Pronouns:=They/Them/He/Him Etsy Store:=https://www.etsy.com/shop/NostalgiaNetworks Twitter:=@CheliBeans_ IG Handle:=@Rosecoloredboy._
joe@tiny.tilde.website  [follow]
homosexual demon | they/them | writer, artist, hunk | acab 🥗 website=http://tilde.town/~joe wire=@fadopapi telegram=snd_tst signal=fadopapi
krystalpawbean@plush.citylizard loving lady fox ΔΘ
krystalpawbean@plush.city  [follow]
Krissy ♀️🏳️‍⚧️ post op. ΔΘ therian, 28. Furry YouTuber. probably the worst comedian you will see all day. Fursuiter. smash capitalism🔥 acab
greenestbeancreations@artalley.socialEmma Smith
greenestbeancreations@artalley.social  [follow]
She/her/they/them CW: I am white, frequently post 18+, NSFW, I will always cover triggering content💚Mostly baked goods, partially paint💚Queer, disabled artist from upstate NY, on Haudenosaunee and Mohican landI mostly paint abstracts and nude femmes. I also make jewelry, primarily from (ethically sourced) bone and/or upcycled materials! Little kitchen witch who can take the heat, as long as the heat isn't conflict.Active anti-racist. ACAB. I believe in happiness and healthcare for all.
pastelpunkbandit@egirls.gayzoe 🦇 bat [fae/she/they]
pastelpunkbandit@egirls.gay  [follow]
[ zoe / ivy | (=^ェ^=) | president of faegender anarcha egirlism | dms open | acab | follow requests welcome | white | ​:heart_trans_black:​​:heart_trans:​​:heart_rainbow:​​:heart_pan:​​:heart_nb:​​:heart_lesbian:​​:heart_genderqueer:​​:heart_genderfluid:​​:heart_demisexual:​​:heart_demigirl:​​:heart_bi:​​:heart_ace:​​:heart_agender:​ | ​:catdragn:​🦇 | problems clown | @rawtess@egirls.gay cute and good 🥰💕 ][ Strength 1 | Perception 5 | Endurance 1 | Charisma 10 | Intelligence 1 | Agility 7 | Luck 8 ]"[one] of the most gay lesbians on the website" - @Aleums@octodon.social pronouns=she / her ; fae / faer ; nya / nyas age=20 web / music=https://zoebat.gay/
ocb@mamot.fr🐧 cEts 🎶
sur Soundcloud
ocb@mamot.fr  [follow]
#cannabis #techno #LSD #zbeul#ptsd #sspt quelques #memeset #acab mes vidéos=https://open.tube/video-channels/cets_seven/videos
opalita@kolektiva.socialt (she/hers)
opalita@kolektiva.social  [follow]
white queer anarchist dog mom/dad who grows, loves, and learns all things!anticapitalist | antifacist | antiracistabolish the cop in your head and in the streets. all black lives matter. acab.looking to engage with more theory, organizing circles, direct action calls, and burning this ableist system to the ground.🌱 will be trading plants in the spring, so hmu if you are interested in plant mail 🌱
maza@fosstodon.org.:systems architect .:
maza@fosstodon.org  [follow]
🦜🐲🐉🔐Jami : xhtml-developer1276Http://www.dev1galaxy.orgHttp://caserita.com“One who weighs Victory sets the people to battle like releasing amassed water into a gorge one thousand jen deep” , Ch . 4 Form☯️♏️🐉$grs : Fk9ioCWvXkaTEcgLkm4R3xDvdLEjrkVwQqPixelfed:@saacmatchin #linuxforhire #devops #ronin #yogi #healer #indigo #oldsoul #eschewsystemd #deconstructdystopia #optimist #solarpunk #gardening #fungi #abundance #resiliency #praxis #pedagogyoftheoppressed #philosophy #humanist #cumbia Age=7,456,678 lgpl=3.0 Debian/devuan=Buster/Beowulf/Ceres/Sid Alignment=aCAB/kindhearted
silvia@mastodon.bida.im  [follow]
:acab: 👽
ellmckenna@gulp.cafeEll McKenna | ACAB | BLM |
ellmckenna@gulp.cafe  [follow]
34 | Mango Samoyed | He/Him/They | Ace | 🔞 | NSFW | MAThat meddling kid your creepy uncle warned you about.
blausky@cybre.space💬Friday ACAB
blausky@cybre.space  [follow]
internet chaotic good racing cis-ladyThis account is mostly about mario kart, science, electronics, AV, bikes, 80's synthpop, vaporwave, retrowave, chiptune, skating, racing, gaming, DIY, cars, airplanes, sci-fi, and suchalways about BLM, ACAB, LGBTQIA, & 420me, leaving y'all in the dust: ¯\_( ◉ 3 ◉ )_/¯also a magical dragon at @dragonmagic Age=29 Pronouns=She/Her Language=(American) English OS version=4.2.0
daygautier@mamot.fr  [follow]
antifa Anar ACAB act
chel@weirder.earth  [follow]
Hello! I'm Chel! I'm a nonbinary, Korean, transracial adoptee. I'm 25, tired all the time, love me some true crime, and I use Animal Crossing as a bit of an escape.I make earrings and paintings to put up for sale in my Etsy, and I'm a big makeup enthusiast.It would mean so much if you gave my Etsy a peek!ACAB, every single one.Pro-SW; SW is real work.No human is illegal.ALL Black lives, futures, and happiness, matter. And matter is the minimum.Abolish>Defund
odd_bloke@wrestle.townDan - ACAB / BLM
odd_bloke@wrestle.town  [follow]
Black Lives Matter.A wrestling-loving, lefty, intersectional feminist free software engineer. Interested in Python, Rust, figuring out ethical software.Heteroromantic asexual. :asexual_flag:I rarely boost images without an image description. Please call me out if I don't describe an image I post! I'm the administrator of this server (i.e. the mayor of Wrestle Town). Pronouns=he/him
aprrrl@toot.cat  [follow]
=^.^=she/her/kitty/chatte/猫Familiar/furmiliar account of aprrrl@witches.townAll Cats Are Beautiful #ACAB
hellooats@radical.townHornet on Main
hellooats@radical.town  [follow]
Blog: https://parasomniac.home.blog/Alt: @mellowoats25/Enby. I swear a lot. I will fight Jeff Bezos with my bare hands and this rock I found. Queer, Punk, Anarchist Witch. ACAB.Pronouns: AnyIcon art is not mine.
byte@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Some sort of anarchist. NOT an “anarcho”-capitalist. I’m also #neurodivergent. #Autism #ADHDReforming capitalism is impossible. Reforming the state is impossible. Reforming the police is impossible. #ACAB #anarchism #eattherich#nobot #nobots #noarchive #noindex Pronouns=he/him Age=18
gamerswift13@tech.lgbt18th Century Graphic Novel
gamerswift13@tech.lgbt  [follow]
ko Rebecca Swift ahau. 37? swiftie pākehā trans/enby/lesbian/gamer aggressively sapphic not the fuck into lads #ACAB #blacklivesmatter Location=Otautahi, Aotearoa Pronouns=They/them/their Help me live?=https://paypal.me/gamerswift13
rileygay@mastodon.social  [follow]
Nonbinary Anarchist punk raising hell in jolly old England|19|they/them|#ACAB
greenestbeancreations@mastodon.artEmma Bean
greenestbeancreations@mastodon.art  [follow]
CW: I tend to make NSFW stuff (BUT WILL ALWAYS CW) Queer, disabled & mentally ill artist from upstate NYLittle Libra (sun and moon) kitchen witch who can take the heat, as long as the heat isn't conflict. 18+ pleaseActive anti-racist. ACAB.Feel free to follow!! Pronouns=Any! I like they and she the most WATCH OUT=I'll call you cute 💚 Born in the USA in 1996=please don't use this against me
gamerswift13@cybre.spaceRebecca Swift!
gamerswift13@cybre.space  [follow]
ko Rebecca ahau. 35. trans NB lesbian, pākehā, #ACAB, #blacklivesmatter, intersectional feminist, videogamer, full-time complainer. they/thembuy my short story here: https://gamerswift13.itch.io/the-deadly-laptop! Location=Christchurch, New Zealand Pronouns=They/them Alignment=Chaotic Good I mean Left
gakell@mastodon.socialGakell [ACAB]
gakell@mastodon.social  [follow]
He/They | Born and Raised Country Trash | Gamer | Progressive | meme trash dumpster diver | Socialist | gay as heck 🏳️‍🌈
loritorojo@mastodon.socialLorito Rojo
loritorojo@mastodon.social  [follow]
Exiliado de Twitter Anti Fascista ACAB
brigadakolina@mastodon.social  [follow]
Organizados en Colina para el Apruebo o lo que traiga Marxo #RenunciaPiñera Marzo=Con todo a sacar a Piraña ACAB=Asesinos qls Apruebo=Refundar todo 1312=Via armada
tortugx1312@hispagatos.space  [follow]
Somos subjetividades radicales emergentes. Emergemos agenciados de forma espontánea cuando el momento lo exige. Somos un espacio de ruido de individualidades asociadas desde la informalidad. Realizamos gráfica e ilustración anticolonial, ACAB y en contra del mundo producto de la mercancía.
cat_abyss@octodon.social  [follow]
27 he/they nb? ancom furry underachiever. some sorta rat creature.liked coding until it became my job, now i often think about that bacteria from ringworld that ate transistorsbastard musician, disgraced sleep deity, learning to do art and crimebored & scared.:transgender_flag: :acab: 🎷 📡 💾 🐈 ☔ :gay_furr: :ms_weed: location=
lorrsch@mastodon.pirateparty.beAnar' Foxxo :blobfoxmlem:
lorrsch@mastodon.pirateparty.be  [follow]
Blanche, pan, anxieuse et valide ; essaie d'être une bonne personne et amie. / *White, pan, anxious able sb trying to be a good friend and person.**I mostly speak & boost in French.*Je boost (et parfois poste) des pouets concernant des actus politiques, les discriminations & oppressionsʴ, les violences policières, ... / *Will mostly boost, but sometimes also write, toots abt political news, oppressions & discriminations, police violence, ...*[ʴà propos des oppressions que je ne subis pas moi-même, je ne boost ou diffuse presque que des paroles de personnes concernées / *ʴwhen speaking abt oppressions I do not suffer from myself, I try to only boost or spread words from/by those concerned*].Image d'en-tête : https://pixabay.com/fr/photos/acab-police-ville-la-criminalit%C3%A9-1329481/Image de profil : https://pixabay.com/vectors/anarchy-political-social-rebellion-32917/ + contraste ajouté par Azaliz !!
shedevil@transrights.ovh𝚏𝚊𝚢𝚎! / acab
shedevil@transrights.ovh  [follow]
transgirl 😀acab blm
dxcibel@deadinsi.de  [follow]
trans :heart_trans: acab :ancomheart: white 👋🏻 topics include music, books, sports, gaming, general shitpostingmein leben lang gab es nur suppe und leere versprechungen. | yes it's fucking political. everything's politicalavatar by @dakabriz on instagram
drd0g@mastodon.social  [follow]
─Anarchy─────STΦMP─YΦU─SYSTEM─────CRACK─HÅCK─OSINT────────ACAB───────#OCDC─t.me/OCDCDoxxVault Hacking=Are you ready? OCDC=OutCast Digital Crew Nueva Constitución=I Approve
bunnycartoon@mastodon.social⚡Bubblegum Midlife Crisis⚡
bunnycartoon@mastodon.social  [follow]
Dawn ♡ she/her ♡ Actual Anime Grandma ♡ loves spooky, cute, & retro ♡ Host/producer of The Anime Nostalgia Podcast ♡ AnimeNostalgiaPodcast(a)gmail(.)com ♡ BLM! ♡ ACAB! ♡ (っ◔◡◔)っ NAZIS, TERFS, NFT/CRYPTO BROS CAN ALL FUCK OFF! Twitter!=http://twitter.com/bunnycartoon Links to all my stuff!=https://beacons.ai/bunnycartoon
jilla@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Lurker in the background. Getting old but still growing. Anarcho-Cynicalist🏴 (he/they) MPLS |ACAB|Land Back| Liberation from the bottom| Are you from so-called mn? Let's be mutuals...(all others still welcome) From=Occupied Dakota Land Twitter=Gogojjilla1 Make=Things Grow=Food
sergioldier@mastodon.social  [follow]
dclxvi@mstdn.ioLou Cipher 🇵🇸
dclxvi@mstdn.io  [follow]
Fortunately, my male ego can be satisfied with a simple 'Thank you, Conan.'-Cheers#FreePalestine #blm #bds #atheist #acab #antifa #debian #Californiabandcamp.com/johnleninToots deleted every so often.
alexandria@hackers.town  [follow]
She/Her : 22 Years Old : Wales, UKTrans : Lesbian : Pan : Plural : Polyam : DisabledHacker : Archivist : LearnerC : Python : Lua : Erlang : LispInterested inPhilosophy : Psychology : Anthropology : Linguistics : Mathematics : Design : UXI used to play instrumentsAlters:Alexandria / Martha / Ffion / Mel / Luna-α / Luna-β[oh god there are more we're not finished naming yet D:]I 💖 krys, @efi, vivBLM, ACAB, Trans Rights, etc. other account=@alexandria@catgirl.science jacked in=constantly ed(1)?=the one true editor obv
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Vengo aquí por si Twitter sigue siendo una mierda. Me quejo mucho. ACAB
f1ght@mastodon.socialQuinto Reboot
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En vuestros corazones hay libertad.http://7krtw7u7x4jzfyrjpwi3anqga73vbpuqdxpzbuk44xu44fa6oimzuwid.onion/#FreeSoftware #Anonymous #Bastards #Linux #GNU #Hacktivismo #Comunismo #ACAB Nos vemos en el infierno.
emy@eldritch.cafeÉmy Xana Libertad
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Sélective sur qui a accès, au moins mutuals. –– Les chiens galeux peuvent chiengaler.Parfois je suis amoureuse.Parfois je suis énervée.Souvent je suis ACAB.sort of shy slutty raccoonplz be kind with meCW : personal stuff ; nudes (mostly light) ; weird stuff ; etc.private account of:@oniricorpe@CyberSaloperie
cherubimscloud@mastodon.art✨ Cherubim ✨
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24 | neurodivergent | BLM | ACAB white, queer and trans, fat. living on unceded wolastoqiyik land i do art sometimes Libra sun, Gemini moon, Virgo rising 💛pronouns💛=they/he
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Dies Das Ananas...true story.Hammer, Sichel, Pflasterstein bringt den Feminismus ein...bääämFokus liegt auf feministischen Themen.#nomasters #fghtpatriarchy #fghtafd #hatefascism #acab
lorling@mastodon.clLo, sipo apruebo✌🏻👽
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Yay, my old instance vanished i to the oblivion... So Here i am, back on a new instance, with a New (old) Name!So should i send you a follow er request, there is a high Chance that i followed you before (and think you're cool).If i send ya multi follow request, please forgive my adhd brain!Also nativ german speaker ;)I like to flirt but mostly to shy to take Action >///<Btw:#FCKNZS#ACAB#BLM#TransLivesMatterAnd please dont follow me if you're working in the Military field...
selina@radical.towneaster platypus o.o;
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selina/myx/myxxi👻1031 bday ghoul🎃radtownz e-nby scenekween#anarchy :anarchy: #acab #antifa #enby :heart_agender:use they/them plz n ty :DLVL 24 1337 5p34k3rscenepunx betch frm da 305im #bisexual & engaged :3~still stuck in 2007~ mood:=gib monster plz fave colorz=green&&black scene=punx moar?=https://listography.com/hated
beanbagbellycafe@gulp.cafeBeanbag Belly Café :18only:
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they/them (collectively), fat disabled queer plural otherkin, :18only: proud gluttons and hedons~ we're gainers, up to 266 lbs on march 6th. we don't intend to stop~(slime) fox(taur) 💙 (they/she)demon goat 🖤 (he/him)raccoon cat/dragon 💜 (she/her)shark (or w/ affection, whale) 🧡 (he/him [or she/her])demon dog 🤍 (any pronouns)opossum/robot bunny ❤ (she/her)blm acab Ⓐ 🏴feel free to follow request and boost anythingif you'd like, you're welcome to interact and be horny at us
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She/they/eir nb. PNW.Mostly posts about boring daily stuff.Pics of cats, gripes, idkASD, ADHD, EDS, BLM, ACAB
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Aprendiendo a usar esta red social.#antifachos #ACAB #Chiledesperto #patipelado
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En Twitter @bacarucci #FachosCuliaos ACAB. Juntos aprobaremos. #VamosLaU
fuxino@kolektiva.socialDaniele #Antifa
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Anarcho-Communist, Antifa, non-Believer (ACAB)
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I am a strange loop;Half cyberpunk, half solarpunk, ACAB;Glitter + Doom + Robots;Robots don't do gender, but you do you
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Real linguist, not a real riot. We are not afraid of ruins, we carry a new world in our hearts. ACAB. @/ Riotlinguist on Twitter. She/They 🏴♠️
amethystdragon@queer.party:heart_nb: :trans_comm: Vanya
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Transfem enby | Ancom | Voidpunk | Maths Nerd | Catdora fan | Antifa | ACAB | BLMFull disclosure: While it should be obvious with the pointy ears, purple eyes and hair, and especially horns, my avatar is, in fact, nothing like me. What I'm trying to say is, I'm white AF, according to most definitions. Pronouns=They/them or any neopronouns Orientation=Kinda rolling with omnisexual rn Location=The borderlands of shit part of Europe
isthispermanent@mastodon.socialTireless Elon Musk Defender
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Leftist, seriously conflicted active-duty Marine (views are my own) #ACAB@NealMcCommie on birdsite
nyx@freak.universityNyx :mapflag:
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Autistic weirdo. Some kind of artist. Vegan. All kinds of queer. MAP and trying to be ok with that. Horny on main.ACAB
FA, Twitch, Telegram
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Enby web dev by day, toon by night! Shiny and squeaky stuff with a side of tf! In love with my hubby Soriano. BLM. ACAB. Trans rights. Leftist. 29. They/Them. 🔞Icon by Shlimaz Age=30
spamlovr@counter.socialEveryday antifascist Dan
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Opinionated. Impatient. Exhausted. I help keep my community safe. Coffee is not a matter of life and death, it's far more important than that. ACAB Pacific NW.
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#acab #Antifaschismus #eattherich #Fahrrad #Fotografie #Gaming #ghylememes #StarTrek #Threema #VfLHalle96
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idiot cowboy - they/them - i like to draw!acab•BLM
utopieselective@mastodon.artUtopie Selective
Twitter, Artstation
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Art director & Lead Concept designer @ VIRTUOS MTL. lead Designer of Wandering Earth 2019. Space and scifi lover. He/Him. lived in CAN & China. BLM. ACAB. Links!=https://lynkfire.com/utopieselective
feathers@plural.cafemoved to @feathers@yiff.life
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system of 23 // c-ptsd // please be nice we are very tired // goo monstrosities and other oddities // 21 years dead // leo // we videogame fairly okay // ansoc, acab, etc // ask for our pronouns we have way too many to put here lmao (please use they/them til u know us well)sponsored by HRG#nobot
gendertrash@kolektiva.social🕷 Aris Aquarius 🕷
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🦇 level 28 queer🕸 demonatrix☠️ intersex & nbi (they/them)🕷 +size & disabled👁‍🗨 acab & blm🔲 s*x work is work🏴‍☠️ new 18+ page linked➡️ https://www.gothiccumslut.com/ 🔞 Website 🔞=https://www.gothiccumslut.com/ Shitposting 🔞=https://mstdn.social/@gendertrash Mastodon 🔞=https://mastodon.online/@gendertrash Switter 🔞=https://switter.at/@gothiccumslut
iridaceae@weirder.earthDana 🍄
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cis white lesbian microbiologist 🏳️‍🌈🦠 ACAB. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land. please show me pictures of your pet ratsAvatar by kmerolzzzz Pronouns=She/her Wife=@s0@cathode.church Language=en_au Likes=🪴🐸🐭🐶🧵♟️🔬🧬🦠💅
ocb@eldritch.cafe🐧 cEts 🎶
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#cannabis #techno #LSD #zbeul#ptsd #sspt quelques #memeset #acab 👁️ 👅 👁️=https://open.tube/videos/watch/838c42cb-8c14-4e5d-8c0f-e484f4169c3c
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ACAB 🔥 🔥 🔥
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Leaf chameleon 🦎 Art sometimes 🦎 33, They/Them, Pan 🦎 Icon by twitter.com/ForrestMoth 🦎 ACAB
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berlin based antifascist & anarchist pronouns=he/him
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Dragon | he/him | otherkin | furry | BLM | acab | trans rights are human rights | zoos + maps will be blocked | icon: Natoli | banner: SaphireShear
marigolds@efdn.clublocal missingno / ACAB
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lyra | 20 | any pronounsinterstella.carrd.co(throws an egg at you)
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Fuera Piñera. ACAB