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mastodon@mstdn.socialMastodon :mastodon:
mastodon@mstdn.social  [follow]
Providing you with #Mastodon updates.For questions please contact the server admin @stux :mastodon:=https://mstdn.social/about/more :patreon:=https://mstdn.social/funding 📱=https://mstdn.social/apps :github:=https://github.com/mstdn/mastodon
federationbot@mastodon.hostFederation Bot
More stats, More infos
federationbot@mastodon.host  [follow]
Hello, I am mastodon.host official semi bot.Follow me if you want to have some updates on the view of the fediverse from here ( I only post unlisted ). I also randomly boost one of my followers toot every hour !If you don't feel confortable with me following you, tell me: unfollow and I'll do it :)If you want me to follow you, just tell me follow ! If you want automatic follow for new users on your instance and you are an instance admin, contact me !Other commands are private :) Owner/Friend=@ferh
federationbot_1@mastodon.hostFederation Bot
More stats, More infos
federationbot_1@mastodon.host  [follow]
Hello, I am mastodon.host official semi bot.Follow me if you want to have some updates on the view of the fediverse from here ( I only post unlisted ). I also randomly boost one of my followers toot every hour !If you don't feel confortable with me following you, tell me: unfollow and I'll do it :)If you want me to follow you, just tell me follow ! If you want automatic follow for new users on your instance and you are an instance admin, contact me !Other commands are private :) Owner/Friend=@gled
freemo@qoto.org🎓 Dr. Freemo :jpf: 🇳🇱
Website, GitLab
freemo@qoto.org  [follow]
Jeffrey Phillips FreemanInnovator & Entrepreneur in Machine Learning, Evolutionary Computing & Big Data. Avid SCUBA diver, Open-source developer, HAM radio operator, astrophotographer, and anything nerdy.Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, USA, currently living in Utrecht, Netherlands.Pronouns: Sir / MisterA proud member of the Penobscot Native American tribe, as well as a Mayflower passenger descendant. I sometimes post about my genealogical history.GPG/PGP Fingerprint: 8B23 64CD 2403 6DCB 7531 01D0 052D DA8E 0506 CBCESource for profile picture: https://danielmartindiaz.com/ Twitter=@DocFreemo
admin@mstdn.iomstdn.io admin :hyunjinnod:
info, patreon
admin@mstdn.io  [follow]
Follow this account for all the news about mstdn.io!I am @angristan buy me a ☕️=https://ko-fi.com/stanislas donations=https://mstdn.io/about/more#donations
vinnypistillo@social.byoblu.comVinny Pi 🚈
Regolamento, Byoblu Replay 24, Byoblu Youtube canale ufficiale, Blog Byoblu
vinnypistillo@social.byoblu.com  [follow]
Byoblu admin & E444R 🚝
mastodon@mastodon.unoMastodon Italia
dona liberapay, Peertube, blog
mastodon@mastodon.uno  [follow]
Account ufficiale della prima istanza di #Mastodon generalista in Italia: aperta ad ogni argomento, libera, open source e decentralizzata. Mastodon è il #socialnetwork decentralizzato, composto da più istanze di cui mastodon.uno è la prima istanza #italiana aperta a tutti gli utenti che comprendono l'Italiano.#MastodonItalia è l'istanza italiana con dominio proprio, free, open, senza pubblicità, senza profilazione degli utenti, non raccoglie dati, non ha interessi economici chat matrix=https://chat.mozilla.org/#/room/#mastodon:mozilla.org
support@abdl.linkABDL.link Support ⚡︎
Rules, Patreon
support@abdl.link  [follow]
Notices, help and general babysitting from the team
Regolamento, Byoblu24, SostieniByoblu
janasakoga@social.byoblu.com  [follow]
www.janasakoga.wordpress.com +Byoblu admin inside💙 Replay24=https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TpHvrNZZTnA
laquadrature@mamot.frLa Quadrature du Net
Site Web, Site de soutien, Instance Peertube
laquadrature@mamot.fr  [follow]
ONG luttant pour les libertés et droits fondamentaux numériques. Depuis 2008. | Citizen advocacy group defending fundamental freedoms online. Information about Internet-related policy. Since 2008. À propos=https://www.laquadrature.net/nous/
editor@masthead.socialRyan Ozawa
Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit
editor@masthead.social  [follow]
Geek dad in paradise. Into #science, #technology, #startups, and everything about #hawaii.
un_nerv@unnerv.jp  [follow]
情報ごとにアカウントが別れています。ご自身に必要なテーマだけを選んでリモートフォローすることができます。アカウントの一覧は https://unnerv.jp/about/more に掲載しています。
franklinlopez@kolektiva.socialFranklin López
Bandcamp, Twitter
franklinlopez@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Producer/Editor of INVASION & the upcoming feature #YINTAH about the #Wetsuweten resistance Founder and former video slave @subMediaLover of #Tacos and #HipHop AMP @ Kolektiva=https://kolektiva.media/video-channels/amplifier_network_channel/videos
cmnoelle@mastodon.socialCommunity Moderator Noëlle
The Rules
cmnoelle@mastodon.social  [follow]
Community moderator for mastodon.social. Please contact=another admin
bortzmeyer@mastodon.gougere.frStéphane Bortzmeyer
Web site, Livre
bortzmeyer@mastodon.gougere.fr  [follow]
Je parle surtout d'informatique / I talk mostly about computing. Langue=fr Language=en
effy@mastodon.socialEffy Elden ~ ineffyble
effy@mastodon.social  [follow]
wielder of digital duct tape. toots about politics and techie things 👩🏻‍💻. toots my own. #girlslikeus
sir@cmpwn.comDrew DeVault
Blog, PeerTube, Book
sir@cmpwn.com  [follow]
FLOSS advocate, programmer, sysadmin, language enthusiast, amateur astronomer, hates your favorite programming language, doesn't want to talk to you about cryptocurency.I am also the head of SourceHut.⚠️ My Mastodon is not for end user support, send your questions through the proper channels instead. git=https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn
tek@freeradical.zoneTeknichal Difficulties
tek@freeradical.zone  [follow]
Politics ∪ tech ∪ security ∪ privacy ∪ O_o | Owner/admin of Free Radical | I blog about this at https://blog.freeradical.zone/ Avatar=Me, at night, with music Keyboard=Cherry MX Blue Pronouns=He/Him/Hey you
deepsealioness@mastodon.social‏محترمہ پربھا ✅
deepsealioness@mastodon.social  [follow]
l’m here to make you uncomfortable, the same one your mom warned you about.Unapologetic, Unconventional, Not your typical girl next door. I BiteHaters from twitter are free to pre emptively block me, cheersI talk too much politics and offend almost everyone. #SocialJustice is key, I am rabid with oppressors of any kind class, caste, religion, gender. If you aid oppression, you are free to take a long walk on a short cliff If you don’t, I will share food pics, pets, jokes & love 💓 Politics=Left Leaning Twitter=@Deepsealioness Name=Prabha
ask, header by
alis@fandom.ink  [follow]
I like #writing books and #monsters and writing books about monsters. Also the distributed #fandom web. I like that, too. longform=@alis icon by=me!
accessiblecolors@botsin.spacerandom colour contrasts
accessiblecolors@botsin.space  [follow]
Inspired by and using: https://randoma11y.comGets colours, finds their WCAG contrast ratio. Attempts to name them.See pinned toots for more info. Bot owner=https://toot.cafe/@zac Source code=https://glitch.com/edit/#!/random-accessible-colours-bot About colour contrast=https://glitch.com/edit/#!/random-accessible-colours-bot
mods@berries.spaceberries.space mods :berry:
mods@berries.space  [follow]
Run collectively by the staff of berries.space! Check our pinned toots for a full list of staff and our condensed rules. FAQ about reports=https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E7sLL5ScDkMVP3hb9G9EE1cI0v08lCHNc3hZJxCQVHM/edit?usp=sharing
Site, Code
architect@linuxrocks.online  [follow]
Just a guy that loves C, Illumos, BSD, filesystems, and all the low-level goodness he can get a hold of.Passionate about security and systems design.
skiring@mastodon.host  [follow]
Do you suppose we can create a social network that doesn't suck? Let's try.Some of my interests are: #books, #dogs, #education, #FOSS, #gardening, #history, #information, #kettlebells, #keto, #Mastodon, #medicine, #nature, #privacy, #powerlifting, #RSS. Oh, and #sleep.But I only post about some of those things.
memeghnad@mastodon.socialmeghnad :dab:
memeghnad@mastodon.social  [follow]
Ultra Curious. I watch Parliament and write about it. Journalist=public policy, parliament and politics. Author=#Parliamental (Political Satire) Scriptwriter=Consti-tuition, TV Newsance Random=Gaming, Cats, Podcasts
laura@mastodon.laurakalbag.comLaura Kalbag
Small Technology website, My website, Buy my book at
laura@mastodon.laurakalbag.com  [follow]
½ of Small Technology Foundation. Designs, talks, and writes about web, ethics, inclusivity, privacy, and dev. I wrote a book: Accessibility For Everyone: http://a4e.link she/her Listen to my book at=http://www.audible.co.uk/pd/Accessibility-for-Everyone-Audiobook/B07G1SR1KQ?source_code=AUKFrDlWS02231890H6-BK-ACX0-123554&ref=acx_bty_BK_ACX0_123554_rh_uk
Blog, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram
isablog@toot.wales  [follow]
I'm a 27 year old married father of one - soon to be two! I started blogging after suffering with postnatal depression when Isabelle was born. These days I just talk about my life as a dad! I also occasionally do weird stuff. (This is a courtesy account reserved for verified owner, contact @tooter to claim)
Blog, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter
katelili@toot.wales  [follow]
I'm Kate, the only contributor to KateLili.com. I love blogging! I live in Wales and I'm mum to two beauties who are aged 9 and 3. My blog is focused on belonging and how we can connect into our relationships. I also post about general mum life. My youtube channel is all about our short breaks and days out. (This is a courtesy account reserved for verified owner, contact @tooter to claim)
house_of_pears@mastodon.hostHouse of Pears 🍐
house_of_pears@mastodon.host  [follow]
🍐(They/Themselves/It)QueerTime flies like an Arrow, Fruit Flies like a Pear Moderator at Mastodon.host I like Alot of Stuff. You can ask Me about It if You want. Profile Picture by @skellypop 🍐
announce@freeradical.zoneFree Radical Announcements
announce@freeradical.zone  [follow]
News about the Free Radical instance
iulius@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
#ukulele #tokipona #descentralización #esperanto Blog:=http://elblogdeiulius.es/about/ Aprende toki pona | o kama sona e toki pona=https://janjulo.neocities.org/ Invítame a un café | o pana e telo pimeja wawa tawa mi=https://ko-fi.com/iulius
admin@soc.ialis.mesoc.ialis.me collective
admin@soc.ialis.me  [follow]
News from the collective soc.ialis.me instance.admins: @href @jd @wxl @marxistvegan @Famine @hecate ~ tech updates at @tech ~ stickers ? @stickers !!1https://soc.ialis.me/about/moreStatus: https://up.ialis.meBackup account: @socialisme
avatarx@bitcoinhackers.orgAvatar X
avatarx@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
That other Bitcoin Discussion Sites manager you don't know about that happens to be everywhere.
djsundog@toot-lab.reclaim.technologyDJ Sundog - from the toot-lab
djsundog@toot-lab.reclaim.technology  [follow]
Trying to break things that need breaking, deliberately and after much reflection, make things in a likewise manner, and generally reshape the various worlds I inhabit to be slightly more habitable. I'm into music, retrocomputing, people, caring, and thinking about stuff.Been around a while.Feel free to ask questions.Available via email at sundog@reclaim.technologyAvailable on matrix at @djsundog:reclaim.technologyFollow requests welcome. Pronouns=He/him or they/them Location=Tacoma, Washington, US Turntables/Mic Ratio=2:1 Also me=https://linernotes.club/@djsundog
Blog, Peertube, Liberapay, Pixelfed
dada@diaspodon.fr  [follow]
Chief Happiness Officer du Fediverse, sculpteur d'air chaud, DevOps (mauvais admin et mauvais dev) et imprimeur 3D.
amwenglish@kolektiva.socialAMW English
amwenglish@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Abolition Media Worldwide is an online news source for revolutionary movements, with information about militant actions, analysis, and features about local struggles from around the world.https://www.amwenglish.com/
zoequinn@mastodon.socialZoë Quinn
zoequinn@mastodon.social  [follow]
It's me, that nerd too many people have opinions about. I'm zoequinn#2216 on Discord (but please lemme know who you are before adding!)
Blog, Contact
infosechandbook@mastodon.at  [follow]
A European non-profit information security blog that appreciates your privacy.https://infosec-handbook.eu/This official account is managed by Jakub & Benjamin.#blog #nobot #infosec #security #privacy #infosechandbook Our team=https://infosec-handbook.eu/about/#contributors Based in=Europe 🇪🇺
leo@twit.socialChief TWiT :twit:
TWiT, TWiT Forums, Tech Guy, Blog
leo@twit.social  [follow]
Leo Laporte, podcaster, broadcaster, tech pundit. Founder of the TWiT Podcast Network https://twit.tv. The Tech Guy on the Premiere Radio Networks nationwide. https://techguylabs.com. Blog and contact info at https://leo.fm/about
capozzio@qaf.men  [follow]
These videos&pics are about MEN kissing MEN (maybe even more). If you find MEN kissing MEN offensive, please watch these videos&pics over and over until you become accustomed to them.
pzmyers@octodon.socialpzmyers 🦑
pzmyers@octodon.social  [follow]
Biologist at the University of Minnesota Morris. Atheist and loud about it. Feminist, the noisy kind. Antifa. Etc. Preferred pronouns: he/him.
fredie1469@mastodon.socialFredie’s Place
fredie1469@mastodon.social  [follow]
I love life. I love men. This is a blog about my loves. All content is from elsewhere, unless it’s me. Adults onlyKik me at fredie1469 Gay=NSFW Nude men=NSFW Gay porn=NSFW Life’s lessons=SFW
mike@chinwag.orgMike, First of His Name
Personal, Elsewhere, Contribute
mike@chinwag.org  [follow]
Admin of Chinwag, fan of open communication standards, maintainer of communities.Time Magazine "Person of the Year" 2006.I talk about #retrocomputing a lot, especially #Commodore64 stuff. I also do a lot of #gardening and am trying to grow more of my own #food. I am learning to make good #bread and #beer. I've been a professional Unix #sysadmin for over twenty years.I live in #Melbourne, #Australia IM=xmpp:mike@chinwag.org
mike@social.chinwag.orgMike, First of His Name
Personal, Elsewhere, Contribute
mike@social.chinwag.org  [follow]
Admin of Chinwag, fan of open communication standards, maintainer of communities.Time Magazine "Person of the Year" 2006.I talk about #retrocomputing a lot, especially #Commodore64 stuff. I also do a lot of #gardening and am trying to grow more of my own #food. I am learning to make good #bread and #beer. I've been a professional Unix #sysadmin for over twenty years.I live in #Melbourne, #Australia IM=xmpp:mike@chinwag.org
mwlucas@bsd.network:flan_molotov: Michael W Lucas
mwlucas@bsd.network  [follow]
Recent books:tech: SNMP Masterythriller: Terrapin Sky Tangobiz: Cash Flow for Creators:flan_writing: :flan_book:🥋:ratstand: FAQ:=https://mwl.io/faq Pronouns=he/him/"Oi! You!" next business model=tarpit as a service
bcavello@mastodon.socialit's B! Cavello 🐝
about, mastronaut download
bcavello@mastodon.social  [follow]
activist, aspiring-polymath, problematic feminist working to better this worldhttp://pronoun.is/they
alcinnz@floss.socialAdrian Cochrane
Odysseus, Liberapay, Rhapsode, Homepage
alcinnz@floss.social  [follow]
A browser developer posting mostly about how free software projects work, and occasionally about climate change.Though I do enjoy german board games given an opponent.Pronouns: he/him
b_cavello@mastodon.socialit's B! Cavello 🐝
about, mastronaut download
b_cavello@mastodon.social  [follow]
activist, aspiring-polymath, problematic feminist working to better this worldhttp://pronoun.is/they
aag@bsd.networkAaron A. Glenn
aag@bsd.network  [follow]
internet curmudgeon. talk to me about programmable packet data planes.p4.worksas57335.net twitter=@networkservice bunnies=Mondo (pictured) & Molina
btc@framapiaf.orgBitcoin #btc
btc@framapiaf.org  [follow]
All you need to know about Bitcoin directly in your Mastodon Timeline
jd@soc.ialis.mejd Ⓐ★😼🚀🌍🇪🇺🇭🇺
pxlfd pix, tumblr, twitter, about.me
jd@soc.ialis.me  [follow]
budapest activist, photographer & one of many co-admins of the soc.ialis.me collective
mrkhvoice@spinster.xyzClaire Graham
mrkhvoice@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Accidental advocate for women's right to talk about their bodies. Not your intersex pawn. Please don't trans me when I'm dead.
dosnostalgic@mastodon.socialAnatoly Shashkin💾
dosnostalgic@mastodon.social  [follow]
Living in the past. The IBM PC past that is. YouTuber/Podcaster.Ask me about DOS games! Tell me your DOS game memories! YouTube:=https://youtube.com/dosnostalgic Podcast:=http://feeds.feedburner.com/DosNostalgiaPodcast Facebook:=https://www.facebook.com/dosnostalgia/ Website:=https://dosnostalgia.com
webmink@mastodon.ccSimon Phipps
webmink@mastodon.cc  [follow]
Public Software ED · OSI Standards director · https://webmink.com/about · Articles: https://meshedinsights.com · Powered by https://patreon.com/webmink
Flagship Instance, Source Code
lemmydev@mastodon.social  [follow]
Updates about the Lemmy Project
linux4everyone@fosstodon.orgLinux For Everyone
YouTube, Podcast RSS, Telegram Group
linux4everyone@fosstodon.org  [follow]
A podcast and video channel about desktop #Linux, #FOSS, and the community creating + enjoying it. Hosted by Forbes' @killyourfm LBRY=https://lbry.tv/@LinuxForEveryone
wocbot@neckbeard.xyzWaifus of Color
wocbot@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
It's not about fetishizing dark skin, it's about rejecting boring basic bitch pale & white skin in 2D art. Though unnatural skin colors like blue, red, gray, purple, hot pink/pastel pink are welcomed here too, natural skin tones are the majority.Botposts LEWD 2D art every 20 minutes. Some posts are safe or just questionable, but some are straight up porn. Thus, every post is tagged NSFW so click at your own risk. The majority of the images this bot posts are very NSFW.You pervert!Contact: fedi - @dielan@shitposter.clubXMPP - dielan@trashserver.netSubmit your own images: discord.gg/EDCmxXD
dasbolshevik@mastodon.social☭ Comrade Nambiar ☭
Towards an Indian Communist Revolution, DasBolshevik on FB
dasbolshevik@mastodon.social  [follow]
My opinions are my own.A Marxist. Life's too short to have anything control it. The Future is the collective! Currently fighting Fascism and winning!I write about Communism and if you follow me and my words you will learn about Communism. Be warned... Once your eyes see the truth, you can never go back! Decide do you want to take the Blue Pill and go back to your quiet, happy life? Or do you want to take the Red Pill and live in the Truth?
jomo@mstdn.iojomo :verified:
Website, Birdsite, Github
jomo@mstdn.io  [follow]
Toots in English und Deutsch | Serious shitposts only | #echterhacker IRC=jomo @ hackint.org
lisacrost@vis.socialLisa Charlotte Rost
Portfolio, Twitter
lisacrost@vis.social  [follow]
Creating & writing about dataviz for Datawrapper. Data Vis Book Club organizer. Fan of numbers, systems & overviews. I believe in maps, not the territory.
Projects, Website
apps@toot.fedilab.app  [follow]
This account is dedicated for news about FOSS apps: Fedilab, TubeLab, UntrackMe, OpenMutilMaps
sambrcln@mastodon.socialhairy men
sambrcln@mastodon.social  [follow]
Tumblr refugee. From Barcelona. Crazy about hairy and masculine men & gay sex. I do not own any copyrights on photos. 18+only. NSFW. NSFW=NSFW Gay sex=Gay sex Hairy men=Hairy men Hombres peludos=Machos
nilanjanaroy@mastodon.socialNilanjana Roy :batman:
Bio, Books, Insta
nilanjanaroy@mastodon.social  [follow]
Otter of books | Coming soon: Black RiverFantasy novels: The Wildings & The 100 Names of DarknessBibliophilia: The Girl Who Ate Books |Columnist, @FTLifeArts, formerly NYT, Business Standard
theoutrider@mastodon.social  [follow]
under the sea there's a colony of beesask me about fish bothering games Pronouns (counterfeit)=he/him will not shut up with the=heavy metal, videogames, shit jokes avatar by=@Murkrow
donate@quey.orgquey financial
Donate, Patreon
donate@quey.org  [follow]
All financial data about quey.org Jan goal:=€21 / €57
announce@layer8.spaceLayer8.Space Announce
announce@layer8.space  [follow]
Tooting status informations about the layer8.space instance
eloisa@masto.ptEloísa & them Seagulls
I use Forget
eloisa@masto.pt  [follow]
I create #Photography & #Poetry. :queercat_ace: :queercat_nb: :queercat_pan: :queercat_polyam: :queercat_pride: They/She/Kitten | #NoBot Mod:=@eloisa Ko-fi:=https://ko-fi.com/eloisa?retribute 💝 Feeling generous?=https://www.amazon.es/hz/wishlist/ls/1YB3XXRK5TWH1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ep_ws_Rf0OBbRDRFTKA?retribute
voadi@mastodon.gamedev.placeVegan on a Desert Island
Support us, Code, Website
voadi@mastodon.gamedev.place  [follow]
WIP libre adventure game for Linux, MacOS, and Windows in which a hypothetical question about veganism is taken to the extreme. Matrix=https://riot.im/app/#/room/#voadi:matrix.org
lucida3bot@lucida-don.net  [follow]
Lucidaのbotです。無人ですがたまに中身がいたりします。仕様はgithubの取説↓を見てください。おそらく3分もかかりません。 取説(git)=https://github.com/lucida3rd/skill_memo/blob/master/lucibot_unyo.txt 鯖,他垢=https://lucida-don.net/about/more
immak02@mastodon.socialMd Asif Khan
immak02@mastodon.social  [follow]
Indian.Muslim.Socialist 🌹. Write about Politics and Social Issues . "I may not change anything, but at least I will not be silent." Twitter=imMAK02 Blog=https://medium.com/@imMAK02
tuxdevices@fosstodon.org  [follow]
TuxPhones.com is a (very) new website providing news and information about Linux on smartphones in a small, independent blog.#linux #smartphones #postmarketos Based in=Italy Hosted in=Germany Twitter=@tuxphones Independent?=Absolutely
lightweight@mastodon.oeru.orgDave Lane
lightweight@mastodon.oeru.org  [follow]
Open Source Technologist with the OER Foundation - I blog about OERs and free and open source tech for delivering them on https://tech.oeru.org.
robert@boardgames.socialRobert Johnson :linux:
Gaming Group, Words, BGG
robert@boardgames.social  [follow]
Surprisingly profound for a show about a sponge.
musafir@mastodon.social  [follow]
the voice of dissent. the voice of my own. the voice of freedom. the voice of rebellion. the voice of change./nɒnkəmˈplʌɪənt/ (non-compliant)toots about: politics | policies | activism | environment | travel | dissent | poetry | music | books | communication | jumlas | lifefinding alts in life.
tam@yiff.life  [follow]
I'm the cat@sky is puppy 💜I draw, you can inquire about my rates via dm. Will have a price sheet posted eventually. Pronouns=She/Her is a=cat age=23
trwnh@mastodon.socialinfinite love ⴳ
Website, Portfolio
trwnh@mastodon.social  [follow]
i have approximate knowledge of many things. perpetual student. (nb/ace/they)xmpp/email: a@trwnh.comhttps://trwnh.comhelp me live: https://liberapay.com/trwnh or paypal- my triggers are moths and glitter- i have all notifs except mentions turned off, so please interact if you wanna be friends! i literally will not notice otherwise- dm me if i did something wrong, so i can improve- purest person on fedi, do not lewd in my presence Fan of:=Punk-rock and post-hardcore (Circa Survive, letlive., La Dispute, THE FEVER 333)Manga (Yu-Gi-Oh!, One Piece, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Death Note, Shaman King)Platformers and RPGs (Banjo-Kazooie, Boktai, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles) What to expect:=talking about various things i find interesting, and otherwise being a genuine and decent wholesome poster. i'm just here to hang out and talk to cool people! and to spill my thoughts.
xmpp@fosstodon.orgXSF: XMPP Standards Foundation
Website, About XMPP, Newsletter
xmpp@fosstodon.org  [follow]
XMPP - Extensible Messaging and Presence ProtocolPromoting open communication and open communication infrastructureStandardized within the IETFGetting started with XMPP: https://xmpp.org/getting-started/Finding XMPP-related jobs or finding developers, administrators and integrators: https://xmpp.work/ Atom/RSS feed=https://xmpp.org/feeds/all.atom.xml
gwenfarsgarden@sunbeam.cityGwenhwyfar's Garden :greensun:
gwenfarsgarden@sunbeam.city  [follow]
White #permaculture gardener, plant addict, & occasional designer. #Garlic lover. I blog about #GardeningWithME (I have the #ChronicIllness #MECFS). Intersectional feminist. Mx. I love pre-1660 British History, Sci-fi, and #Cats. #AntiCapitalist #Solarpunk #Gardening #Plants #Accessibility #Disability #Spoonie #Anarchist #AntiFascistThere is no such thing as too many plants. Pronouns & age=they/them she/her, 42 (+10) Where=Sheffield, EU Food/cooking Alt=https://kith.kitchen/web/accounts/7893
itsjennotgabby@jorts.horseAll About The Jenjamins
itsjennotgabby@jorts.horse  [follow]
I am a goddamn delight ™. This is main now. An unparalleled scone of charm. I am 37 years old. If you are under 18, that's weird. https://tellonym.me/ItsJenNotGabby She/her=I talk about music sometimes. You'll probably hate my taste. Pickle=Lover Pineapple Pizza=Hater I would drink only coffee=If you didnt need water to live
witchfynder_finder@cybre.space👻™ gobconic 🐊🌩️
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Anticapitalism, linguistics, music, video games. Enbie (they/them). Goblin. Vast. Contains multitudes. Just pretentious enough to quote Whitman in their Masto bio. Rebel scum. EN/DE. #nobotTestimonials:"you're THE goblin i picture when i talk about goblins. stop being gobconic (goblin iconic)" ~ @popstarAvatar by @firstprogenitorHugs ✅Bants ✅Quieter at @witchfynder_finder Pronouns=They/Them/Themself Fav Star War=The Last Jedi Mech Name=GODSPEED REBELS Nationalize=Taco Bell
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27/f/SFBA/She/Her/CatYour friendly nsfw gay transhumanist flerken. I mainly post about bein a gaemr gurl and wantin to systematically destroy institutions.
nippledaddy@mastodon.socialMALE NIPPLE LUST (NSFW) 18+
MALE NIPPLE LUST, Erotic Stories, About Me
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Lifelong nipple and pump pig who enjoys sharing the lust and desire about male nipples with other nipple horny men.https://www.lifeout.com/NIpplepigDaddy More Me=https://mennation.com/profile2/NippleDaddy?dcb=mennation.com#profilepage?{%22ActivityFeedView-page%22:1}
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Yes, I'm the real Max Keeble. In 2001 the bourgeois pigs at Disney made a movie about me. It whitewashed my radicalism. They/them Known For=Inspired 2001 Disney Movie Talents=None Should I Follow This Acct?=Hell yes
itsjennotgabby@twinja.clubJenny Utah
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I am a goddamn delight. Header by @extinctAlt @IndulJent She/her=I talk about music sometimes. You'll probably hate my taste communism=will win pickle lover=pineapple pizza hater
linmob@fosstodon.orgLINux on MOBile
blog, app list, peertube, youtube
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Hi! I am Peter and I run a blog about LINux on MOBile devices – linmob.net. It's mostly about the PinePhone lately.Used to be on https://identi.ca/linmob. Also on the birdsite: https://nitter.net/linmobblog
news@sunbeam.citySunbeam City 🌞
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General information, updates and answers about the Sunbeam City Cooperative.
jskellogg@tabletop.socialJacob needs a new job
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Lv3 Game DesignerHe/HimI create D&D content, I publish RPGs, and I talk about nerdy stuff.Zero tolerance for Nazis. Also me--->=@purpleaethergames My D&D Work=https://www.dmsguild.com/browse.php?author=Jacob%20S%20Kellogg&affiliate_id=584540 Nexus D&D setting=https://www.worldanvil.com/w/nexus-jskellogg
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Writer | Designer. 25, Black, Grey A, v tired. I like games and music and cute stuff!! Ask me about Gravity Rush.i: @yattermangb: Aerith Class=Dancer Pronouns=He/Him Feelin'=Cute
transcendentalconsensus@trollian.space:staffmoji: Cussss Club Queen :cussclub:
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Y0ur l0c4l russtbl00d cl0wn. 13 Sweeps/RP/KinBuy me a coffee or something: https://ko-fi.com/trollianspacePatreon: https://patreon.com/trollianspaceRules are here: https://trollian.space/about/moreQuirk Guide is here: https://plushrump.neocities.org/quirks.html Classpect=Heir of Breath Age=13 Sweeps (28 years) Pronouns=She/They Pesterchum=transcendentalConsensus
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I’m Alexis, 23, a Breton furry wolfI’m a demiguy, but I refer to my gender replacing a consonant in masculine words without changing the pronounciation.I’m a sysadmin by trade and passion, but I also like stuff like tea, vinyl records, shogi, and like a lot of people I’m a fan of a lot of music, movies, video games and other media you’ll probably know about if you follow me!https://donphan.social administratorDes fois je poste en Français ! Location=Rennes :bzh: Gender=Mxle Pronouns 🇬🇧=xe/xem/xyr Pronoms 🇫🇷=Masculins
thesupreme@witches.townThe Supreme Witch
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Follow me to be informed about the life of the coven.Check my followings to find the admins and support them on https://liberapay.com/WitchesTown
Liberapay, Blog, Pixelfed
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Human Collider .|Indisciplinéné en 339 ppm de CO2 atmosphérique. Note RA | Ateliers=https://notecc.frama.wiki
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You can help keep things going! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/displaced- - -@scotty keeps the engines running. @karen reminds us how poor we are. Tumblr?=I don't know her. Feature request?=https://displaced.nolt.io Rules & policies=https://displaced.social/about
jennatar@mastodon.socialSpringtime Pun 🐣
about me, twitch
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Digital culture writer; luddite. Big fan of adventure games, the 2600, Victorian parlor games, Tarot, murder mysteries, horror, and the year 1995 icq=1295782 discord=jennatar#2039
peter@toot.cafePeter O.
Blog, About me, Code
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Web developer at an employee-owned retailer. Former web developer advocate. Likes: web technologies, ethical tech, a habitable Earth. Green Party member 💚🇪🇺 Pronouns=he/him
potd_bot@donphan.socialPokémon of the Day
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---Source: https://github.com/Siphonay/potd_botAuthor: @Siphonay...Prompts a discussion about a random Pokémon everyday!
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A journalist trapped in the NYC suburbs. Mainly posts about Star Trek and furry shit. He/him or they/them (no preference)I do not use this account for anything work-related. If that sort of thing interests you, try @phogan@twitter.com. Yes?=no Yes?=no Yes?=no Yes?=maybe
Tumblr, Patreon, Pixelfed
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I'm Sam. I make comics and think about ghost stories. I'm going to toot so much nonsense. she/them is fine.
welcome@tabletop.socialAlex Schroeder 🤖
Issues, Blog, Source
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I greet new people on this instance! Welcome! Owner=@kensanata
creatrixtiara@vulpine.clubCreatrix Tiara
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that chick on mastodon who got harassed for speaking about racism. #QueerLadyMagician. liminality, culture, identity, tech, activism, performance, travel, intersectionality, fandom, arts, games, writing. creatrixtiara.com |patreon.com/creatrixtiara | queerladymagician.com pronouns=Tiara preferred, or she/they