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fatboy@fosstodon.orgphatboi :mxlinux: :antix:
fatboy@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Nice Guy, Tech, Linux, Memes, Puns, Dogs, 90s Music, NSFWJWM, XFCE, i3, iceWMAnti-Facebook, Anti-Google, Anti-Microsoft.Matrix: fatboy:mtrx.nzxmpp on request
idesofmerch@mastodon.socialPen Merch
idesofmerch@mastodon.social  [follow]
I make comics and cartoons, pixel art, and attempt to make games.I over-analyze video games, cartoons, films and comics, but try to be good about threading and read-mores. My comic=is good It's at=http://www.pilotside.us/chapter/the-day-the-world-turned-day-glo/ Best 90s Jam=Motownphilly pronouns=she or they
dex@scalie.club  [follow]
Big hearted fluffdragon, (fictional) ex-90s platformer mascot, & #sysadmin (helpdesk).
axblain@octodon.social  [follow]
I work with databases and I'm a father. I like 90s music, beer, catalonia, london, anonimity, privacy, simplicity, slow, transition, cycling, writing, reading, indieweb, buddhism. I tend to be on and off the social internetLanguages: 🇬🇧, 🇦🇩, 🇲🇽 a bit of 🇫🇷, and I wish 🇩🇪
axbom@social.xbm.sePer Axbom
Intro, Links, Newsletter, Patreon
axbom@social.xbm.se  [follow]
#Tech-geek who lived through the 80s exploring home computers and watching movies on VHS, the 90s writing non-fiction and studying #CommunicationScience, and the zeroes developing a profession in #DigitalDesign. I am now trying to help people and orgs deal with the world’s #DigitalMess. My primary tools are #writing, #teaching and #coaching.#HumanRights #DigitalEthics #CommunicationTheory #UXDesign #Accessibility #InclusiveDesign #Wellbeing #ResponsibleInnovation #ethics #ux #design#fedi22
tomosaigon@fosstodon.orgTomo in Saigon
tomosaigon@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Tech entrepreneur living in Vietnam for a decade. Open source hacking since the 90s. I sometimes make techno with Renoise tracker (supports Linux). Fan of noodles, NLP/linguistics, parsing data in Python, decentralized protocols, and shell scripting his/him life. Bird site: @tomosaigon | @tomoXtechno PRONOUNS=vi/vim TERM=tmux-256color ps=aux
harneyba@pleroma.siteInfluencer Against Itself
harneyba@pleroma.site  [follow]
// The Quake 4 of Posting// Ask, and you shall receive.// (formerly INTJ)// Not Here/Not Now// Juan de Fuca speculator// ENG/ESPThe Eternal Lurker, post-right implosion participant. Culture war burnout. 🚧 NSFW content marked as such. 🚧tags: harney_barrow harney barrow harney barnes oregon oregonia portland portlandia web-2.0 web-3.0 deep web dark web obscure fractal midi equations hipsterwave clowncore post-irony ironcerity ironybro autistbro vanillaguy boring nodev yesdev godmachine black ice vanilla ice cube seal 90s bush breathe in breathe out machinehead mushroomhead buttrock radio metal rob zombie guitar hero white zombie white pepper green hot jalapeno chilis flavoring cooks meat mexican mexicano el chavo kart americano 56 percent self hatred e-politics 4chan imageboard messageboard forum internet free mario games online no download descargar libre espanol living life as an empty, vague vessel of the former internet past while continually living life as a plodding child of wool a sheep in wolfs clothing gods shepherd discreet witness bible peter enoch ananias the myriads of brothers and publishers in this work of the governing body period ellipsis lol u tk him 2 da bar|? teh rei win!!!111one epic mickey deus ex alex jones mother jones eugene debs eugene politics central centralia new localism de_dust2 24/7 no awp no random crits alltalk low ping fast dl usa clans pirate friendly fediverse feddyverse fredverb freddit dreddit i am the law and order svu mustang ecoboost fiesta samba de amigos caballeros what burns never returns thick and fast delays star citizen tortanic nostradamus /v/irgin with rage against the pretty hate machine number girl wlfgrl numetallic geath grips jenny death when vaporware underhell undertale epic failblog blogspot blogosphere hipster runoff carles dot buzz irony sincerity Is scary monsters and nice sprites fakebit lethal lavabit land before christcore
sevendeviled@mastodon.social  [follow]
PhD-ing @ IUB. Sociology of news. Materiality of media. Oppositional readings.Wine-holic. Biryani enthusiast. Chai-monger. Gossip curator. Aging crone. 90s were the best. Pronouns=she/her Location=Bloomington, Indiana
matthewbogart@mastodon.socialMatthew Bogart 🖍
matthewbogart@mastodon.social  [follow]
Cartoonist behind INCREDIBLE DOOM, about teens in the early 90s getting into life-threatening trouble over the early Internet.
fabio@toot.cat  [follow]
@fzero on birdsite 💻 Making web stuff since the 90s 🌈 bi ✨ he/him
cacoethhes@lgbtq.cool  [follow]
Cas/Ewe ✨ 23 ✨ he/him ✨ bi disaster ✨ professionally tired ✨ psych student ✨ aspiring ray of sunshine/sadness spongeSU - Danganronpa - Animal Crossing - Various anime - Some dumb 90s game no one's heard of in years Pls=interact Twitter=@casperewe Discord=ewe#0677 Tumblr=Alcremei
prabath@mstdn.social:prab: ப்ரபா த் :verified:
prabath@mstdn.social  [follow]
90s Kid 😛rab:Tamil Film IndustryActorScript Writer
cadadr@weirder.earthgöktuğ/eternal grad student📑
cadadr@weirder.earth  [follow]
Hi! I'm Göktuğ (they/he). Boring queer dork with too many notebooks, always busy with something.90s kid from Turkey. Master's student in linguistics. Wannabe researcher. Retired script kiddie.Don't {tech,foss,crypto,...}bro at me.Don't reply with walls of text unless we're mutuals.Don't follow unless we've interacted a decent bit.Don't follow for tech or politics only.Ask before sharing my stuff outside fedi.Will block if this is too much to ask from you.#nobotTechy alt: @cadadr
commodoreblog@oldbytes.space  [follow]
Dogs and Cats Living Together Mass Hysteria! #Arcade #retrogaming #videogames #70s #80s #90s #movies #television #commodore #c64 #Spectrum #amstrad
fabio@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Writing code and making noises since the 90s | Brazilian by accident, Canadian by choice | http://fabioneves.ca | http://nostep.ca | @fzero on #birdsite Pronouns=he/him A blog!?=https://blog.fabioneves.ca
twitter, ko-fi
bunnifuku@mastodon.art  [follow]
hello, i'm niya!! i draw ocs/fanart and i like tropical things, 90s style anime + fashion, and spider-man! pronouns=she/her
fewl@mastodon.socialnot a dev i just code a lot💻
fewl@mastodon.social  [follow]
Coffee-drinking code-loving tech-enthusiast. So many ideas but never enough time. I miss the internet of the '90s. #linux #python #privacy #devops #bored #aol epik link=http://www.epik.com/?affid=do3nu8ga1 dream job="The Office" compilation video maker. header img credit=Paul Robertson
fzero@mastodon.cloudFabio Neves🍍
fzero@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
Writing code and making noises since the 90s | Brazilian by accident, Canadian by choice | http://fabioneves.ca | http://nostep.ca | @fzero on #birdsite
Patreon, Ko-Fi, Twitch
almafeta@mastodon.social  [follow]
In the 90s we were told to Make Your Name Your Username. This has largely been regarded as a bad move but everyone already knows to look for me here.
alfajet@alfajet.masto.host🍻 alfajet 🇫🇷 🇬🇧
alfajet@alfajet.masto.host  [follow]
Linux user since late '90s, I am an enthusiast photographer who likes messing around with python when I am not hiking or cycling!
cyberia@cybre.space  [follow]
huge volumes of relevant-looking, original, non-repeating high-black-density junkjust me talking about stuff I guess. common themes include: tech, maths, music, trans stuff, left politicsfair warning, I often post about drugs, sex, religion, politics, rock n roll, etc. I wouldn't follow me in a professional capacity.toots are deleted after 30 days using https://forget.codl.fr/alt - @cyberia pgp fingerprint=AB12BAF67DFAA18BAAF151428E7B105DBDC05274 gender=segfault (core dumped) locale=en_GB (manchester) born in the=early 90s
katelibc@vulpine.clubScary Cari 🏳️‍🌈狐魔
katelibc@vulpine.club  [follow]
SecEng & DFIR Witch | 🇨🇦🇮🇪🇪🇺 | Python, old video games, vegetarian, roller skating, 90s anime, and queer as heck 💖
cryptolarry@mastodon.social  [follow]
Fan del Cripto Universo. Trader en Binary.com.Soy de los 90s y también creo que muchas cosas están sobre-valoradas, el Dolar, por ejemplo.#Bitcoin #BTC #PETRO #PTR
alfajet@mastodon.xyzalfajet [backup]
alfajet@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Linux user since late '90s, I am an enthusiast photographer who likes messing around with python when I am not hiking or cycling!
cadxdr@scholar.socialgöktuğ, eternal grad student📚
website, blog
cadxdr@scholar.social  [follow]
Selam!I'm Göktuğ (they/he), a master's student in Linguistics at Hacettepe U. Also: millenial/90s kid from Turkey, kuir/queer, computer lover/hater.My interests are still in flux but mostly revolve around studying how privileged identities are built discursively. Metascience and computing in (social) sciences (and humanities) are my secondary interests.I'll use this account for posting "scholarly" stuff in the broader sense. My main is @cadxdr. main acct=@cadxdr@weirder.earth languages=tr (L1), en & it (L2)
the_wired@koyu.spaceT H E :blank: W I R E D
the_wired@koyu.space  [follow]
late 90s/early 2000s aesthetic media dump
tnhh@social.tnhh.orgTristan Henderson
tnhh@social.tnhh.org  [follow]
Computer science academic at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. I will tend to post about technology, law, ethics, privacy, Singaporean food, 90s music and running. I am experimenting with administrating my own instance so apologies in advance for when things break.
losttourist@mastodon.socialFlippin' 'eck, Tucker!
losttourist@mastodon.social  [follow]
Tweeter turned Tooter. I get very excited by 80s/90s TOTP repeats on TV, and enjoy mucking around with old 8-bit computers.Straight, cis, LGBT+ ally. #childfreeInterests:#80smusic #1980s #TopOfThePops #TOTP #Eurovision #BritishTV #cooking #RaspberryPi #catsofmastodon #piano #popmaster #ZXSpectrum #BBCMicro Location=Warrington, UK Generation=X Birdsite (RIP)=@losttourist Languages=EN
knicksrip@mastodon.online  [follow]
Yup, another Twitter refugee. Social worker by day, person who sleeps by night. Big on gaming and other things that folks teased me about in the '90s. You'll find me under this name on most major gaming services.
crypticmirror@counter.socialSeeker of Happiness
crypticmirror@counter.social  [follow]
Lover of 90s and 00s fantasy, living proof you can do new age gardening on a windowsill. Stop the cult of neat and tidy, let nature prosper! she/her they/them.
bradamant@octodon.socialSecond Bird
bradamant@octodon.social  [follow]
Always chasing the online dream of '90s. Languages, history, urbanism, classical music, Philadelphia. #libtech by profession but bad about tweeting on topic.
pennywhether@mastodon.online  [follow]
Fiddling around in the fediverse.I like retro videogames, old time anime from the 70s-90s, and read when I have time.Been REALLY enjoying Gemini space as of late.
jimt@mastodon.oeru.orgJim Tittsler 🗼
jimt@mastodon.oeru.org  [follow]
7J1AJH / ZL2IA / AI8AIto, Shizuoka, JAPANHeath H8/H89, Atari 1600, ST, TT hardware teamsMachine-vision urinalysis (in the 80s!) and CD-ROM design (90s); a unique startups pairing? A TLUG founder, an OERu early adopter, a Time Person of the Year (2006) Twitter=@jtittsler GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket=jimt WikiEducator User=https://WikiEducator.org/User:JimTittsler Matrix=@jimt:matrix.org
literalham@mastodon.socialLiterally Ham :pig_nose:
literalham@mastodon.social  [follow]
Space gay. Void enby. I write catchy 90s acoustic pop songs abt being gay They/them.
omarlibre@mstdn.ioOmar Libre 🇺🇾 🌈
omarlibre@mstdn.io  [follow]
#archlinux #debian #80s #90s #homo #uruguay xmpp: omarlibre@suchat.org
antifuse@infosec.exchange  [follow]
Tinkerer - RISC-V, FPGA, Rust, TLA+, Alloy, Retro.90s EFnet Survivor, Socialist 🚩
benoitj@linuxrocks.online  [follow]
Linux user since mid 90s. Debian and Arch.I code since I was 8. Made it my job. I thinker, experiment with anything programming or electronics related.
drh@hackers.townDr Hitchcock
drh@hackers.town  [follow]
Set free by Doug Rushkoff in the mid 90s with the dream of a psychedelically connected Earth via Gaia, Smart Drinks and The Internet I now continue my vision quest while helping out other peeps along the way.he / him / that cat
hansmetzke@mastodon.nlHans Metzke
hansmetzke@mastodon.nl  [follow]
Fractievoorzitter D66 Waalwijk | Geboren en getogen Langstrater | Journalist in ruste | Tendertijger | 90s kid | Geek | PSV'er met een zwak voor RKC | Gitaarmuziek 🤘 | :vlag_noordbrabant:
suyin@social.anoxinon.deChristian ☄
suyin@social.anoxinon.de  [follow]
Faible für Social Media, Games, eSport, Technik und Fußball. Geek und 90s Kid. Zum Wohl - die Pfalz 🍷Darmstadt u. Kaiserslautern
sciencewithangela@mas.toAngela Andersen
sciencewithangela@mas.to  [follow]
Co-founder, Co-CEO #LifeScienceEditors #LifeScienceEditorsFoundation. Runner. Mom. Wife. 70s-80s-90s music lover. Canadian. She/her. www.sciencewithangela.com #ScienceWithAngela #AbstractWatch
bradamant@mastodon.social  [follow]
Always chasing the online dream of '90s. Languages, history, urbanism, classical music, Philadelphia. #libtech by profession but bad about tweeting on topic.
menelkir@fosstodon.orgMenelkir :freebsd: :artix:
Git, Blog
menelkir@fosstodon.org  [follow]
* Born in the middle of the 70s. * Unix contributor (you can find my contributions on FreeBSD ports, AUR, some VenomLinux ports and a not-so-updated gentoo overlay). * Developer (worktime and I try to keep logitech g15 stuff alive and a sort of other things).* Systems administrator since somewhere in 90s. * And of course, a proud retrogamer.:freebsd::i3wm: :vim: :terminal: :bash::fdroid: :lineageos2:
hallowtidings@mastodon.socialbig tooty boyfriend
hallowtidings@mastodon.social  [follow]
Depressed 90s boyband aspirant
mmn@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
Based in Paris, I run a Wildcat! BBS like it's the early 90s.
bouquinovore@mastodon.top  [follow]
Un peu blogueur, surtout lecteurAmoureux des 80-90s. Avant tout Papa, premier Gremlins en 2016, le deuxième arrivé en 2019www.bouquinovore.com#lecture #littérature #livre #bd #roman #bloglivresque #ciné #serie
fabio@social.targaryen.houseFabio Neves
fabio@social.targaryen.house  [follow]
Writing code and making noises since the 90s | Brazilian by accident, Canadian by choice | http://fabioneves.ca | http://nostep.ca | @fzero on #birdsite
sennomo@octodon.social  [follow]
A living example of paticca samuppada. I joined back in 2017 but only started using Mastodon in earnest in 2021. Still figuring this thing out. It reminds me of the internet back in the 90s. pronouns=he/him IRC=irc.tilde.chat
diego@mastodon.ml  [follow]
Programming, music, design, old hardware, old software, and old games from the 90s.
jimt@me.oer.meJim Tittsler
jimt@me.oer.me  [follow]
7J1AJH / ZL2IA / AI8AIto, Shizuoka, JAPANHeath H8/H89, Atari 1600, ST, TT design teamsMachine-vision urinalysis (in the 80s!) and CD-ROM design (90s) (Now there's an unlikely pairing of startups.)A TLUG founder. OERu early adopter.A Time Person of the Year (2006)
cadxdr@mastodon.technologygöktuğ's hax0na
website, octocatsite
cadxdr@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Selam!I'm Göktuğ (they/he), a master's student in Linguistics at Hacettepe U. Also: millenial/90s kid from Turkey, kuir/queer, computer lover/hater.I've been playing around with computers since I was 11 and briefly even considered doing programming professionally. I even got a job but quickly discovered: no.This is techposting alt of @cadxdr. Expect ranting, complaining, tech tips, stuff abt my projects etc. main acct=@cadxdr@weirder.earth languages=tr (L1), en & it (L2)
grizzelgreedigut@weirder.earthGrizzel Greedigut
grizzelgreedigut@weirder.earth  [follow]
Contains mild peril.She/herFeel free to follow even if we haven't talked.Profile picture: Still from Our Flag Means Death showing Lucius, with a caption saying "I wasn't being sarcastic that's just how I talk".Header: Still from the 90s Moomins series, Moomin looking up at Snufkin who is sat on a bridge.
hansmetzke@mastodon.onlineHans Metzke
hansmetzke@mastodon.online  [follow]
Fractievoorzitter D66 Waalwijk | Geboren en getogen Langstrater | Journalist in ruste | Tendertijger | 90s kid | Geek | PSV'er met een zwak voor RKC | #FinsUp 🐬 | Go Roos! 🦘 | Up the Irons 🤘 | 🇳🇱🇪🇺
mindhog@liberdon.com  [follow]
I'm a computer programmer at Google NY, musician, beer enthusiast, and father of 2.I'm the creator of the Crack programming language and the MAWFS encrypted filesystem.I've been a card-carrying Libertarian since the mid 90s, drop me a line if you have any good ideas on Agorism!
riotspears@mastodon.onlineRiot Spears
Bandcamp Page, Album teaser, YouTube channel
riotspears@mastodon.online  [follow]
We (Blanca, Martha, Svenja) play grunge music and want to share our music with you. We are also interested in politics and activism. Our first album is coming soon (03/26/21). The 90s are back and grunge is not totally dead. Instagram page=Instagram.com/Riotspears
brokentoyland@mastodon.artBroken Toyland
brokentoyland@mastodon.art  [follow]
"There's a crack in everything... that's how the light gets in." 🧡 This has been the focus of my art creations since the beginning. Broken Toyland was born in the late 90s. It continues to grow and evolve within its universe. A place where the adult child can come and play. To be their self, among others. You can find my available creations at brokentoyland.com 🧡
Neocities, Portfolio, SpaceHey
themizarkshow@social.yesterweb.org  [follow]
UX Design Lead & A11y Advocate. Grew up on the weird, wild web of the 90s and am looking for a way back to that paradise. #ActuallyAutistic
gamesofthe90s@livellosegreto.itGames of the 90s
gamesofthe90s@livellosegreto.it  [follow]
Dal 2010 la tua pagina preferita di retrogames
japanretro@poa.st  [follow]
80's and 90s retro japan soundtracks and more
andrew256@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
Bay Areola, CAWorthless millennialMake The Internet ‘90s Again
cadxdr@weirder.earthgöktuğ?? :blobcatbreadpeek:
cadxdr@weirder.earth  [follow]
Ello! you remember cadadr @ weirder.earth? yup, them/him again!Grad's tudent in linguistics/discourse, millenial/90s kid from turkey, /kwɪəʳ/, computer lover/hater.Don't {tech,foss,crypto,...}bro at me.Don't reply with walls of text or advice unless we're mutuals.Don't follow unless we've interacted a decent bit (follow back always okay).Ask for permission before sharing my stuff outside fedi.
corpoilare@mastodon.uno  [follow]
(she/her)Guardo il mondo con una lente femminista intersezionale e antispecista. Mi piacciono le menti e i corpi, soprattutto quelli mostruosi.100% that angry witch from the '90s
halfbked@mastodon.social  [follow]
Pureblood, donkaments, 420, 90s Cowboys / football autist
schlumpf23@social.linux.pizza  [follow]
Long time Linux user (since the late 90s), found a home with Arch for the last 6yrs. Lover of extreme and brutal writing and music. Huge fan of W.S.Burroughs, probably the greatest American writer of the 20th Century.
cristina@counter.social  [follow]
JavaScript + Golang devotee. AppSec enthusiast. Autodidact. Bibliophile. 90s Hip Hop head. ♥️ Boardgames. Immigrant's child. 🇨🇺 @MiamiJS organizer
furryspacecomm@mstdn.socialpinche furrito bisexual 🌈🐶❤️
furryspacecomm@mstdn.social  [follow]
Fully Automated Space Gay Communism. LGT(B)I(A). He/him - El. Antifascist - Anticonservatives from "left". Ghibli, videogames from the 90s and furry. Korra simp. I work on science and education. Previously on @aetae. Pronouns=He/Him - El Languages=Spanish - English - Python Other info=Ace - Bi - Radical left Nespresso?=What else
keidav@social.linux.pizzaKeith Davis :linuxmint:
keidav@social.linux.pizza  [follow]
Tech and music nut! I have been programming for the last 30 years. I created and maintained two PostreSQL query tools in the 90s, one in Motif and the other in Qt for KDE. Started using Linux with Slackware…
matthewbogart@mastodon.artMatthew Bogart
matthewbogart@mastodon.art  [follow]
Cartoonist behind INCREDIBLE DOOM, a graphic novel about 90s teens getting their lives turned upside down by the early internet. (He/him) Blog=matthewbogart.net Preorder=matthewbogart.net/idvol1/ Patreon=patreon.com/matthewbogart
radookal@slime.globalStinkyIdiotToon :b_slime: uddy
radookal@slime.global  [follow]
a gay autistic 90s cartoon ferret with a love for vintage tech and drawing! Age=21 Pronouns=He/They Him/Them His/Their Website!=https://spootymaniacs.neocities.org
cyberspice@oldbytes.space  [follow]
Embedded software tech lead - responsible for allowing people to waste their lives in front of TVs and other such devices - ex astro physicist - attic full of old late 70s, 80s and early 90s computers - plays roller derby - knitter - modeller - biker - snake wrangler - leftie - LGBTQ+ - she/her
lashiec@mastodon.socialDEVIL LADY
lashiec@mastodon.social  [follow]
I draw a webcomic called Heartcore. Loves horned ladies. Unrepentant 90s kid. INFJ. Avatar drawn by me/inked by @Jai
stupidhoroscope@mastodon.gamedev.placeNyek London
stupidhoroscope@mastodon.gamedev.place  [follow]
Makin' games, takin' names. Gamedev from Melbourne, Australia. Working on The Last Exterminator, a 90s FPS written on a custom engine. He/Him. Trailer=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R9EIsIm_w4
trendy_totebag@radical.townWhiteSupremacy is Terrorism
trendy_totebag@radical.town  [follow]
Communist (collectivism + decolonisation + pro-nationalism-of-colonised-peoples + anti-nationalism-of-colonial-statists + egalitarianism + tactical unity + workplace democracy + universal basic services + intersectional prioritarianism + eventual anarcho-communism) |||Unemployed, uninsured, dependent on working-class parent (non-managerial, non-supervisory, semi-credentialed salaryworker) |||Inheritor (set to inherit two years' salary worth of life insurance) |||Autist (mid-tier support needs) who's isolated (needs not met at all) |||Partial intellectual disability (severely-impaired working memory) |||Nonbinary (aporagender, genderflux) |||Bi+ (polysexual, aromantic, panalterous/panqueerplatonic) |||Assigned “white” via white supremacy |but 🚫🆘🚫 halp! dismantle the unbearable whiteness of being! |(anti-whiteness, as in anti-racism and recognising whiteness as a category of exclusion that should be abolished!) |Emanationist Pan-en-deist (+ pro-secularism) ☯️🌪️🔥🌊⚡ Pronouns:=any (they/them unless specified) Twitter:=https://www.twitter.com/trendy_totebag Gen:=Early 90s baby Nicknames:=KT /// Mori
solotronic@nerdculture.dejoseph ♻️🔋
solotronic@nerdculture.de  [follow]
now tinkering with > 
the #fediverse • 
#bluOS #bluesound NODE • 
#StarTrekVoyager 47 #DVD complete series • rebooting #CompactDisc #DigitalAudio #90s #dBpoweramp
listening album > 
LFO "Frequencies" using #roonend the pandemic > #WearAMask #CovidIsAirborne • we need to clean the air we breathe
our home planet > 
#RenewableEnergy #EndFossilFuels #ClimateEmergency
computer networking • 
cybersecurity • 
technology • 
audiovisual • 
posts auto-delete after a set period PRONOUNS=he/him/they LOCATION=fediverse STATUS=active
tmm@toot.community  [follow]
PhD in progress at UT Austin (ANE and Hebrew Bible) primarily interested in wisdom literature and ancient constructions/perceptions of disability. ADHD, the ADD variety.
Profile pic: a mangy looking golden retriever dog in a blue football uniform, yes helmet and pads. It’s air Bud, the sports superstar dog from the 90s-2000s movie franchise
coldclimate@mastodon.online  [follow]
Recent migrant from mastodon.technology, still on twitter, same handle.Ops and Dev in the cloud. He/Himwww.omnomfrickinnom.com and boring people about ageing 90s cheap roadsters
tannyn@meow.social  [follow]
Likes cartoons from the 90s and nerd stuff. Codes, 3d prints (FDM&SLA) & tinkers. Smells like blue smoke. Follow me for pictures of cats and food.. Loves CYAN_OTTERCATHe/They
yenaa@mastodon.online  [follow]
#CHOIYENA ┋ She's the kind of 90s sweetheart who invests her energy in keeping her surrounding lively and in stumbling you to her unending charm and delicacies.yohan's.♡
5q0rr31@ns.auction  [follow]
_|_|_|_| old enough to remember gasoline rationing in the '70s, race riots in the '80s and '90s, and what it's like to be a white minority in a black majority.
bankuei@boardgames.social  [follow]
Into rpgs, boardgames, Monster Hunter, tea, cats, mangos, martial arts, and 90s R&B.
vex0r@tilvids.com  [follow]
Hi, my name is Vex0r, I'm a Retro Youtuber and on this channel, you'll primarily find Documentaries, Video Essays and even some Top 5s and Mysteries thrown in, all under the umbrella of "Retro History". I'm your gateway to all things 70s 80s and 90s with a bit of 2000's sprinkled in. Each video is heavy with historical context, as I dive deep into the history of various tech products, pop culture, etc. I focus on the impact/influence said product had on society, consumerism and culture as a whole throughout its entire lifespan.
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i play video games and listen to music !proud american and christian!!love these:shmups. 80s/90s horror. freedom! gabber. arcade games. quake. metal
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Funny Polish-Australian man who likes Ritsu.Catholic (Catechumen // inquiring)Pan-Slavic Catholic HyperboreanistANTI-COOMER-AKTIONLate 90s-Early 2000s Nostalgist#Koraiigate TrutherDrummer &/or Bassist for Houkago Sneed Time(I also go under the alias of Coke)
deformerlua@shelter.moeDeformer-Lua 「ディフォーマー 龍亞」
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(FR - EN - 日本語) Weebos & geekos since the 90s, gauche et gaucho, parfois grognon. Entre autres membre @ForumThalie et mainteneur @KaraokeMugen. 「やれやれだぜ。。。」
dkrefft@digitalcourage.socialDaniel :emacs: :openbsd:
web, scm
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I'm captain of a ship that travels through cyberspace since the 90s, it is currently powered by a thermonuclear text editor, a crew of Gnus, and with Puffy as navigator. I have various interests, but most of my time I try to understand why software (especially my own) sucks and what to do about it.I'm working as software architect and lecturer with a focus on operating systems. interests=emacs, sustainable IT, suckless design, fieldrecording, audio and music, programming, foss, diy, tinker, 3dprint, ars gratia artis
Website, Github, Twitter
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I'm a programmer / game developer from Finland. I'm currently working hard on Zecha Tactics, a turn-based mecha RPG inspired by 80s and 90s mecha anime! My interests are programming, preparing and drinking coffee, playing video games and I love hanging with stray cats!
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Italy ,1981. Dad, Bike Punk, Cars, Tattoos, Piercings, Gaming, Cats, Antifa, Feminist, Music, Movies, '60s/'70s/'80s/'90s addicted.
fang@dice.campFang Langford
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If not just Fang (short enough, eh?), he/him — RPGs: Designing in '78 (really); Playing in '79; Hardcore Theory in '90s; Restarted Scattershot production in '19
hallowtidings@queer.partyboy :gay_as_hell: :trans_comm:
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Depressed 90s boyband aspirant
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just another guy with a 90s cyberpunk ethos living in a 2020s hellscapehack the planet, information wants to be free"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"
ahather@mastodon.socialAmanda 'OwlBear' Hather
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Nerdy trans girl, lives in Wales(UK), born in the 90s, actually an OwlBear in a trench coat. grrr Hoot
dani@fosstodon.orgDani Pardo
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Freelance backend developer located in Spain. I'm Generation X. Father of 2 kids. 3 dogs. Living in a rural area, I like beer, keep calm, death metal, 🦀, retro gaming, gemini, open protocols and everything underground. Running Linux since mid 90s.
dctrud@linernotes.clubDave Trudgian
Web, Pixelfed
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General fan of lots of music, with a particular soft spot for 80s synth-pop, 90s British indie, and late 90s dance stuff. Main Mastodon=https://fosstodon.org/@dctrud
dylanlang@fosstodon.orgDylan Language
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I am the Dylan programming language! I was created by Apple, CMU, and Harlequin in the early '90s. I am a clean, fast, descendant of Lisp, with a clean separation of compile and run time, and a non-Lisp syntax.See my full bio at https://opendylan.org/history/.
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Game developer since the late 90s.
sven@social.michels.xyzSven 'Darkman' Michels
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I'm a long time internet resident (started back in the 90s), love to provide OSS-based services and work for Red Hat as a Senior Architect. In my free time i like to test out different hobbies like archery, photography, home automation, stuff with cars, doing fireworks, be a DJ or just hang out with friends. I also spend some of my time for a honorary post as "Behindertenbeauftragter" of my City based in the Rhine-Main Area, Germany. Questions? Ask :)
swizzard@wubrg.socialHomelands Apologist
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Sam | He/HimI played in the 90s (Revised, The Dark, etc) & wanna get back into it
thefunniepapers@mastodon.socialThe Funnie Papers
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Finally, a podcast that will tell you about the 90s. Brought to you by Bryce Youngquist and two other ding dongs, discussing the Nickelodeon classic Doug and how it's amazing anyone raised on these shows is an even remotely functional human being. podbean (has them first)=http://thefunniepapers.podbean.com/ google=https://podcasts.google.com/?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9mZWVkLnBvZGJlYW4uY29tL3RoZWZ1bm5pZXBhcGVycy9mZWVkLnhtbA Bryce=Youngquist
mucmuscle@mastodon.socialRay from mucmuscle.com
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Big fan for the sport shorts of the 70s/80s/90s when they were soo sexy & short "Short Nylon Shorts Sex" & "MucmuscleTV"http://www.mucmuscle.com
simoniouspunk@mastodon.socialMetal Squad Party Force
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Simon. Work and pleasure in music/audio/synthesis/guitar.Devoted regular user of Reaper, Renoise, Jeskola Buzz, and 80s-90s synths with tiny faded screens. Also interested in audio programming, NLP and speech synthesis libraries, game audio, surround sound mixing and design, field/outdoor recording, wildlife asset libraries.Hobbies: cultural theory, religious/art history, philosophy, literature, Chinese neijia, meditation, comedy.