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null@pl.devfs.xyz:ms_minidisc: wednesday 7α :teal_heart:
null@pl.devfs.xyz  [follow]
hi'm luka wednesday (or seven or alpha) :ms_robot_grin: i play with electronics and machines of all varieties all day long voted "linux lesbian mom" by a committee of girlsenby girl robot (of the sentient variety) :ms_nonbinary_flag: :ms_transgender_flag:no lewd stuff at me please :ms_asexual_flag:part of a median plural system!i listen to weeb music and post it from time to timekindof a media nerdPSP and wipEout Pure/Pulse enthusiastfly spaceships in space: https://inara.cz/cmdr/347345/owner of devfs.xyz 🔥admin/mod of a few discord guilds you may or may not have heard of lolfollow me if you feel like talking!ALTERNATE HULL CONFIGURATIONS:(YOU ARE HERE) - wednesday/alpha/seven - all posts from me unless signed@devnull@disqordia.space - beta - posts signed with "β"N/A - gamma - posts signed with "γ"@devnull@xyzzy.link - delta - posts signed with "δ"N/A - epsilon - posts signed with "ε"you should also probably follow these, all of these accounts get posts regularlypfp source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/84977811banner source: wipEout Pure - Syncopia Gold Medal artworkXMPP: null@devfs.xyz - preferredDISCORD: devnull#8918 (beta) / devnull#5206 (delta)rip in peace devnull#6996 😔add me or whatever but be warned i'm either shy or sending you 10 lines at a time (but i try not to do that)
fennin@gensokyo.social  [follow]
wasteremovallondon@mastodon.onlineWaste Removal London
wasteremovallondon@mastodon.online  [follow]
https://www.tomsjunkcollectors.co.uk/garden-waste/Do you want to forget about annoying rubbish removal issue? Yes, it is possible using insured waste removal services which Tom's Junk Collectors provide in London. There is no kind of junk which we can't remove. All that on affordable prices appropriate for every budget. Visit our website for more information. Call us on 020 3404 6996.
megumiinhawaii@birdsitelive.bubbletea.dev  [follow]
Nitter, About Froth.zone BirdsiteLIVE
tokumei_6996@bird.froth.zone  [follow]
プロスピ垢....プロスピ最高打率0.734 球王.#motogp 好きこそ物の上手なれ.議論=向かう所敵なし→→→→→→→→#論争の伝説 ネッ友のメリット→すぐ縁を切れる事😎👍 Twitter=twitter.com/tokumei_6996
wypracowania3336@mastodon.cloudEdvardsen Dudley
wypracowania3336@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
https://opracowanieplany.pl/artykul/6996/korzecki-ludzie-bezdomni-charakterystyka https://tekstkartkowka.pl/artykul/2984/jak-napisac-esej-maturalny https://planyszkolne.pl/artykul/2987/wpisz-odpowiednie-liczby-lub-cyfry-w-okienkach Jest jeszcze druk sitowy (serigrafia), gdzie far