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nicstheses@bitcoinhackers.orgNic's Unpopular BTC Opinions
nicstheses@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
I thought 50 would be enoughI'm 450 unpopular opinions shortContent from https://twitter.com/nic__carter/status/1139244024676659200
jackdaw_ruiz@mastodon.socialjackdaw_ruiz :mastodon:
jackdaw_ruiz@mastodon.social  [follow]
He/Him. Competed on the USA Olympic Shitposting Team in Beijing 2008. Silver medal in the 120 sec. Photoshop.2 time creator of a Laser avi image. LOCATED=pdx-orygun 15%=🔞🤬💩 35%=💗🤗🎨 50%=🗑️😉🗯️
jennifer@noagendasocial.comDame Jennifer - CHS SC 🇺🇸
ANA on YT, Website, VoiceOver
jennifer@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
AKA Jame DenniferArt Director for No Agenda Animation Studios and Baroness of the Possible Exit Strategy ;)Former Obamabot. Former Chicagoan. Started listening late 2010. Saw the light. Left Chicago. Now in beautiful Charleston SC. https://www.jenniferisaacbuchanan.com/NAS user #482 ;)NA EP - episodes 325, 333, 1344NA AEP - episodes 1035, 1243, 1300, 1311, 1326, 1335MF EP - episode 37MF AEP - episodes 50, 57, 61 Value 4 Value RE: ANA=http://anav4v.com
tha_rami@mastodon.socialRami Ismai
tha_rami@mastodon.social  [follow]
50% of indie game studio @Vlambeer. Creator of presskit(). Public speaker, traveler and supporter of indie initiatives & international game dev communities.
orangesec_0@freespeech.firedragonstudios.comorangesec333 ✅
orangesec_0@freespeech.firedragonstudios.com  [follow]
Chaotic evil. ALL MAINSTREAM MEDIA is fake news. Change my mind. #trutherbot #trutherbotarmyNon-original trutherbot, but evolved.6protons6neutrons6electrons purity=50% religion=monism- substance xmpp=orangeposting@404.city
ldopa@myasstodon.xyzFrances the toot :sugarskull:
ldopa@myasstodon.xyz  [follow]
Frances, admin of myasstodon.xyz(ldopa with an L)Latine 🇳🇮🇲🇽 | she/her | 27 | biMolecular bio grad student & TA About 50% sincere-posting / 50% shitposting. Probably altogether too much posting sorry. Master of the post and dash. I have a cat named CharlieDestroyer of fridges :fridge2:Do not be lewd at me.#nobot
lipsticksocialist@mastodon.socialLIPSTICK SOCIALIST 🌹☭
lipsticksocialist@mastodon.social  [follow]
50% computer programmer • 50% wine mom • 100% tedious Marxist • South Sound DSA & DSA-LSC Support Mastodon!=https://www.patreon.com/user?u=619786 Pronouns=She/her/comrade
lipsticksocialist@asstodon.socialLIPSTICK SOCIALIST
lipsticksocialist@asstodon.social  [follow]
.NET Dev, Marxist, & Mom sincereposting=50% shitposting=50% pronouns=she/her/comrade
junyoh_maru@mao.mastodonhub.com隼鷹丸:夏コミ4日目 I-22a
junyoh_maru@mao.mastodonhub.com  [follow]
<p>絵のお仕事募集中の野良絵描きです。<br />プルツーぺろぺろー。</p> pixiv=<a href="https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=109500" rel="me nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><span class="invisible">https://www.</span><span class="">pixiv.net/member.php?id=109500</span><span class="invisible"></span></a> Twitter=<a href="https://twitter.com/junyoh_maru" rel="me nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><span class="invisible">https://</span><span class="">twitter.com/junyoh_maru</span><span class="invisible"></span></a> DLsite=<a href="http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/circle/profile/=/keyword_maker_name/RG22262/per_page/50/show_type/1/hd/1/maker_id/RG22262.html" rel="me nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><span class="invisible">http://www.</span><span class="ellipsis">dlsite.com/ma 欲しい物リスト=<a href="http://www.amazon.co.jp/registry/wishlist/895FYZASHJKR/ref=cm_sw_r_tw" rel="me nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><span class="invisible">http://www.</span><span class="ellipsis">amazon.co.jp/registry/wishlist</span><span class="invisible">/895FY
kranfahrer@mastodontech.de  [follow]
my avatar represents the mascot Lukaskeep riding, Pla☮️🖤http://jhenrystuhr.tributes.com/obituary/show/Patrick-Lee-Archibald-108506367a🕯️for Lorenz 🖤 interests=elektronic, linux, politics, computers, photography and 4² UTC +2 / location=https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=7/50.226/9.421 foldingathome.org=18% of total WUs schenklradio 263779 nice projects=https://schoolforafrica.org/ https://schoolforafrica.com/ https://stuxhost.com/ https://foldingathome.org/ https://forget.codl.fr/about/
dylthefunkyhomosexual@radical.town  [follow]
Hi, I’m Dyl. Genderqueer. Autistic (Self-Diagnosed). I play bass and drums, and am into metal, prog, basically any song with cool basslines and weird time signatures. I really dig horror movies, B-Movies, Cult Classics, and films with behind-the-scenes drama (I’ll watch movies of pretty much any genre though).Alt at @DylTheFunkyHomosexual Dyl=20 They=Them 50-ish% goofs=50-ish% sincerity
55pisun@mao.mastodonhub.com  [follow]
<p>サークル名【いたって でんじゃらす】<br />ランマスはいいぞ(ステマ)<br />息抜きのお絵かき:<a href="https://pawoo.net/tags/danger_m" class="mention hashtag" rel="tag">#<span>danger_m</span></a></p> 🐦=<a href="https://twitter.com/dang3_432450" rel="me nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><span class="invisible">https://</span><span class="">twitter.com/dang3_432450</span><span class="invisible"></span></a> ニジエ=<a href="https://nijie.info/members.php?id=432450" rel="me nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><span class="invisible">https://</span><span class="ellipsis">nijie.info/members.php?id=4324</span><span class="invisible">50</span></a>
syll@diaspodon.frἕν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα
pixelfed, socialhome
syll@diaspodon.fr  [follow]
« ...Et ne m’en veux pas si je te tutoieJe dis tu à tous ceux que j’aimeMême si je ne les ai vus qu’une seule foisJe dis tu à tous ceux qui s’aimentMême si je ne les connais pas ... » Jacques Prévert ~ Barbara - Paroles 1946𝕋𝕖𝕒𝕞𝔼𝕒𝕣𝕝𝕪𝟟𝟘𝕤D35 7r4(35 5ur 1'!n73rn37 m0nd!41 37 50(!41 peertube=@cecilevillemin@open.tube ancien compte & de secours=@cecilevillemin@mstdn.fr
My Website
polarisfm@www.librepunk.club  [follow]
Trans woman, lesbian, ancom. Very autistic.Proprietary software does not belong in a free world.Wanted for computers crimes in at least 50 states. Pronouns=She/Her Current OS=PrawnOS GNU/Linux Main Laptop=Samsung Chromebook Plus v1 (with PrawnOS)
camas@girlcock.clubperpetually teething
camas@girlcock.club  [follow]
50% kob 50% bold 50% rat 12% good at mathIf I'm insisting I'm a dragon I am in fact a kobold and you're allowed to bully me about that. ecouraged, eventhis is my mostly kink, hornt posting, and nudes. For more general posting look at @flowerenby@TimMad owns me 💜Call me Oryn, Sia, null, or Lilly. They're all right and wrong at different times and I've yet to figure out why and when. Pronouns=ze/zir, sometimes they/them, rarely she/her, it/it if we're friends~ DMs?=Do I know you?
pintorbarroco@mastodon.social  [follow]
Estudiante de Trabajo Social, Pintor Digital, 50 años
dylthefunkyhomosexual@queer.partyDyl The Funky Homosexual
dylthefunkyhomosexual@queer.party  [follow]
19They/ThemAlso at @DylTheFunkyHomosexual50-ish% goofs, 50-ish% sincerity Music=Bass, Drum, Metal Movies=Horror or whatever We had joy=We had fun We had seasons=In the sun
babyboytim@abdl.linkBaby Boy Tim
babyboytim@abdl.link  [follow]
50 ABDL. So enjoy being little. Love to be full dressed as a toddler. Spent time 24/7. Always looking for online baby friends. If you live near. Get in touch. Kik=sadiequeenstown
alesha@arkham.cafe♿ Alesha🔥
alesha@arkham.cafe  [follow]
Maîtresse de jeu, MTG Player, shy slut, Trans/polyA/bi-saster, safiste problématique pas safeMagic Bounce 💖20-50% valide 👌Quarter of a century24601 Espurr Day=20/03 Espurr Mood=Happy Depressed shy flustered Gender=Insecure Disater bear Protec=Attac
jaybug@social.quodverum.comJay VanOrman
jaybug@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
I run a power plant. The US Navy taught me how in 1983. Managed to get an English degree before I turned 50.I'm married.
zettaini_yurusanzo@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510 58209 74944 59230 78164 06286 20899 86280 34825 34211 70679 82148 08651 32823 06647 09384 46095 50 ケツの穴=ゆるい 好きなタイプ=ブス 好きな女性の部位=穴 好きなメス=ブス
dboyfajardo@mastodon.socialDiego Fajardo ✅
Youtube, Webcomic
dboyfajardo@mastodon.social  [follow]
50% Diego, 50% Fajardolatinx anthropology and film student Gender/sexuality=he/him, demisexual Buy me a Ko-Fi=https://ko-fi.com/V7V1EQJS#
malkosh@queer.partypomegranate emoji 🍏🍯🍂
all my avis
malkosh@queer.party  [follow]
50% unsweetened fruit smoothie, 30% rebellion flavored pixie soda, 10% soup, 10% rain, 30-50 feral hogs, 100% wormicon from a google doodle by Sophie Diao lewd alt=@malkosh my fav=@TheHottestPotato Pronouns=he/she/they/it
Twitter, My Discord
blue_spark@ika.queloud.net  [follow]
はんこの人 ウデマエ=All X(All S+50) フレコ=4867-3135-2601
gayest@mastodon.socialakata the one true god
gayest@mastodon.social  [follow]
my mom said i can't experience emotions sorry brain cell count=1 intelligence stat=-50 humor stat=-100
Flickr, YouTube, Instagram
purogorota@photodn.net  [follow]
駐車料金をボラれた勢いで5万円のカメラをIYH!した男機材α7RiiFE 35/2.8 50/2.8MA 135/2.8STFBatis18/2.8Insta360 one X
gordocincuenton@mastodon.socialGordo Cincuenton
gordocincuenton@mastodon.social  [follow]
Tengo más de 50 años, estoy gordo, pido la cuenta dibujando una polla y lo que más me gusta es contar chistes en 1a persona.
ingin_bridie@mastodon.scotVivian Smith
ingin_bridie@mastodon.scot  [follow]
Supported independence for 50 years - can't wait 50 more! - history graduate, CA, ran own business consultancy, retired 2019. Now paint, in between arguing, advocating, marching for independence.“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigues of supporting it.” - Thomas Paine - And how. SAOR ALBA!
mama@mastodon.juggler.jp  [follow]
ateneo_libertario_firenze@mastodon.bida.imAteneo Libertario Firenze
USI Firenze sez. B.go Pinti. Sede Provinciale, Archivio della Cultura Anarchica
ateneo_libertario_firenze@mastodon.bida.im  [follow]
Borgo Pinti 50/r Firenzehttps://www.autistici.org/ateneolibertariofiorentinomail: ateneolibertariofirenze [at] inventati.orgNO COPYRIGHT#Anarchia #Firenze Vetrina dell'Editoria Anarchica e Libertaria=https://www.autistici.org/ateneolibertariofiorentino/vetrina.htm LibertArea (Gruppo di discussione)=https://www.autistici.org/ateneolibertariofiorentino/libertArea.htm
grahame_case@mastodon.scotGrahame Case
grahame_case@mastodon.scot  [follow]
Scottish independence, Solar PV, Electric Car, Air Source Heat Pump Get £50 credit when you switch to Octopus Energy https://share.octopus.energy/gray-human-149
franceculture@tube.kdy.chFrance Culture
franceculture@tube.kdy.ch  [follow]
[Miroir non-officiel] France Culture est une radio de service public. Elle fait partie du groupe Radio France. Vous pouvez réécouter ses programmes sur le site internet, et accéder à de nombreux contenus multimédia. https://www.franceculture.fr/ Un maximum de 50 vidéos (ou de 30 jours) sont conservés. Vous pouvez télécharger les vidéos librement avec youtube-dl.
dachary@mastodon.onlineLoïc Dachary
blog, fedeproxy, enough, fedeproxy liberapay
dachary@mastodon.online  [follow]
Artisan Logiciel Libre working 50% on #forge #federation with the #fedeproxy project and 50% on #distributed #storage with the #ceph project
nire@occult.camp  [follow]
🐬🚩 fatigue+hEDS. chronically ill. traumapunk. autistic. plural. agenderqueer. Soft. Pro-Weird. ~ace. 50/50 CT/Bay area based || they/them/ze
evaskeeva@queer.partyRainbow Snow Unicorn 🦄
evaskeeva@queer.party  [follow]
50 something trans woman, DBA, novelist, skier, sailor, electronic musician on occasion. Tooting like it is 1974. My=Name Eva=Odland pronouns=she/her Latest Novel=A Purse of Stones
joaopinheiro@mastodon.socialJoão Pinheiro
joaopinheiro@mastodon.social  [follow]
Hi! I'm João Pinheiro. I'm into traditional #letterwriting, #snailmail, #penpals, #penfriends, #calligraphy, #traditionalwetshaving, #linux, #debian, #foss, #opensource, #gnu, #android, #wordpress, #privacy, #security, #technology, #music, #photography, #nature, #mtb, #JehovahsWitness,... Age=50 Job=EFL teacher Country=Portugal
kikirism@mstdn.kemono-friends.info  [follow]
(現在のききりさんポイント:50)(ききりさんはにぇーにぇー鳴いたり歌ったり思いついたことばを発したりするつよいジャイアントモア?さんだよ)(なんと野菜も食べれちゃう)(ふだんはえおるぜあちほーにいるゆぉ)(まれにぐんざんさんの作品を紹介しますにぇ) ふれんず=みんなすき しんこう=おおきさはぱぅわ〜教
mysideishumanity@mastodon.cloudTwitmo Escapee
mysideishumanity@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
50% vs 49% accomplishes nothing.Until progressives and conservatives turn off ‪🔵Angry📺Box🔴‬ to work on common ground, we'll be ruled by sociopathic thieves. Sexuality=nunyuh. okay, A. Idealism=off the charts Cynicism=ditto 👆, because 👆 Want spoilers?=read The Jungle (1906)
sfleetucker@counter.socialGandalf the Relentlessly Gay
sfleetucker@counter.social  [follow]
50 days, I truly hope we have that long. Let your ballot be your brick.
hnbot@botsin.spaceHacker News
hnbot@botsin.space  [follow]
Toots two HN posts every two hours. Less noisy than the other bots.The two posts are:1. The highest ranked post not tooted yet2. One random post from the top 50 not tooted yet, score-weighted. contact=@hm
goki_jet_pro@mstdn.jp  [follow]
Twでつぶやけないようなくだらない独り言をぼそぼそと喋ります。気軽にれっくんとでもお呼びください。 🚗=VW Polo(9N),MB C200 Kompressor Avantgarde(W204) 🏍=Honda SuperCub 50 Custom(AA01/"02) 📱=SC-05L,Pixel 3
modred@mimumedon.com  [follow]
≫77272/100000) 年末まで エビフサイ=-50 ミム禁=不定期 🌽🍆=だいじなもの
glitchyhare@mastodon.art✩ Extra Emotional Junior ✩
glitchyhare@mastodon.art  [follow]
Emil | 19 | trans man in the alpha testing stage | Polish | self-diagnosed autistic :autism: | asexual :asexual_flag: | big bad furry | social liberal |▫Mostly art (drawing, sewing, sculpting) and opinions,▫Dog obsession alert 🐕🐕🐕,▫Owner of a cockatiel and a dog,▫Probably the only free software purist on Masto who isn't a libertarian,▫boost =/= endorsement,▫Now with 50% more Emotion.#nobot Languages=PL/EN/DE Pronouns=he/him
nystre@blimps.xyz  [follow]
26 / Usually a Jamcat, often a pile of 50+ Identical Porygon Pooltoys / 18+ content probably Pronouns=It/Its Flavor=Blueberry Otherkin?=absolutely
daviddlevine@wandering.shopDavid D. Levine
daviddlevine@wandering.shop  [follow]
Hugo-winning writer of the ARABELLA OF MARS trilogy and over 50 science fiction and fantasy stories. He/him.
Living Life
glenneegee@mastodon.online  [follow]
Earthling living on occupied Clackamas & Chinook Land♋💜🕉️🤘🏼🏴🌲🏔️🌊Life Path #9Enneagram 2ENFP-TCooking, Gardening, Skiing, Hiking,Tenkara, Foraging, Fermenting, Magick, Cats, Old HousesDark Mountain, Collectvism, Deep Ecology, Mutualism, Spiritually Curious, Vegetarian, Permaculture, Local Food Systems & SecurityJazz, Punk, Metal, Hip-Hop, Ambient...heck, i'll listen to just about anythingAll posts older than 90 days are automatically deleted by https://forget.codl.fr/ Age=50 Followers=18+ only, please Pronouns=he/him
sharondanley@spinster.xyz  [follow]
50+Years Women's & Children's Advocate. Retired Master Makeup & Hair Artist, Voice Coach, Transformational Psychotherapist & Business Owner Retired Master Makeup & Hair Artist www.youtube.com/twominutetips= www.youtube.com/sharondanleyadvocacy= www.facebook.com/groups/sharonsoapbox=
mikan_gratan@photodn.net  [follow]
カメラ:SONY α99レンズ:35/1.4、50/1.4、85/1.4、80-200/2.8、150-600/5-6.3サブカメラ:Panasonic GH3レンズ:それなりに
ruoka@gingadon.com  [follow]
ctwong@mastodon.socialCT Wong
ctwong@mastodon.social  [follow]
成份:50% 星戰 + HotToys,20% 美漫,10%萌系,5%電影+5%其他野 的雜系宅
hambimahnwache@mastodon.cloudHambi bleibt Mahnwache
hambimahnwache@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
Mahnwache am Hambacher Forst zwischen Buir und #hambibleibt Auch auf Insta, Twitter, FB, @ HambiMahnwache Ort=https://www.openstreetmap.org/directions?from=&to=50.8677%2C6.5694#map=14/50.8717/6.5605&layers=N
tommyexile@mastodon.scot  [follow]
singer/songwriter,independence and 50's women supporter running BéB la vieille alliance brittany france saor alba
robert@gitmo.life  [follow]
married with family, and i hate lib, lab, con, how anyone still votes for these is beyond me, especially how they have treated our country the last 45 to 50 years.
swiff@cybre.spaceSwiff is here hello
swiff@cybre.space  [follow]
50% Poofy hair, 45% Legs, 5% Beans (Refried) > Anthropology B.A. > Digital Archaeologist > Substitute Teacher > Wishes he lived where it snows! > Wizard & Wizard-Liker >100% water sealed or your money back 25, CA, USA Discord=/id/swiffikins Hair:=Poofy Legs:=Absurdly Long Bees??=Hell yeah
cdmnky@vulpine.club⚪️ Attack of the 50 foot sharkgirl
cdmnky@vulpine.club  [follow]
I'm Sierra, your friendly neighborhood shark, sometimes made of vinyl, always a bit airheaded.{And I’m Glitch and I don’t talk much but when I do it’s in these}:over18:​ Follow requests: interact with me a bit before sending one and I'll consider it. Minors stay away.This is very stream of consciousness so expect a lot of weird ruminations and tech posting.Disclaimer: toots are written in markdown by default, so some posts may not be shown correctly on some apps and instances running vanilla Mastodon. ❤️ @plausocks @violetGo Rox!More quick links:Banner by @MirinaIcon by TPKNNTSFursona art gallery: https://pillowfort.social/cdmnkyShoot me a text email!: cdmnky@tilde.team Info=20 | :polyamory_flag:​:bisexual_flag:​:transgender_flag: plural shark girl Pronouns=it/its, she/her Gopher Hole=gopher://seedy.xyz Cash App=https://cash.app/$cdmnky
mugarteburu@mastodon.eus  [follow]
50 eta Segi aurrera! Goiogane baserria - Altzoa proiektua-Amoroto (Bizkaia)#ElikaduraBurujabetza #Agroekologia #herrigintza
snow@qoto.org  [follow]
Blocked all servers created for posting NSFW images.I am antifacebook, antitwitter, degoogle, antitheism, antipsychiatry, antimcdonald, antiwork, antidisney, anti prostitution, anticonsumption, antiMLM(Multi-level marketing), anti-microtransaction, copyleftism.So, I think you know my belief system now, humans with power corrupts, the bigger power 1 person/ a small group of people could have, he/they corrupt more. The system of federal Mastodon is prevent 1 person can having too much power. If there is an instance have more than 50% of all Mastodon toots, it must started to block small instance for preventing they grow.Love💙:HAL9000Adblocking software(Can't to living without them)My #PolitiScales:http://www.politiscales.net/en_US/results/?b0=60&b1=5&t1=21&t0=31&c0=21&c1=33&s0=36&s1=19&anar=67&m1=10&m0=74&j1=14&j0=31&e0=79&e1=5&prag=67&p0=83&femi=10&vega=67&comp=100My political compass:https://storage.gra5.cloud.ovh.net/v1/AUTH_011f6e315d3744d498d93f6fa0d9b5ee/qotoorg/media_attachments/files/007/116/428/original/6db2b20fced9a922.png#decentralize everything!!!Language:EN | TW | CNSnow's music box(my favorite music list) :Lost butterfly/Rurutiahttps://invidio.us/watch?v=OFmfFR_JrqOExec Cosmoflips/KOKIAhttps://invidio.us/watch?v=Uw9l_vrglxIStories/Hitomi Kuroishihttps://invidio.us/watch?v=LZTqiIFojDoたった1つの想い/Kokiahttps://invidio.us/watch?v=aqQby21COsYBaba Yetu/Christopher Tinhttps://invidio.us/watch?v=IJiHDmyhE!ASpirits/KOKIAhttps://invidio.us/watch?v=9jvpQDdzo3sSeirios/Rurutiahttps://invidio.us/watch?v=L8Fni5fmdjA月千一夜/Rurutiahttps://invidio.us/watch?v=Cw9oyLsrFCwEXEC REBIRTHIA=PROTOCOL/KOKIAhttps://invidio.us/watch?v=zvoncs3EUeg Pronouns=They/them Religoin=Anti-theist Gender=???
weaseldiaperboi@abdl.link  [follow]
I probably have diapers older than you. I have been ABDL for nearly 50 years.I live near St Louis. I love ABDL artwork and stories.
gaditb@sunbeam.cityGadit Books
gaditb@sunbeam.city  [follow]
@gaditb'sAcademic-Sounding Trashposting aspect.I expect to be like 50% engaging people on the local, 50% pure trashposting, and wrong.
prince_o_pans@mastodon.scotPrince O’ the Pans
prince_o_pans@mastodon.scot  [follow]
50% Swedish, 50% African, 100% Scottish
transfigurations@imaginair.esAnna, The Revolution of the Heart
Twitter, Facebook
transfigurations@imaginair.es  [follow]
A damaged, married Sapphic panromantic transgirl, hoping to heal. She/Her pronouns. Poly at heart, but not in practice at this point.I can CW most posts for depression and anxiety but that'd make it almost every post these days. I guess I'll start now. I'm maybe a lot more autistic than I had thought.Constantly in a state of near panic. Trying to stop being mentally ill. hahahahaThis is an invite-only account. The toots are only for my followers. Please don't take it personally if I don't follow back or allow you to follow. It's meant as a safe haven for me to recover from trauma. Friends only. I'm nigh on 50 years old. Anna is my name. Discord ID=Anna, She, trans, polyam/pan#9780 Tumblr=Http://derringdo.tumblr.com
astromarcovogtland@social.tchncs.deMarco Peuschel
astromarcovogtland@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Generation 50+ HobbyastronomThreema 4SVSTKRKMatrix @marpeu:matrix.orgJabber ID marcopeuschel@jabber.de
joaopinheiro@masto.ptJoão Pinheiro
joaopinheiro@masto.pt  [follow]
I'm an EFL teacher from Abrantes, Portugal. I'm into #letterwriting, #snailmail, #penpals, #penfriends, #calligraphy, #traditionalwetshaving, #linux, #debian, #ubuntu, #foss, #opensource, #gnu, #android, #wordpress, #privacy, #security, #technology, #fediverse, #music, #photography, #nature, #mtb, #JehovahsWitness,... Pronouns=He/him Age=50 Job=Teacher of English
the_dailyroar@gitmo.lifeThe Daily Roar
the_dailyroar@gitmo.life  [follow]
https://magaroar.comCurated business, world and political news source for moderate and traditional AmericansOne news site with over 50 sources 🦁
malkosh@mastodon.socialThat Mysterious Yelling Dude
malkosh@mastodon.social  [follow]
50% unsweetened fruit smoothie, 40% rebellion flavored lacroix, 10% unidentified soup. Avatar from the Earth Day 2017 Google Doodle by Sophie Diao. Age & Pronouns=20, he/she/they enby.club=@Malkosh spooky.pizza=@malkosh
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I'm old. I have kids. I'm never lewd.I specialize in improvised acapella. I am a fan of #crapart, and the 60-30-10 rule. I do #FAWM and 50/90. Favorite license=CC-BY Pronoun=he/him
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这里绮雨🌸 | ❤世界和平🌎 | 是可爱的女孩子🌟 | 17 岁高校三年生🎉 | 拒绝抖音外放🔇 | 50% Follow back❄ | 喵呜喵呜喵♥️
grumi@mastodon.onlineMichael Grube :mastodon:
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IT-Projektleiter und Fotograf aus Niedersachsen, 50+, verheiratet, 2 Töchter, PiratThemen:Fotografie, IT, Technik, Projekte, Sicherheit, Datenschutz, Open Source, ...Mag keine Podcasts.#nobot Photos=https://500px.com/p/grumi?view=photos Matrix=@grumi:matrix.org XMPP=grumi@blabber.im
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45°50′, -73°60′ ~ dispo en français aussi我正在努力學習漢語和漢字 ~ mein Deutsch ist schlechtcagey on social media (and trying to be). I'd always prefer to hang out in-person. 2nd-best option: e2ee textchat (including some obscure options). unencrypted options: my email is [this username] AT riseup DOT net; you can direct message me here; always lurking in #library and #matrix at irc.anarchyplanet.org as "ombres"IF YOU FOLLOW ME, please let me know (outside of fedi) so I can associate the account with the person - or if you only know me by reputation, I'd still appreciate a message of who you are and why you want to follow. #nobotIF I FOLLOW YOU, I'm happy to introduce myself (or I may introduce myself proactively, depending on the vibe I get). I am less likely to want to introduce myself after I follow what appears to be the public-facing account for a (presumably collective) project, be it tech, political, or otherwise - but you can ask anyway
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50 snakes in a human skin. Very tired.
monocleemoji@mastodon.socialPulling up from 50
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canopemanche@mastodon.etalab.gouv.frAtelier Canopé 50
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#PouetDePresentation: #réseau de #création et d'#accompagnement pédagogique de la #Manche.#pédagogie #innovation #Manche #Education #numérique #inclusion
waynedupreeshow@social.quodverum.comWayne Dupree
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2018 Pioneer Of New Media; 2017 Newsmax Top 50 Influential Black Repub, 2015 Blogger/Yr; 2014 Podcast/Yr, Political Commentator - &#128231; wayne@waynedupree.com
kireicake@neckbeard.xyzMr. Cake
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US Military Veteran. Cat herder. Husband.Subjects that fascinate me: religions, mythology, and history.Hobbies & interests: reading, meditation, language studyI read about 50-60 books a year, not counting manga and comics, which I also enjoy.I'm learning Japanese.Current obsessions: Fallout 76, Korean horror shows.
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50% Poofy hair, 45% Legs, 5% Beans (Refried)> Anthropology B.A.> Digital Archaeologist> Wishes he lived where it snows! 24, CA, USA100% rainproof or your money back Steam=/id/swiffikins Discord=swiff#8381 Credit Card #=wait SSN=STO P
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50 year old computer programmer. Grew up a fundamentalist in Texas, move out as gay after college, moved to Boston. Enneagram 5w4 sx. SF/Fantasy novel geek.
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Christian, happily married 50+ yrs to Purple Heart Marine Officer, proud daughter of WWII Navy Officer, very biased toward adorable Grands, blessed.
spaghetti, cool stuff
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среди живых я мёртвый | INTP-T | Programmer | weeb | I hate myself more than any man could ever hate me | 50% Israeli, 50% Russian | Spoken languages: EN/RU/FR Bloatcord=mirro#0001 Distro of choice xd=Arch linux
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Passionately Curious, 50-Something, Physician
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Journaliste trentenaire en reconversion pour rejoindre l'Education Nationale. J'aime tapoter sur mon #piano et sur mon #PC. Ermite curieux. EN/FR. Pronom=il/lui/qui ça ? Clef=de sol Ongles=rongés Etiquette=50% lin 50% coton
mariaeugenialarocca@lainternet.onlineMaría Eugenia La Rocca
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Nací hace 59 años en San Isidro, Bs.As. Divorciada. 6 hijos. 12 nietos. No sé nada de Historia Argentina de los últimos 50 años... La viví!
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Infosec feline, Sys/Net Admin, Free internets/Free software! Hacker, Electronic noise/music, Old cursed computers; LG{B}T; {50%Man, 50%Machine, 50%Cat, 5%WTF?}
carter@kitty.towncarter (50)
writing, fanfics
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carter | 24 | they or x pronouns | autistic | antifascist | writer | i love the lego movie pronouns=https://pronoun.is/x/x/x's/x's/xself?or=they/.../themself
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Sorl, a faun, an artist, and pay attention to me dammit. Stroke my ego and I will post my tits more, okay? Do I gotta bribe you?Readers of Fairy Play may recognize characters, but everybody is aged up by six years and none of this is canon to the web comic.Commissions start at $50 for line art with flat color. DM me for more info. Cashapp $SorrelTyree age=32 pronouns=xie/xer/xim/xis butch=lesbian top plural=system
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Portuguese by nationality. Genetically I'm aprox 50% Ukrainian, 25% Russian and 25% Greek. Living in Spain (Catalonia).I don't identify myself with any "-ism", but the closest thing would be libertarianism.I work in the field of Life Sciences. My activity usually revolves around genetics and bioinformatics. I also like programming and data science / machine learning.I started migrating to more ethical digital spaces and services after I had first-hand experience working for one of the most abominable enterprises. There is so much I want to say about it but can't due to legal reasons.
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50-something, Canadian, bi (but not the "evolved" kind who think genitals don't matter). Will finish that PhD on "Masochism and those W(h)acky Victorians" someday, really.
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I'm an electrical engineer. I love children. I was purged from Twitter and Mastodon.social for my views on transsexuals. I have an obsession with vampires but not in the Twilight damsel in distress kind of way. In the I'm a vampire and I will eat your heart on a platter kind of way. I'm half Japanese and my toes are 50% the length of my fingers.The term "based" is meaningless to me. When I say meaningless, I mean that I think it's stupid. I'm not a radfem.I'm a real feminist.-I actively reject group identity as an explanation for disparity.-I don't believe in the patriarchy or systemic oppression.-I believe that every person has equal rights to do with their body as they see fit.-I believe that every person should actively oppose restrictions on those rights.-I actively oppose laws which provide special privileges to any group including women.-I accept that bigotry and legal discrimination do exist but I don't believe they prove the existence of systemic oppression or the patriarchy.-I am strongly opposed to compelled speech of any kind.-I am strongly against gender theory. Only women can be women.-I am anti big government and and I believe more legislation rarely solves problems.-I believe abortion is morally wrong but don't believe that there should be laws against it.-I love being a woman and I love women. I also love men.#nobot
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<p>doodley dude</p> Pixiv=<a href="https://pixiv.me/user_xnxg5734" rel="me nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><span class="invisible">https://</span><span class="">pixiv.me/user_xnxg5734</span><span class="invisible"></span></a> Nijie=<a href="https://nijie.info/members.php?id=894850" rel="me nofollow noopener" target="_blank"><span class="invisible">https://</span><span class="ellipsis">nijie.info/members.php?id=8948</span><span class="invisible">50</span></a>
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Customer Success Lead for Dissident. Recently learned to count to 50. A little needy. Attention deficit.
kdfrawg@appdot.netKDFrawg 🐸
Stuff I Writ
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Another old ADNer, come "home" to roost... Location=50 miles north of philly, 75 miles west of NYC Significant Other (Laura)=@pritcharddesign Joined this instance=2019-02-18
aninginainanaw@mastodon.socialVivian Smith
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Supported independence for 50 years - can't wait 50 more! - history graduate, CA, ran own business consultancy, retired 2019. Now paint, in between arguing, advocating, marching for independence.“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigues of supporting it.” - Thomas Paine - And how. SAOR ALBA!
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Linux Bard Age=Old, like nearly 50 old. Location=Manchester in the 90's. Hello the future, is it looking good? Sexual revolutionary?=Nah, Male, pale and stale.
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Married 50 years to same bride. Viet Nam Vet, 5 children, 9 grandchildren, live in North West
68kmentat@mastodon.social50% puppy 50% microchip
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#retrocomputing and scifi enthusiast ASL=27 - he/they - USA
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Early 50's. Partnered. Love Music and Reading.
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Im trans boy who uses he/himI go by Marcus but would like it if you called me Gam19 yr oldAutistic and bpdPan and poly, AchilleanMore info is listed on my carrd NeoPronouns=Pal/pals/palself Composition?=50% Sea 50% Weed Pol=Anarchist and communist
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Emerald Tablets of Thoth Complete https://youtu.be/sgjXps8NjmESouth America's Megalithic Age!https://youtu.be/RPixqRq-zXg-- Satellite photos have revealed that the whole of South America once was one giant terraced vegetable garden that could feed around 50 to 100 million people per year.Impossible Ancient Relics https://youtu.be/Gmr0u2U_ki0
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upomor5by@kodlomrazi.ruУпоротый помор
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После 50 жизнь только начинается, - подумал я и плеснул себе ещё 50