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kuizer@mastodon.social  [follow]
GAMERS RISE UPdiscord : Kuizer#4995
adelia@alanae.netMx Adelia Ruth
adelia@alanae.net  [follow]
queer sapphic trans enby girl (hrt 2019-08-19), (human|cat) mom, software dev, antiracistnot a furry (said with little confidence)a pluran in a system called The Alanae: https://alanae.net/@the (main)https://plural.cafe/@the_alanae (plurality alt)this is now my private bad feels account since I seem to the be one in the system having the most bad feels :(#nobot pronouns=she/her chats=t: AlanaDeryn, d: TheAlanae#4995, m: @alanae:matrix.org