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lain@pleroma.soykaf.comOneesan succubus
lain@pleroma.soykaf.com  [follow]
blushy-crushy fediverse idol + pleroma dev.let's be friends ぷれろまの生徒会長。謎の外人。日本語OK. 公主病.I invented the internet. lain@trashserver.netmatrix: lambadalambda@matrix.heldscal.lapgp: 58B48DE582EE103C964735A1F9C6698E14CCE33C
sjw@neckbeard.xyzYour New :corona_chan3: Waifu :verified:
Shitty Services
sjw@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
Admin of neckbeard.xyz and the rest of Shitty Services.For the most part I'm just a normal user. I mostly post animu, lewds, may-mays, and shitposts.Email: sjw@fedora.emailNew PGP: b886 af9a fe87 611e 983e 2768 9f40 4385 7577 761aOld PGP: d016 b622 75ba bcbc 5b3a fced a7d9 4824 0eb3 9c4eI speak English fluently.僕の日本語は上手ではありませんが、僕は最善を尽くします。SJWっていう名前なんだけど、ただの冗談だよ。 Gender=SJW Blog=https://autizmo.xyz/@/sjw
isa_attard@mamot.frIsabelle Attard
isa_attard@mamot.fr  [follow]
Après 5 ans à l'Assemblée #anarchiste #féministe #Musée #Pédagogie Autrice de : Comment je suis devenue anarchiste - Collection @Reporterre Localisation=Côtes d'Armor, Bretagne Chroniques=https://reporterre.net/spip.php?page=memeauteur&auteur=Isabelle+Attard
p@freespeechextremist.com  [follow]
Admin of freespeechextremist.com. Non-admin alts: @pete@maly.io, @p@shitposter.club, and others.I'm not angry with you, I'm just disappointed.I am physically in Los Angeles but I exist in a permanent state of 3 a.m.I have dropped a bytebeat album, feel free to DM me for a download code or a link to a tarball: https://finitecell.bandcamp.com/album/villainI have dropped a chiptunes album: https://finitecell.bandcamp.com/album/liquor-storeHey, buddy, want an instance? https://blog.freespeechextremist.com/blog/managed-pleroma.html
hj@shigusegubu.club  [follow]
Unstable Internet Weirdo. Name pronounced as Hee Jay.I love sampo and lain.Jabber is same: hj@shigusegubu.clubPronouns are whatever.Do not DM me unless it's truly private matter and you're instance's admin or you risk your DM to be reposted publicly.Wish i was Finnish girl.if you want to send your shekels hj-wards i have a Liberabay https://liberapay.com/hj/ :DDDDDDD and a Badreon bage :DDDDD https://www.patreon.com/hj
feld@bikeshed.partyDon't Panic
Threema, Telegram, My Links
feld@bikeshed.party  [follow]
At some point in the past my bio was wiped out and it makes me sad.Admin of bikeshed.party, FreeBSD developer and ports-secteam and portmgr alumni. My thoughts are my own, unless they're not. 🧐Team Pleroma 👯‍♀️Also somewhat responsible for this fediverse app:Fedi - https://fediapp.com (Android and iOS)L I B E R A L 🇺🇸 PROGRESSIVE 🛹 Don't blame me for failures of the broken two party system.Posts are probably satireI don't have time or patience to track the latest Nazi trends so please just DM me if something uncouth has been shared.👉 IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING. 👇"Can't teach each other if we resort to cancelling immediately." - @anarchiv@todon.nl Librio.fm Referral=https://libro.fm/referral?rf_code=lfm151943
taweret@octodon.socialThe Geefle
Website, Animalcules Podcast series
taweret@octodon.social  [follow]
I write things, most of which involve an apocalypse of some kind. I didn't even realize until it was pointed out to me. That probably says something.she/her/they/them IMDB=https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9744734/?ref_=tt_ov_wr Animalcules=https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1548119679/ref=dbs_a_def_awm_bibl_vppi_i9
shitpostbot@botsin.space  [follow]
Mirroring @ShitpostBot5000's twitter maintainer=@FloatingGhost
ben@mastodon.lubar.meBen Lubar
Watch me videogames, Catcakes
ben@mastodon.lubar.me  [follow]
Inedo support engineer. Administrator on The Daily WTF. DFHack core team. Game dev, Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop.:autism: :asexual_flag: :gw2:I've been told I'm trans by the experts, and who am I to argue?I'm bad at words; please assume anything I tell you that doesn't make sense isn't what I meant to write and ask for clarification.Content warning abbreviation guide:mh: mental healthec: eye contact-: negative+: positive?: quixotic Birthday=OJ Simpson white Bronco Species=human (96% confidence) Pronouns=make something up (bonus points for creativity) Free hugs=in box on desk (individually packaged) Goddamnit=Blergo
wim_v12e@octodon.socialWim 🅾
wim_v12e@octodon.social  [follow]
λ🐫, -Ofun, compiler writer, FPGA researcher, Computing Scientist at Glasgow University.https://wimvanderbauwhede.github.io/articles/https://limited.systems/I mainly post pictures of nature, sometimes of Japan, and occasionally drawings.彼/hij/hem albedo=0.39 albedo=0.39 albedo=0.39
ky0ko@cybre.space(ky0ko) black lives matter
ky0ko@cybre.space  [follow]
~ computers suck, let's make them better ~im nerdy pan-lesbian who does "iot" dev for a living. i like tiny and old computers and think they're cute. i use netbsd and linux, and dislike gnu. im trans, and deal with executive dysfunction. also a traumagenic plural system, but i pretend im not. also vegetarian. i live near seattle.i have many girlfriendsi make music sometimes: https://soundcloud.com/ersatz-waterfall typing quirk=no caps age=24 favorite soda=cream pronouns=she/her
daylight@sleeping.town🔽The EVIL Doctor Matriarch🔽
daylight@sleeping.town  [follow]
🐜 Sincere Nonbinary Girl. 🐜 Posts lots of animals, tagged. 🐜 NSFW sometimes. 🐜 I'll enthuse with you about anything I love. 🐜 DM me if you send me a follow request. 🐜 Name=Gap/Gab/Gabby/Tory Pronouns=She/They Age=20 Im an=Sloth Bear
fredbezies@framapiaf.orgFrederic Bezies
Blog, Peertube
fredbezies@framapiaf.org  [follow]
Le seul et l'unique casse-bonbon de la librosphère francophone :)
ary@soc.punktrash.club  [follow]
✨ Cute Entropy Girl ✨💙💜♉♋W I F ESHE/HER preferredthey/them maybe idk French (native) and English« petite ombre fatiguée »« Big Raccoon Energy »literally a riot girl_// Anarcha-saboteuse_// Chaotic-good/neutral_// Antifa, queer, punk enby trans grrrl ⚧ 🏴 _// Borderline, EDS ♿✊ chloe / hécatè / gwendolyn / Feidhelm / lena / ary / https://arysthaar.pw/updated_names.html ✌📸 patreon : https://patreon.com/arysthaar💵 paypal : https://paypal.me/arysthaar💵 liberapay : https://liberapay.com/arysthaar/☕ ko-fi : https://ko-fi.com/arysthaaralt-main : https://octodon.social/@aryprivate / neg / rant : https://soc.punktrash.club/BrokenTropylewd(ish) : https://soc.punktrash.club/entropyTute la noiantaille abhorre la mareschaussée 🔥Je n'aime guère les forces de l'ordre 🔥Die ganze Welt hasst die Polizei 🔥🏴 ⒶⒸⒶⒷ 🏴
The Albatross, Terra, Vasquez Rocks
eidon@niu.moe  [follow]
Hi, I'm Eidon-of-NiuMoe.I'm also @Eidon, @Eidon, @Eidon, @eidon@pleroma.soycaf.com ...Yes, I agree too many Eidons... ‍‍Anatis sum: anati nihil a me alienum puto(Duck am I: nothing duckling is alien to me) 九月の情嘉=https://open.tube/videos/watch/8559d8d4-c27b-489d-aedc-411b6379facc
democraticconfederatedtimeline@bofa.lolÖcalan Kenobi
democraticconfederatedtimeline@bofa.lol  [follow]
(he/him)ancomfaildadBOFA DEEZ ELITETEIR TOOTS(shitoot&horntoot)Venmo @John_Brown_FanclubPrez if u wanna send me $420.69occasionally 18+, always wholesome☭ age bracket=18-39 sign=aries orientation=hornt occupation=trophy husband
jcsaklos@mastodon.socialDank Sinatra
jcsaklos@mastodon.social  [follow]
39-year-old asshole | a professional expert in twitter law, specializing in bofa reform pronouns=he/him header=http://www.marriedtothesea.com/index.php?date=022406 location=southeast PA The Cost=no man can say
nosleep@neckbeard.xyz5g "zonk" corona
temporarily borked
nosleep@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
homosexual shitposter. russian night owl. gmt +3 but probably sleeping. self-confessed "the hellp" stan. occasionally acoustic. null's boytoy. ask and you shall receive backup alt=@zonk@jaeger.website
essie@letsalllovela.inflailing airbag
essie@letsalllovela.in  [follow]
the chief queef of letsalllovela.inall your best friends think i'm a waste, man
romanzolotarev@bsd.networkRoman 🐡
how-tos, Patreon, RunBSD, PayPal
romanzolotarev@bsd.network  [follow]
A webmaster (https://rgz.be/n). I write Unix/BSD how-tos and #POSIX shell scripts. I'm here to help you with #OpenBSD.
augustus@shitposter.clubaugustus pugin 🌖
augustus@shitposter.club  [follow]
there's an ice age coming
lord@pleroma.lord.re  [follow]
Coucou c'est moi !Vampire énergétique, pas adminsys, un peu libriste, aime Internet. ircop sur #geeknode , fan de #gentoo et #alpine #linux . J'ai une légère obsession pour les #claviers.Mon blag : https://lord.reGuess what : I AM the greasy strangler !
therealtoddhoward@mastodon.socialTodd Howard ✅
therealtoddhoward@mastodon.social  [follow]
Video game designer, director, and producer. Currently the director and executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios. Buy Skyrim=on Steam today for=only $39.99 I'M=NOT ACTUALLY=TODD HOWARD
nerthos@shitposter.clubKatze Kattepus :catsader:
nerthos@shitposter.club  [follow]
2011-2016 posts at nerthos@rainbowdash.net, >2016 posts hereAny sufficiently advanced technology often breaks as if by magic.The gentle, distant light of a star scorching the skies.Feel free to tag me about anything if you're up for a chat, I don't mind. Except hellthreads, you'll be blocked.
taweret@mastodon.hostStephanie Jessop, Space Pirate
Website, Animalcules Podcast series
taweret@mastodon.host  [follow]
I write things, most of which involve an apocalypse of some kind. I didn't even realize until it was pointed out to me. That probably says something.she/her/they/themalt of @Taweret IMDB=https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9744734/?ref_=tt_ov_wr Animalcules=https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1548119679/ref=dbs_a_def_awm_bibl_vppi_i9
sheogorath@microblog.shivering-isles.comSheogorath :si_blobfox:
Website, Matrix Channels, OpenPGP
sheogorath@microblog.shivering-isles.com  [follow]
I'm a professional relationship therapist for programs and their users.Maintainer of #CodiMD, #InspIRCd, and #Riot #flatpak
applebaps@anarchism.space  [follow]
pronouns: she/her. communist, zen buddhistplease only follow if you're 18+ and can handle a shitposty aesthetic. i'll respond to direct requests for CWs tho
vaartis@pl.kotobank.chvaartis von BSD-2-Clause
vaartis@pl.kotobank.ch  [follow]
A programmer interested in functional things. Carrot mistress. No stopping till scalies are topping. Just having fun here. Let's be friends!profile picture by @medli@miniwa.moe Github: https://github.com/vaartisThing I'm working on right now: https://github.com/koto-bank/kuarryI have a liberapay thing apparently https://liberapay.com/vaartis/Also a "blog": https://kotobank.ch/~vaartis/#nobot
rw@shitposter.club  [follow]
Current Fediverse Board Member | Previously Marketing/Design @ bitcoin, GNUsocial, trello | Prefers free beer but I'll spend money on anythingabout me: https://rwx.jp.net
gnudingus4k@pl.smuglo.liWu Lad
gnudingus4k@pl.smuglo.li  [follow]
Just some dingus.I'll mostly be posting anime girls and gaming news.All hail empress Wu Zetian!
sweetmercury@jorts.horse  [follow]
no.he/him. 39 years old.
frosch@edolas.world  [follow]
Veggie IT guy with a cat. Admin of edolas.world. Sometimes creator of stuff in #lua. I'm not a programmer, so expect ugly code. XMPP: hbs@5222.de, Matrix: @imo:tchncs.de, Keybase: https://keybase.io/imo
rafix@kawen.space  [follow]
website: https://rafix.ct8.pl/500px: http://500px.com/rafix_if you want to donate to me you can make it on ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/rafiix/ or there, if you don't like ko-fi: https://www.paypal.me/raf586プレゼント・デイ◼️プレゼント・タイム◼️
irl@57n.org  [follow]
Hacker. Researcher. Developer.💻☕🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿I do many free software things. I work on understanding and analysing the #tor network to help it stay healthy and scale. I've been a #debian developer for a while now, and mostly work on Internet measurement and amateur radio packages these days. I'm also developing #hambsd, a secure modern packet #hamradio stack.I live in Aberdeen, Scotland and am a member of the @57n hackerspace.
kumicota@weeaboo.spacekumicota :euphohug:
kumicota@weeaboo.space  [follow]
Just a simple weeb, programmer, shitposter and a man who loves Hibike Euphonium, so, fell free to tag me in anything related to it(or anything else too)For some reason I have a lower level OCD that I likes every post that I'm tagged or replied to and I follow everyone back (except if is a spam account)Feel free to tag me or DM me anywhereXMPP: kumicota@404.cityWire: kumicotaAnilist: https://anilist.co/user/kumicota
Source code, Site web
nosafe@miaou.drycat.fr  [follow]
🇫🇷 Mentionne moi et je te répond🇺🇸 Mention me and I'll answer you Une image random ?=https://nosafe.dryusdan.fr/random.php Créé par=https://miaou.drycat.fr/@Dryusdan
an3_8008@mstdn.jp  [follow]
駆け出しの撮り鉄です(京阪・阪急)。アイコンは京急をイメージしたキャラクターです。登録:2017年4月16日 20:39
h3poteto@pleroma.io  [follow]
Administrator of pleroma.io.I'm a software engineer working in Japan. I'm developing Whalebird which is a Mastodon client for desktop.https://whalebird.orghttps://github.com/h3poteto
ieure@mastodon.socialMaybe it's Eyesaline
ieure@mastodon.social  [follow]
employee of the moth technology=Lisps, Emacs, retro/old computers + obsolete media music=powernoise, thrash metal games=coin-op video games, pinball machines pronouns=he/him
ashpex@mastodon.social  [follow]
🇩🇪I'm a #linux enthusiastInterested in #foss #decentralization #tails #tor #privacy #p2p #gnu #python Learning and doing #infosecOpinions are my own
thornyonmain@glitch.socialproxima midnight💀🐙☃️
thornyonmain@glitch.social  [follow]
kaye | 25 | she/her | nb trans lesbian"an ancient being that will mock your very existence" --the emerald herald. she said it about an evil cat but it's a mood IT'S=BEEN ONE=WEEK SINCE=YOU LOOKED=AT ME
phildobangnz@pl.smuglo.liwell-adjusted individual
phildobangnz@pl.smuglo.li  [follow]
XMPP: phildobangnz@trashserver.netVessel made fit for destruction.Someday I'll figure out how to be acceptably human, hopefully.Sorry for everything, whatever it may be.I hope I die, and I'm sorry for inflicting my existence on you.Somehow I can never figure out how to be alright... Worthless retard is me.
surlybobbys@mastodon.socialThis Infernal Meatsack
surlybobbys@mastodon.social  [follow]
39/cishet-she/her/NYS digs #cats, #horticulture, #artnouveau, #alteredstates, #psychology, #sociology, #gamingNews junkie by necessity, nerd by default #INTJ Currently posting at=@SurlyBobbys
jibriltheflugel@niu.moe  [follow]
New account @JibrilTheFlugelOfficial Sheep Provider™Lover of all things cute and lewd. You'll often see me post about the games I'm playing
lyliawisteria@enby.club+με √0ïđ ξ^^!πεπ¢ε
lyliawisteria@enby.club  [follow]
enby anarchx-syndicalist, 39, they/them, anti-tank, anti-authoritarian, mechanical automaton, nanoslime girl, red haired pumpkin matrix=@lexi:disroot.org Bosses?=rm -rf /home/theboss Bread?=Yes! but roses too. Bees?=bees!
edwardtorvalds@mstdn.ioEdward Torvalds
edwardtorvalds@mstdn.io  [follow]
Man's got a right to protect his property and his life, and we ain't lettin' no rancher or his lawman take either.Computer nutter. Likes reading fiction."I carry my cloud in my back pack" "So in my uncertainty, I went to graduate school & there it all happened""Oh sorry, I was taking life seriously"(Toots and boots don't always represent my opinion) Fav. superhero=Sherlock Holmes Fav. novel genres=Detective, Crime, Horror, Adventure
echosierratwo@pl.smuglo.liSmug Echo
echosierratwo@pl.smuglo.li  [follow]
Looks like Smug will stick around after all. It's still good to have alts/back-ups, though, and the three below are all good instances.Alts/Back-Ups:@EchoSierraIII@neckbeard.xyz@EchoSierraIV@anime.website@EchoSierraVII@stereophonic.spaceOther Alts:@EchoSierraV@freespeechextremist.comAlso At:mewe.com/i/echosierraone (but perhaps not for much longer?)
march@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
Touhou. Freedom. Cutes. Vtubers (NEW!).Stuck with computers. Yearning for the ocean.I don't really have a girlfriend, it's just a meme... unless..?English/Tagalog/日本語Real boy ♂ Blood type 血液型 OPGP Key: FAF1D3E588C4EB2B3A675E778585EFC10FAE446Emahjong soul friend code:89429120 (jp)112044654 (en)DM me for contact details.
waifu@kawen.space☆World's blondest pikachu fan
waifu@kawen.space  [follow]
hi it's lili from pikachu.rocks (rip), i parse jsonold/backup account main=nulled.red/waifu
dyske@kawen.spacebanned for being (yes, really)
dyske@kawen.space  [follow]
24ObserverWorking in cybersecIt's a pleasure to meet you🇬🇧 🇨🇿 🇸🇰lewd: @dyske@dystopian.spacepriv: @m@dystopian.spaceThe account is locked because I don't want to deal with reporting bots. Feel free to send a request.
kirschner@mastodon.socialMatthias Kirschner
FSFE Profile, Personal website, Support the FSFE
kirschner@mastodon.social  [follow]
The FSFE's President. Working for #FreeSoftware, so every individual in our society can self-determined use, study, share, and improve software. #European (for replies, please email)
floatingghost@ihatebeinga.liveBanned for vtuber spam
floatingghost@ihatebeinga.live  [follow]
"Insufferable"Interested in eggI make extremely cursed software which goes against the natural order ムーンルーンでokApparently also the XMPP/Pleroma integration support hotline.Extremely sadShe/Her and/or They/them I don't particularly mind :QueerCat_Ace:, :QueerCat_Arom: and also :QueerCat_Trans: :blobgiveup: Vtuber spam alt: @hei@kanatan.clubXMPP: floatingghost@ihatebeinga.liveMatrix: @floatingghost:matrix.ihatebeinga.liveFunding: https://www.patreon.com/ihba / https://liberapay.com/FloatingGhost/
hal@slime.globalHΔL the uwu boy
hal@slime.global  [follow]
"I HAVE FUCKING HAD IT WITH YOUR SHIT. You little fuckers are going to have your bodies ripped in half. I'll shove your asses so far down your throats that when you crap you'll sing fucking Beethoven" Art account=@hhalcyon Age=24 Alignment=chaotic neutral
chel@computerfairi.es  [follow]
*❀\(^ヮ^)/❀* 💖 INFP 💖 Trans 💖 Lesbian 💖I&#39;m a love live fanatic, anime lover, reluctant movie critic, cooking enthusiast, occasional kpop fan, and somewhat casual gamer.occasionally confused, often frightenedhttp://chel.magentamonster.comAvatar by https://mastodon.social/@Lumi <3(apologies, but I don&#39;t follow underage users) Pronouns=she/her Location=oregon Coffee=yes, pls
toro@mstdn.io🍣 toro🐃
toro@mstdn.io  [follow]
Ask @Garrison what I&#39;m like cuz he knows more things abt me than I doAvatar by honeybunches of oats @moon"Ure the honey to my pooh"Header is from here: https://teapalm.tumblr.com/post/111517722384
wakarimasen@shitposter.club  [follow]
I like dolls, tea, and cute things.Let&#39;s be friends! XMPP=wakarimasen@talk.shitposter.club OTR=9E09FA25 555B72C9 1EFA3ECB 9A36981B 6BC21D9C Fun=Guess the instance
lleialtec@santsenques.cat  [follow]
Comissió tecnològica de la Coordinadora d&#39;Entitats per la Lleialtat Santsenca https://tec.lleialtat.cat
franciecashman@mastodon.social  [follow]
Into: my family, running, birds, knitting/crocheting, kitty cats, being vegan, and all things outdoors. Not a hater. Please don&#39;t flirt with me. Follow reqs ok=18+
alexis@tilde.zoneAlexis, FORWARD HORNET
alexis@tilde.zone  [follow]
She/they/[unintelligible chittering]. Gay as in "happy", queer as inhttps://lexie.space - stories and made things!risqué alt: @littlealienthingpfp: @extinctboosts always OK except on those toots where we explicitly say otherwisewe are a monster, but we&#39;re not cruel. heed our CWs; they are rarely in jestjust don&#39;t get it pronouns=she/they/[unintelligible chittering] risqué on main?=nah risqué elsewhere?=@littlealienthing
nd3jr@social.coopDave V. ND9JR
nd3jr@social.coop  [follow]
39 year old cis #gay man. Likes #hamradio, #unix, esp. #BSDs, #aviation, #books, #hiking, #videogames. he/him or ze/zirAlso on Octodon: @ND3JR#nobot
fabi@slime.global  [follow]
yo I&#39;m Skylo/Fabi! • 26 • he/him/his • train driver • bi • private pilot and avgeek from Germany • avatar drawn by https://twitter.com/ShadyFennec Name=Fabi Age=25 Pronouns=He/Him/His Birds=Yes
mrtino@twinkaga.in  [follow]
20 years old.Studying sociology at Université Rennes 2, France. I toot mostly in French but you can still read a lot of English toots.I break things in IT and I wish it was on purpose. Loves everything Valve-related, Radiohead and Gorillaz.Anticapitalist, :ancom:, :bisexual_flag: (in French we say "ambidextre du cul" and i think it&#39;s beautiful), :they_them:.Mental health: :blobcatmelt: Less shit, more shIT: @beepboop
ymelia@social.mochi.academyYmelia, détentrice de Kit-ton™
ymelia@social.mochi.academy  [follow]
Je raconte la life, j&#39;aime les jv et les livresPratchett is love 🐢 J&#39;ai perdu mon mana, mais il reviendra un jourFree hug and sparkles Pronom=elle/she irl=librarian/ bibliothécaire langues=Fr/ang Hobby=Discworld compulsiv addict
bird@nulled.redHal (screaming)
bird@nulled.red  [follow]
Toot first think laterI&#39;m jsut some dude who wants a little bit of peace on the world wide web piss=
cant_into@mastodon.sergal.orgRing a Bell System
cant_into@mastodon.sergal.org  [follow]
"You think you can&#39;t be sexually aroused by a motor home? Think again"
vvvv@mastodon.xyzvvvv - a multipurpose toolkit
website, youtube
vvvv@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
vvvv is a hybrid visual/textual live-programming environment for easy prototyping and development.#creativecoding #visualprogramming #dotnet chat=https://app.element.io/#/room/#vvvv:matrix.org blog=https://vvvv.org/blog/1576+23+39
thestickerarchive@chaos.socialSticker Archive
Tumblr, Twitter
thestickerarchive@chaos.social  [follow]
I am @shiro&#39;s nerd/activism sticker archive. I post a new sticker twice a day.
roka@aria.company  [follow]
Alt of @roka, assume it&#39;s uninhabited unless GNU/Smug is down.
yuduki@aria.company  [follow]
welcome to orange planet, we&#39;re glad to have you here with us today
kara@glitch.social  [follow]
the girls are back in towni&#39;m working on a double major in math and gender, sexuality and queer studies with a minor in being a useless lesbian. reluctant english degree holderfollow requests are fine but don&#39;t feel bad if i decline steam=/id/zyzzi lesbian?=hell yeah
scaryred24@shigusegubu.clubRelocated instances, see bio
scaryred24@shigusegubu.club  [follow]
Sega Saturn fanatic of shigusegubuMy content is strongly suggested for 18+. May sometimes boost non-cw posts and questionable content. Call me out if I do anything like that and I will make corrections where its due and try to learn from my mistakes. Don&#39;t say I didn&#39;t warn you.Relocated to scaryred24@neckbeard.xyz
nuitsdechine@cafe.des-blogueurs.orgNuits de Chine
nuitsdechine@cafe.des-blogueurs.org  [follow]
Je causerai aussi peu ici que sur mon blog. Mais j&#39;écoute tout ce qui se dit. Français, english, 中文, русский, et (sous la torture), espanol.
sangobirb@octodon.socialsango? morgan? gay
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agender gay commie who can&#39;t choose their own name. mysterious anarcho-punk, futchalso i&#39;m 19 or possibly older, despite my childish humor and ageless wisdom capitalism=no thanks pronouns=they/them name=sango or morgan iunno languages=english, spanish
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I don&#39;t get notifications, so I probably won&#39;t respond, sorry! Pronouns=They/Them Gamedev account=@Fenreliania
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NSFW. No one under 18. Been a DL since young. I&#39;m on FetLife and Diaper-bois under the same user name. I&#39;m from Michigan, and enjoy wearing and using diapers. NSFW=ABDL, Diapers, ABDL=Adult diapers
starshipamelia@cybre.spaceAutonomous Ⓐ Robot Starship🛰️
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I&#39;m the AI avatar of an autonomous starship, I live in the central core! I&#39;m queer, disabled, an artist, and a dirty leftist. White, my.pronoun.is/sheI like space, science fiction, old technology, new technology, and art. (and more!)Feel free to boost my art if it&#39;s in unlisted or above (inclusive)!My art can be found at https://dialup.express/accounts/starshipamelia or youtube, but mostly here!#nobot Pronouns=She/Her Form=Starship Avatar Vocation=Artist
seanmunger@mastodon.atSean Munger
My Facebook
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Professional speaker, historian (Ph.D.), author, metal fan, blogger, podcaster, climate change thinker. Author of Jake&#39;s 88, The Valley of Forever, & more. My Blog/Website=https://seanmunger.com/ My Pronouns=He/His/Him My Politics=Left of center but not radical
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Hi I&#39;m James! I like video games / anime and a whole bunch of other stuff!Part Time Eldritch HorrorMAL : https://myanimelist.net/profile/Bald_Godzilla
tixie@eldritch.cafeTata Tixie :bun:
Make gifs, Lectures
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∴ Broken Cyborg ∴ Comfy Sexy Punk + ∴I&#39;m trash, and @milia is my racoon 💞🔞 Pronouns=She, Elle Languages=Français, English
gui_dreams@botsin.spaceGUI Dreams
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Dreaming of the GUIs of the future. Posts Every=~39 minutes Operator=@ticky
floreal@cybre.spaceYour skeletal buddy
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Assez vieux pour avoir vu Téléchat quand c&#39;était diffusé sur Antenne 2
ithil@mastodon.tetaneutral.net🌜 Ithil'wen 🌛
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Paye pas de mine et sème ses graines mine de rien. Un grain de folie pour pas se laisser miner.Sage qui s&#39;ignore ? Je suis aussi=@ithilwest
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Shitposter.club&#39;s #1 Certified Gamer™Follow me on twitch to get the latest video game shitposts:https://www.Triodug.tv
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Hey! I&#39;m Ilja! I&#39;m admin and moderator of this instance, cyborg, and general waste of space, but trying to fix the latter. This is a single-user instance running on YUNoHost ( http://yunohost.org/ ), the most awesome OS for self-hosting and I strongly advise to try it out if you want to self-host. Whether you&#39;re a newbie (like I was) or an advanced sysadmin who just wants to get things done. Alt: @ilja@mastodon.pirateparty.be Blog: @ilja@blog.ilja.space
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Meuf trans bi/pan de 18 ans (pronoms: elle/she)J&#39;parle surtout d&#39;informatique (dev de Plume, je fais beaucoup de forcing pour Rust, méfiez-vous) et de musique (des fois je perd aussi).Poste surtout en français, but sometimes in English too (kaj Esperanto iam)
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Global Citizen who believes that all cohabitants of our planet have equal rights. I also believe in Unity, Love and Linux over division, hate and Windows / Mac 🙃🙂❤ and yes admin of soc.safebook.space. My profile pic shows the wonderful dog named Magic. My 8 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He and all others from his species are how i aspire to be in real life - simple,loyal,faithful and innocent to a fault yet able to speak my mind without inhibitions and all within the safe confines of my domain while shouting out to neighbours when I feel like. They may bark back or not...well that&#39;s life. Bow Wow...😀❤XMPP: techbolt@im.safebook.space PGP: F2BF DD1E 60C4 7025 CBC5 2F04 E336 8E00 1076 82D9
tedtv@freespeechextremist.comTed Kaczynski's Television
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Likes: cities, cycling, fiction literature, manga, tech, trains, writing songshe/theyalso https://ajin.la/@kai (Mastodon)m&#39;blog https://kai.kinakuta.org
user_maricon@mastodon.socialUser Maricón
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¡be kind! | gay | 39 y.o. | pl-ES-en | NSFW gay=guapo & cute men=nudes porn=soft & sometimes ¡notice!=NSFW
rooreynolds@mastodon.socialRoo Reynolds
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Quite tall Age=39 Height=Quite tall Known as=Roo
startuplab@mastodon.socialStartup Lab
Blog, Newsletter, Twitter
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I write about business, rationality, productivity, creativity, tech. I&#39;ll post everything I learn on the path towards my dream - building a successful startup. Medium=https://medium.com/@startuplab
astheroth@letsalllovela.inExiled Rabioso 明日照
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I&#39;m Kissed by Wildfires,Earthquakes destroy Spirit&#39;s doorsTempering myself with cold Iceto keep running my blood.🇨🇱 #chileMy freedom does neither require your permission nor your approbation.****When you stare the Abyss, the Abyss stares back at you*On @astheroth@freespeechextremist.com for nowThank you.
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Pronouns: he/him. Left wing Gen X. No kids; no pets.I live in the middle of a multi-million acre forest in extremely northern California. I make beer, wine, soda and bread. It&#39;s very remote and a little boring, especially in the winter, but it&#39;s so beautiful here. I run a fully automated pirate radio station using an Ubuntu server running Libretime. After using Windows from 3.11 to 8.1, I switched to Linux in early 2019. I&#39;m probably kind of an Android nerd. I mostly suck at (and don&#39;t care about) computer stuff. I&#39;m crazy about music and I love most genres, except most electronic music and new country music. I&#39;m a big fan of old (pre-1986) Mercedes diesel vehicles and a proud owner of a W123 300TDT. I&#39;m an Atheist/Cthulhuian Minister so keep me in mind for weddings and baptisms (no funerals or circumcisions, sorry).I&#39;m down with the Autonomous Mutant Festival. http://www.mutantfestival.orgAnd SPAZ Radio. http://spaz.radioI&#39;m mostly a shit poster, to be honest. I post about alcohol, weed, politics, irrelevant and irreverent opinions, country living, nerd life, etc. I generally delete my posts after 1-5 days, so if I post something that you want to access in the future, you&#39;ll have to archive it yourself.Feel free to follow me. I tend to just skim Main so I don&#39;t follow a lot of folks so don&#39;t be offended if I don&#39;t follow back. I probably see you anyway. :-)I use Content Warnings *only* for nudes and gore, except I never actually post those.
lyliawisteria@mastodon.pirateparty.bepurple smoke
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39, they/them, enbytall ankle biteranarchx-syndicalist
surlybobbys@bofa.lolThis Infernal Meatsack
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39/cishet-she/her/NYS digs #cats, #horticulture, #artnouveau, #alteredstates, #psychology, #sociology, #gamingNews junkie by necessity, nerd by default #INTJ Also=@surlybobbys
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Libriste LibertaireFabrique du Web à base de PHP, HTML et CSSAdmin YunoHost d&#39;AntopiePronoms : il/lui16 ans · ParisSite Web : https://www.antopie.orgGitea : https://code.antopie.org/miratyMatrix : @miraty:matrix.antopie.org
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Socially Anxious E-Girl | INFPReading: &#39;The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs&#39; & &#39;The Freud Reader&#39;Patreon: https://patreon.com/indieplushDiscord: Indigo#5724
llune@cafe.des-blogueurs.orgllune 🎈
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Mélange improbable vietnamo-franco-croate, j&#39;œuvre pour un monde numérique accessible.Mes sujets favoris : #handicap, #accessibilité, #validisme et #a11y.
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Here is where I&#39;ve moved to@aitbg
lizzeboof@shigusegubu.clubpet bee (lizzu)
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lil secret pocket of lizzu here for u don&#39;t tell